; The following is a template draf
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The following is a template draf


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									The following is a template draft of the 2006 Social Studies standards, goals and objectives

                                          3rd Grade Social Studies: Community
Standard 1: History

                                                                                            Sample                       Sample                  State
        Benchmark                              Objective                    Sequence     Instruction or                 Assessment             Standard    Teacher Resource and
           Goal                                                                             Practice                                           Number           Comments
Goal 1.1: Build an understanding    3.SS.1.1.1 Explain that people in the   1, 2, 3    1. With a group of           Why do all citizens        (420.01a)   1. Harcourt Reading – Papa
of the cultural and social          United States share a common                       classmates, talk about       celebrate patriotic                    Tells Chita a Story – page 14E
development of the United States.   heritage through patriotic holidays                where the American           holidays? What is the
                                    and symbols.                                       flag is flown and what       most important reason                  Veterans’ Day WebQuest
                                                                                       the flag stands for.         for celebrating
                                                                                       Create a poster that         Memorial Day, Flag                     Patriotic Holidays and
                                                                                       shows the flag and the       Day, Independence                      Symbols
                                                                                       ideas discussed. Find        Day, Veterans’ Day and                 Symbols
                                                                                       answers to these             Thanksgiving? Defend                             http://www.electricte
                                                                                       questions:                   your answer.                           acher.com/webquest/index.htm
                                                                                               What colors
                                                                                                and symbols         Create a podcast                                http://bensguide.gpo.
                                                                                                appear on the       explaining the history                 gov/3-5/symbols/index.html
                                                                                                flag? What do       of each holiday and
                                                                                                they stand for?
                                                                                                                    explaining its                                   http://usinfo.state.gov
                                                                                               When was the
                                                                                                flag first flown?   importance to all                      /usa/infousa/facts/symbols.htm
                                                                                                How has the         citizens.
                                                                                                flag changed?                                              Holidays
                                                                                       2. Use Veterans’ Day         Identify three patriotic                        http://www.patriotis
                                                                                       “WebQuest” to identify       symbols that are shared                m.org/page2.html
                                                                                       important reasons to         by people in the U.S.?
                                                                                       celebrate. Create a          What do they                                     http://www.midgefra
                                                                                       medal for a veteran.         symbolize? Why are                     zel.net/patriotism.html
                                                                                       3. WebQuest for              they important to all
                                                                                       creating report about        citizens?                                       http://myschoolonline
                                                                                       symbols -                                                           .com/page/0,1871,2486-
                                                                                       http://www.electricteac                                             196464-2-50930,00.html

NAEP – National Assessment of Educational Progress                                                                                                          Page 1 of 18
                                3.SS.1.1.2 Investigate the history of   2, 3   1. Research the            What facts can you                    1. Sites for Shoshone Indians
                                your community.                                Shoshone Indians. Find     gather about the history              http://www.shoshoneindian.co
                                                                               out about their customs,   of our community?                     m/
                                                                               traditions and folklore.                                         http://library.thinkquest.org/J00
                                                                               Draw pictures to show      Create a poster to                    3144/
                                                                               scenes and write           celebrate the                         2. Harcourt Reading – Boom
                                                                               narration.                 community’s 100th                     Town – page 219
                                                                               2. Create a display to     birthday.                             3. Sites for Jerome History
                                                                               share historical                                                 http://www.historicaljeromecou
                                                                               information about our                                            nty.com/
                                                                               community.                                                       http://www.epodunk.com/cgi-
                                                                               3. Use WebQuest –                                                bin/genInfo.php?locIndex=696
                                                                               Jerome’s 100th                                                   7
                                                                               Birthday.                                                        Historic Photos

