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					                                     Frye Island News Service
VOLUME 2007, ISSUE 18                                                                                                          AUGUST 31, 2007

What’s New This Week?

 Transfer Station Post Season / Operating Hours… page 2

 Wayne’s words… page 3

 Upcoming Meetings… page 3

 Town Wide Assessment Review… page 4

 Labor Day Dinner Dance… page 6

 Frye’s Leap General Store & Cafe… page 7

 Leisure Lounge (add’l info on Labor Day Dinner Dance)… page 8

 Annual Halloween Party for Children… page 10

 Boat Building & Racing (August 25th)… page 11

 Labor Day Barbecue… page 12

 Ice Cream Social… page 14

 Frye Island Winter Watch… page 15

Important Information ............................................2        Activities & Recreation............................................ 10
Town News............................................................3     Frye Island Golf Club .............................................. 13
Ferry News ............................................................9   Calendar................................................................. 16
Fire Department.....................................................9
                                    Important Information
Town of Frye Island                                           Transfer Station
1 Sunset Road
                                                              Post Season Operating Hours
Frye Island, ME 04071
Phone: 207-655-4551                                           Saturday: 10:00AM – 3:00PM
Fax: 207-655-3422                                             Sunday: 12 Noon – 5:00PM
Email:                                  Holiday weekends: Closed Sundays, open Mondays
Web site:                                  During high season the Transfer Station can be open on
Town Manager: Wayne Fournier                                  closed days by appointment only, between 8am to 3pm.
Office Hours                                                  To set up a Transfer Station opening please call the
Tuesday thru Saturday: 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM                      Public Works Garage at 655-7493 (please call the day
Sunday & Monday: Closed                                       before)
Code Enforcement Officer (Paul White)                         Thank you, Your Public Works Department
Tuesday thru Fridays 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM.
                                                              SINGLE STREAM
Fire, Medical, or Police Emergencies                          “Recycling Made Simple”
– Call 911                                                    It ALL goes in together:
                                                              Newspapers, Magazines, Catalogs
Non-emergencies                                               Telephone/Soft Cover Books
Frye Island Police: 207-655-2600                              Direct Mail/Envelopes (all types)
Email:                                   Paper (all colors, staples/paperclips are okay)
                                                              Paperboard (cereal/shoe boxes)
Fire Department: 207-655-8618                                 Milk/Juice Cartons
Email:                           Plastic Bottles and Containers Numbered #1-7
                                                              Soda/Juice/Water Bottles (glass or plastic)
Frye Island News Service                                      Milk Jugs, Bleach/Detergent, Shampoo Bottles
Editor: Lisa Kerrigan                                         Food containers (cottage cheese/margarine/yogurt)
Email:                               Glass Bottles/Jars (any color)
                                                              Aluminum (pie plates/trays/foil)
Submission deadline:                                          Metal Cans (tin/steel/aluminum)
Wednesday, 3:00 PM - No Exceptions                            All Cans Must be Empty and Non-Hazardous
                                                              What NOT to include:
Frye Island Animal Control Officer
                                                              No Plastic Bags*, No Food Liners
Don Alexander                                                 No Unmarked Plastics (laundry baskets/chairs/toys)
655-7851                                                      No Windows/Light Bulbs
                                                              No Dishes, No Pyrex, No Ceramics
Thank you and Good Luck                                       No Foam Packaging, No Styrofoam
Thank you Josh Ellingwood. Josh worked on both the            No Hazardous Material or Universal Waste
ferry and for DPW. Josh will be working at the Transfer       No Recyclables Containing Food Waste
Station for the last time on Saturday. Please thank him       *Recycling bins for plastic bags are
and wish him luck as he will be joining the Marines.          Located at your local grocery store.

