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                                                                    March 2010

                                               From the Pastor
                                            ―The Bumper Sticker‖

                                    Dear Christian Friends:

                                   During this Lenten season, we are focused on the passion of our loving
                                   Savior, Jesus Christ – how He suffered all to bring us forgiveness and peace
                                   with God. We come to church on Sundays and Wednesdays to hear his Word
                                   of truth and receive the Holy Sacrament of His body and blood for the
                                   forgiveness of our sins and the strengthening of our faith.

                                   Still, as we go about our everyday lives, we are bombarded with differing
                                   worldviews. The ―coexist‖ bumper sticker is just one example of a worldview
                                   that is competing for our attention and our faith. A worldview (the Germans
                                   use the word ―Weltanschauung‖) is a set of beliefs that harmonize the world
                                   around us and make ordered sense out of life. Worldviews are credible
                                   structures that give us answers to ultimate questions in life. At first glance, the
                                   ―coexist‖ bumper sticker seems to be such an innocent, basic, common sense
                                   statement – ―why can’t we just all get along!‖ Yet, behind or underlying the
                                   message of this bumper sticker is a post-modern worldview that rejects
                                   absolute truth, that maintains all religions are equal paths of truth, that holds
                                   each individual as the one who determines what is right and what is wrong.
                                   ―Coexist‖ seems so simple; but is it really?

As Christians, the Holy Spirit has brought us to faith in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. We have come to
accept and confess the basic truth that all of us, regardless of gender, race, or religion, are sinners. When we are
so humbled by God’s Holy Law, we know that we deserve only God’s wrath and judgment. We thus come to
realize that we cannot save ourselves. Yet, we come to hear, know, and believe that God sent His only begotten
Son, Jesus Christ, to save us. Jesus lived a perfect life for us, and then became the perfect sacrifice for our sins
on Calvary’s cross. We are delivered from sin and justified in the presence of God, not by our works, but by
faith in Jesus Christ. A true and steadfast faith must lay hold of nothing but Christ alone, since the promise of
salvation is not apprehended by anything we do, but by believing in what God did for us in Jesus Christ. ―The
wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord‖ (Romans 6:23).

In rejecting the worldview of the ―coexist‖ bumper sticker, Christians are not denying the right of those who
believe differently to exist. We are to love our neighbor as ourselves; we are to love others even as Christ has
loved us. However, this love is not to be misunderstood as a simple acquiescence to the falsehood which others
believe and confess, whether that is a denial of Jesus Christ as God and Savior, a view that all will be saved
through trying to be good people, or a post-modern view that all truth is relative and determined by each
individual. Scripture tells us that we are to speak the truth in love (Ephesians 4:15). We are lovingly to point
them to Christ through our words and actions.

After listing a number of Old Testament people who faithfully clung to God’s promises, the author of Hebrews
continues: ―Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every
weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking to
Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross,
despising the shame, and is seated at the right hand of the throne of God.‖

Jesus Christ is our worldview and even more importantly, our heaven-view; He is our all in all. Let us continue
to fix our eyes on Jesus!
                                     Pastor John C. Wohlrabe, Jr., Th.D.

                                                             CONCORDIA MEN'S GROUP                          –

TIME, TALENT, TREASURE SURVEY                                We'd like to start a men's group at
–                                                            Concordia, and need your help. If you're
Thank you to all who completed the                           interested, please complete a survey
Time, Talent, Treasure survey. We had                        form available in the fellowship hall and
over 40 responses, most with multiple                        return it to the church office or a
areas of interest checked. The                               deacon.
Stewardship board is developing a
database with this information so if a
committee, board, or other group is
looking for volunteers please contact the
church office or a member of the
Stewardship Board and we'll search the
                                                             Members of
database for potential names. If you
                                                             Concordia Lutheran
didn’t have the opportunity to fill out the
                                                             Church are invited to
survey, it's never too late. Forms are                       the ordination of
available on Concordia's website, from                       former Vicar, Brandt
the church office, or from any member of                     Klawitter, which will
the Stewardship Board. And, thank you                        be conducted at 7:00
to all our current volunteers who serve in                   p.m. on March 14 at
so many different ways. God has truly                        Trinity Lutheran
blessed us!                                                  Church, New Haven,
                                                             MO. Pastor Wohlrabe
                                                             will be conducting the
                                                             ordination. If you are
                                                             interested in going, please notify Pastor
                                                             Wohlrabe so that possible car pooling can be
                  Preschool                            Thank You
In February, we
think about
                                                       HELPING HAITI –
Valentine’s Day.
                                                       - Thanks be to God and
What another
                                                       to all of you who
great opportunity                                      donated to the Haiti Relief effort. We have
                                                       collected over $2,000. You can still donate to the
to talk about
                                                       relief efforts. We will continue to take donations
God’s Love.                                            through February 28th. You can turn them in with
                                                       your offerings or you can mail your checks to
―We love
                                                       LCMS World Relief Haiti Relief. The address is
because God                                            1333 South Kirkwood Avenue., Saint Louis, MO.
                                                       63122.. Your donations are deductable for tax
first loved us.‖--1John 4:19 God’s love is forever.
We talk about the best gift God gave us when He
sent His son Jesus to die on the cross to take away
                                                       If you are a Thrivent member, JOB WELL DONE.
our sins and then Jesus rose on Easter day.            Thrivent members donated over two million dollars
                                                       toward Haiti Relief. Thrivent matched the
       The preschoolers enjoyed showing their love
                                                       donations at .50 cents to the dollar and so Thrivent
by making Valentine cards for their friends. They      donated one million dollars to the relief effort.
really enjoyed mailing their Valentine cards and
opening up all their mail.
       During the month of March we will be
preparing for our Easter program. They will be
singing songs about Easter and presenting a short
play telling the Easter story on Friday, March 26 at
9:30 in the sanctuary.