                                                                                                                                                Then & Now in Southern Idaho
                                                                                                                                                by Virginia Ricketts is a
                                                                                                                                                collection of Virginia’s
                                                                                                                                                newspaper articles chronicling
                                                                                                                                                the history of the Magic Valley.
                                3.SS.1.1.3 Compare different            1, 3   1. Have students make a    How would you              (420.0c)   1. Harcourt Reading –
                                cultural groups in the community,              chart that shows some      describe the foods,                   Pepita Talks Twice P51
                                including their distinctive foods,             of the breads of           clothing styles and                   Online Lesson Plan for
                                clothing styles, and traditions.               different cultures.        traditions in Jerome?                 connecting breads from
                                                                               2. Create a classroom
                                                                               recipe book.
                                                                                                                                                around the world.
                                                                                                                                                Recipes for different breads:
                                3.SS.1.1.4 Identify and describe
                                ways families, groups, tribes and
                                communities influence the
                                individual’s daily life and personal

NAEP – National Assessment of Educational Progress                                                                                                         Page 2 of 18
August 2003
Goal 1.2: Trace the role of         3.SS.1.2.1 Share the origins of      2   Create a PowerPoint        What did you observe      (417.01a)   Free maps - size 1 page or
migration and immigration of        classmates' ancestors.                   presentation about your    about your classmates’                64 pages
people in the development of the                                             family including           ancestors?                            Owl & Mouse Free Software
United States.                                                               information about the                                            http://www.yourchildlearns.
                                                                             origins of your                                                  com/geography.htm
                                                                             ancestors.                                                       http://www.eduplace.com/ss
                                                                             On a map of the world –
                                                                             use green dots to show
                                                                             birthplace of students,
                                                                             yellow to show
                                                                             birthplace of parents,
                                                                             red to show birthplace
                                                                             of grandparents.
                                    3.SS.1.2.2 Describe how migration    3   Use population charts to   What can you infer        (417.01b)   http://quickfacts.census.gov/
                                    and immigration are continuous           identify the growth        about the population of               qfd/states/16/16053.html
                                    processes.                               patterns of Jerome over    a community by
                                                                             the past ten years.        looking at population

                                                                                                        What do you predict
                                                                                                        about the population of
                                                                                                        Jerome for the next 10
                                    3.SS.1.2.3 Identify reasons for      3   Create a timeline which    What explanations do      (417.01c    Lesson plan from the
                                    voluntary immigration and                displays historical        you have for the                      Smithsonian which uses
                                    involuntary movement of people.          events and population      continuous change in                  primary source materials
                                                                             changes.                   the population of                     enabling students to
                                                                             Use primary source
                                                                                                                                              investigate different points
                                                                             materials available                                              of view.
                                                                             through the                                                      http://www.smithsonianedu
                                                                             Smithsonian which help                                           cation.org/educators/lesson_
                                                                             explain some of the                                              plans/japanese_internment/i
                                                                             involuntary movements                                            ndex.html
                                                                             of people. This through
                                                                             the Internment Camps.

                                                                             Use Interactive Study
                                                                             Guide to learn about the
                                                                             Underground Railroad.
Goal 1.3: Identify the role of      No objectives at this grade level.
American Indians in the
development of the United States.

NAEP – National Assessment of Educational Progress                                                                                                      Page 3 of 18
August 2003
Goal 1.4: Analyze the political,    No objectives at this grade level.
social, and economic responses to
industrialization and
technological innovations in the
development of the United States.
Goal 1.5: Trace the role of         No objectives at this grade level.
exploration and expansion in the
development of the United States.

Goal 1.6: Explain the rise of       No objectives at this grade level.
human civilization.

Goal 1.7: Trace how natural         No objectives at this grade level.
resources and technological
advances have shaped human

Goal 1.8: Build an understanding    No objectives at this grade level.
of the cultural and social
development of human

Goal 1.9: Identify the role of      No objectives at this grade level.
religion in the development of
human civilization.

NAEP – National Assessment of Educational Progress                       Page 4 of 18
August 2003
                                             3rd Grade Social Studies: Community
Standard 2: Geography

                                                                                         Sample                     Sample                  State
         Benchmark                             Objective                 Sequence     Instruction or               Assessment             Standard    Teacher Resource and
            Goal                                                                         Practice                                         Number           Comments

