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Are they coming to Africa?

  February 14-16, 2008
WCACR is an
association of
women who
represents the
most diverse
sectors of the
Costa Rican
coffee industry.
Grace M Mena.       Directors:
President         Silvia Vindas
Faye Campos       Jennifer Castro
Vice- President   Cecilia Genis
Alba Nidia        Silvia Hernández
Rojas Treasure    Lydia Matamoros
Kathia Zamora     Natalia Gómez
Secretary         Alejandra Víquez
Barrantes         Connie Jones
On 2005 born the
idea to create an
organization that
help and support the
women in coffee,
giving them the
opportunity to learn
or improve their
coffee knowledge in
order to face such
competitive and
changeable market
We have
stimulated our
members to
commit and
increase their
interest about
the coffee
issues in order
to be used in
their own
Periodically WCACR
tries to visit a farm,
mill or coffee shop
with the main
objective to improve
the share learning and
exchange experiences.
On October 4th
2005 the WCACR
was legally
constituted, with
the mission to
improve the
livelihood of each
women involved
in the Costa Rican
Coffee Sector.
On November 15th
2005, IWCA and
WCACR, signed a LOU
in order to work
together seeking
mutual benefits for
the women in coffee
from producer and
consumer countries.
         Women in Coffee Dinner & LOU Sign
WCACR- IWCA November 15th. Sintercafé, San José 2005.

      Women in Coffee Breakfsat & LOU Signed
     WCACR- IWCA april 9thl. SCAA Charlotte 2006.
Below this figure
WCACR has committed
to be the model chapter
for another Women in
Coffee groups which
are interest to be part
of the IWCA
On the other hand
WCACR has elaborated a
project called
“Development of new
IWCA chapters around
the world”
On December
3rd 2006,
INAMU (National
Women’s Institute),
signed a LOU in
order to
projects that
help women to
fight for their
AMCCR- INAMU developed this workshop in Perez
Zeledón County which is located at the southern region
of the country, the assistants were producers women
associated to CoopeAgri R.L
Finalizing the 2006
decided to become
honorary members,
in order to develop
within activities for
the Costa Rican
coffee sector benefit
business show
• Sintercafé 2005
• SCAA/ Charlotte
• FIDEM- Sevilla 2006
  women’s business
• SCAA/ Long Beach

                    SCAA Charlotte
The participation
in differents
business shows,
allow WCACR to
promote its
mission and

Entrepreneurial Wome’s
International Business Show
(FIDEM). Sevilla, España 2006
The opportunity
to participate in
those activities it
has been possible
to the
sponsorships and
support that
many people,
companies and
entities have
given to us.

        SCAA Long Beach
WCACR has implemented a
training program in order to
help its members to increase
their coffee knowledge,
especially in four areas:
• Coffee Production
• Milling
• Marketing and
• Cupping
It is focus on the coffee farms, place
where the quality starts
This is a very important step of the process
and it is where starts the quality control
It is very important that each producer and
miller knows about her coffees, and the
differences between each region, its qualities
even the difference that exist in each cup
around the world.
Early 2007, WCACR received two groups
of international coffee roasters, who were
taking to coffee tour around the principal
coffee regions.
Thanks to the roasters
visits and the cupping
sessions realized on
each region, one of the
participants decided to
prepare a Coffee Blend
with the coffees of
WCACR’s members.
This blend was
exported to Canada on
July of this year.
El Finaciero
wrote a note
about the
WCACR labor
since its
until today
One of WCACR’s member is
having an internship in
Cleveland, she is working and
learning things about roasting,
cupping, and barismo.
Next year on January, WCACR
will received a barista from
Cleveland so she will learn what
is behind a delicious cup of
Asociación de Mujeres
Organizadas de Biolley
(ASOMOBI) for first
time in Costa Rica as
women organization
they were awarded with
the “Coffee Merit
Prize”. This prize is
given who has done
important things for
the Costa Rican Coffee
WCACR members
participated in the SCAA
Cupping Pavilion, where the
company Café sin Límites
got the third place.

Participation in Cup of
Excellence where four of the
member’s coffees were
finalist of this aution.
 WCACR continues working
 hard on its mission:
“ To provide the Women in
 Coffee with the necessary
 tools to enhance their
 participation in the coffee
 Full Committees


 First Branded Product with Worldwide distribution

 Founding Sponsors

 250 members
 6 chapters: USA, Canada, El Salvador, Costa Rica and
soon Colombia & Guatemala
February 2008
Proctor & Gamble
Once in a while an idea comes along that can truly make a difference globally. Proctor and Gamble’s support of the International Women's
Coffee Alliance (IWCA) can help bring that idea into reality. Founded in 2003 by Karen Cebreros, Melissa Pugash, Colleen Crosby, Karen
Gordon, Margaret Swallow and Kimberly Easson, over the past four years, the IWCA has striven and succeeded in creating a difference in
the world of coffee.
As you know, the coffee industry is one of the largest employers in the world. According to the World Bank, approximately 8% of the world’s
population, over 500 million people, are dependent on coffee for their livelihood. Historically, living and working conditions for coffee
workers have been poor to miserable. In an effort to improve this situation, the specialty coffee industry over the past 30 years has made
significant contributions to coffee communities throughout the developing world. Positive spirit, hard work and bilateral cooperation on an
individual basis has brought about real change.
IWCA is proud to be part of that success. Proceeds from our annual Women in Coffee Breakfast and Scavenger Hunt held in conjunction with
the annual Specialty Coffee Association of America conference allowed IWCA to fund such worthwhile endeavors as the Freeplay Lifeline
Rwanda project to provide self-powered radios to women coffee farmers in Rwanda. We also funded the Cafe Feminino to assist 200 women
in Peru to expand the type and quantity of vegetables grown to improve their families’ nutrition. More importantly, the women anticipate
growing a surplus to create trade and a sustainable and expanded economic basis for women coffee farmers. Other recipients of IWCA
support include Cup for Education, which builds schools and supplies books, Grounds for Health, which provides life-saving women’s health
care in coffee growing communities, and Coffee Kids, which helps thousands of people improve the quality of their lives and build more
sustainable communities . It is our goal to continue this work through the development of international chapters of women in the coffee
industry globally.
We have just hired a part time staff person but our 200+ members from 15 countries are highly committed volunteers who contribute
hundreds of hours monthly to IWCA’s growth. We are in the process of creating chapters around the globe in both coffee producing and
coffee consuming countries and currently have a formal relationship with chapters in Costa Rica and El Salvador. Nascent chapters have also
formed in Guatemala, Columbia, Nicaragua, Canada and the United Kingdom.
The IWCA, a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization since 2006, is seeking seven Founding Partners to support this all-important opening chapter of
the organization’s development.. As a Founding Partner, Proctor & Gamble would contribute $25,000 tax deductible dollars to the IWCA.
The company would join Green Mountain Coffee Roasters and America’s Food Technologies as a permanent part of the IWCA website, our
primary marketing tool. This mention would include the P & G logo and a link to your own webpage. Founding partners will also receive
recognition in our newsletter, press releases and be included on our letterhead. An IWCA founding partner logo will be provided for your
website if you choose to use it.
We would be proud to add Proctor and Gamble to our growing list of Founding Partners, and appreciate you taking our request under
consideration. Please visit our website at to learn more about IWCA, our past work and future plans.
Karen Cerebros
IWCA Founder and Advisory Board Member
Thank you!
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