Special Tools

					Special Tools

         Assembly Tools for Shock Absorbers and Suspension

K 70 Tool Kit
Special tool kit for mounting and dismounting
nuts of shock absorber piston rods.

Special sockets for nuts
K 70-A 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 21, 22, 24
Inserts to block the piston rod.
K 70-B 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
K 70-C 6, 7
K 70-D 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
K70-E / T E 12
             T 40
Pentagonal-blocking adaptor with handle K 70-AF
Ratchet wrench K 70-R 19
Adaptor for a torque wrench K 70-1/2"
                                                                     Article no. 111002

                                            This tool makes it possible to loosen self-locking nuts of piston rods
                                            without turning of the piston rods.

                                            The benefits are clear:

                                            –   the piston rod does not move along
                                            –   no damage to bearings, plastic parts and dust caps.
                                            –   no ripping or damaging of the piston rod
                                            –   the wrench adaptor allows tightening with an torque wrench

A guaranteed quality of the tool kit ensures secure work without damage claims.

                           K 710                                                                     K 115
                           The spreader tool makes it                          Pull bars with adaptors
                           possible to widen suspension arms of                  are needed to pull up the piston rod
                           different types of cars. This way it is           under the wing when mounting the strut.
                           easier to assemble the struts.
                                                                                                  Article no. 110005
                           Article no. 111030

K 22                                                                                                                              K 22-1
Spring compressor                                                                                                     Extension for K 22
for the front and rear axles of Mercedes Benz models                                                       includes a set of tension plates for use on
123, 124, 129, 201, 202 and 210. Because of a bigger spring                                       front axle for Mercedes Benz models 126 and 140
diameter, the rear axle of model 123 has to be tensioned                                        as well as on rear axle for models 123, 126 and 140
with help of the extension-set K 22-1.                                                                                  when using a shorter spindle.
Article no. 109501                                                                                                                Article no. 109701
         Assembly Tools for Shock Absorbers and Suspension

K 101 Telescopic-Spring Compressors
for high performance max. 25.000 N

Needed for the new automobile generations of Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz and for pick-up cars.

                                                                                                                 Enclosed mechanism
                                                                                                                       insulated from
                                                                                                                  external inferances,
                                                                                                                 spindle with long life

                                                                                                                     Easy and secure
                                                                                                                         mounting of
                                                                                                                        spring holder

                                                                                                                          Steel forged
                                                                                                                        spring holders

100% impact proved When completely  Two telescoping specially
                   opened this tool hardened telescopic tubes
                   incorporates a
                   SAFETY SLIP
                   GEARING MECHANISM

         100% IMPACT PROVED! ∙ Absolutely maintenance-free!

The telescopic spring compressor K 101 includes as                     K 101 - FH 1            70 - 120 mm       Article no. 103002
standard 2 sets of spring holders FH 2 and FH 3                        K 101 - FH 2           100 - 155 mm       Article no. 103003
(100 - 185 mm). Article no. 103001                                     K 101 - FH 3           145 - 185 mm       Article no. 103004
                                                                       K 101 - FH 4           170 - 235 mm       Article no. 103005
Altogether four different spring holder sets cover a                   K 101 - FH 5           Citroën, Peugeot   Article no. 103006
diameter range from 70 - 235 mm. A further spring holder
set is especially designed for Peugeot and Citroën rear

                          K 101-W 168
                          spring holder set for W 168,
                          Mercedes Benz class A
                          Article no. 103008

                          K 101-FH Audi A4
                          Spring clamps for Audi A4 from year
                          of manufacture 2002 for the rear
                          Especially formed spring clamps for
                          the cramped space situation at the
         Assembly Tools for Shock Absorbers and Suspension

K 21-2 MacPherson Tool Set
This tool is particularly suitable for the disassembly and assembly
of shock absorbers, which lower fastenings are clamped. The
spring can be compressed with this special spring compressor be-
neath the wing so much, that the shock absorber can be removed
from its seat without a need to remove other parts of the suspen-
sion (e.g. in case of Golf IV, right axle shaft). The five different sa-
fety clamps cover about 80 different types of car makes. A detailed
application list is enclosed with the tool. Max. load 7500 N.

Time saving 50-60%

Article no. 107515

K 40 MacPherson Tool Kit
For safe and fast installation of inserts
This tool safes about 70% on time.

K 40 Tool kit including:                                                   - K 18   Special tool for removing and installing locking
                                                                                    rings on MacPherson struts. contains
                                                                                    10 individual impact proved tools for the
                                                                                    following cars:
                                                                                    K 18 - 01         Opel
                                                                                    K 18 - J1         Japan
                                                                                    K 18 - J2         Japan
                                                                                    K 18 - B1         BMW
                                                                                    K 18 - V1         VW Golf, Jetta,
                                                                                                      Scirocco up to 07.83
                                                                                    K 18 - V2         VW Golf, Jetta,
                                                                                                      Scirocco from 08.83,
                                                                                                      Passat from 04.88
                                                                                    K 18 - V3         VW Passat up to 03.88,
                                                                                                      Santana, Polo, Derby,
                                                                                                      Audi 50/80/90
                                                                                    K 18 - P1         Peugeot, Renault
                                                                                    K 18 - Vo1        Volvo series 2, 7 and 9
                                                                                    K 18 - Vo2        Volvo series 3
                                                                           - K 19   extension for K 18.
                                                                                    Absolutely necessary in case of gas pressure struts.
                                                                           - K 20   tool for the removal of round slot-nuts at the
                                                                                    shock absorber piston rod of VW/Audi models.
                                                                           - K 21   spring compressor with safety clamps and
                                                                                    a special socket for fast and reliable replacement
Article no. 104200                                                                  of MacPherson strut inserts under the wing.
                                                                           - K 23   tool for removing and replacing shock absorber
                                                                                    inserts in all Audi 100/200 models.

         Assembly Tools for Shock Absorbers and Suspension

Individual Tool Kits + Safety Clamps

K 21 Basic Kit                                             K 21-125                        K 36 Tool Kit
Spring compressor for fast and safe                        Safety Clamp
replacement of MacPherson strut inserts                                                    for Renault
                                                           Springs within the dia-
under the wing consisting of two spindles,                                                 These tools are needed to remove and install the front
                                                           meter range of about 120
three safety clamps for outer spring                                                       shock absorber for the model Espace III as from 1991.
                                                           to 130 mm can be com-
diameter of 136, 146 and 165mm and                                                         Time saving: 70%
                                                           pressed with this safety
special socket. Max. load capacity 7.500N
                            Article no. 107506                    Article no. 107510                                            Article no. 111003

K 37-1 Safety Clamp                                                                                 K 38 Tool Set
for VW Sharan, Ford Galaxy and Seat Alhambra                                                        for Renault Megane and Scenic

K 37                                               K 37-1 Bügel                                      K 38 MacPherson tool kit
K 37 tool for remove and install of suspension     Springs of the car types VW Sharan, Ford Ga-      This tool kit allows to span the suspension
struts at the front axle of the above-mentioned    laxy and Seat Alhambra can be compressed          strut completely at built-in condition. No fur-
models.                                            with this safety clamps.                          ther parts of the axle have to be loosened
OE  assembly time      2,7 hours.                                             Article no. 204154     or removed. The spindles may be used by
SSW assembly time with 0,7 hours.                                                                    another McPherson tool kit or these are se-
                              Article no. 111009                                                     parately available.
                                                                                                     K 38 set as figure         Article no. 107520
                                                                                                     K 21 spindle               Article no. 204110
K 39 Tool Kit                                                                                        KSR 27 socket wrench       Article no. 204116

for Ford Mondeo

Toolkit for removing and fitting shock
absorbers on Ford Mondeo front and rear
K 39      Complete kit K 39           Article no. 111004
K 39-1    Pneumatic hammer for removing the strut from
          the suspension arm        Article no. 111005
K 39-2    K 39-2 Special insert for K 39-1 pneumatic
          hammer                    Article no. 111006

Time saving: Front axle: 2,5 hour.
Time saving: Rear axle: 1,5 hour.