Goal 2.1: Analyze the spatial      3.SS.2.1.1 Describe the concepts of   1          Working in pairs,          How can you sort           (426.01a)   Google Maps
organizations of people, places,   globe, continent, country, state,                students will create a     globe, continent,                      Also,
and environment on the earth’s     county, city/town, and                           list of continents,        country, state, county,                http://www.yourchildlearns.
surface.                           neighborhood.                                    countries, states,         city/town and                          com/geography.htm
                                                                                    counties, or               neighborhood?
                                                                                    Use Google Maps to
                                                                                    identify features within
                                                                                    the community.
                                   3.SS.2.1.2 Find the United States,    1          Use a large map of the     Where are the United       (426.01b)   http://www.yourchildlearns.
                                   Idaho, the state capital Boise, and              world to identify the      States, Idaho, the state               com/geography.htm
                                   own community on a map.                          United States, Idaho,      capital Boise, and                     http://www.eduplace.com/ss
                                                                                    the state capital Boise,   Jerome on a given map?                 /maps/
                                                                                    and Jerome on a map.
                                                                                                                                                      Owl & Mouse Free
                                                                                    Practice and review                                               Software includes map
                                                                                    pages (Complete Book                                              puzzles.
                                                                                    of Maps & Geography)                                              The Complete Book of
                                                                                                                                                      Maps & Geography:
                                                                                                                                                      American Education
                                                                                                                                                      Publishing – Kathy &
                                                                                                                                                      Jennie have personal copies.
                                                                                                                                                      To lend.

NAEP – National Assessment of Educational Progress                                                                                                             Page 5 of 18
August 2003
                                3.SS.2.1.3 Locate on a map              1      1. Use a map of our       How would you use           . (426.01c)   1. Harcourt Reading – Nate
                                waterways, landforms, cities, states,          area. Check the map       symbols to identify                       the Great P68E
                                and national boundaries using                  key to see how bridges    waterways, landforms,                     2. Harcourt Reading –
                                standard map symbols                           are marked.               cities, states, and                       Turtle Bay 179
                                                                               2. Look at maps of our    national boundaries on
                                                                               area. Use what you        a map?
                                                                                                                                                   Area Map:
                                                                               know and what you                                                   Maps – Google Maps
                                                                               learn to draw a picture                                             http://www.yourchildlearns.
                                                                               that shows any special                                              com/geography.htm
                                                                               feature of the region.                                              http://www.eduplace.com/ss
                                                                               Write a caption for the                                             /maps/ The Complete Book
                                                                               picture.                                                            of Maps & Geography:
                                                                               Practice and review                                                 American Education
                                                                               pages (Complete Book                                                Publishing – Kathy &
                                                                               of Maps & Geography)
                                                                                                                                                   Jennie have personal copies
                                                                                                                                                   to lend.
                                3.SS.2.1.4 Use a map title, map key,    1, 3   1. Make signs that        How would you explain       (426.01d)     2. Harcourt Reading –
                                scale, cardinal directions, and                say NORTH,                directions from one                       Alejandro’s Gift, p337
                                symbols to interpret a map.                    SOUTH, EAST, and          community to another                      http://www.yourchildlearns.
                                                                               WEST. Have                using a map?                              com/geography.htm
                                                                               students hang them in     Write a set of directions
                                                                               the right places in       to another city in Idaho.                 /maps/
                                                                               your room.                                                          The Complete Book of
                                                                               2. Create a map of                                                  Maps & Geography:
                                                                               Alejandro’s property,                                               American Education
                                                                               using clues from the                                                Publishing – Kathy &
                                                                               illustrations.                                                      Jennie have personal copies
                                                                               3. Practice and review
                                                                               pages (Complete Book
                                                                                                                                                   to lend.
                                                                               of Maps & Geography)

