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									                      REFLECTION JOURNAL
                      Name: ____________________________

Module 1: Driving is Your Responsibility
Date: _________

K-W-L Chart: Complete the K-W-L Chart.

K—What You Know           W—What You Want to        L—What You Learned
What do you already       What else do you want     What did you learn
know about driving?       to learn about driving?   from this module?
Do you already have       What questions do you     After reading this
your learner’s permit—    have?                     module name at least
or have you been                                    two new things you
practicing on the road?                             learned.
Do you know what
vehicle you will be
Module 2: The Driver
Date: _________

Aha Moments: Discuss at least three aha moments you had as you worked
through Module Two. Make sure to explain the aha moment—then tell how it
will affect you as a driver and the choices you will make while behind the wheel.




Module 3: Natural Forces Affecting the Driver
Date: _________

Creative Vocabulary: This module contains many new words that are important
to beginning drivers. Think about the words that were difficult or new to you.
Select 10 words and write the definition of each word.










Module 4: Signs, Signals, and Pavement Markings
Date: _________

I didn’t know that! It is really important that drivers understand the signs on
the road. As you made your way through Module Four, you probably
discovered information that was new to you.
What pieces of information were new to you?
What did you already have an idea about, and the content here helped to
explain the idea more or round out your understanding of signs and visual
clues on the road?
Is there a sign within two miles of your home—which people do not obey? Do
people know what it means and ignore it, or is it one people might not

List at least three “I didn’t knows” you learned from Module Four. Tell how
learning the new information will help you in the future. Then write about one
sign that is near your house you feel no one obeys properly and explain why
you think this is so.



Module 5: Laws and Rules of the Road
Date: _________

Bumper Sticker: Reflect on your experience as you went through Module Five. If
you had to sum up one main point you learned in Module Five, how would it be
stated on a bumper sticker? You need to draw, digitally create, or explain your
bumper sticker. In addition to the bumper sticker, write at least one paragraph
which explains why you thought this would make a great bumper sticker and
how it summarizes the information in Module Five.

Module 6: Effects of Alcohol and Drugs
Date: _________
Make a Plan: Now that you have had a close look at the effects of drugs and
alcohol, it is best to come up with a plan before you find yourself in an
uncomfortable or unsafe position. When you make a plan you should have
several options of what you will do depending on the circumstance.
What will you do if you question whether you should be driving? (Possibly due
to drugs and alcohol, but also think about cold medicine that has made you
drowsy, or instances of extreme sleepiness.) What is your plan of action?
What will you do if the person you rode with should not be driving?
Now that you have made a plan—what next action items do you need to do?
Talk to your parents or friends. Do you need to look up the number of a local
taxi service? List at least one action item you need to do.

My Plan of Action:

Module 7: Collisions: Costs and Preventions
Date: _________

Student Discussion and Agreements: Talk to a parent or guardian about your
responsibility in driving. What agreements have you made about your driving?
If you have not yet made any agreements, think about the following:
Will I have a vehicle to drive? My own, or one I share?
I will need insurance. Who will pay for the insurance? How much will it cost?
Do I have restrictions on my driving? Hours of the day I can drive, number of
passengers in the car, cell phones?
How will I pay for gasoline?
Where am I allowed o drive? School, work, major highways, distance.
Report back on what type of agreements you have made about driving and
responsibilities. Your summary should be at least one full paragraph.

My Summary:

Module 8: Substance Abuse
Date: _________

Reflection Quote: Alan I. Leshner, Director of the National Institute of Drug
Abuse, defines drug addiction as “uncontrollable, compulsive drug seeking and
use, even in the face of negative health and social consequences.”

What does that definition mean to you both as a driver responsible for your own
actions, and as a driver sharing the road with other cars, pedestrians, and

Please explain in a full paragraph.
Module 9: Critical Vehicle Systems
Date: _________

Drivers Choice: You may select to complete your journal entry with either an
aha!, an “I didn’t know” or a bumper sticker. Look back at previous modules for
directions. Only complete one choice.

My Choice:

Module Ten: Sharing the Road with Others
Date: _________

Stops and Starts: Reflect on Module Nine and the entire course. Look back at
all of your journal entries.

Stops: Name three things as a driver you will stop doing after working through
this course. Explain why you will stop doing those things.
Starts: Name three things you will start doing as a driver. Again, explain why
you will start to do these particular things.




As a final thought, is there anything you will start or stop doing in the role of a
passenger in a car? Write about at least one thing you will stop and one thing
you will start as a passenger.


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