All safety clamp kits and individual safety clamps, except K 36, are included in K 21-2.
     Assembly Tools for Shock Absorbers and Suspension

K 81 Adjustment Tool
for the struts of Audi A4, A6, A8, VW Passat front axles and Audi A4 rear axles,
Audi A4 from year 2002 and Peugeot 407 front axles

                                                                   Protected by law

                                              During the assembly, the upper and lower fixing axles of the struts
                                              have to be adjusted to a certain angle to one another. According to
                                              the manufacturer, these adjustments have to be carried out with an
                                              exactness of +/- 2°.
                                              An adjustment by eye is impossible. Only the adjusting device
                                              makes it possible to achieve a safe and exact assembly of
                                              different struts. The device is quite simply and easy to handle. A
                                              detailed and well-illustrated instruction manual makes the assembly
                                              of suspension struts easier.
                                                                                                Article no. 111035
                                              K 81-1          Extension Set for K 81
                                              With this set, the previous model K 81 can be extended to form the
                                              current K 81-N.
                                                                                               Article no. 111036

                                              K 110
                                              Universal Vice
                                              for compressing shock absorbers and struts. With this
                                              tool an optimal and clean installation of the strut is made
                                              possible without damaging the shock body at compression.
                                                                                              Article no. 105001

                                              K 110 HP
                                              Holder for the parallel vice assembly
                                              This flat guide makes it possible to fit the vice K 110 into
                                              a parallel vice.
                                                                                           Article no. 105002

                                              K 110 HW
                                              Holder for workbench assembly
                                              This special angle guide makes it possible to fasten the vice K 110
                                              tightly on the workbench.
                                                                                                Article no. 105003
          Assembly Tools for Shock Absorbers and Suspension

                                                                K 20
                                                                Special tool kit for removing the slotted round nuts of shock absorber
                                                                piston rods for the VW Polo, Derby, Passat, Santana, Audi 50/80/90,
                                                                VW Golf, Jetta
                                                                Article no. 106501
K 18
Individual tools for removing and installing
locking rings of MacPherson struts:
                                                                K 20-D Austin Mondego
K 18-J1           Japan                    Article no. 100501   Article no. 106503
K 18-O1           Opel                     Article no. 100301
K 18-B1           BMW                      Article no. 100901
K 18-J2           Japan                    Article no. 100701
K 18-V1           VW / Audi                Article no. 101101
K 18-V2           VW / Audi                Article no. 101301
K 18-V3           VW / Audi                Article no. 101501
K 18-P1           Peugeot, Renault         Article no. 101701
K 18-Vo1          Volvo series 2, 7, 9     Article no. 101901
K 18-Vo2          Volvo series 3           Article no. 102101
K 18-BO1          Opel/Boge                Article no. 102701
K 18-C1           Citroën / Peugeot        Article no. 102501
K 18-B2           BMW / F + S              Article no. 102801
K 18-L1           Lada                     Article no. 102901
K 18-K1           Koni                     Article no. 102401
K 18-G1           Gabriel                  Article no. 102410
K 18-G2           Gabriel                  Article no. 102420
K 18-G3           Gabriel                  Article no. 102430

                                                                Special Tool K 20-E
                                                                The tool is necessary for removing and installing of the piston rod nut
                                                                of the strut at the front axle of Mercedes Benz W203 class C
                                                                Article no. 106504

K 19                                                            K 23
Socket wrench for extending special tool K 18.                  Tool for removing and replacing shock absorber inserts on all Audi
                                                                100/200 models
Article no. 105501
                                                                Article no. 102001

Wheel Bearing Tools

                  K 300 Basic Set
                  For the pull-out and press-in of wheel bearings.
                  Struts and stub axles have not to be removed.

                  - simple handling by means of an adjustable and
                    self-centring basic device
                  - tightens tight at the wheel bearing housing
                  - additional jaw set for conical and bevelled wheel
                    bearing housings (included in content delivery)
                  - impact proved and changeable spindle drive
                  - 21 pressure pieces double-sided and 7 single-sided
                    usable, cover 45 different bearing sizes = 95%
                  - saves about 50% on time

                  Article no. 113001

Abb. 1   Abb. 2            Abb. Unit Small
                  K 300 Base 3
                  with 14 pressure plates which can be used from 2 sides.
                  This covers the most common vehicles.
                  Article no. 113045

                  K 300 case with insert empty
                  Article no. 117001

         Wheel Bearing Tools

K 300 Basic Device                                             Extension for French vehicles
                                                               K 300-100
Without pressure pieces           Article no.
                                                                                            Special pull-out device with 100 mm diameter
                                                                                            for use at the gears side. The spindle drive and
                                                                                            pressure pieces of the basic device K 300 can
                                                                                            be used for this.
                                                                                            Article no. 113010

                                                                                            K 300-101 adjustable jaw for K 300-100, for
                                                                                             French vehicles of the new generation, in order
                                                                                            to balance the uneven supporting points of the
                                                                                            different wheel bearing housings.
                                                                                            Article no. 113085

K 301 Universal Puller
For wheel hubs, break disks and drums. Impact weight 3 kg
for caring work on axles and control arms.
                                                               - Complete set K 301                              Article no. 114001
                                                               - Sledgehammer
                                                                 with thread adapter                          K 301-01      Article no. 114010
                                                               - combined 3 and 4 hole bell for a bolt
                                                                 hole circle diameter of 98-114 mm            K 301-02      Article no. 114020
                                                               - 5-hole bell for a bolt hole
                                                                 circle diameter of 98-130 mm                 K 301-05      Article no. 114050
                                                               - Screw set with bolt spacer
                                                                 for cars with a big hub                      K 301-15      Article no. 114067
In connection with the hydraulic spindle K 300-35 it is possible to press out jammed and bonded drive shaft as well.