NAEP – National Assessment of Educational Progress                                                                                                          Page 6 of 18
August 2003
                                3.SS.2.1.5 Use a number/letter grid    3   Locating information     How would you              (426.01e)   http://www.nationalgeograp
                                to find specific locations on a map.       on a map – Saxon         identify the specific                  hic.com/xpeditions/lessons/
                                                                           Lesson 125, part 2       location of Jerome?                    01/gk2/longlat.html
                                                                           Identifying units of
                                                                                                    Given a map – students
                                                                           measure for long         will find longitude and                Saxon Lessons 125, part 2,
                                                                           distances, using a       latitude for Jerome &                  127, 129, and 130, part 1
                                                                           scale to find distance   Boise and explain why
                                                                           on a map –Saxon          longitude & latitude are
                                                                           Lesson 127               helpful.                               The Complete Book of
                                                                           Creating a coordinate                                           Maps & Geography:
                                                                           plane, identifying the                                          American Education
                                                                           location of a point on                                          Publishing – Kathy &
                                                                           a coordinate plane –                                            Jennie have personal copies
                                                                           Saxon 129                                                       to lend.
                                                                           Graphing points on a
                                                                           coordinate plane –
                                                                           Saxon Lesson 130,
                                                                           part 1
                                                                           The Complete Book
                                                                           of Maps &
                                                                           American Education
                                                                           Publishing – Kathy &
                                                                           Jennie have personal
Goal 2.2: Explain how human     No objectives at this grade level.
actions modify the physical
environment and how physical
systems affect human activity
and living conditions.
Goal 2.3: Trace the migration   3.SS.2.3.1 Analyze past and present    3   1. Have students         How would you explain      (426.02a)   1. Harcourt Reading - Boom
and settlement of human         settlement patterns of the                 research where the       the settlement patterns                Town P206
populations on the earth’s      community.                                 settlers of the          of the community?
surface.                                                                   community came from.                                            Communities WebQuest
                                                                           2. Explain why a         Identify major
                                                                           community was settled    influences in the
                                                                           – Communities            community settlement.                  ol/bjlee/Web/classroom/web
                                                                           WebQuest                                                        quest/commwebquest.html

                                                                                                                                           Then & Now in Southern Idaho
                                                                                                                                           by Virginia Ricketts is a
                                                                                                                                           collection of Virginia’s
                                                                                                                                           newspaper articles chronicling
                                                                                                                                           the history of the Magic Valley.

NAEP – National Assessment of Educational Progress                                                                                                    Page 7 of 18
August 2003
                                    3.SS.2.3.2 Identify geographic       1, 3   1. Discuss how building    What explanation do          (426.02b)   1.Harcourt Reading – Nate
                                    features influencing settlement             a bridge can change the    you have for why large                   the Great, p85
                                    patterns of the community.                  landscape and the          populations of people                    2. Harcourt Reading – I’m
                                                                                nature of nearby           locate where they do?                    In Charge of Celebrations p
                                                                                2. Guide students to
                                                                                look at maps to help       Create a travel brochure                 3. Harcourt Reading – I’m
                                                                                them understand how        to convince people to                    In Charge of Celebrations –
                                                                                geography, climate, and    visit our region for its                 p 321
                                                                                natural resources are      natural wonders. Use
                                                                                important in               word processor.                          Use Google Earth maps and
                                                                                determining population                                              look at evaluate large cities.
                                                                                3. Use a map to find the
                                                                                nearest desert. Look for
                                                                                the nearest mountains,
                                                                                valleys, lakes, and
                                                                                rivers. Make a list of
                                                                                these places. Find out
                                                                                what you can about
                                                                                each one.
                                    3.SS.2.3.3 Compare and contrast      1      1. Use pictures in the     Why do you think             (426.02c)   1. Harcourt Reading –
                                    city/suburb/town and urban/rural.           story Allie’s Basketball   people live in big cities?               Allie’s Basketball Dream
                                                                                Dream to compare how       How is life different in                 P105
                                                                                life in a big city         city/suburb/town and in
                                                                                compares with life in a    urban/rural areas?
                                                                                small town.
                                                                                2. Discuss how the         Create a list of
                                                                                classroom would            adjectives for each: city,
                                                                                change if the number of    suburb, town, urban and
                                                                                students would double.     rural.
Goal 2.4: Analyze the human and     No objectives at this grade level.
physical characteristics of
different places and regions.

