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					                                      Toronto CADORA
                                Membership application 2010
    Toronto CADORA is a non-profit, volunteer-run organization dedicated to nurturing the sport of dressage and good horsemanship through
                          participation in competitions, riding clinics, demonstrations, lectures and other activities.

                                      New □               Renewal □        CADORA #_______________
        Note: Our insurance requires that members riding in a Toronto CADORA show or clinic must also hold a valid membership of the OEF

First Name_________________________ Surname_______________________________________ E-mail_______________________________

Mailing Address________________________________ City______________________ Province_______ Postal Code_____________________

Telephone______________________                 Preferred method of receiving Toronto CADORA notices: E-mail □                  Regular mail □

Status: Open □ Adult Amateur □ Young Rider □* Junior □* (*Birth date_______) Showing: Discovery □ Bronze □ Silver □ Gold □ Platinum □

Riding Level: Training □  First □  Second □      Third □   Fourth □    FEI □      FEI JR □   FEI YR □
Coaching Status_________________ Judging Status_________________ Barn affiliation___________________ I will be TC’s contact there □

Membership Fees, Supplies & Donations:
Senior: Includes membership in CADORA Inc. and CADORA Ontario                                                         $ 55.00            $
EARLY BIRD SENIOR MEMBERSHIP. (Must be received by membership secretary by Dec. 31/09)                                $ 50.00            $
Junior: Includes membership in CADORA Inc. and CADORA Ontario                                                         $ 38.00            $
Associate membership Senior □ Junior □ (Does not receive an Omnibus/Test Book)                                        $ 30.00            $
EARLY BIRD ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP (Must be received by membership secretary by Dec. 31/09)                              $ 20.00
(After January 1/10 pay $30)
Do not pay if you’re paying senior/junior dues at $55/$38 above.

Supplies: (Not available to Associate members)
Additional Omnibus Test Book                                                                                          $ 20.00            $
Rain cover for Omnibus                                                                                                $ 5.00             $
CADORA Inc. Baseball cap                  Red □ Black □                                                               $ 20.00            $
CADORA Inc. Policies & Procedures manual                                                                              $ 20.00            $
Additional CADORA Inc. lapel pin & bumper sticker                                                                     $ 5.00             $
Donations:      Tax receipt needed for each donation? Yes □ No □
                                                                                                                        Total            $

Please make cheques payable to: Toronto CADORA Mail to: Toronto CADORA, 1206 – 15 Michael Power Place, Toronto ON M9A 5G4

Note that Toronto CADORA forwards fees in a timely manner to CADORA INC. and CADORA Ontario. Toronto CADORA does not mail the
CADORA membership cards or test books. If you do not receive them, please direct inquiries to CADORA Inc.

What activities do you want Toronto CADORA to provide in 2010? (shows, clinics, parties, awards?) Use back of page to describe.

I would attend Toronto CADORA dressage riding clinics as: Rider □          Observer □ My preferred clinician(s) _____________________________

I will volunteer for: Committees □ Clinics □       Shows □     Educational or Social Events □ Other ________________________________

My skills: Marketing/Public Relations □ Computer □ Hospitality □ (Driving judges/clinicians, managing food at clinics, or welcoming attendees)
Fund Raising □ (Riders tend to be short on time. If you know of a reliable contact interested in contributing their skills, please indicate his/her name and
phone number or e-mail address:___________________________________________________________________.)

Need more information? Call Dorothy McDonall at 905.713.0025 or e-mail or check

Benefits of membership
Toronto CADORA senior, junior and associate members vote in the annual general meeting (senior members can stand for election to the board);
receive discount admission fees to TC clinics, seminars and social events; access to a video library; and a subscription to TRACK RIGHT, the club
newsletter. Toronto CADORA also maintains a web site:

Full (but not associate) Toronto CADORA senior and junior members are also members of CADORA Inc. and CADORA Ontario. CADORA Inc.
provides a test book of domestic and FEI tests/freestyles; a CADORA Inc. directory; the quarterly news bulletin, CADORA INK; a national
awards program; membership card; the right to attend the national convention; amateur sport tax receipts for sponsorship/donations; a web site
that includes five live forums; an education program; memorabilia; and representation at Equine Canada meetings. New members receive a
lapel pin and sticker. Visit for more information on CADORA Inc. and CADORA Ontario.

CADORA Ontario supports members with several awards programs, including a Scholarship Fund and year-end Silver Dressage Awards; and a
newsletter published three times a year. CADORA Ontario also offers programs such as the CADORA Ontario Challenge, and the CADORA
Ontario Roster of Riders.