                                                K 301-06 Puller Heavy Duty
                                                for Ford Transit, Opel Movano and Renault

                                                Ford Transit from 2001, Opel Movano 2000 – 2002, Renault Master from 1998. Required for
                                                extraction of the wheel hub and accordingly the whole bearing unit, so that the brake discs
                                                and the bearing unit can be changed. The threaded bolts M16x1.5, internal thread M14, are
                                                supplied. The hole circle disc allows to process wheel hubs with 5 or 6 holes with a hole
                                                circle diameter from 125 mm to 200 mm. Extra heavy hammer weight 8 kg.
                                                                                                                          Article no. 114052

                                                K 301-07 Opposite Support
                                                60-75 mm Ø                                     Article no. 114077

                                                K 301-08 Opposite Support
                                                70-90 mm Ø                                     Article no. 114078

                                                for the pressing out of wheel hubs, brake disks and
                                                The support is inserted in the wheel bearing housing instead of the circlip (fig.)
                                                The pull-off bells K301-02, 05 or K301-06 are placed onto the wheel hub from the
                                                front. It is now possible to screw the drive screw spindle K 300-36 or one of the two
                                                hydraulic cylinders K 300-35 and -37 into the pull-off bell so that they are able to be braced
                                                against the support, enabling the wheel hub to be pressed outwards to the front.

Abb. 4                                   Abb. 5                                               Abb. 6
          Wheel Bearing Tools

K 300-35 Hydraulic Spindle 15t
for K 301 and K 65
This pressure spindle generates by means of a primary and secondary piston the enormous
strength of 15 tons.
                                                                      Article no. 116001

K 303 Bearing Race Puller
Pull-off device for the removal of the inner ring seats of bearings from the wheel
hubs. The basic device can be equipped with different collet chucks.

- Pull-off device for the removal of the inner ring seats of
  bearings from the wheel hubs.
- four different collet chucks cover all diameter ranges
  no. 1 40 - 45 mm
  no. 2 45 - 51 mm
  no. 3 50 - 55 mm
  no. 4 55 - 61 mm
- particularly suitable for the inner ring seats of bearings,
  which fit planely to the wheel hub
- goes with models with ABS cages, e.g. VW Golf 3 + 4,
  Passat and Audi A3
Article no. 118001

K 304 Tool Set
For BMW E 28, E 32, E 34 and Opel Omega A + B rear axles

Special tool set for vehicles with rear-axle
drive, at which the drive shaft is mounted
and not put on the wheel side.

With this tool the inner flexible drive shaft flange is removed from the
wheel flange and put on again during the assembly. At the same time,
this tool is necessary for the retraction of the wheel flange into the
wheel bearing, because that one has no middle hole.

High time saving, because the control arm
has not to be removed.
Article no. 119001

K 305 Bearing Driver Set
To mount bearing seats without damage of these. The set consists of
9 true to size thrust pads from 39.5 to 81 mm and a centering plug.
All parts are made of a high-strength aluminium alloy. By means of
the conical form of the thrust pads, the bearing seat is directed but
not damaged, because the pressure only rests on the outer ring of the
bearing seat.
Article no. 119002

       Wheel Bearing Tools

Allocation map for pressure plates
K 300-01 to K 300-30
Pressure Outer    Inner         Article no.   For SKF                                     Vehicles
plate    diameter diameter                    wheel bearing set
no.                                           VKBA no.

1       83,5      48,5 / 41,5   113050        622, 729, 908, 909, 1347, 1467, 3435        Peugeot, Renault, DB, Ford
2       83,5      44,5 / 42,5   113051        757, 1314, 1339, 1412, 1466,                DB, Volvo, Citroën, Peugeot, Ford, Audi,
                                              2012, 3427, 3447, 3452                      BMW
3       83,5      39,5          113052        3437                                        Renault
4       81,5      44,5 / 43,5   113053        1356, 3302, 3423                            Audi, Honda, Citroën, Fiat, Peugeot
5       81,5      42,5 / 41,5   113054        915, 1356, 3237                             Citroën, Peugeot, Audi, Toyota
6       79,5      44,5 / 42,5   113055        3406, 3449, 3450                            VW, Seat, Ford
7       79,5      41,5 / 39,5   113056        618, 1319, 1336, 1488, 1948, 1973,          Peugeot, Citroën, BMW, Alfa, Fiat, Lancia,
                                              3325, 3443, 3470, 8351                      Mazda, Mitsubishi, Volvo, Renault
8       77,5      42,5 / 41,5   113057        1464, 3245, 3246, 3301, 3461                Rover, Honda,
9       75,5      41,5 / 39,5   113058        1374, 1999, 3431, 3432, 7311                Rover, Honda, Nissan, Ford
10      74,5      41,5 / 39,5   113059        613, 792, 963, 964, 1320, 1460,             Audi, Alfa, BMW, Ford
                                              1478, 1479, 1480, 6006
11      74,5      40,5 / 38,5   113060        1355                                        Audi
12      73,5      39,5 / 38,5   113061        1950, 3278, 3309, 3410, 3412, 3455          Audi, Opel, Mazda, Kia, Mitsubishi, Saab, VW
13      73,5      37,5 / 36,5   113062        1318, 1326, 1341, 3201, 3311, 3341          BMW, Opel, Toyota, Nissan, Toyota
14      71,5      41,5 / 39,5   113063        1348, 1358, 1491, 3235, 3718                VW, Seat, Mazda, Subaru, Suzuki
15      71,5      38,5 / 37,5   113064        736, 745, 754, 1317, 1377, 1432,            Opel, Saab, BMW, Honda, Rover, Ford,
                                              1459, 1911, 3257, 3446                      BMW, Toyota, Daewoo
16      71,5      36,5 / 34,5   113065        882, 1308, 1403, 1438, 1439,                Citroën, Peugeot, Renault
                                              1447, 1486, 3408, 3414, 416                 Fiat, Alfa, Lancia
17      67,5      38,5 / 34,5   113066        575, 576, 685, 1315, 1410, 1414,            Audi, VW, Volvo, Seat, Fiat, Lancia, Skoda,
                                              1429, 1495, 3224, 3277, 441, 3714           Nissan, Kia, Suzuki
18      67,5      37,5 / 33,5   113067        907, 1452, 1468, 1469, 297, 3328            Volvo, Rover, Daihatsu, Honda
19      64,5      37,5          113068        3236                                        Subaru
20      64,5      34,5 / 33,5   113069        906, 1327, 1401, 1413, 403, 3413            VW, Citroën, Peugeot, Fiat, Renault, Opel
21      63,5      34,5 / 33,5   113070        593, 663, 1306, 3256, 3293                  VW, Opel, Lada, Daewoo, Daihatsu
22      61,5      33,5 / 29,5   113071        577, 1344                                   Toyota, VW
23      59,5      29,5          113072        559, 933, 1307, 1442, 8353                  Fiat, Seat, Lancia, Volvo, Lada, Fiat
24      55,5      24,5          113073        1328                                        Citroën, Peugeot
25      54,5      24,5          113074        976                                         Renault
26      51,5      24,5          113075        869, 969, 975                               Renault
27      91        75 / 67       113078        Supporting ring                             Audi, Citroën, Peugeot, Renault
28      95,5      49,5          113079        Pressure Piece                              VW Touareg, VW T5, Porsche Cayenne
29      35        29,7          113080        Pressure Piece                              Französische Fahrzeuge HA
30      51        29,5          113076        Universal part used for the disassembly and assembly
31      87,5      48,5          113081        Pressure Piece                              DB, BMW

          Wheel Bearing Tools

K 310 Wheel Bearing Tool
for Audi A2, VW Polo IV, VW Lupo,
                     Seat Altea,
                     Skoda Fabia,
                     Ford Focus from
                     2005, Volvo V50
                     and all identical
                     in construction
                     corporate vehicles
For the above mentioned vehicles, the wheel bearing and wheel hub form a unit.                  Saving a lot of time, because wor-
The unit is equipped with a safety ring (arrow). The tool set is required, in order to          kings may be performed directly at the
mount and dismount the complete unit properly. The different half shell sets are                vehicle.
inserted into the base retainer. A special pressure plate for each bearing diameter
serves as opposite support when mounting.