                                                      Town News
Island Manager’s Comments                                            Jacquie Ossi - Jacquie lives at 1680 Ridge Road and
                                                                      in Cary North Carolina. She holds two nursing
Greetings Everyone,
                                                                      degrees and has worked in a variety of nursing
Meetings: The following meetings have been scheduled:                 positions over the past 14 years. She has three
 FII Stockholders Meeting – Saturday September 1st                   daughters and has volunteered in many areas that
    at 9A.M at the Community Center.                                  supported their educational and sporting interests.
o Registration will begin at 8:30 A.M.                                She also served a two year term on the Frye Island
 Public Hearing – 1st draft of the 2008 Budget                       Municipal Services Corporation Board in the mid
    Saturday September 1st at 10:00 A.M at the                        80’s.
    Community Center.                                            One owner from each property on Frye Island is eligible
FII Board of Directors: As was mentioned last week,              to vote for these candidates. If a person owns multiple
there are 5 Directors on the Board of Frye Island                lots, he / she will be allowed one vote for each lot
Incorporated. All five serve a one (1) year term and are         owned.
elected at the annual stockholders meeting. We now               Selectmen: The annual town meeting will be held on the
have 6 candidates for the 5 positions. The candidates are:       Columbus Day weekend in October. We will be voting
 Ed Charrette (incumbent) – Ed lives at 79 Leisure              for 2 vacant selectmen’s position at this meeting. One
    Lane and in Lexington, Massachusetts. He is                  vacancy is for a one (1) year term to fill the position left
    married with 5 children. Ed is a retired physician –         open when Mr. Kuiken resigned. The other is a three (3)
    executive. In the past, he has served as President of        year term left open when Mr. Walker decided not to run
    Frye Island, he has also served on the Board of              for re-election. We need candidates for these positions.
    Directors of FII, on the Planning Board and is               In order to run for selectman, a candidate must be a
    presently the chairperson of the Conservation                registered voter in Frye Island.
    Committee. Ed has been coming to Frye Island for             SAD 6 School Board Representative: We will also be
    35+ years.                                                   voting for a school board representative at the Town
 David Lowe – Dave lives at 1839 Ridge Road and in              Meeting. If you are interested in being a candidate for
    Saco Maine. He is married with 2 grown children.             this position, please call the office.
    Dave owned and operated an independent insurance             Public Hearing: On Saturday, September 1st we will
    agency for 30 years which he recently sold. He               have the Public Hearing to present the first draft of the
    continues to serve as the Agency Manager. Dave has           2008 Budget. The hearing is scheduled for 10:00 A.M. at
    lived on Frye Island for 10 years.                           the Community Center. Everyone is welcome to attend
 Joe Potts (incumbent) – Joe lives at 1633 Ridge                and provide input.
    Road and in Punta Gorda Florida. Joe retired as a            Memorial Service: On Tuesday the Island received
    senior executive for GTE after 34 years of service.          some very sad news when the word spread that Sue
    He has been very involved in various leadership              Nisula had died suddenly and very unexpectedly. She
    roles on Frye Island and is currently the President of       had been in Portland, conducting some family business
    the FII Board of Directors and Treasurer for the             with her husband Bruce and son Brian, when she
    Town of Frye Island.                                         suffered a fatal heart attack. She will be sadly missed by
 Nancy Donio – Nancy lives at 859 Sunset Road and               all Frye Islanders that knew and loved her. The Nisula
    in Farmingdale New Jersey. She has served on the             family has invited everyone to join them at a special
    Frye Island Beach Committee, is the President of her         service to celebrate Sue’s life which will be held at 1:00
    local P.T.A. and worked in the Human Services                P.M. Sunday at the Community Center followed by
    Department of a municipal government prior to                refreshments at the Golf Club.
    having children. Nancy has lived on Frye Island for          We also learned that Ken Dolloff had a very serious
    8 years.                                                     heart attack while at home in Methuen Massachusetts.
 Neill Bovaird – Neill lives at 1655 Ridge Road and             Word is that he was taken to the hospital after having
    in Worcester Massachusetts. He has worked in                 chest pains and actually suffered the heart attack in the
    corporate settings since 1968 and recently retired           hospital. We are told that he is on the road to recovery.
    after working for Hewlett-Packard for the past 23
    years. Neill has lived on Frye Island for 24 years.
On behalf of all Frye Islanders I would like to extend our
thoughts and prayers to the Nisula family for their loss
and to Ken Dolloff for a speedy and complete recovery.
Have a safe and enjoyable week!

