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									                8th Grade Algebra I with Mrs. Hodges 2007-08
    As this is a high school level course for which you will be receiving high school
 graduation credit, I will be treating you like you were a freshman in high school and
hold you to the same academic standards and requirements to which they are held.

 You will have homework almost every day. If you work hard during class, many of your assignments could be
 completed before you leave. MY LATE WORK POLICY: I will accept late work for credit until we have tested
over the chapter or unit. After we test, I will not accept late work for that chapter or unit. You can earn up to 4
            points in the grade book on daily homework assignments according to the rubric below:

           4 (A+)                    3 (C)                2 (F)                 1 (F)                  0 (F)
    Score 90% or higher        Score is 75-90%    Score less than 75%   More than 2 days late    Not turned in by
 (and) turned in when due     (or) one day late    (or) two days late                            chapter/unit test

 Does it seem unfair to have a grading scale of A+, C, F, F, F?! Let me explain how you can choose to turn any F
into an A+ with little effort: I give a homework assignment that has 20 point possible. You try all of the problems,
 but only get 14 points correct. That would be a 70%, which on my grading scale is an F and not the normal C-.
 You would earn 2 points in the grade book. After we check the papers in class, I ask if there are any problems
                         you would like to see worked out on the board or explained further.

              It is now time for you to make a choice to keep the F or make it an A+:
                          If you ask for help, I will do the problem and you may correct it for FULL credit
                  If you choose to correct all of the problems you missed, you now have 20 points or 100% and
                            your F has now turned into an A+ and you earn 4 points in the grade book.
                  If you choose to make corrections on only three of the problems you missed, you will have 17
                       points or 85% and the F has been turned into a C and you earn 3 points in the grade
                 book…however, correcting just one more problem would have given you an 18 for a 90% and
                you would have earned 4 points in the grade book, but you made the choice to stop at 17 and
                                                           be satisfied with a C.
               If you choose not to correct any of the problems, the F will be permanent…again, you made the
                choice to keep an F instead of correcting to get an A+. This is not my problem and I am not the
                             one who may have to explain your decision to your parents or guardians.

I will keep all homework assignments turned in to me in a folder in my room. At the end of the chapter, you will
          get them back in order for you to complete a Chapter Summary. See below for more details.

                                 TESTING/ASSESSMENT PROCEDURE
    You will have tests/assessments over the material we cover. We will go over or debrief the test in class to
 explain common mistakes and errors. I will offer retakes if you are not satisfied with your grade and will enter
the better of the two in the grade book. Retakes must be done within a week of getting your test back. Tests
or other assessments are not graded with the rubric above, but are graded on a traditional 90, 80, 70, 60 scale.

                                           CHAPTER SUMMARY
After we complete a chapter test, you will have one week to complete something called a Chapter Summary,
worth 25 points. This is a way for you to summarize your learning and communicate with others what you have
       learned. On the attached sheet is more information, specific requirements and grading policies.
August 2007

Dear Parents & Guardians of Algebra I Students:

           I am glad to have your student in my classroom this year. As you read through
the handout on my homework and assessment procedures and grading policies, you should
see that much of your student’s success depends on how willing they are to learn from their
mistakes. This is important, because for the first time, the Algebra I students will be earning
high school graduation credit for their hard work in the class. I am excited that this has come
to be and hope that the students understand that their success important.

           I will post grades to PASS on a daily basis. Because most people have access to
PASS, I will not send regular progress reports home unless a grade slips below a C-. If you do
not have access to PASS and wish to have more regular updates on your student’s progress,
let me know and I will be glad to send a progress report home, e-mail you or give you a call.

          You will have an opportunity to see the work completed during a chapter when
your student completes the Chapter Summary portion of their class work…they should come
to you for a signature and ask you to complete a problem from the chapter with their
assistance if needed. Please be on the look out for these opportunities to see what we are

                We are a team! Please, at any time during the year, do not hesitate to
contact me with questions, concerns or suggestions regarding the class or your student. I
can be reached by any of the following methods:
Phone school: 319-372-4687      Phone voice mail: 319-372-8911, box 1424     Phone home: 319-372-9310
e-mail school: rhodges@ft-madison.k12.ia.us                   e-mail home: rachelle.hodges@mchsi.com

          Please take time to complete the contact sheet on the very back of this handout.
This will be the first piece of information included in your student’s portfolio. As stated above,
please do not hesitate to contact me at any time with questions or concerns.
Mrs. Hodges

Date _____/ _____/ _____

          Student Name _________________________________________________

        Parent/Guardian Name(s) ___________________________________________




        Phone Number you may be reached at in the evening ________________________

        e-mail address ______________________________________________

       We have read and discussed both the grading
procedures/policies and Chapter Summary requirements for Algebra
I and understand the information.

_______________________________             ___________________________
Parent/guardian signature                   Student Signature

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