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									Nigel Simpkiss                                       MOBILE : 07956 650103

           I direct a wide range of projects from commercials to corporate films as well
           as viral campaigns and television documentaries.

           I have been directing since 1991 and before that I was an editor. I have
           directed over a 100 music videos for a wide range of artists from Fat Boy
           Slim to Level 42 and I have edited award winning promos for Primal Scream
           and My Bloody Valentine.

           A wide selection of my work can been seen by visiting

           “Top Gear” Series 1-12 - BBC 2 - 2002 to Present.

           Top Gear has won an EMMY, numerous Television Society Awards and it has
           received 3 BAFTA nominations.

           I have been directing films for the show since it was re-launched in 2002 and
           so far I have made over 90 items, including the “Polar Special” - a race to
           the Magnetic North Pole.

           An extensive list of the items I have made for Top Gear is attached below.

           “Richard Hammond meets Evel Knievel” - 60 mins - BBC2.
           This documentary was shot in Evel’s home town of Butte Montana. We were
           allowed extraordinary access to Evel and his family. This film was his last
           major television appearance before his death.

           “Top Gear” Polar Special - 60 min - BBC2 - High Definition- August 2007.
           The film features a race to the Magnetic North Pole. Jeremy and James trav-
           elled in a Toyota pick-up, whilst Richard Hammond travelled by dog-sleigh.
           The film was shot in the High Arctic in very cold conditions and took over a
           year from planning to completion. The crew, presenters and myself under-
           took extensive Arctic training in Norway and Austria to prepare for the jour-
Top Gear - “Winter Olympics Special” - 60 mins - BBC 2 - 2006
Shot at the Lillehammer Winter Olympic Park in Norway.

“Best Movie Cars of All Time” - Sky - 120 min. Brian Waddell Productions -
2005. Los Angeles and UK.

“Holiday” - BBC 1- multiple items including: San Tropez, The Grand Canyon,
South Africa, Tuscon, Norway, Las Vegas.

“5th Gear” - Chrysalis Television - Channel 5 - multiple items

“Brit Awards” - Brits TV - ITV - multiple items/ idents for the annual awards

“Pulling Power” - Carlton Television - ITV - multiple items for the regional
car show.

“Legends” - Carlton Television - 3 x 30 min. ITV.
Biographies of Julie Christie, Roger Moore and Oliver Reed, featuring inter-
views and archive.

“Routes of Rock” - Landseer Productions - Carlton Television – 11 x 60
min - ITV
This series explored London’s contribution to popular music. I conducted
over 300 interviews with London’s leading musicians, writers and industry
figures. The series featured extensive unseen archive.

Commercials & Corporate

Nokia IP09 - Image Film - US - Jack Morton Worldwide - High Definition.
This film features interviews with individuals at the cutting-edge of the inter-
net and mobile phone development in San Francisco.

Nokia “Convergence” - Image Film - UK - Jack Morton Worldwide - High

“Mercedes- The Movie” - I directed the opening sequence for a forth-
coming feature film for Aquarius Films. This is currently being edited and fea-
tures Formula 1 cars constructed in 3D. The background elements were shot
at the Monaco Grand Prix.

Land Rover Defender SVX- Launch Film - Wales - Cricket - High Definition.

“Cloverfield” Viral Campaign - Paramount Pictures - The Viral Factory -
Multiple Formats -
I directed a series of “found video tapes” depicting the apparent destruction
of an oil platform as part of a pre-release viral campaign to promote Para-
mount’s “Cloverfield” feature film.

The virals required extensive 3D animation by the Moving Picture Company
and they received over 5 million “hits” worldwide.

Lexus LS 600 - Launch Film - Belgium - PCI:FITCH - High Definition

Jaguar XF - Winter testing footage - Sweden - Tangerine - High Definition

Discovery “Big Lift” - Image Film - UK - Cricket - High Definition

Discovery “Big Space” - Image Film - UK - Cricket - High Definition

Discovery- “Big Race” - Image Film - Sweden - Cricket - High Definition


Range Rover Sport “Swimmer” - Launch Film / Commercial – France -
Cricket - High Definition

Freelander 2 - “Keys” - Launch Film - Russia, Germany & France – Cricket -
High Definition

Defender for 2007 - Launch Film - Wales – Cricket - High Definition

Freelander 2 “Storybank” - 16 x films - UK & Europe - Cricket - High Defini-

Freelander 2 “Volcano” - Reveal Film - Iceland - Cricket - High Definition


Nissan Note - Image Film - Line-Up Communications - South Africa - High

BP Helios Awards - Image Films - Azerbaijan, Egypt, Romania & Turkey -
Jacaranda - High Definition

