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									Precinct Development
Organizing Your Local Republican Party

    Republican Party
       of Texas

  Millions of Texas voters who share
a set of core conservative principles &
a common philosophy of government
Republican Party of Texas

Organizes through Primary Election &
        Convention Process

 Mission: To Promote a Conservative
Philosophy of Government & Provide
Infrastructure for Electing Those Who
                Share It
Republican Party Structure
                Chairman & Co-Chairman
  3 members from each U.S. State, Territory & Possession

               Chairman & Vice Chairman
    1 man + 1 woman from each Senate District = SREC

                 COUNTY PARTY
          County Chairman + Precinct Chairmen

             Precinct Chairman + Volunteers
Governing Documents
     “He who knows the rules, rules.”


         • RPT RULES



The Real Nature of Politics

“Being right, in the sense of being
philosophically correct is not
enough to win. Political success
is determined over time by the
number and effectiveness of the
activists on the given sides.”
Morton Blackwell
              All Politics Are Local
                            The Lincoln Plan

                       “The whole state [district] must be so well
                       organized that every Whig [Republican voter]
                       can be brought to the polls. So divide the
                       country [district] in small committees
                       [ultimately precincts] & appoint [organize] in
                       each a committee. Make a perfect list of the
                       voters & ascertain [identify] with certainty for
                       whom they will vote.

“Keep a constant watch on the doubtful voters [undecided or swing
voters] & have them talked to by those in whom they have the most
confidence. On Election Day see that every Whig [Republican voter] is
brought to the polls [get out our vote].”
        What is a “Precinct”?
The smallest geographical/political subdivision
               within a county

  A map of your precinct may be obtained from your County Clerk.
     What role can YOU fill in
         your precinct?

      • Precinct Chairman
    • Election Judge or Clerk
           • Poll Worker
• Neighborhood or Block Captain
          • Block Walker
         • Phone Banker
 However you want to volunteer!
             • VOTER!

• Be the political leader in your precinct!
• Help conduct elections in your precinct
• Represent your precinct on the County
  Party Executive Committee
• Maximize the Republican vote in your

• Participate in conventions (esp. precinct)
How to Become a Precinct Chairman
 1) Run & be elected in Primary (2-year term)
 2) Be appointed to fill a vacancy

        • Be a qualified voter & resident of precinct
        • Cannot be a county, state or federal public
          officeholder or candidate
        • Be a Republican (by Primary/Runoff vote or Oath)

 If you’re not a Precinct Chairman & would like to become
            one, contact your County Chairman!
          Be the Political Leader
            in Your Precinct!
 Precinct Chairman are the Republican Party’s representatives in
                    their respective precincts.

• Greet new neighbors. Maintain relationships with current

• Keep neighbors apprised of important political updates.

• Be ready to answer frequently asked questions, including your
  opinion on issues & candidates.

• The County Party & Local Campaigns will depend on YOU for
  the best information on voters in your precinct. Be available to
  provide helpful information, assist on projects & help recruit
Help Conduct Elections:
Election Judge.        Responsible for conducting the
 election at his precinct’s polling place

Alternate Election Judge.           Assists Election
 Judge, replaces if presiding judge cannot serve

Election Clerks.       Assist Election Judge, check in
 voters & assist as requested to help voters with ballots

Poll Watchers.      Observe election (on behalf of a
 campaign or political party) & report any irregularities to
 the Election Judge or Clerk
  Representing your Precinct on the
    County Executive Committee
County Chairman + Precinct Chairmen + Any Officers

Serves as primary local organization for Party
Provides Primary Election Oversight
Makes Certain Decisions about Conduct Of Conventions
Fills Vacancies on the Executive Committee
Replaces Nominees If Necessary On Ballot
May Make Special Election Noms. for Unexpired Terms
Takes Other Action as Desired
                Organizing Your Precinct
                  The more neighbors you recruit, the easier it will be.
         Precinct Chairmen can recruit Neighborhood Captains, who oversee a
          particular neighborhood. Block Captains oversee a particular block.

                              Precinct Chairman

  Neighborhood                     Neighborhood                   Neighborhood
     Captain                          Captain                        Captain

            Captain                            Block
                          Block               Captain

Voter                                                   Voter
        Voter                            Voter
Maximize the Republican Vote
    in your Precinct by:

 Identifying Republican Voters

 Registering Republican Voters

  Informing Republican Voters

 Turning Out Republican Voters
                  Identify Republican
• Get to know each voter in your precinct
   – Greet new neighbors
   – Talk to people at the grocery store, library, church, etc.
   – Walk door-to-door (block walk); Make phone calls (phone bank)
   – Research voters in Voter Vault; print walk/call lists from Voter