K 300-130 Spindle drive                           K 310-1 Base                                  Set K 310-72
complete Article no. 113030 and                   retainer with                                 for 72 mm bearing
                                                  traverse member                               Article no. 113102
K 300-30 Universal
pressure plate                                    Article no. 113110                            Audi A2, VW Polo IV, VW Lupo, Skoda Fabia,
for dismounting Article no. 113076                                                              Seat Altea
                                                                                                K 310-10 mounting      Article no. 113111
                                                                                                K 310-11 dismounting Article no. 113112
                                                                                                K 310-16 mounting of pressure plate
                                                                                                                       Article no. 113113

Set K 310-66                                      Set K 310-78
for 66 mm bearing                                 for 78 mm bearing
Article no. 113103                                Article no. 113104
Audi A2, VW Polo IV, VW Lupo, Skoda Fabia,        Ford Focus from 2005, Volvo V50
Seat Altea                                        K 310-14 mounting        Article no. 113117
K 310-12 mounting        Article no. 113114       K 310-15 dismounting Article no. 113118       K 310-19 Adapter ring
K 310-13 dismounting Article no. 113115           K 310-18 mounting of pressure plate           Bearing units with 62 mm ø (Lupo small) can be
K 310-17 mounting of pressure plate                                        Article no. 113119   fitted and removed with the K 310-19 adapter
                         Article no. 113116                                                     ring in conjunction with the half shell sets
                                                                                                K 310-12 and -13. The adapter ring is placed
                                         K 310 Complete set in a case                           onto the wheel flange from the front.
                                                           Article no. 113100                   This enables the half shell to centre on the
                                         K 310 Wheel bearing tool for                           smaller wheel flange of the 62mm bearing.
                                         VW / Audi in a case Article no. 113125                 Article no. 113121
                                         K 310 Wheel bearing tool for
                                         Ford / Volvo     Article no. 113126
                                         K 310-100 Complete set
                                         without spindle drive K 300-30 and without pressure
                                         plate K 300-30                  Article no. 113101
                                         K 310 case with insert empty
                                                            Article no. 113120
         Wheel Bearing Tools

                                                           K 311 Wheel Bearing Tool
                                                           for the VW Bus T5, VW Touareg
                                                           Front and rear axle
                                                           In the above models, the wheel bearing and the wheel hub form a unit (85mm ø) and is
                                                           fitted with a securing collar (arrow). No removal of the entire stub axle on the front or
                                                           rear axle is necessary, no removal of the ABS sensor, extensive saving of time.
                                                           Spindle drive is 100% impact proved.

                                                           K 311     Complete set                                         Article no. 113150
                                                           K 311-100 Complete set excl. spindle drive                     Article no. 113151
                                                                     and excl. pressure plate
                                                           K 311-10 Half shell set for fitting                            Article no. 113152
                                                           K 311-11 Half shell set for removal                            Article no. 113153
                                                           K 311-15 Support plate for fitting                             Article no. 113154
                                                                     front and rear axle

         Tools for Supporting Joints and Silent Bearings

K 300-35 Hydraulic Spindle 15t
15 t drive for K 65
Article no. 116001

                                                                                          Illustration: K 65 universal pressing frame with K 300-37 20t hydraulic cylinder

K 300-36 Spindle Drive
for tool K 65 and K 301                                                                   K 65 Universal
Trapezoidal threaded spindle TR 20 x 4 with thread adapter M 40 x 2 for drive of the      Ramming Frame
tools K 65 and K 301. The spindle is absolutely impact proved.                            Pressing frame with removable support ring. The drive
                                                                                          is carried out with the hydraulic spindle K 300-35 (15t),
K 300-36     spindle complete with adapter M 40 x 2          Article no. 116005           spindle drive K 300-36 and hydraulic-spindle K 300-37
K 300-361    spindle TR 20 x 4                               Article no. 116006           (20t).
K 300-362    adapter M 40 x 2                                Article no. 116007           Article no. 111060

                                                           K 300-37 Hydraulic Spindle 20 t
                                                           20 t drive for K 65
                                                           Article no. 116008

With different push rod sets, the supporting joints of vehicles can be changed.
The disassembly of the complete axle or the control arms is not necessary.
         Tools for Supporting Joints and Silent Bearings

Push rod sets for supporting joints
K 65-1 VW T4 from 1992 for supporting joints      K 65-4 BMW E 30 for the lower              K 65-7 Renault Master/Opel Movano for
       on top of the control arm                         supporting joint                           supporting joints at the front axle above
       Article no. 111061                                Article no. 111064                         Article no. 111067
K 65-2 VW LT+DB Sprinter for supporting joint     K 65-5 BMW E 36 for the lower              K 65-8 Renault Master/Opel Movano for
       45 mm at the control arm                          supporting joint                           supporting joints at the front axle below
       Article no. 111062                                Article no. 111065                         Article no. 111068
K 65-3 DB 124, 201, 129 for supporting joint      K 65-6 Renault Laguna for the supporting   K 65-13 Mercedes Benz W211 E-class for
       outside at the control arm                        joints at the front axle                    supporting joints at the front axle below
                                                         Article no. 111066                          outside at the control arm
       Article no. 111063
                                                                                                     Article no. 111095

Push rod sets for silent bearings
                                    K65-9                                                             K65-14
                                    Golf III rear axle,                                               Ford Focus I, Ford Focus II,
                                    connected with K 65                                               Ford C-Max ´03-2007, Volvo S40,
                                                                                                      Volvo V50 rear axle,
                                    Article no. 111069
                                                                                                      connected with K 65
                                                                                                      Article no. 111090

                                                                                                      VW Polo IV, VW Fox, Audi A2,
                                    K65-10                                                            Seat Altea, Seat Ibiza, Skoda Fabia
                                    Golf IV, VW Bora, VW Beetle,                                      and all identically constructed group
                                    Audi A2, Audi A3, Seat Leon,                                      vehicles. Complete tool set.
                                    Seat Toledo, Skoda Oktavia                                        The tool set is required in order to
                                    rear axle,                                                        replace the plastic bearing on the
                                    connected with K 65                                               transverse control arm on the engine side.
                                    Article no. 111080                                                It is fitted when installed.
                                                                                                      Complete tool set, front axle
                                                                                                      Article no. 111096

                                    K65-11                                                            K65-16
                                    Passat 35i, Golf III Variant                                      BMW E38/E39 für silent bearings
                                    rear axle,                                                        on the control arm,
                                    connected with K 65                                               complete tool set, rear axle
                                                                                                      Article no. 111091
                                    Article no. 111070

                                                                                                      Fiat Stilo rear axle,
                                                                                                      connected with K 65
                                    Renault Laguna 01>07,                                             Article no. 111099
                                    rear axle,
                                    connected with K 65

                                    Article no. 111098

Further push rod sets are available on request.