Goal 2.5: Explain how geography     No objectives at this grade level.
enables people to comprehend
the relationships between people,
places, and environments over

NAEP – National Assessment of Educational Progress                                                                                                            Page 8 of 18
August 2003
Standard 3: Economics

                                                                                        Sample                       Sample              State
        Benchmark                             Objective                 Sequence     Instruction or                 Assessment         Standard    Teacher Resource and
           Goal                                                                         Practice                                       Number           Comments
Goal 3.1: Explain basic economic   3.SS.3.1.1 Explain the concepts of   3          1. Research other items       How would you         (424.01b)   1. Harcourt Reading - If
concepts.                          supply and demand and the role of               that have been used as        compare supply and                You Made a Million – p271
                                   the consumer and producer.                      money.                        demand and the role               Lesson To Market To
                                                                                   2. Students will create a     of the consumer and               Market
                                                                                   classroom market to
                                                                                   understand supply &
                                                                                                                 producer?                         http://www.econedlink.org/l
                                                                                   demand (Lesson – To                                             essons/index.cfm?lesson=E
                                                                                   Market To Market)With a                                         M357&page=teacher
                                                                                   small group of friends
                                                                                   collect two objects (like                                       Jefferson’s Library has a
                                                                                   pencils or squares of
                                                                                   paper) of one color, four                                       guided reader set – Kids as
                                                                                   objects of another color,                                       Consumers – high level
                                                                                   and six objects of one more
                                                                                   color. Place them in a hat
                                                                                   and take turns drawing the
                                                                                   objects out of the hat, one
                                                                                   at a time. No peeking!
                                                                                   When all of the objects
                                                                                   have been chosen, trade
                                                                                   them with your friends,
                                                                                   trying to collect at least
                                                                                   one object of each color.
                                                                                   Were you and your friends
                                                                                   as willing to trade objects
                                                                                   that fewer people had?
                                                                                   How many not-so-rare
                                                                                   objects were you willing to
                                                                                   give up for just one of the
                                                                                   more rare pieces? When
                                                                                   something is rare and
                                                                                   people want it, its value
                                                                                   tends to increase.

NAEP – National Assessment of Educational Progress                                                                                                          Page 9 of 18
August 2003
                                3.SS.3.1.2 Explain the difference      3   Use Google Earth and      How would you             (424.01c)   Google Earth –
                                between public and private property.       identify public &         define public and
                                                                           private property in the   private property?
                                                                                                     Create a bumper
                                                                                                     sticker (use adhesive-
                                                                                                     backed paper) that
                                                                                                     highlights a local
                                                                                                     public property.
                                                                                                     Decorate your
                                                                                                     bumper sticker with a
                                                                                                     border, a catchy
                                                                                                     slogan, photographs,
                                                                                                     or drawings.
                                                                                                     Distribute the bumper
                                                                                                     stickers to your
                                                                                                     relatives and
                                3.SS.3.1.3 Describe the purposes       2   Online lessons with       What is important about   (424.01d    http://www.econedlink.org/l
                                and benefits of savings.)                  connected websites        saving?                               essons/index.cfm?lesson=E
                                                                           explaining savings,                                             M455&page=teacher
                                                                           interest and banks.       Devise a plan to save
                                                                           The ABC’s of Savings      for a new game system
                                                                                                     or bike.
                                                                                                                                           Harcourt Reading Series – If
                                                                           Read the story, “If You                                         You Made A Million by
                                                                           Made a Million” –                                               David Schwartz
                                                                           describe how interest
                                                                           works.                                                          Software – The Graph Club

NAEP – National Assessment of Educational Progress                                                                                                  Page 10 of 18
August 2003
Goal 3.2: Identify different        3.SS.3.2.1 Explain how land, natural   3   1. Use pictures from the    What is the most            (425.01b)   1.
influences on economic systems.     resources, labor, trade, and/or            Great Depression – Ask      important thing that                    http://history1900s.about.co
                                    technology affect economic                 students to evaluate        affects our local                       m/library/photos/blyindexde
                                    activities in the local community.         how it affected different   community?                              pression.htm
                                                                               people. Write interview
                                                                               questions. Invite two or    Create a poster
                                                                                                                                                   2. Harcourt Reading –
                                                                               three people from the       explaining why we have                  Boom Town – Page 209
                                                                               community to share          to protect this resource.
                                                                               their stories.
                                                                               2. Tell students there
                                                                               are 3 kinds of resources:
                                                                               natural, human and
                                                                               capital. Make a chart
                                                                               showing examples of
                                                                               these resources in the
                                                                               story Boom Town.
                                                                               Challenge students to
                                                                               make a similar chart
                                                                               about our community’s
Goal 3.3: Analyze the different     No objectives at this grade level.
types of economic institutions.