• “Canvass” each voter in your precinct
   – Collect contact information & take notes on their affiliations &
   – Save this data; keep your canvass sheets in a binder, maintain a
     spreadsheet or other database, enter data into Voter Vault
   – Use this data in order to Register, Inform & Turn Out Republican
                     Identify Republican
•   Name and contact info, esp. Email   •   Demographic information
                                                - Occupation
•   Party affiliation - Rep or Dem?             - Ethnicity
                                                - Marital Status
•   If “Independent” or “Undecided”,            - Parent?
    are they more conservative or               - Veteran?
    liberal? THESE WILL BE YOUR
                                        •   Interests or Associations
•   Important issues                              - PTA?
         - Gun rights?                            - Church?
         - Property rights?                       - NRA?
         - Fiscal conservatism?                   - PETA?
         - School vouchers?                       - Local Republican Group?
         - Immigration?                           - University Alumnus?
Once you have identified Republican voters in your precinct, make
  sure they are registered to vote!!! Keep voter registration cards
                        with you at all times!

 To vote you must be: U.S. Citizen, 18 or older, resident of the county,
       not a felon, not declared mentally incapacitated, registered!

    Obtain voter registration application from SOS website or any
   government office & return it to your county’s Voter Registrar office
                      or a Deputy Voter Registrar.

                  Become A Deputy Voter Registrar!
   Allows you to receive completed voter registration applications &
                deliver them to the Voter Registrar’s office
Inform Republican Voters

Keep your neighbors apprised of any important political news &
  upcoming meetings, events or elections. Some precinct chairmen
  use an email or mail list to send out regular newsletters or reports.

Equip yourself with information to answer frequently asked questions.
  How do I register to vote? When/where do I vote? Why should I vote
  for a particular candidate? When/where is our precinct convention?

Know websites or documents voters can get further information: RPT or
  County Party website, Secretary of State website, Texas Legislature
  Online, etc.

*Especially work to inform your Swing Voters about issues
  of importance to them that will “swing” them to us!*
Turn Out Republican Voters

• BLOCK WALKING                      • PHONE BANKING
                                     Sample Script:
 - Pass out candidate literature &
                                     “Hello Mr./Ms.____. My name is____
 polling place information; do NOT
                                        and I am a volunteer for the ____
 put it in mailboxes
                                        campaign/party. I am calling to
 - Explain why a candidate/party        remind you to vote in the ____
 deserves their vote                    election (dates & times). Your
 - Keep a canvass sheet to track        polling location is ____.
 houses you’ve visited & who         “Will you need a ride to the polls? If
 supports your candidate/party (or      so, I’ll be glad to arrange that for
 does not)                              you.”
 - All canvass sheets should be      “Thank you for your support and have
 returned to Precinct Chairman          a great day.”
Turn Out Republican Voters
• RPT’s master voter file of all 13+ million Texas voters
kept in “Voter Vault” software
• You may apply for access to your universe, i.e., your
• Use to create walk lists, call lists, volunteer lists, maps,
& routes
• Use to look up someone’s voting record
• Some fields are editable so you can update the system
with information you gather from canvassing your
           Tools for the Job!
• RPT Precinct Chairman’s Handbook
• Republican Platform / Democrat Platform
• Precinct Convention Attendance List
• Historical Election Results by Precinct
• Canvassing Sheets
• Voter Registration Cards / Change of Address Cards
• Applications for Ballot by Mail
• Polling Location Schedule
• Sample Ballot
• Candidate / Elected Official Contact List
• Voter Vault
 Other Volunteer Opportunities
Contact local campaigns & offer to assist, then serve
  when you’re called to help
Volunteers can:
  Block walk
  Phone bank
  Pass out yard signs, bumper stickers or literature
  Provide canvass information
  Recruit/coordinate volunteers
  Help plan an event, etc.

    You Do Not Have To Be A Precinct Chairman To
                     Do These!
• County Party Officers & Staff
• SREC & RPT Staff (
• Secretary of States Office, Elections
  Division (
• Texas Leg. Council ( –
  District Maps
• County Elections Office – Precinct Maps,
  Voter Lists, List of Current Elected Officials
         Texas Election Cycle
                         Year 1 (odd)
             January: Presidential Inauguration
            January – May: Legislative Session
December: Candidate Filing for Primary Election (Gubernatorial)

                        Year 2 (even)
 March: Primary Election, Precinct & SD/County Conventions
                  June: State Convention
        November: General Election (Gubernatorial)

                        Year 3 (odd)
           January: Gubernatorial Inauguration
           January – May: Legislative Session
December: Candidate Filing for Primary Election (Presidential)

                        Year 4 (even)
 March: Primary Election, Precinct & SD/County Conventions
                  June: State Convention
          August/September: National Convention
         November: General Election (Presidential)
Thank you for all you do for the
 Republican Party of Texas!!!
       Contact RPT at any time:

         Phone: 512-477-9821

          Fax: 512-480-0709


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