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									                      REQUEST FOR INFORMATION
                           COMMERCIAL BANKING
                                 RFI No.: 08-0047

        This is a Request for Information (“RFI”) issued by Citizens Property Insurance
Corporation (“Citizens”) for Commercial Banking sought for informational and planning
purposes only. This RFI is not a solicitation and will not result in a contract, but may be
used by Citizens in future procurements and purchases. This RFI does not create any
obligation on the part of Citizens. By submitting a response to this RFI, you agree to all
the terms and conditions set forth in this RFI.

I.     COMPANY HISTORY: Citizens was created in 2002, when the Florida
Legislature combined the Florida Residential Property and Casualty Joint Underwriting
Association (FRPCJUA) and the Florida Windstorm Underwriting Association (FWUA).
Citizens provides insurance to Florida homeowners who cannot find coverage in the
open, private insurance market.
Citizens is governed by section 627.351(6) of the Florida Statutes and operates
pursuant to a Plan of Operation approved by the Financial Services Commission of the
State of Florida. Citizens operates under the supervision of a Board of Governors
comprised of eight (8) appointed members.
Additional information about this RFI is also available on Citizens’ Website at:

II.     PURPOSE: Citizens Property Insurance Corporation (“Citizens”) is seeking
responses from Vendors to aid in the compilation of a list of established, sound and
qualified banking institutions capable of providing a service oriented, cost effective and
automation friendly environment.

III.   INFORMATION REQUESTED: Banking Institutions should provide information
that describes or explains the following:

RFI No.: 08-0047                                                      December 22, 2008
Commercial Banking                                                          Page 1 of 5
      A.    Assets;
      B.    Size;
      C.    Staff Profile & Relationship Management;
      D.    Internet Banking Functions Available:                Vendor should indicate
            availability of functions listed and provide listing of other available
            functions (to include but not be limited to the following):
            •       Balance Reporting;
            •       Account Transfer;
            •       Wire Transfer;
            •       Check Inquiry;
            •       Stop Payment;
            •       Positive/Control Pay;
            •       Bank Statements;
            •       Analysis Statements;
            •       NSF/Deposit Item Returned;
            •       Target Balance;
            •       Sweep Reports;
            •       Imaging;
            •       On Demand Daily Report Downloads (CSV, TXT or Excel Formats)
                    including BAI codes (such as Interim Account Statements);
            •       ACH File Processing; and
            •       Data transmission services (to include customizable cleared check
      E.    Other Banking Functions Available: Vendor should indicate availability
            of functions listed and provide listing of other available functions (to
            include but not be limited to the following):
            •       Controlled/Positive Pay;
            •       ICL Processing;
            •       Sweep – with various investment vehicles;
            •       ZBA Accounts;
            •       Disbursement and Deposit Imaging; and
            •       Account Reconciliation Services.
      F.    Fee structure: Vendor should indicate the fee structure proposed for
            commercial accounts of this nature (to include but not be limited to the
            following services):
            •       Account Reconcilement;
            •       Internet Banking;
            •       Wire In;
            •       Wire out;
            •       Returned Items;
            •       ZBA Master;

RFI No.: 08-0047                                                  December 22, 2008
Commercial Banking                                                      Page 2 of 5
             •     ZBA Subaccount;
             •     Per item Deposited;
             •     Sweep Account;
             •     Stop Payments;
             •     Positive Pay;
             •     Positive Pay Exceptions;
             •     Paid Check Rejects
             •     Deposit Images;
             •     ICL File Processing;
             •     Standing Wires; and
             •     Controlled Disbursement Maintenance/Per Item Paid.
      G.     Available Credits: Vendor should provide information related to credits
             available for a client capable of using banking technologies;
      H.     Location: Vendor should indicate the physical location of the bank’s
             operations center;
      I.     Courier Fees: Vendor should describe any fees associated with courier
             service, if courier service is needed;
      J.     Contractual Obligations: Contractual obligations should be defined;
      K.     Cutoffs: Vendor should provide deposit cutoffs (electronic and manual);
      L.     Outside Resources: Vendor should provide information related to the
             utilization or reliance on another Entity’s resources (include background
             on the entities listed).

Citizens’ invites all comments, suggestions, recommendations and creative ideas on
what makes your bank unique to the Commercial Banking Industry.