Goal 3.4: Explain the concepts of   No objectives at this grade level.
good personal finance.

NAEP – National Assessment of Educational Progress                                                                                                          Page 11 of 18
August 2003
Standard 4: Civics and Government

                                                                             Sample                       Sample                  State
        Benchmark                             Objective      Sequence     Instruction or                 Assessment             Standard    Teacher Resource and
           Goal                                                              Practice                                           Number           Comments
Goal 4.1: Build an understanding    3.SS.4.1.1 Explain why   2          1. Ask students to think     Why do communities         (423.01c)   1. Harcourt Reading –
of the foundational principles of   communities have laws.              of laws that may have        need laws &                            Officer Buckle Theme I
the American political system.                                          started out as safety        ordinances?                            deals with safety.
                                                                        tips.                                                               2.Why Mosquitoes Buzz –
                                                                        2. Discuss with students     Create a display which
                                                                        what King Lion means         contains examples of
                                                                                                                                            page 75
                                                                        by the “laws of nature.”     important laws &                       3. Unit – Community
                                                                        Help students compare        ordinances and obsolete                Government – Virtual
                                                                        the laws of the natural      ordinances with a                      Museum
                                                                        world with the laws          narrative explaining the
                                                                        people create. Ask:          importance. (Part of                   Jerome Community
                                                                                 What are some      Unit Study –                           Ordinances:
                                                                                  laws you know?     Community                    
                                                                                 Why is it          Government (Virtual
                                                                                  important for                                             ome/index.htm
                                                                                  citizens to obey
                                                                                  laws?                                                     Site that lists strange state
                                                                                 What are some                                             laws:
                                                                                  for those who                                             http://www.anvari.org/cols/
                                                                                  break the law?                                            Weird_Laws_of_the_United
                                                                        Work in pairs to create                                             _States.html
                                                                        a chart that shows two
                                                                        laws of nature and two
                                                                        laws create by people.
                                                                        3. Read through
                                                                        teacher-selected list of
                                                                        community laws &
                                                                        ordinances. Identify
                                                                        five ordinances that are
                                                                        most important to a
                                                                        community. Identify 1
                                                                        ordinances which may
                                                                        no longer be needed in
                                                                        the community. (part of
                                                                        Unit Study –
                                                                        Government (Virtual

NAEP – National Assessment of Educational Progress                                                                                                    Page 12 of 18
August 2003
                                3.SS.4.1.2 Explain that there are     2   1. Work with a group to     What would you            (423.01a)   1. Harcourt Reading –
                                benefits for following the laws and       find out about rules of a   suggest be made a law                 Centerfield BallHawk –
                                consequences for breaking the laws        certain game. Make a        in our community?                     page 330E
                                of the community.                         poster listing important    What would be the                     2. Harcourt Reading –
                                                                          rules to follow. Discuss    consequence for
                                                                          why players must            breaking that law?
                                                                                                                                            Sayings We Share – P399
                                                                          follow the rules.
                                                                          Afterward, list some
                                                                          rules students must
                                                                          follow at school and
                                                                          some laws people must
                                                                          follow in our
                                                                          community. Discuss
                                                                          why it is important to
                                                                          obey rules and laws.
                                                                          2.Proverbs & fables
                                                                          teach lessons about
                                                                          responsibility. Guide
                                                                          students to recognize
                                                                          that personal
                                                                          responsibility involves
                                                                          behaving properly &
                                                                          civic responsibility
                                                                          involves doing helpful
                                                                          things in the
                                                                          community, state and
                                                                          nation. Evaluate fables
                                                                          asking whether they
                                                                          teach personal or civic
                                3.SS.4.1.3 Identify the people or     2   Tour city hall, police      Who are the people who                See Unit Study –
                                groups that make, apply, and              station, fire station and   make, apply and                       Community Government –
                                enforce laws in the community.            court. Create a             enforce laws in our                   Virtual Museum
                                                                          collaborative list of       community?
                                                                          groups who are actively
                                                                          involved in enforcing       Create a display which
                                                                                                                                            Scroll down for list of city
                                                                          laws & ordinances           contains graphic which                employees: http://www.city-
                                                                          (Part of Unit Study –       identifies community                  data.com/city/Jerome-
                                                                          Community                   members and their jobs.               Idaho.html
                                                                          Government -Virtual          (Part of Unit Study –
                                                                          Museum)                     Community
                                                                          Identify a community        Government -Virtual
                                                                          concern and write           Museum)
                                                                          appropriate community
                                                                          member. (Part of Unit
                                                                          Study – Community
                                                                          Government -Virtual

