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List of Correspondent Banks of DBS Bank _Hong Kong_ Limited for


									List of Correspondent Banks of DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited for Inward Telegraphic Transfers

Currency       Name of Correspondent Banks                      City         Country       SWIFT Address   For Payment Of
AUD            Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd      Melbourne    Australia     ANZBAU3M

CAD            Toronto-Dominion Bank, The                       Toronto      Canada        TDOMCATTTOR

CHF            UBS AG                                           Zurich       Switzerland   UBSWCHZH80A

DKK            Danske Bank A/S                                  Copenhagen   Denmark       DABADKKK

EUR            Deutsche Bank AG                                 Frankfurt    Germany       DEUTDEFF
               ABN AMRO Bank NV (RBS NL)                        Amsterdam    Netherlands   RBOSNL2A
               Banco Espanol de Credito SA                      Madrid       Spain         ESPCESMM
               Bayerische Landesbank                            Munich       Germany       BYLADEMM
               Societe Generale                                 Paris        France        SOGEFRPP
               Unicredito Italiano SpA                          Milan        Italy         UNCRITMM
                                                                                                           Beneficiary's Bank (SWIFT* MT103, Field 57)
GBP            Barclays Bank PLC                                London       UK            BARCGB22        DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Ltd, Hong Kong
                                                                                                           SWIFT Address: DHBKHKHH
JPY            Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation              Tokyo        Japan         SMBCJPJT
                                                                                                           Beneficiary (SWIFT MT103, Field 59)
NOK            Den norske Bank ASA                              Oslo         Norway        DNBANOKK        A/C No : to be completed
                                                                                                           Name : to be completed
NZD            ANZ Banking Group (New Zealand) Ltd              Wellington   New Zealand   ANZBNZ22058

SEK            Skandinaviska Eskilda Banken                     Stockholm    Sweden        ESSESESS

SGD            DBS Bank Ltd                                     Singapore    Singapore     DBSSSGSG

THB            Thai Military Bank Public Co Ltd, The            Bangkok      Thailand      TMBKTHBK

USD            Bank of New York Mellon, The                     New York     USA           IRVTUS3N
               Deutsche Bank Trust Co Americas                  New York     USA           BKTRUS33
               JP Morgan Chase Bank                             New York     USA           CHASUS33
               Wells Fargo Bank NY Intl                         New York     USA           PNBPUS3NNYC

* Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication

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