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					 – Waiver of 2-year Registration Fee of ‘.hk’ Domain Name
                                           Nomination Letter

        Please send this completed Nomination Letter together with the Application Form to us.


We,      ____________________________________________________________________________
[full name of a charitable institution], are a charitable institution in Hong Kong, write to nominate the
applying organization, ________________________________________________________________
[full name of the applicant], for the program of ‘’ and enjoy waiver of two-year registration
fee of a ‘.hk’ domain name. We warrant that this applicant is a Social Co-operative or a Social
Enterprise to the best of my knowledge. We also understand all the possible liability that we will have
to bear in relation to this application.

Yours sincerely,

For and on behalf of the above stated charitable institution

(Signature of authorized person & Chop of institution)

Name: ______________________________________

Post: _______________________________________


Date: _______________________________________