NAEP – National Assessment of Educational Progress                                                                                                   Page 13 of 18
August 2003
Goal 4.2: Build an understanding   3.SS.4.2.1 Identify and explain the    2   Create a collaborative      Why are the important       (422.01a)   See Unit Study –
of the organization and            basic functions of local governments       list of important           jobs of government?                     Community Government –
formation of the American                                                     services provided by        Create a graphic which                  Virtual Museum
system of government.                                                         government. List three      explains the different
                                                                              most important services     community departments
                                                                              provided by                 and the services they
                                                                                                                                                  Jerome City Web Site:
                                                                              government. Defend          provide. Also include a                 http://www.ci.jerome.id.us/
                                                                              your list. (Part of Unit    list of people to contact
                                                                              Study – Community           regarding community
                                                                              Government -Virtual         concerns. (Part of Unit
                                                                              Museum)                     Study – Community
                                                                                                          Government -Virtual
                                   3.SS.4.2.2 Tell how local              2   1. Identify community       How do we find the                      1. Harcourt Reading –
                                   government officials are chosen,           workers and tell about      people who lead and do                  Allie’s Basketball Dream
                                   e.g., election, appointment.               the jobs they do.           government jobs?                        P107
                                                                              2. .Ask students how                                                2. Harcourt Reading – Little
                                                                              the Grunt Tribe may         Create a display that
                                                                              have come to their          contains graphics
                                                                                                                                                  Grunt & Big Egg – p.233
                                                                              decision about the baby     identifying community                   3. Unit Study – Community
                                                                              dinosaur. Discuss           members who are                         Government – Virtual
                                                                              different ways decisions    elected to their jobs and               Museum
                                                                              are made by large           those who are appointed
                                                                              groups of people and        to their jobs. Include a
                                                                              the benefits of having a    list posting recent
                                                                              system or process for       election results and a
                                                                              making decisions, one       calendar for upcoming
                                                                              being that in a             elections. (Part of Unit
                                                                              democratic system,          Study – Community
                                                                              everyone’s opinion is       Government -Virtual
                                                                              heard.                      Museum)
                                                                              3. Create a classroom
                                                                              government - mayor
                                                                              and city council. Let
                                                                              elected students make
                                                                              decisions which affect
                                                                              the class. Identify
                                                                              classroom jobs – sort by
                                                                              how people are selected
                                                                              for those jobs – through
                                                                              election or through
                                                                              selections. (Part of Unit
                                                                              Study – Community
                                                                              Government -Virtual

NAEP – National Assessment of Educational Progress                                                                                                         Page 14 of 18
August 2003
                                3.SS.4.2.3 Describe services        3   1. Identify businesses    How would you           (422.01a)   1. Harcourt Reading –
                                commonly and primarily provided         that students think       identify services                   Boom Town– page 194E
                                by governments for the community.       every community           commonly and
                                                                        needs: Create a           primarily provided by               Free Software:
                                                                        community map which       governments for the
                                                                        displays the following    community?
                                                                        places: a bank, grocery                                       com/town.htm
                                                                        store, hardware store,
                                                                        school, pharmacy and a