Town Wide Assessment Review:
The review of all real property on the Island will take
place during the months of July, August, September and
part of October. The review will require access to the
property for an exterior and interior analysis. To
accomplish this task the plan is to divide the Island by
Tax Maps. The Island has three tax maps (60, 61 and
62). You can identify your tax map by either checking
the wall map in the Assessor’s Office or by checking
your tax bill. Property/Lots appearing on: Tax map 60
will be reviewed in July, Tax Map 61 will be reviewed
in August, Tax Map 62 will be reviewed in September.
Each lot may not require an interior review, but in the
event a review is necessary and not made a card will be
left on the property, usually on the door knob. Contact          NISULA, SUSAN A., 64, of Frye Island, Maine and
                                                                 Plantation, Florida died Tuesday, August 28th in
information will be on the card. Otherwise feel free to
call the Assessor’s office and leave times that are good         Portland, Maine. She is survived by her loving husband
                                                                 Bruce and sons Brian and Kenneth and daughters-in-law
for you. If your property is rented please leave word
with the renter for permitting access.                           Kaitlyn and Lisa, together with 3 grandchildren.
Paul White                                                       Sue died attending to what was most important to her –
                                                                 her family. She was unstinting in her support of Bruce,
Town of Frye Island Assessor’s Office
                                                                 nurturing and supporting him through medical school
                                                                 with home-cooked picnic basket dinners gobbled down
Your Pet                                                         between hospital rotations. While raising her sons, she
Is your dog running at large? Running at large as per            demonstrated remarkable élan and grace but was also
State Law RS 7 719, Section 3911 states: It is unlawful          prone to exhibitions of parental zeal, like cheering louder
for any dog, licensed or unlicensed to be at large, the          and longer than any other parent at a sporting event. She
owner or keeper of any dog found at large is subject to          was a tenacious golfer and card player – often pumping
the penalties provided in this chapter.                          her fist a la Tiger Woods after sinking a key putt or high-
If a dog is found at large, a court summons will be              fiving her partner after winning a game of cards. Okay,
issued to appear in Bridgton court. The normal fine is           let’s admit it – she was a sore loser.
$50 +/- plus cost of court.                                      There were no losers amongst her family and friends.
At large                                                         Anyone who spent more than five minutes with Sue
At large means off the premises of the owner and not             found that she would do everything and more to make
under the control of any person whose personal presence          those around her comfortable. She would rise at 5 a.m.
and attention would reasonably control the animal (i.e. a        and work round the clock to prepare meals – and
dog may run or roam anywhere he/she wishes on the                scrumptious desserts – for golfers in a tournament,
owner’s property - when the dog is off this property             friends vacationing from out of town, and of course,
he/she must be on a leash, such as the public street or          anyone who needed something to eat. If you were sick,
way and the public beach.                                        she would comfort and care for you. If you were sad, she
                                                                 would cheer you up with a funny story and her
Frye Island Animal Control Officer                               unmistakable laugh. If you were lonely, she would
Don Alexander                                                    remind you that you always had at least one good friend.
                                                                 She was just special – and everyone knew it.
                                                                 Everyone is invited to join the Nisula family at a service
                                                                 celebrating Sue’s life on Sunday, September 2nd at 1 p.m.
                                                                 at the Frye Island Community Center and to share
                                                                 refreshments at the Golf Club (Leisure Lounge)
                                                                 immediately following the service.
Frye Island Yacht Club Annual                                    Zoning Board of Appeals
Meeting - Labor Day Weekend                                      Meeting Notice
The Frye Island Yacht Club Annual Meeting and                    Friday, September 7, 2007 at 7:00 P.M.
Election of Marina Committee members will be held on             Community Center
Sunday September 2, 2007 at 8:30 AM in the                       AGENDA:
Community Center.                                                1. Call the meeting to order. (Quorum present)
Representation is required for Equity Rights slip holders,       2. Approve minutes of August 10, 2007
Quail Circle slip holders, and an At Large slip holder.          3. New business – Administrative Appeals
Any Yacht Club Member interested in serving on the               4. Other business
Marina Committee should contact Tim McCarthy,                    5. Adjourn meeting
Chairman at 655-3058 or , or Dave Bond, @                    Town of Frye Island Planning Board to have their name placed in           Saturday, Sep. 8, 2007 at 8:30 a.m.
nomination.                                                      Community Center
The following Yacht Club members have placed their               PUBLIC HEARING and Meeting
names in nomination for a 3 year term:                           Preliminary Agenda
Steve Locke* Lot 822 At Large                                    Public Hearing
Tim McCarthy* Lot 159 Quail Circle                               1. Public Hearing: Amendment to Shoreland Zoning
Tim Toomey* Lot 1213 Equity Rights                                   Ordinance
Other agenda items will include the 2008 Marina Budget           2. Public Hearing: Dog Control Ordinance
and several possible Yacht Club Policy revisions.
                                                                 Regular Meeting
All interested Islanders and Yacht Club members are              1. Minutes and Correspondence
welcome to attend. This is a public meeting.
                                                                 2. Old Business
* Indicates candidate for re-election                                a. Decision regarding Shoreland Zoning
                                                                     b. Decision regarding Dog Control
                                                                 3. New Business
                                                                 Please send requests for additional agenda items to Dave
                                                                 These are public meetings. The public is urged to attend.