         Tools for Supporting Joints and Silent Bearings

                                               K 75 Silent Bearing Tool Set
                                               for the Opel Vectra B, BMW E36, VW Golf IV Q, VW Bora Q, Audi TT Q. For the changing of the
                                               hydraulic bearing on the rear axle. The work is directly carried out on the vehicle. The removal of the
                                               entire axle shaft is not necessary. The drive is in the form of a hardened spindle via a ball bearing.
                                               Opel Vectra B ø 45 mm, BMW E36 ø 45 mm, Golf IV Quattro ø 43,5 mm, Bora Quattro ø 43,5 mm,
                                               Audi TT Quattro ø 43,5 mm.
                                                                                                                                    Article no. 112088

K 66
Uni Thrust Pad Set                                   for cars and trucks
can be universally used to pull silent bearings, rubber bearings, sockets, ball bearings, seal rings, ... etc. in and out.
The set can be put to a multitude of uses due to the large number of 20 sockets with diameters ranging from 34 to 82mm. The sockets are always
centred as a result of the 4 different cone pulleys. The sockets are 55mm long and can be lengthened as required by pushing them onto each other.
The 4 different 10, 12, 14 and 16mm spindles are each fitted with 2 nuts and thrust bearings, enabling them to be shortened as required. The user
can process all of the parts as required, thereby designing his own special thrust pads.
All parts are available separately.

Examples of use:

Press a silent bearing with the spindle                              under the upright press                              with the press frame

                                               The complete K 66 set
                                               is supplied in a neat robust plastic case.
                                               German Federal Utility Patent protected

                                               Article no.: 111097

                                               Caution: the spindles are to be lubricated with a good lubricant before use!

     Diagnostic and Auxiliary Tools

                          K 445 Electronic Stethoscope
                          Electronic diagnostic device for locating of noises
                          This device allows trouble-free locating of mechanical noises as swoosh, scroop, rattling,
                          knocking, grinding, gnashing, milling, soughing, as well as leakage of air and gas.

                          Two working methods are available:
                          4 different clamps are fastened to different points of the axle or body. The cables are passed
                          into the vehicle's inside by means of the velcro strips and connected to the 4-fold amplifier.
                          Now it is possible to drive the car and to activate each single clamp via the amplifier, so that
                          the difference can be heard clearly and the noise can be located. The amplifier's sound level
                          is continuously variable and with it gently reproduced by the earphones.

                          By holding of the microphone to electric generators, air-conditioning compressors, water
                          pumps, tension pulleys, injector nozzles etc. it is also possible to locate the most different
                          noises and with it exactly the defective parts. The microphone has also a continuously vari-
                          able sound level.

                          The complete set comes in a case with two 9 Volt batteries.

                                                                                                      Article no. 112086

                          K 94 Pipe Cutter
                          The pipe cutter is adjustable like a molegrips. Because of this, a fine adjustment is possible
                          and only small effort is necessary. The tube is cut off and not squeezed.
                          For exhaust pipes up to 80 mm Ø

                                                                                                      Article no. 111040

                          K 430 Universal Mounting Hook
                          for rubber rings of exhaust silencers

                          The special bending of the hook allows to hook in and hang out rubber rings of exhaust

                                                                                                      Article no. 112020

     Tools for Axles and Chassis

                    K 62
                    Drive Shaft Socket Set 6-Parts, e.g. for all
                    VAG corporate vehicles, BMW, DB, etc.
                    For to loosen and to tighten of drive shaft nuts and screws. The set consists of three 12-point
                    sockets 27 mm, 30 mm, 32 mm, 34 mm and 36 mm, as well as three allen sockets 14 mm, 17 mm
                    and 19 mm.
                    IMPACT PROVED                                                                     Article no. 111086

                    K 62-A1 Extension set if K 62 already exist.
                    Consisting of: storage tray and 27mm and 34mm sockets.                            Article no. 111089
         Tools for Axles and Chassis

                                                  K 76 Multitooth Socket Nut Set
                                                  Impact-wrench resistent 1/2“ multitooth socket nuts for the loosening and
                                                  tightening of bihexagonal multitooth screws. Consisting of: 14mm length 40mm / 14mm length
                                                  75mm, 16mm length 40mm / 16mm length 75mm, 18mm length 40mm / 18mm length 75mm
                                                  Examples of use:
                                                  14 mm: bottom screwed shock absorber joints in the VW Golf V, VW Touran, VW Passat 3C
                                                         and VW rear brake anchor plate
                                                  16 mm: for VW brake systems and camshaft timing gears from year of construction 2003
                                                  18 mm: chassis screws for the VW Touran from 2004 and Audi A3 from 2004 and diverse
                                                         wheel bearing and wheel hub units
                                                                                                                             Article no. 112093

                                  1             2           3        4            5            6

K 225 Wheel Alignment auxiliary Bridge
For Audi A4, A6, A8, VW Passat, as well as all vehicles with multiple steering axles.
This settling tool is urgently necessary for the toe-in bend determination. All adapters are included in the set.
                                                                                                                                      Article no.: 111020

                                                 K 225-1
                                                 Camber Alignment Device for all Multi-Link-Axles of VAG
                                                 A camber alignment is not possible at all models. It is only possible to get the camber alignment
                                                 across, so that the same value is generated on the left and on the right.
                                                 In order to get the camber alignment across, the 8 screws, which connect the subframe with the
                                                 body, have to be loosened. The camber alignment device is attached to the subframe instead of the
                                                 two screws on the left in front. By turning the adjusting screw of the adjusting device it is possible
                                                 to get the camber alignment across.
                                                                                                                                   Article no. 111021

                                                 K 432
                                                 Steering Link Gripper
                                                 For to loosen and to tighten steering links. A broad bearing surface and hardened contact elements
                                                 avoid slipping. At the follow-up, a spring cares for that the gripper can be used like a ratchet. Matching
                                                 for steering links from 14 - 23 mm. It is also possible to process steering wheels from 11 – 14 mm
                                                 by means of an adapter unit.

                                                 K 432 steering link gripper                                                 Article no. 112026
                                                 K 432-1 adapter 11 – 14 mm                                                  Article no. 112027         15
          Tools for Axles and Chassis

                                                K 436
                                                Steering Link Spanner Set
                                                For all tight steering link screwings. The higher the screw pressure, the tighter closes the fork head.
                                                The hexagon head of the steering link is nearly clasped around by means of the broad bearing
                                                surface of the key. Thus, an optimal transmission of power is guaranteed. Different sizes are also
                                                individually available.