Smart Roadster - Launch film - UK - Loop - High Definition
Range Rover Sport ”Aesthetic and Dynamics” - Spain - Cricket - High

Aston Martin Vantage - Launch Film - Germany/ UK -          Ambrook - High
Supercharged Range Rover - Launch Film/ Commercial – UK - Cricket -
High Definition

Smart For Four - Launch Film - UK - Loop - High Definition

“Sony Grand Turismo 4” - Launch Film - Germany - Ambrook - High Defini-

Top Gear Items
Ariel Atom - Test Track
Aston Martin DB9 Race to the Monaco
Aston Martin DB5 vs. Jaguar E - Type- Test Track
Aston Martin Vanquish vs. Ferrari 575 featuring Damon Hill
Aston Martin Vanquish S vs. Ferrari 575 M featuring Steve Coogan
Audi RS6 & Mercedes E55- featuring Nick Wright
Audi RS4 vs. Speed Climber - Verdon Gorge - South of France
Audi TT / Nissan 350z / Chrysler Crossfire - Iceland
Audi TT V6 - Track Test
Alpha 147 GT -Track Test
Alpha 166 - Yorkshire
Bentley Arnage T - Track Test
Bugatti Veyron vs. Plane Race - Italy to London race
Bugatti Veyron - Maxing it - Germany
BMW M3 CSL - Isle of Man
BMW M3 vs. Audi S4 - Track Test
BMW M5 - Wales
BMW Z4 - Portugal
BMW Z8 Alpina - Track Test
BMW 645i / Porsche 911/ Jaguar XK - Pendine Sands - Wales
Chrysler 300c / Monaro VXR / Jaguar S- Type - Pembury Sands Wales
Citroen C2 - London
Doge Challenger- Muscle Cars- San Francisco - Bonneville
Dodge SRT10 - Track Test
Ferrari Daytona vs Boat- France/Italy
Ferrari Enzo - Track Test
Fiat Panda 4x4 vs. Marathon Runner - London Marathon Course
Fiat 500 vs. BMX - Budapest
Fiat 500 Arbarth- Test Track
Ford GT40 - Detroit
Ford GT40 / Pagani Zonda/ Ferrari F430 -Journey to the Milau Bridge via Paris
Ford RS Focus - Wales
Ford Mustage - Clarkson’s bid for “greatest car ever”
Holden Monaro - Track Test
Honda Clarity Hydrogen Car- LA
Rolls Royce Phantom - Humber Bridge
Koenigsegg - Track Test
Ferrari 360 Stradale vs. Porsche GT3 - Track Test
Jaguar MkII - Warwickshire
Jaguar C-Type - Track Test
Jaguar S Type diesel - Nurburgring Germany
Lotus Exige vs. Apache Helicopter Gunship - Test Track
Lotus Espirit - Track Test
Hummer H1 & H2 - South Downs
Lambourghini Countash - Letchworth
Lambourghini Gallardo - Track Test
Landrover Defender - Best Car Ever - Gloucestershire
Maserati 4200 - Test Track
Maserati Gran Sport - Italy
Mazda RX 8 - Track Test
McLaren SLR Race to Oslo
Mercedes 300 SL Gull-wing - Woking
Mercedes SL55 AMG - Track Test
Mercedes E Class
Mini Cabriolet / Vauxhall Tigra / Mercedes SLK / Audi S4 - Hebrides
MG ZT V6 - Track Test
Porsche Boxster S & Mercedes SLK v Royal Infantry Snipers - Norfolk
Porsche Cayenne - Bovington Tank Range - Dorset
Porsche 911 Turbo - Test Track
Race Across London
Renault Avantime- Test Track
Renault Clio V6 - Track Test
Renault Vel Satis - Wiltshire
Rover P5 - Warwickshire
Subaru Impreza WRC vs. Mitsubishi EV0 7- Scotland
Smart Forfour - Kent
Smart Roadster - Cotswolds
Tomcat vs. Jet Kayak - Iceland
Toyota Hilux - Race to the Magnetic North Pole - Canada
Vauxhall Asta/Mazda 3/ VW Golf - group test - Hertfordshire
Vauxhall VX220 - Track Test
Volvo XC90 - Oxfordhire
VW Toureg - Salisbury Plain
VW Gold Gti Mk5 - Test Track
VW Golf R32 - Track Test

Speed Camera- Beating the Speed camera @ 170 mph
Double Decker Bus Jump over 15 Motorcycles
Toyota Hilux- Submerged under the Bristol Channel
Jaguar XK vs. Speed Skater
Rocket Powered Mini fired from the Lillehammer Ski Jump

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