                          LABOR DAY DINNER DANCE
                          SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, 2007
                          AT THE COMMUNITY CENTER
                              $30.00 PER PERSON
COCKTAIL HOUR: 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm
DANCING: 8:00 pm – 11:30 pm

                          Come Check Out Artistic Jewelry
                            from Denise Horne-Kaplan

Denise Horne-Kaplan will be at the Community Center with her distinctively artistic jewelry for
sale. This is not your typical craft quality, Denise uses silver, gold filled or plate, with genuine
stones, crystals, pearls, vintage and tribal finds. Prices range from $20.00 to $250.00
(Mastercard, Visa and checks accepted). Denise will be in the Community Center Rec Room
preceeding the Dinner from 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm.

      Frye’s Leap General Store & Café

Frye’s Leap General Store & Café will be operating on our high season schedule
through Labor Day weekend – our off season hours will commence on Tuesday,
September 4th. Check for updates to our hours weekly in the FINS or stop by the

Remember – even when the restaurant is closed, our takeout menu is always
available through the store!

                                 General Store Hours
                             Monday             9A – 2P
                             Tuesday            9A – 2P
                             Wednesday          Closed
                             Thursday           9A – 2P
                             Friday             9A – 9P
                             Saturday           8A – 9P
                             Sunday             8A – 5P

                                    Frye’s Leap Café
   The café will be open under limited operation for lunch and dinner on the following
                     Saturday, September 8th - Sunday, September 9th
                   Saturday, September 15th – Sunday, September 16th

                                               Leisure Lounge
                                                   Fairway Lane (next to the golf pro shop)
                   655-3551                                 Air Conditioned                           Open to the Public

           Friday & Saturday 8:00 AM - Midnight
           Sunday: 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM
           (Reopens @ the Community Center @ 5:30 for the
                                                                          Enjoy satellite reception on our 42” plasma TV.
           After Labor Day:
           Monday – Thursday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

                             Full Bar                                                       Snacks
  Beer, Wine, Hard Lemonade, Hard Ice Tea, & Mixed Drinks                                   $5.00 Pizza
                   $3.00 Root Beer Floats                                                 $1.00 Hot Dogs
                   Complimentary Coffee

