Additional Purchase Order Terms And Conditions Integrated Logistics by stw43683


									                           Additional Purchase Order Terms And Conditions
     Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) And Sustaining Services For Various Foreign E-2C Aircraft
                               (Prime Contract No. N00019-00-C-0169)

All of the additional terms and conditions set forth below are incorporated in and made part of this
Order. Any conflict between any of the conditions contained in this form and those appearing on
Northrop Grumman Purchase Order Terms and Conditions shall be resolved in favor of the
conditions in this form.

I.        Changes To Purchase Order Terms And Conditions

          A.      The November 1995 version of the DoD FAR Supplement 252.227-7013 clause
                  applies to this Order.

          B.      The following changes are made to the clause entitled, “FAR and DFARS

                  1.     Add the following FAR clauses:
                         52.219-16     LIQUIDATED DAMAGES – SUBCONTRACTING PLAN
                         52.222-29     NOTIFICATION OF VISA DENIAL

                  2.Add the following DOD FAR Supplement clauses:
                    252.204-7000 DISCLOSURE OF INFORMATION
                    252.225-7027 RESTRICTION ON CONTINGENT                                FEES       FOR
                                  FOREIGN MILITARY SALES

          1.      ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROLS (NAVAIR 5252.223-9500)
                  Notwithstanding that the contract may require the use of paints or coatings which do
                  not meet state or district requirements for reduced volatile organic compounds
                  (VOC’S), the seller must comply with all federal, state, and local regulatory
                  requirements respecting air quality and emission limitations. It remains the Seller’s
                  responsibility to meet the requirements for reduced VOC’s even where to do so will
                  require the use of engineering controls or other special painting equipment.

          2.      OPERATIONS SECURITY
                  The Seller is required to update Operations Security (OPSEC) protection for all
                  classified information (as defined by FAR 4.401) and sensitive information (as
                  defined by section 3 (d) (4) of PL 100-235 (101 Stat 1727)), pursuant to the National
                  Security Decision Directive 298 of 22 January 1998 and DFARS Clause 252.239-
                  7016. In order to meet this requirement, the Seller shall develop, implement and
                  maintain a facility level OPSEC program in accordance with the Order schedule to
                  protect classified and sensitive information to be used at a Seller’s facilities during
                  the performance of this Order.

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