                                                K 436 complete set Article no. 112060                       K 436-17 mm            Article no. 112063
                                                K 436-13 mm        Article no. 112061                       K 436-19 mm            Article no. 112064
                                                K 436-14 mm        Article no. 112062                       K 436-22 mm            Article no. 112065

                                                K 431
                                                Ball Joint Puller
                                                For ejection of steering link heads and guide joints. Twice adjustable, chuck capacity
                                                25 – 50 mm, fork opening 22 mm. For Audi, VW, BMW, DB, Ford, Opel, Fiat, Citroen, Renault and
                                                nearly all Japanese vehicles.
                                                                                                                           Article no. 112025

                                                K 431-1 Ball Joint Puller
                                                for ball joints of Audi A4, A6, A8, VW Passat, Opel Movano, Renault Master etc.
                                                fork opening 28 mm, chuck capacity to 55 mm                                     Article no. 112031

                                                K 431-2 Ball Joint Puller
                                                Light Truck Vehicle
                                                for ball joints of Fiat Ducato from year 94, MB Sprinter, VW LT from year 98 etc.
K 431-1                  K 431-2                fork opening 34 mm, chuck capacity to 63 mm                                     Article no. 112032

K 431-3 /-4 /-5 Bell-Ball Joint Puller
for mini vans and trucks
The special aspect of the new puller generation: the drive is by means of the impact wrench.
The impact wrench has a rotation, pressure and impact effect on the conical seat. This achieves an especially high loosening torque. The large
trapezoidal thread is able to absorb the high loads without difficulty and is also extremely long wearing. The spindle is fitted with a pressure pad
which is positioned over a hardened ball. The bell construction enables the puller to be used in diverse positions without it being necessary to
remove other parts.
Three different versions are available which can be put to universal use.

K 431-3 opening 30mm                                   K 431-4 opening 32mm                                     K 431-5 opening 39mm (for trucks)
Article no. 112033                                     Article no. 112034                                       Article no. 112035
         Tools for Axles and Chassis

                                                     K 437 Camber Alignment Tool
                                                     for BMW E36 and E46 rear axles
                                                     This universal tool allows to shift the rear transverse control arms of the above mentioned
                                                     models and with it to align the camber exactly. The base part is required for BMW E36 (right
                                                     side on figure). If the additional ring is attached on the base part and fixed with the two Allen
                                                     screws, it is possible to work with it on BMW E46.
                                                                                                                                   Article no. 112091

                                                     K 438 Toggle 620 mm long 1/2"
                                                     Rugged, long toggle for extremely tight screwings, e.g. wheel bolts, drive shaft nuts, steering
                                                     links, cardan flanges…etc.

                                                     K 438                toggle                           Article no. 112067
                                                     K 438-1              substitute head                  Article no. 112068

                                                     K 439 Steering Link Head
                                                     Extractor 1/2"
                                                     For extraction of ball heads from the steering link. Suitable for quick work with a 1/2" square
                                                     for the impact wrench.
                                                     IMPACT PROVED                                                                Article no. 112066

                                                                            K 450 Brake Pedal
                                                                            Blocking Tool
                                                                            This tool allows to block the brake pedal. The brake pedal is powerfully
                                                                            and continuously blocked by an integrated spring. Attach the tool with
                                                                            running motor (or temporarily start motor). So the brake booster brings
                                                                            full braking power.

                                                                                                                                  Article no. 112085


                                                          · Back caring work
                                                          · Vehicle has not to be lowered for wheel fastening
                                                          · Diagnostic help; with fastening of the wheels with a torque key
For normal automobiles, the tool is clamped                 it is detectable, if the brake really blocks
between seat and pedal.                                   · Avoids loosening of the brake discs, which are not secured with
                                                            a fixing screw (e.g. Audi)
                                                          · No brake fluid flows out at opening of the brake pipe system at
                                                            activated brake, because the valves of the main brake cylinder
                                                            are closed
                                                          · Leakage test of the brake system

For vans with higher seats, the tool is hooked
in the steering wheel by means of the supplied adapter.
     Tools for Axles and Chassis

                                            K 68 Uni-Axial Track
                                            Rod Joint Spanner
                                            The spanner can be used for all axial track rod joints with a ø of
                                            35-43mm on cars and small trucks. It enables the track rod with axial
                                            joint to be removed and fitted quickly.

                                            Saves up to 3 hours

                                            · High-bearing head of hardened and polished stainless steel
                                            · Side openings in the spanner handle enable longer track rods
                                              to be fitted
                                            · 1/2“ seat for a ratchet or torque spanner
                                            · 12mm ø cylinder clamp rolls mounted as standard for joints
                                              of 35-39mm ø
                                            · Additional 10 mm ø cylinder clamp rolls for replacing,
                                              for joints of 39-43mm ø

                                                                                                 Article no. 112175
                                            Patent applied for
                                            German Federal Utility Patent protected

     Around the Wheel and more…

                      K 51 Impact Flex Head Socket Set
                      SW 16 mm, 17 mm, 18 mm, 19 mm

                      Solid quality, particularly suitable for the repair of shock absorbers, breaks and suspensions.
                      By means of a built-in pressure spring, the joint can be fixed in any position.
                      IMPACT PROVED

                      Set K 51                                                                   Article no. 111050
                      Sockets are also separately available:
                      K 51-16 mm       Article no. 111051        K 51-17 mm        Article no. 111052
                      K 51-18 mm       Article no. 111053        K 51-19 mm        Article no. 111054

                      K 51-15 mm Impact
                      Flex Head Socket
                      Special socket for suspension of Ford models
                                                                                                 Article no. 111082

                      K 52 Impact Wheel Nut
                      Socket Set with Plastic Sleeve & Stop
                      SW 17 mm, 19 mm, 21 mm
                      Especially thin-walled for aluminium rims. The sockets have an additional interior plastic
                      inset. Consequently, wheel nuts cannot push backwards into the socket.
                      IMPACT PROVED
                                                                                             Article no. 111055
Around the Wheel and more…

               K 53 Impact Wheel
               Nut Socket Set
               17 mm, 19 mm, 21 mm

               Particularly suitable for the assembly of aluminium rims with very narrow and deep-seated
               screw joints. Ideal for the retightening with the torque wrench, because this tool is socket
               and extension in one.
               IMPACT PROVED
                                                                                        Article no. 111056

               K 54 Wheel Lug Nut Remover Set
               Eight pieces from 17 - 26 mm, with each 1,5 mm increase

               The sockets made of special steel are thin-walled and with a conical left side increasing
               interior thread.
               IMPACT PROVED
                                                                                     Article no. 111057

               K 55 Expanding Lever
               Universal lever set with flat top for all lever works on the suspension, e.g. shock absorber
               seat, track rods, stabilisers, wheel caps, etc.
                                                                                          Article no. 111058

               K 56 Magnetic Bowl
               Magnetic safekeeping bowl for screws and tools. Ideal for the hydraulic ramp and tool trolley.
               240 x 140 mm
                                                                                         Article no. 111059

               K 57 Impact Socket Set
               Extra long, thin-walled sockets 125 mm, universally suitable for deep seated and long stud
               bolt screwings, ideal for suspension works.
               13 mm, 14 mm, 15 mm, 16 mm, 17 mm, 18 mm,19 mm, 21 mm, 22 mm, 24 mm, 27 mm,
               30 mm, 32 mm
               IMPACT PROVED
                                                                                          Article no. 111071

               K 58 Impact Flex Head Socket Set
               Universal hex driver ball joint socket set, 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 14 mm, 15 mm, 17 mm,
               18 mm, 19 mm, length 75 mm
               IMPACT PROVED
                                                                                          Article no. 111078

     Around the Wheel and more…

                       K 59 Switchover Ratchet 1/2"
                       Solid 1/2" ratchet, 45Z, with backstop push button. Very good to handle, due to the special
                       shape of the grip.
                                                                                               Article no. 111077

                       K 60 Torx Flex Head Socket Set
                       Universal Torx ball joint socket set 3/8"
                       T25, T27, T30, T40, T45, T50, T55, length 60 mm
                       IMPACT PROVED
                                                                                                 Article no. 111083

                       K 61 Torx Flex Head Socket Set
                       Universal Torx ball joint socket set 1/2"
                       T25, T27, T30, T40, T45, T 50, T55, T60, length 70 mm
                       IMPACT PROVED
                                                                                                 Article no. 111084

     For the right rotation…

                       K 39-1 Pneumatic Hammer
                       The K 39-1 pneumatic hammer generates an extremely high impact frequency, approx.
                       60 impacts per second. This vibration has a strong rust-loosening effect. Two different
                       inserts can be used.