ATTENTION FRYE ISLANDERS                                            Labor Day Dinner Dance
The Frye Island Golf Club is proud to sponsor “Annie”                                 On Sunday, September 2nd Leisure
& The Orphans, one of New England’s favorite rock and                                 Lounge will close at 4:00 pm and
roll bands. They will be performing on September 2nd at                               will reopen at 8:00 pm to the public at
the Community Center from 8:00 to 11:30 pm.                                           the Community Center (There will be
On Sunday, September 2nd Leisure Lounge will close at                                 a cover charge of $7.50 per person).
4:00 pm and will reopen at 8:00 pm to the public at the                               Back by popular demand the band
Community Center (There will be a cover charge of                                     “Annie and the Orphans” will be
$7.50 per person).                                                                    performing from 8:00-11:30 pm
For more than 40 years this band continues to amaze
fans. Specialists in 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s music, Annie &            The Labor Day Dinner/Dance will begin at 5:30p with
The Orphans unique blend of musical talent and                      cocktails and dinner following. The menu: Hawaiian
showmanship make them one of the most eagerly                       Ham, Chicken, Rice, Salad and Dessert.
anticipated acts of the season!                                     Reservations and payment for the Dinner/Dance may be
Come and enjoy the music and dance.                                 made at the Town Hall office or Leisure Lounge.
                                                                    Admission for Dinner/Dance $30.00 per person. Limited
Jewelry by Denise Horne Kaplan                                      space, sign up before it is sold out. Cut off date for
                                                                    tickets will be Monday, August 27th.
Sunday, September 2nd 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm
                                                                    The theme this year is Hawaiian Luau. Wear your
Denise Horne-Kaplan will be at the Community Center                 flowered shirts and leis.
with her distinctively artistic jewelry for sale. This is not
your typical craft quality, Denise uses silver, gold filled
or plate, with genuine stones, crystals, pearls, vintage
and tribal finds. Prices range from $20.00 to $250.00
(Mastercard, Visa and checks accepted). Denise will be
in the Community Center Rec Room preceeding the
Dinner from 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm.

                                                     Ferry News

This Week’s Ferry Schedule                                        Note:
              First Ferry         Second Ferry                    First boat on Mondays during high season leaves from
                                                                  the Island.
Saturday      7 AM – 1 AM         10 AM – 6 PM
Sunday        7 AM - 12 Mid                                       Ferry Tickets
Monday        7 AM - 10 PM        12 PM - 8 PM                    We have been asking all our residents to please include
Tuesday       6 AM - 9 PM                                         on the back portion of your tickets (the section the
Wednesday     7 AM - 7 PM                                         cashier collects) – Property Owner Name and Lot #.
Thursday      7 AM - 11 PM
Friday        7 AM - 12 Mid       2 PM–8 PM
                                                                  Thank you
                                                                  Thank you Hank & Bacglao Vande Hei for the dog

                                             Fire Department
                                                            Fire Barn: 207-655-8618

THERE IS NO OPEN BURNING PERMITTED ON                                 The presence or availability of sufficient force and
FRYE ISLAND.                                                           equipment to control the burning
Only permits for warming or cooking are issued                     Experience and capability of the permittee in the
provided that an adequate weather advisory has been                    safe use and control of the burning
dispatched to us from the state and that additional               If a permit is issued, the burning must be conducted
guidelines are met.                                               according to the terms and condition of the permit and
There are no other types of open burning allowed,                 may not create a nuisance.
including campfires or bonfires either on private or              Any person who engages in out-of-door burning in
public property.                                                  violation of this article, or who fails to comply with any
The state issues what is referred to as a Class Day on a          stated permit condition or restriction commits a Class E
daily basis. Class Days are assigned by number                    crime. In addition, if the State proves that while in
depending on the moisture in the fuels on the ground, the         violation that person’s out-of-door fire resulted in fire
amount of moisture we have received, wind conditions,             suppression costs to municipal or State Government, the
and general weather conditions.                                   court, as part of any sentence imposed, may order
Class Days are grouped into five (5) categories.                  restitution to be paid to the government entities incurring
                                                                  the suppression costs.
Class 1 is when there is very little potential danger.
Class 2 is when there is some danger.                             When bringing an action under this article, the State
Class 3 is when there is danger present.                          shall, to the fullest extent permitted by law, seek
Class 4 is when there is moderate danger.                         restitution of fire suppression costs incurred by state
Class 5 is when there is extreme danger or fire threat.           government entities relating to the violation.
The issuing of any permit or permission for allowable             Please remember that if you are issued a permit you are
burning depends on the following criteria:                        responsible for the fire and the proper extinguishment of
                                                                  the fire when you are done. Do not leave a fire
 Forest fire danger (Class day)                                  unattended or let the fire burn itself out.
 Time of day and season of the year
                                                                  If you have any questions concerning open burning and
 Temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction
                                                                  permitting for out-of-door fires in the Town of Frye
 Type of burning proposed                                        Island, please contact the Town Fire Warden/Fire Chief
 The length of burning period                                    Stephen Persson or Captain Paul Bourque.