IV.     SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS: Please respond to this RFI using the following
      A.     TAB 1 – COMPANY INFORMATION: Under Tab 1, the following
             information should be included and returned.
             •     Name;
             •     Company Address;
             •     Company Point-of-Contact for RFI Response;
             •     Point-of-Contact Phone Number;
             •     Point-of-Contact Email Address;
             •     Company Area(s) of Expertise;
             •     Length of Time Company has been in existence;
             •     2007 Audited Annual Financial Statement and the latest
                   available10Q Report;
             •     Company Business Model (if applicable);

RFI No.: 08-0047                                                  December 22, 2008
Commercial Banking                                                      Page 3 of 5
              •      Ratings for the Bank from two of the following agencies (if bank is
                     not rated by two of these rating organizations, provide other
                     evidence of institution’s credit quality):
                           Standard & Poors;
                           Thomson BankWatch;
                           A.M. Best; and
                           Bankrate Inc.

       B.     TAB 2 – RESPONSE INFORMATION: Vendor should include all
              documentation related to Section III, Information Requested.

V.      RFI INQUIRIES AND QUESTIONS: Vendor(s) shall address all questions
regarding this Request for Information to the Procurement Officer identified in Section
VIII, Contact Information. Questions must be RECEIVED NO LATER THAN the time
and date reflected in Section VII, Calendar of Events. E-mail inquiries are preferred. It
is the responsibility of the Vendor to confirm receipt of the questions. However, Citizens
in its’ sole discretion reserves the right to answer any questions received after the

Questions shall be answered and posted on Citizens’ Website in accordance with
Section VII, Calendar of Events.

VI.   RFI DOCUMENTS AND ADDENDUMS: Citizens shall post the RFI documents
and any and all addendums to the RFI documents on Citizens website. It is the
Vendor’s obligation to check Citizens website to review any and all addendums.

VII.    CALENDAR OF EVENTS: Listed below are the important actions and
dates/times by which the actions must be taken or completed. All listed times are local
time in Tallahassee, Florida. Any change or modification to this calendar, modifications
to this request, or other important notices will be accomplished by the posting of an
addendum        on    the    purchasing    section    of    Citizens’    Website,     at

                               CALENDAR OF EVENTS
         DATE:                TIME:                         ACTIONS:
  December 22, 2008                         Release Solicitation
                                            Last Day for Submission of Written
  January 5, 2009         5:00:00 PM ET
                                            Answers to Questions Posted on Citizens’
  January 13, 2009
  January 30, 2009        2:00:00 PM ET     Responses Due

RFI No.: 08-0047                                                     December 22, 2008
Commercial Banking                                                         Page 4 of 5
At no point in time, will any direct or indirect contact regarding this request be allowed
between a Vendor (nor anyone on its behalf, including its agent, attorneys or lobbyists)
and Citizens (including any member of the Board of Governors) for the purpose of
influencing any related decision, with the exception of the Procurement Officer or his /
her designee. Any unauthorized contact may disqualify the Vendor from further

VIII. CONTACT INFORMATION: Questions related to the procurement should be
addressed to:
                              Patty Davis, Procurement Officer
                                   Purchasing Department
                          Citizens Property Insurance Corporation
                                     2101 Maryland Circle
                                 Tallahassee, Florida 32303
                                    (850) 521-8321 Phone
                                  (850) 575-0396 Facsimile

IX.    SUBMISSION OF RESPONSE: One (1) originally signed response, and five (5)
copies for a total of six (6) responses. Additionally, it is requested that Vendors include
one (1) electronic copy of their response in either Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat
format (with attachments if possible).
Responses should reference RFI No.: 08-0047, Commercial Banking and should be
delivered by mail to the Procurement Officer listed above at or before the due date listed
in Section VII, Calendar of Events.

X.     PUBLIC RECORDS INFORMATION: All responses to this RFI become the
property of Citizens and may become a public records and subject to the provisions of
the Florida Sunshine Law. If there is any information that you believe is proprietary,
trade secret or otherwise confidential or exempt from the Florida Public Records Act
(“Confidential Assertion”), you must clearly label and mark each page or section of
information provided to Citizens in connection with this RFI. You agree to that by
submitting a response that does not have a Confidential Assertion as specified in this
RFI, that such action shall be a continuing waiver of these assertions. Citizens will not
be responsible for any costs incurred by any vendor in responding to this RFI, including
defending a Confidentiality Assertion.

Citizens will not accept any material that requires a non-disclosure agreement.

RFI No.: 08-0047                                                      December 22, 2008
Commercial Banking                                                          Page 5 of 5

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