NAEP – National Assessment of Educational Progress                                                                                             Page 15 of 18
August 2003
Goal 4.3: Build an understanding   3.SS.4.3.1 Identify ways children     1, 2, 3   1. Students participate    How can children and       (423.01d)   Kiwanis Club
that all people in the United      and adults can participate in their             in K-Kids or other         adults participate in                  3.Harcourt Reading – Pepita
States have rights and assume      community and/or local                          community service.         their community?                       Talks Twice P65
responsibilities.                  governments.                                    (Part of Unit Study –                                             4. Harcourt Reading – Little
                                                                                   Community                  Create a display which
                                                                                   Government -Virtual        contains information
                                                                                                                                                     Grunt & Big Egg P256E
                                                                                   Museum)                    about opportunities for
                                                                                   2. Research ways that      community service.
                                                                                   people in the              Display will also
                                                                                   community help others.     contain narrative
                                                                                   Check the public library   explaining the
                                                                                   or newspaper.              importance. (Part of
                                                                                   3. Identify ways that      Unit Study –
                                                                                   Pepita helps in her        Community
                                                                                   community. Use chart       Government -Virtual
                                                                                   to write sentences that    Museum)
                                                                                   tell why Pepita is a
                                                                                   good person in her
                                                                                   neighborhood.               Create a poster to tell
                                                                                   4. Find out about people   about a volunteer group
                                                                                   in our community who       and the good work they
                                                                                   do volunteer work.         do.
                                                                                   Look through
                                                                                   newspaper for articles     Create a “Wall of Good
                                                                                   about people who give      Work” identifying ways
                                                                                   their time                 people help.
                                                                                           Look in the
                                                                                            phone book for
                                                                                            the names of
                                                                                            groups that do
                                                                                            volunteer work.
                                                                                           Make a poster
                                                                                            showing what
                                                                                            you learned. If
                                                                                            include the
                                                                                            address and the
                                                                                            phone number
                                                                                            of at least one
                                                                                            Draw pictures
                                                                                            of different
                                                                                            kinds of
                                                                                            volunteers on
                                                                                            the job.

Goal 4.4: Build an understanding   No objectives at this grade level.
of the evolution of democracy.

NAEP – National Assessment of Educational Progress                                                                                                            Page 16 of 18
August 2003
Goal 4.5: Build an understanding   No objectives at this grade level.
of comparative government.

NAEP – National Assessment of Educational Progress                      Page 17 of 18
August 2003
Standard 5: Global Perspectives

                                                                                          Sample                     Sample                 State
        Benchmark                             Objective                   Sequence     Instruction or               Assessment            Standard    Teacher Resource and
           Goal                                                                           Practice                                        Number           Comments
Goal 5.1: Build an understanding   3.SS.5.1.1 Explore connections that    3          1. Research local           What did you observe                 1. Harcourt – Cocoa Ice –
of multiple perspectives and       the local community has with other                community to identify       about our connections                Page 238
global interdependence.            communities throughout the world.                 products we                 with other communities               2. Harcourt – Cocoa Ice –
                                                                                     manufacture and/or          throughout the world?                page 258
                                                                                     2. Create a 3-part
                                                                                     display 1) goods made                                            For Internet Search – Use:
                                                                                     in our area 2) goods that                                        http://beta.yahooligans.yaho
                                                                                     come from other parts                                            o.com/learn/index
                                                                                     of the U.S. 3) Goods
                                                                                     received from other
                                                                                     3. Search the Internet
                                                                                     or bring in a recipe
                                                                                     from home of your
                                                                                     favorite dish. Pick
                                                                                     one of the spices or
                                                                                     herbs listed on the
                                                                                     recipe. Research to
                                                                                     discover about the
                                                                                     country. Plan an
                                                                                     imaginary trip there.
                                   3.SS.5.1.2 Examine the                 3          Identify stores and         What products and        (420.01c)   Pictures of Jerome
                                   contributions from various cultures               products sold in            services sold or                     storefronts.
                                   from other parts of the world to the              Jerome. Use pictures        produced in Jerome
                                   development of the community and                  of the community to         make it a unique
                                   how they make that community                                                  community?
                                                                                     compare storefronts.

                                                                                     Create a picture of the
                                                                                     Perrine Bridge. Identify
                                                                                     goods and services
                                                                                     provided by Twin Falls
                                                                                     & Jerome? How do they

NAEP – National Assessment of Educational Progress                                                                                                             Page 18 of 18
August 2003

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