Concordia Ladies League                                    CLL 2009 Annual Report
                                                       Concordia Ladies League was a busy group in
   CLL met on Thursday, February 11th, 2010 at         2009. We started all our meetings with delicious
1:30 PM. There were 12 members present, plus           refreshments and an inspiring opening message.
Emilie and Kim Windisch. Pam Taube and Pat
Kohrell served a cherry dessert, with the table        We had very good programs, Emilie Glaw told us
                                                       about her life in January. In February we played
decorated for Valentine’s Day.
                                                       Bunco. In March Mrs. Leonard presented her
                                                       program as Mary Magdalene. April brought Cindy
   Kim Windisch gave the program on her                Collis telling us about Warner Castle. In May we
volunteer work in India, helping to feed and educate   traveled to Muzzy Chapel where Angie Snook told
needy children. Florence Hendrickson gave the          us about the chapel. We had a potluck in July.
opening. After roll call, the minutes were read and    August brought Karna Hollatz telling us about the
approved. The treasurers report was read and filed     life of Shirley Temple. Sherilyn Wethington told us
                                                       about quilts in September. In October Keith
for audit. Correspondence was read, including a
                                                       Himmelman told us about the bottles he has
progress letter from Joseph Signore, the seminary      collected. Warren Hadley came in November
student we are helping to support at Concordia, St.    telling us about his woodworking and showed us
Louis.                                                 examples. In December we had our Christmas
   Dorothy Johnson, reporting for the audit
committee, found the books for 2009 to be in order.    Our service projects for the year kept us busy. We
                                                       served 10 meals to the Lions club, and we still sell
She also reported on cards sent to members of the      Danny Duz Its. We served the March Lenten
congregation. Janett Farnam showed the members         Supper and we supplied greeters for church services
the new high chairs which were purchased for the       for 6 months of the year. We served 4 funerals
church.                                                during the year. We donated baked goods for the
                                                       youth bake sale. We served a meal to the Henry
   CLL will serve the Lenten supper on March 3rd.      County Supervisors. In December we hosted the
                                                       Christmas Walk and meal and donated goodies to
Soup, relishes and bar cookies will be served. A
                                                       the LWML cookie walk. We sent greeting cards to
sheet was passed for food donations and help for the   a lot of people during the year.
Lions supper which will be held on March 1st.
Members hosted to hold a Mother-Daughter               Our donations are as follows: 60 new folding chairs
Banquet for all members of the congregation, the       to the church, $250.00 to help pay church utilities,
banquet is tentatively set for May 2nd.                $100.00 to Vacation Bible School, 72 forks and 25
                                                       tan trays to the church kitchen, and $50.00 a month
                                                       to a seminary student for a year. Our Christmas
   The next meeting will be held on March 11th at
                                                       auction proceeds were sent to the Bethesda
1:30PM. Judy Deutsch will give the opening.            Lutheran Home again. We bought Christmas gifts
Angie Snook will give the program. Judy Deutsch        for 3 Angel Tree children.
and Janett Farnam will serve.
                                                       We welcomed two new members Darlene Ball and
  The meeting was closed with the Lord’s prayer.       Julie Wohlrabe to our club and are thankful to have
                                                       them. We received a plaque from Toys for Tots
                                                       organization for our donation

                                                       We are looking forward to the 2010 year and pray
                                                       God will bless our club as he did this year.
             March 2010                                              Barb Kraft
                                                                     & Linda Henry
              Worship Services                                                       Altar

