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					                      South Pointe High School

Parent                                                                 Mark your
Power                                                                  calendars:
As you may have seen (or heard)                                    SAT/ACT dates
via District Updates, links on school
websites, or ParentLink calls, Rock Hill                                                           ACT
schools has released a new resource for                                                     December 12
district parents, Parent Power.                                                 Registration due Nov. 6
                                                                              (late registration Nov. 20)
ParentPower is a collaborative initiative
led by Rock Hill Schools that provides                                                         February 6
information, resources and training for                                          Registration due Jan. 5
parents to become full partners in the                                         (late registration Jan. 15)
academic and social success of their
children.                                                                                        April 10
                                                                               Registration due March 5
It focuses on four areas:                                                    (late registration March 19)

Support your chid’s academic success.                                                               SAT
                                                                      January 23 (includes subject tests)
GROW                                                                           Registration due Dec. 15
Promote healthy lifestyles                                                      (late registration Jan. 6)
CONNECT                                                                                         March 13
Meet the needs of individual families.                                           Registration due Feb. 4
                                                                               (late registration Feb. 24)
Encourage personal and professional                                       May 1 (includes subject tests)
growth.                                                                     Registration due March 25
                                                                              (late registration April 9)
How do you find out more? Visit the
ParentPower website at http://p2.rockhill. for information and a work-                                                Contact the school
shop schedule. Or stop by the reception                                       couseling office for details
desk at school and ask to see a copy of                                                and applications.
the current catalog.
South Pointe Academic Booster Club                                                   Board Members
Members, 2009-2010                                                                   for 2009-1010
Scott and Debbie Allen                   Clark and Kathy Moore
                                                                                     Chair: Kelly Herring
Walter Anderson*                         Hill and Robin Muse
                                         Jeff and Kim Parrish
Sherry and Jim Barnes
                                         Doug and Ruth Anne Pitt
                                                                                     327-9342 417-4851
Hugh and Daphne Bates
Donald and Tammy Blue                    Terri Roberts                               Vice chair: Rhonda Cranford
Cecilia Boles*                           Andy Robbins                       324-8718
                                         Tom and Trish Sacco
Karman and Sharareh Borhanian                                                        Secretary: Kathryn McGregor
                                         Martine and Seymour Simmons
Lisa Boyd*                                                                 
                                         Wayne and Shannon Smith
Melinda and Thad Bradley                                                             324-9861
                                         Jennifer Stillwell
Gay Randolph and Bob Breakfield                                                      Treasurer: Kathy Moore
                                         Joyce and Will Thacker
Marilyn Brown                            Scott and Gary Turner             
Mark and April Cooke                     Earl and Bettye Wilcox                      366-6257
Charles and Rhonda Cranford              Virginia Wilcox
                                                                                     Academic Incentives:
Maura and Frank Couch                    Chad and Maylinda Williams
                                                                                     Colleen Brannon
Doug and Betsy Curley                    Michael and Catherine Williams
Tom and Tammy Fagan                      Brenda and Leon Yard
Gene and Kelly Herring
Gregg and Kelly Jordan                                           as of October 14    Newsletter: Earl Wilcox
Denise Khaalid*                                           + denotes staff members
David and Lori Lesslie                                                               366-3961
Ray Lowder
                                                           And thanks to our                    Virginia Wilcox
                                                           corporate sponsor,
Eric and Nora Madsen                                                                 Scholarship: Sherry Barnes
                                                         Rock Hill Coca-Cola
Kathy Ann Martin                                                           
                                                                Bottling Co.
Sam and Kathryn McGregor                                                             328-0892
Mack and Sherri McKenney                                                             Volunteers: Rhonda Cranford
Jan McKiver*

                                                Join us!
    Memberships to the Academic Booster Club are still being accepted. Parents are encouraged to join this
 organization which supports the academic achievement of all students at South Pointe. Just fill out the bottom
of this sheet and return to the main office at the school, or mail to SPHS, 801 Neely Road, Rock Hill, SC 29730.
                       Please make checks payable to South Pointe Academic Booster Club

Name: ____________________________________________                                  Phone #: _________________
Address: _____________________________________________________________________
Email Address: ________________________________________________________________

_____   Faculty        $10        Membership and a bumper sticker
_____   Individual     $15        Membership and a bumper sticker
_____   Family         $25        Membership and a bumper sticker
_____   Sustainer      $50        All of above and mention in academic reception program
_____   Donor          $100       All of above and two tickets to academic reception
_____   Patron         $500       All of above and two tickets to academic reception

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