                       Technical details for the K 39-1
                       approx. 60 impact per second · 93 - 102 dB (A) · air consumption 56 l / min. · weight 1.6 kg
                       operating pressure 6.3 bar · Accepts 10mm round or hexagon · infinitely variable
                                                                                                 Article no. 111005

                       K 39-2 Insert-mushroom shaped
                       30 mm Ø                                                                   Article no. 111006

                       K 39-3 Insert-pin-shaped
                       9,6 mm Ø                                                                  Article no. 111012

         For the right rotation…

                                                      K 400 Air Impact Wrench
                                                      1/2" Impact Wrench 850 Nm
                                                      with solid double striking mechanism in an oil bath, extremely silent due to the sound
                                                      absorber inside the grip, used air outlet downwards, four-stage power control during
                                                      tightening, switches at counter rotation automatically to maximum release torque, hou-
                                                      sing and handle partly made of compound material, with that cold insulated, weight
                                                      2,8 kg, with that kickback-free unscrewing of all hard and extremely jammed screwings.

                                                                                                                                 Article no. 111076

K 470 Torque Limiter
The adjustable torque limiter is used together with the impact wrench (full power). As soon
as the set torque is achieved, the adapter rotates over a sliding clutch without the screwed
joint being tightened any further. Especially suitable for the exact tightening of aluminium
rims so that these are not fitted in a canted or even tensioned form.
                                                              Article no. 112160
The torque limiter is not an alternative to the torque spanner. A checking or
retightening with the torque spanner is imperative.

                                                      K 446 Air Grinder
                                                      The 380 mm long air grinder cuts like a knife with its only 1 mm thick cutting disc, 0.85 hp
                                                      and 15,000 rpm. Adjustable spark protection and a good sight on the to be processed area
                                                      bring a high efficiency.
                                                      Trouble-free separation of all rusted and non-detachable places of automobiles and trucks.

                                                      Multi-purpose use, e.g. rear axle bushes, ball joints, exhaust pipes, door sills, main chassis
                                                      beams, rusted steering rods, screwings, connecting bolts of exhaust clamps, braking force
                                                      regulator Golf, shock absorber screwings, steering link heads, etc.

                                                                                     K 446       air grinder                     Article no. 112050
                                                                                     K 446-3     cutting discs 3 pcs package     Article no. 112051
                                                                                     K 446-10    cutting discs 10 pcs package    Article no. 112052
                                                                                     K 446-25    cutting discs 25 pcs package    Article no. 112053

     Tools for Brakes

                K 63
                Thread Repair Set VAG
                M9x1.25 for Wheel Bearing Housings VAG extendable for Opel
                Repair set for pulled out and damaged internal threads of the brake callipers' guide bolts in the wheel
                bearing housing, especially for VW Golf IV, Beetle, Audi A3 and all identical in construction corporate
                vehicles. By means of an additional drilling stereotyp, the set is extendable for Opel Astra G.
                Thread repair set                                K 63            Article no. 112080
                Drilling stereotyp Opel Astra G                  K 63-1          Article no. 112081
                Special TIN coated centre drill                  K 63-2          Article no. 112082
                Spare bushes with copper rings (10 pcs)          K 63-3          Article no. 112083
                TIN coated threader M9x1.25                      K 63-4          Article no. 112084

                K 460 Brake Caliper Cleaning Set
                for the leak proof seating at the hose connection of the brake caliper for the VW Golf IV, Audi A3, Bora, Polo,
                Seat Leon, Skoda Oktavia, Opel Astra and all identically constructed group vehicles.
                Brake caliper cleaning set for VW / Audi               K 460-VW / Audi Article no. 112095
                Brake caliper cleaning set for Opel                    K 460-Opel            Article no. 112096
                Threaded guide mandrill for VW / Audi                  K 460-1               Article no. 112097
                Threaded guide mandrill for Opel                       K 460-2               Article no. 112098
                Hand-planar-cutting head for VW / Audi                 K 460-3               Article no. 112099
                Hand-planar-cutting head for Opel                      K 460-4               Article no. 112100

                K 426 Reamer
                Special reamer for cleaning of the guiding bore hole of the ABS sensor inside the wheel bearing housing
                of the VAG models A4, A6, Passat
                                                                                                     Article no. 111081

                K 434
                Brake Caliper Wind Back Tool Set
                Universal for nearly all vehicles
                New design with LEFT-hand and RIGHT-hand threaded spindle, required for Ford and French vehicles with
                Bosch brake system. 2 spindles with left-hand and right-hand thread, 9 thrust pads, 1 support plate, set
                comes in a case.
                                                                                                     Article no. 112040

                K 434-1
                Left-hand threaded spindle with thrust pad
                for Bosch brake systems

                Left-hand threaded spindle with thrust pad „D“        K 434-1              Article no. 112041
                Left-hand threaded spindle                            K 434-2              Article no. 112042
                Thrust pad „D“ for Bosch brakes                       K 434-3              Article no. 112043

                K 435 Measuring Tool Set
                Measuring tool for determination of the sidestroke and radial run-out of brake discs, cardan and drive
                shafts. Suitable for all vehicles, because the stand is fastened to a clamp. Important for vehicles with shock
                absorbers and axle parts made of aluminium (here does no magnet hold).
                - Safe fastening of the stand to the three-point clamp
                - Rugged and simply to handle stand by single knob adjustment
                - Stand with sensitive adjustment
                - Rugged dial gauge, measuring range 0 – 10 mm, graduation 0.01 mm
                - Micrometer with a measuring range of 0 – 25 mm, graduation 0.01 mm
                Measuring tool set              K 435                 Article no. 112011
                consisting of:
                Clamp                           K 435-1               Article no. 112012
                Stand                           K 435-2               Article no. 112013
                Dial gauge                      K 435-3               Article no. 112014
                Micrometre                      K 435-4               Article no. 112015
22              Empty case                      K 435-5               Article no. 112016
         Motor Tools

                                                                                     K 440 Unit Support
                                                                                     for VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Ford,
                                                                                     Citroen and Peugeot

                                                                                     The unit support cross-beam is required at the change of the cam
                                                                                     belt, tension pulley and water pump. The unit support cross-beam
                                                                                     can be used for all mentioned vehicles by change of the holding
                                                                                     arms. The special support construction allows to work freely in the
                                                                                     engine compartment, contrary to the traditional bridge.