8:00         Phil Mahsem &
             Matt Sneyd
10:30        Bob Thon &
             Arden Taube                                         April Deadline
                                                                 Is March 15th


       7th   No Altar Flowers during Lent

   14th      Sanctuary flowers are allowed   Important Dates:
   21st      please call the office if you    Wed., March 3rd    Lent II    7:00PM
                                              Wed., March 10th   Lent III   7:00PM
   28th      are interested at 944-3993       Wed., March 17th   Lent IV    7:00PM
                                              Wed., March 24th   Lent V     7:00PM
Concordia LWML met on Tuesday, January
11th at 1:00 PM. A noon potluck luncheon
preceded the meeting. Devotions were given
by Mary Fuqua entitled "Delight Yourself in The
Lord." Roll call was answered with how we
want to improve ourselves in the New Year
with God's help.                                  THE WAIT IS OVER!

Pastor Wohlrabe led us in a Bible Study taken     Another shipment of Concordia's
out of the Lutheran Woman's Quarterly, "The       favorite 100% cotton dish cloths
Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail."                 has arrived. The cost is still
                                                  only $1 each and there are 4 color
Our annual Shrove Tuesday prayer breakfast        choices. "Lutheran Brooms" are
was held on Tuesday February 16th. Members        available and a wide selection of
are asked to bring rolls, coffee cake and         Rada knives remains. Shipping
muffins. Frances Drews gave the mite              costs have gone up. If you are
devotion for the month and the mites were         looking for a special gift package
collected.                                        or item, let Barb know so she can
                                                  include that item in the next
We had our February meeting after the             knife reordering.
breakfast and prayer service. President Kathy
Kramer opened the meeting with a prayer.
Mary Fuqua gave the opening devotion entitled
"More About Sparrows". We discussed what
we will serve for the February 24th Lenten
supper at the church. Our next meeting will be
held at the church on March 9th at 1:00 pm.
For our program we will be working on
resurrection eggs for the pre-school.

As always, we invite all of the ladies of
Concordia to join us the second Tuesday of
each month at 1:00 pm.

God's Blessings,

                                                  If you would like to receive a
                                                  CONTRIBUTION STATEMENT for 2009,
                                                  please sign up on the library bulletin board
          Please Note:                            or call the office at 944-3993 to have your
                                                  statement mailed to you.
Please plan on attending our Lenten Suppers.
Each supper will begin at 5:30 and go until
6:30; Services begin at 7:00. There will be a
free-will donation taken at each supper for the
Youth Gathering.
Jeff Foxworthy says that if you know all four seasons—almost winter, winter, still winter and road
construction—you might live in Wyoming. A lot of other people in wintry states might say the same
thing. But in March we observe the beginning of spring. As the trees and bushes bud, the grass starts
to turn green, and the soil takes on a smell of new life, we look forward to the beginning of a new cycle
with warmer weather and a new start for seedtime and harvest.

Sometimes as God’s stewards we may feel that stewardship is more of the same old, same old. But,
just as spring starts a new cycle of life, so also Easter with its joy and celebration starts a new cycle of
life for us as God’s stewards. During the reflective season of Lent we look forward to the joy and
celebration of Easter. This is a great reminder that we are ―Easter people,‖ that is, people of hope.
Hope is stronger than memory. Memory mostly makes us think about past failures, unfulfilled
promises, frustration and disappointment, but hope refreshes us with a new start, not just at spring time,
but for every new day.

During Lent we reflect on the extravagant love of Jesus as He went all the way to the cross and death as
the perfect sacrifice for our sins and failures. Philippians chapter two reminds us: “Jesus humbled
Himself and became obedient to death—even death on a cross! Therefore God exalted Him to the
highest place and gave Him a name that is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee
should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ
is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.” (vv8-11 NIV)

One day every knee will bow before Christ, even the knees of those who did not believe in Him, and
confess Him as Lord of lords and King of kings. Those who do not believe will be forced to bow their
knees when they see Jesus coming in glory and then they will go away to everlasting sorrow. By
contrast, our knees will bow in humble adoration and our voices will proclaim “How great Thou art!”

Just as the earth comes back to life in spring time, so also we are renewed day by day to live as God’s
redeemed stewards who freely and joyfully manage all of life and life’s resources for God’s purposes.
This new life is not boring! It is exciting as we experience God’s power in our lives and look for
opportunities in which we can manage our time, talents, relationships and financial resources in a way
that honors Him and provides so many blessings to others and ourselves.

Let’s ―spring‖ to new life as God’s redeemed stewards who, in cooperation with and encouragement
from fellow redeemed stewards, manage all that we are and have to God’s glory!

