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					                                     Volunteers Needed
There is room for everyone in the pro-life effort and there is an unlimited number of volunteer
opportunities. The first step is to consider which area of pro-life activity you are interested in.
Here is a partial list of these areas:

      At Home. Many people because of limitations of family or age or transportation, etc.,
       can only volunteer to help at home. That’s find. There is a category on the main page
       titled, “What can I do to help stop abortion – at home?” Return to the main Pro-Life page
       and click this category.

      In your Parish. There is a continual need to educate people, involve them in pro-life
       activities, influence legislation, and encourage prayer in the parish. The first step is to
       contact the Pro-Life Coordinator for your parish. If there is no coordinator, would you
       consider volunteering for this position. Below, some suggested projects are listed for
       involvement in your parish.

      In your Community. Again, there is a huge need to educate and involve people in the
       community concerning pro-life issues. Below there is a list of ways to make a difference
       in your community.

      In the Archdiocese. The Pro-Life Office is always looking for volunteers and people
       willing to work on Archdiocesan wide projects. Opportunities are listed below.

      In a Crisis Center. They need counselors, materials, volunteers for data entry, people to
       help keep the centers clean and attractive, etc. Return to the main Pro-Life page and
       “click” Crisis Pregnancy Centers. Some additional volunteer opportunities in this area
       are listed below.

      With Post-Abortion Ministries. The victims of abortion need our love and understanding.
       Project Rachel and Project Joseph are efforts of the Archdiocese to reach out to those
       men and women who have experienced an abortion. Return to the main Pro-Life page
       and “click” Post-Abortion Help.

      In a Pro-Life Organization. There are many wonderful pro-life groups working to end
       abortion in various ways. Below is a list of the known groups and a summary of their
       goals. All of them could use your help.

      In your Occupation. Do your co-workers know your pro-life? There are many situations
       when abortion (or pregnancy, or adoption, etc.) becomes the topic of discussion at work.
       Take advantage of the situation to educate others about the sanctity of life. Wear
       “precious feet,” put a bumper sticker on your car, send pro-life Christmas cards, think of
       ways to influence others. Check out the pro-life resources on the main page.

      With your Children. We have information about talking with your children about
       abortion. Raise your children to understand the sanctity of each human life. Check out
       the pro-life resources.
Yes! I would like to help in the pro-life movement. Please check boxes of interest, fill in your
name, address, etc., and the information will be e-mailed to our office. We will then contact you.

The following are volunteer opportunities to help the Archdiocesan Pro-Life

 Join the Speaker’s Bureau (help recruit, set up, and speak at educational programs)

 Interested in counseling -- pre/post abortion.

 Work with websites / computer research.

 Help with E-mail communications.

 Help with office work. Our office is at 12615 Parallel Parkway in Kansas City, KS. There are
       a variety of clerical and administrative duties you could be involved with. For one hour a
       month to 8 hours a day – we could use your talents and time.

 Help order and maintain materials & supplies at the Pro-Life Office.

 Help with mailings. If you could get a group of people together to put together a mailing in
       your home, OR if you could come to the Pro-Life Office at 12615 Parallel Parkway – we
       need your help.

 As a writer, use my talents for education. Good writers needed – lots of work to do in

 Help monitor the secular media in my area. If you get and read most of the newspaper every
       day, please check this. We need people to keep us informed of what is appearing in the
       media so that we can respond quickly and with the truth.

 Help with prayer & fasting. We have brochures for a pro-life rosary, pro-life Stations of the
       Cross, holy cards, scripture readings, and other aids for spiritual enhancement.

 If you want to help make a difference throughout the diocese, there are several major projects
       or activities to choose from. You can organize a speech contest, or poster contest, or
       billboards in front of churches, or hundreds of other ideas. Let’s talk.
The following are things you can do to help promote the Sanctity of Life ethic
in your parish and community!

 Help the Respect Life effort in my parish.
       Name and city of your parish ____________________________________________

   I would like to see an educational program given at a meeting of the (Knights of Columbus,
       Altar Society, R.C.I.A. classes, P.S.R. classes, P.T.O., other________________). Circle
       the ones you would be willing to help with and we will contact you.

   I would like to help set up a pro-life display or exhibit of educational pro-life materials at my
       parish. For example at Stewardship Fair, in the back of church for a few weekends, or in
       the Catholic school.

   I would like to help conduct voter registration at my parish.

   I would like to help with youth education activities in my parish, e.g. 8th grade forum, poster
       contest, essay contest, oratorical contest, sign waves, etc.

 Help with Regional and archdiocesan meetings, and with educational programs in my parish.
   I would like to place pro-life literature in a parish pamphlet rack. Please send me a packet of
       assorted materials.

Things you can do to help a crisis pregnancy center:
     Most crisis centers need maternity clothes, baby clothes, formula, and other items for
      mother and baby. While shopping at garage sales, look for these items and purchase
      them at the reduced price, clean them up, and donate them to a crisis center.

     Have a baby shower for a crisis center. Just like any other baby shower except all the
      gifts are given to the center (money is encouraged). Everyone will have a good time and
      the crisis center will probably send someone to give a nice talk and tell you what they do.

     Counselors. Crisis centers have periodic training sessions for new counselors. Call a
      center and volunteer. They will train you for the position.

     Give money. All crisis centers are in need of financial help. Be generous.

     Talk with the leaders of an organization in your church and ask them to give part of their
      proceeds from the “big project” to support the crisis center.

     Volunteer to help with data entry, cleaning the office, running errands, help with
      mailings, baking snacks for their meetings, etc. They need you.
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