Base set with holding arm VW Sharan, Ford Galaxi, Seat Alhambra and holding arm for
VW golf IV, Audi A3, Skoda Octavia                  K 440         Article no. 112069

Further holding arms and parts:
                                                                   Article no.                                                                Article no.
Base retainer                                           K 440-10    112070       Holding arm Citroen C2 – C3 1,4                   K 440-25    112127
Holding arm VW Sharan, Ford Galaxi, Seat Alhambra       K 440-1     112071       Holding arm Peugeot Boxer,                        K 440-26    112128
Holding arm VW Golf IV, Audi A3, Skoda Oktavia          K 440-2     112072       Citroen Jumper, Fiat Ducato
Holding arm Ford Focus                                  K 440-3     112073       Holding arm Opel Vectra C 1,6-1,8 Petrol 02>      K 440-27    112129
Holding arm Peugeot 206 - 307                           K 440-4     112074       Holding arm Fiat Punto 06>                        K 440-28    112130
Holding arm Peugeot 406, Citroen Berlingo               K 440-5     112075       Holding arm Fiat Stilo 1,6 Petrol                 K 440-29    112131
Holding arm VW Golf V and all identical                 K 440-6     112076       Holding arm Alfa Romeo 159 Diesel 06>             K 440-30    112132
in construction
                                                                                 Holding arm Opel Zafira A, Astra 1,6 Petrol 99>   K 440-31    112133
Holding arm Ford Focus C-Max, Volvo V50                 K 440-7     112110       Holding arm Fiat Duplo Petrol                     K 440-32    112134
Holding arm Ford Fusion - Fiesta                        K 440-8     112111       Holding arm Fiat Duplo Diesel                     K 440-33    112135
Holding arm VW Lupo                                     K 440-9     112112       Holding arm Fiat Punto 98>05                      K 440-34    112136
Holding arm Citroen C4                                  K 440-11    112113       Holding arm Fiat Multipla                         K 440-35    112137
Holding arm Citroen C5                                  K 440-12    112114       Holding arm Opel Vivaro,                          K 440-36    112138
Holding arm Peugeot 407                                 K 440-13    112115       Nissan Primastar, Renault Traffic
Holding arm Peugeot Expert - 806, Citroen Jumpy         K 440-14    112116       Holding arm Suzuki Swift                          K 440-37    112139
Holding arm Citroen Picasso - Xantia - Xsara - ZX       K 440-15    112117       Holding arm Peugeot Boxer 07>                     K 440-38    112140
Holding arm Peugeot 807, Citroen C8                     K 440-16    112118       Holding arm Renault Espace III                    K 440-39    112141
Holding arm Peugeot 607                                 K 440-17    112119       Holding arm Renault Kangoo 1,4 99>,               K 440-40    112142
Holding arm VW Polo, Skoda Fabia, Seat Ibiza 02>        K 440-18    112120       Clio II 1,2 04>
Holding arm Ford Fiesta Diesel 05>                      K 440-19    112121
                                                                                 Holding arm Renault Megan I                       K 440-41    112143
Holding arm Opel Zafira Petrol 05>                      K 440-20    112122
                                                                                 Holding arm Renault Megan II                      K 440-42    112144
Holding arm Opel Vectra C Diesel, Saab 9-3 Diesel 05>   K 440-21    112123
                                                                                 Holding arm Renault Laguna Petrol 1,8 00>         K 440-43    112145
Holding arm VW Bus T5                                   K 440-22    112124
                                                                                 Holding arm Renault Scenic II                     K 440-44    112146
Holding arm VW Lupo 4 Cyl., VW Fox, Audi A2             K 440-23    112125
                                                                                 Holding arm Skoda Octavia 2.0 TDI 07>             K 440-45    112147
Holding arm Ford S Max 06>                              K 440-24    112126
                                                                                 Holding arm VW Passat 2,0 Diesel 06>              K 440-46    112148

K 440-6
Holding arm VW Golf V and VW Touran
K 440-6      Article no. 112076

                                                              The support cross-beam is hooked                     The engine fixation is released and
                                                              in the axle and the unit is lifted by                can be dismantled.
                                                              means of the spindle.

        Pliers with super grip and bite

K 230 Special pipe pliers                      K 233 Special pipe pliers
                                               Special pipe pliers 307 extra small
Special pipe pliers 414 extra long             length 178mm, jaw thickness 7mm,
length 345mm, jaw thickness 12.7 mm,           jaw length 11.4mm, for pipes of up to 16mm ø
jaw length 41.5mm, for pipes of up to 51mm ø   Bi-adjustable, especially suitable for motor vehicle hoses and also
Ideal for track rods                           ideal for round turned screwed brake hose joints
Article no. 112150                             Article no. 112150

                                               K 234 Special pipe pliers
                                               - medium, those with the special `bite´
                                               Special pipe pliers 410 medium, length 242mm, jaw thickness
                                               11.2mm, jaw length 28.5mm for round shafts and pipes of up to
                                               30mm ø.

                                               Especially suitable for round turned bolts and nuts, track rods which
                                               are difficult to reach, etc. …

                                               Article no. 112155

K 231 set of tow pliers AS1                    K 232 set of three pliers GS4
consisting of:                                 consisting of:
Special pipe pliers 410 medium,                water pump pliers with super grip,
Length 242mm, jaw thickness 11.2mm,            length 255mm, jaw thickness 11.2 mm,
jaw length 28.5mm, for pipes of up to 30mm ø   jaw length 35mm, opening max. 50mm
30˚ offset side cutter, length 197mm,          pointed pliers, length 203mm, jaw thickness from 10.4 to 2.8mm,
jaw length 26mm, for hardened spring wire      jaw length 60mm
up to 2mm and normal wire up to 5mm            Side cutter, length 178mm, jaw length 20mm,
Art. no. 112151                                for hardened spring wire up to 1.5mm and normal wire up to 4mm
                                               Article no. 112152

Thread Repair Set

                    K 64
                    Thread repair set
                    for wheel hubs, wheel bolts, wheel nuts and stud bolts. The set is for
                    recutting and cleaning.

                    Contents: 1 each of:
                    Screw tap                       M 12 x 1,25
                    Screw tap                       M 12 x 1,5
                    Screw tap                       M 14 x 1,5
                    Tap wrench                      M 4 - 12
                    Hexagon threading die           M 12 x 1,25
                    Hexagon threading die           M 12 x 1,5
                    Hexagon threading die           M 14 x 1,5
                    Core hole drill                 6,5 mm
                    Core hole drill                 7,5 mm
                    Left-handed screw extractor     M 12
                    Left-handed screw extractor     M 14
                                                                           Article no. 112087

Grease Packer

                    K 245 Universal
                    Grease Packer
                    for Bearings
                    This device makes it possible to grease bearings quickly and properly.
                    The grease is pressed from inside to outside through the bearing, in
                    order to grease the rolls from behind. This makes sure, that every
                    single roll is embedded in grease.
                    In case of usual greasing only from outside, it is very difficult to provi-
                    de the bearing everywhere and evenly with grease.

                    The device has a lubrication fitting, so that every grease filling and
                    greasing device can be connected. The to it belonging cap makes it
                    possible to cover the device in order to avoid dirt inside the device.
                    At two clamping surfaces the device can be fastened easily inside a

                                                                           Article no. 123001


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