Prayer Requests
If you have a prayer request to be added to the Sunday service, there are three ways. Call the church office and speak to
Pat/Joy and the Pastor and ask them to add your name to our prayer list. You may also fill out a prayer request card that
are now at the Greeters stands, please hand them to the Deacon before the service begins so they can be given to Pastor.
And during or after the service you can fill out the bottom of your attendance card and they will be also be given to Pastor.
                                                          NON-PROFIT ORG.
CONCORDIA EVANGELICAL                                     U.S. POSTAGE PAID
                                                            PERMIT NO. 101
LUTHERAN CHURCH                                              GENESEO, IL
316 S. Oakwood Ave.
Geneseo, IL 61254-1445


    We’re on the web!
     Come visit us at:

Join Us for Worship at Concordia:

Worship for Shut-Ins                Worship Schedule
Sundays at 2:00PM                       Sunday 8:00A.M.
                                    Sunday school/Adult Classes
Channel 50
                                           at 9:15 A.M.
on Mediacom
                                        Sunday 10:30 A.M
                                    Rev. Dr. John Wohlrabe, Pastor
                                    Parsonage phone (309) 944-2827
                                    Emergency Phone (309) 945-2021
                                Food Pantry
   Ash Wednesday began the Lenten season for Christians. During the six weeks leading up
to Easter, people of faith have the opportunity to think and pray about the impact of having
a Savior who gave His life to forgive our sins.

  Assistance with tax return preparation is available through April 15th at the Geneseo
Public Library on Monday and Wednesday afternoons from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. There is no
charge for this service, regardless of income.

   Several groups and organizations help replenish Food Pantry shelves every spring.
Watch the newspaper for information about dates. Each year ―Scouting for Food‖
participants go door to door and gather donations from area residents to feed hungry
families. Scouts, parents, and other volunteers work together to make sure those in need
always have enough to eat.

   Among others, Curves and the Post Office also sponsor food drives. Items collected
keep shelves stocked into the summer months. As always, the generosity of area residents
makes this possible.

   Rebuilding Together Geneseo/Cambridge has repaired and adapted many homes for
residents’ special needs over the years. This year, on the fourth Saturday in April, the
group will once again work to refurbish houses in Geneseo, Cambridge, and Atkinson.
Handicapped accessible ramps are also built to make homes accessible to people with
physical limitations. If you or someone you know would like more information on
volunteering, please call Executive Director Joni Conrad at 944-6442 or go to their web

   This organization’s web page is Please take a look at
both sites when you are online. You’ll find interesting information and some excellent
volunteer opportunities.

                         Food needs for March are: sugar, flour, cake mix and frosting,
                        cereal bars, kool-aid, and hamburger helper

                        Non-food needs are: laundry detergent, dish soap, cleaning
                        products, bathroom tissue, diapers in sizes 3, 4, and 5
Youth Challenge-
From St John’s Youth- “We would like to
"challenge" sr. high youth to a bowling tourney in March.
Losers buy the Winners pizza at Happy Joe's in Geneseo. No
matter how many each team has, we will take the average
scores of the teams to get the winners, that way it is. Also, pastors and their wives should be on their youth
teams as well. Friends are MORE THAN WELCOME to come join us.” Date for this challenge is March 14th
and is open 8th-12th graders. Pizza will be covered by the youth account though if we win St John’s will be
treating us. Bring money to pay for shoes and bowling. Cost is $2.00 for shoes and $6 for 2 games (or $3 if you
only want to play one game.) We will meet at Lees Lane 12:45.

                          Youth Skating- Lets go ice skating March 19th. This activity is open for all
                          youth 6th-12th graders and of course bring a friend. We will be meeting here at church
                          at 7:00 and driving up to Quad Cities Sports Center in Davenport for public skating at
                          8:00. The price is $3.50 for admission and $2.50 for skate rental ($5.00 total). There
                          is also a concession stand for those who wish to buy snacks. The rink turns on cool
                          lights and music during the skate time. It is a lot of fun. Please let Emilie Glaw know
                          by March 17th if you are coming so we can plan rides.

SWEET HEART DINNER- What a great night,
Beautiful decorations, Candle Light and delicious food. Thanks
you to all the couples that participated in this event. I hope it
was a wonderful night for you and your sweet heart. We made
$200 dollars in profit for the youth trip fund.

KOOL- KOOL has as wonderful February month. The music has been a
blast as well as the crafts. We made Door hanger with a scripture reminder,
valentines for Valentine’s Day, Gold Medals for the Olympics. I am very
pleased with the memory work that the kids are doing. The children have
been working very hard. KOOL is open for any child k-6th grade. We have
great time in fellowship and learning about Gods word. Anyone wanting to
help KOOL with snacks there is a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board or
contact Emilie Glaw 944-3993.

                            By: Emilie Glaw

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