                                 Activities & Recreation
                                               Recreation Chairperson: Andrea Sansonetti

Garden Club                                                      Thank you
Claire La Dow still has some BOBBEX available for                Thank you to the following Frye Islanders for giving
those who need protection from the ever present deer             their time and energy to beautify the island:
population on the island. Phone her at 655-7730.                 To Work Hour Volunteers: Kathy Potts, Pat Karpacz,
                                                                 Lori Wrzesinsky, Tally Southerland, Lenore Rosenthal,
LAKES LIKE LESS LAWN                                             Linda Tabris, Nancy Perry and Mary Ann Niles.
On Sunday evening, August 26th, The FI Garden Club               To Maria Charrette, Lori Wrzesinsky, and Mary Ann
sponsored a presentation given by Jennifer Charrette and         Niles who planted the day lilies donated by Patti and
Donna Mc Cullough, both Master Gardeners, on the                 Ross Graham.
topic, “Lakes Like Less Lawn”. Approximately forty               To Debra and Eric Luther who planted the planters on
Frye Islanders attended this talk, which was followed by         the bridge.
a Pot Luck Supper.
Sebago Lake is one of the healthier lakes in Maine;              ANNUAL HALLOWEEN PARTY FOR
however, we cannot take its water quality for granted.
Human development can have a detrimental effect on the
quality of the water. Changes that once occurred over                                  The Recreation Commission will
centuries now can occur in decades.                                                    again be sponsoring a Halloween
                                                                                       costume party for children on
The master gardeners outlined steps that those who live
                                                                                       Sunday, October 7, in the
around a lake might take to minimize an adverse effect
                                                                                       Community Center. There will be
on the lake. They advocated keeping buffer strips of land
                                                                                       treats for all, activities for the
between the developed area and the water, where natural
                                                                                       children and prizes for costumes.
or landscape vegetation is allowed to flourish.
                                                                                       Plan now!
Natural buffers are preferred over a lush, well-groomed          Halloween Party
lawn, which is not ideal for lake shorefronts. However,          Sunday, October 7
for those who have lawns, there are many measures that           2-4 p.m.
a homeowner can take (choice of grass type, fertilizers,         Community Center
pesticides, and mowing practices) which will minimize
the detrimental impact of a lawn.
                                                                 Frye Island Chapel
For further information on these topics, go to
                                                                    Established 1988, “Yardscaping for a Healthy
Maine”. Also for information on alternative                      You are cordially invited to attend our weekly non-
groundcovers and erosion control, fact sheets are                denominational services, which are held every Sunday
available at the Sebago Lake Ecology Center or can also          morning from 9:00 to 9:30AM. Communion is offered
be downloaded from                                               on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month. There is a
http:/                         coffee and snack hour following the service on the 2nd
                                                                 and 4th Sunday of each month. All are welcome. Dress
The publication, “Lakes Like Less Lawn” may be
                                                                 is casual.
obtained by phoning The Portland Water District in
Standish, 1-207-774-5961.                                        Presiding Chaplains: Rev. Richard Peterson, Ph.D
                                                                                          Rev. Theodore Ekholm

CONTEST – August 25th
WHAT A BOAT ! ! ! ! !
Wow! What a boat! The Lichtenberger family
transported their boat to Recreation Beach last Saturday
morning, in the blazing sunshine, and showed us what a
dedicated family can do. It was a real sailboat. Francis,
father of the family, adapted plans and directions he
found on the internet.
Marj, the mother, was involved in many ways, as were
their four boys. Alex 8; Max 7; Jack 5; and Peter 2, were
the major painters of the boat - and they were joined by
four visiting friends who all ended up with much paint
on the boat - and on their clothes.
At Recreation Beach, Alex, Max, Jack and Peter, along
with two visiting friends, sailed their boat helped by a
gentle wind. They had also made paddles, if needed.
Truly a seaworthy boat, with its 14 foot high mast. No
water in the boat except for that brought in by the boys'
dripping bathing suits.
According to the rules of the contest, only the specified
materials were used - 2 sheets of plywood, four 2 by 4's,
a pound of nails and 4 tubes of waterproof adhesive.
Francis said, "All we had left were a few scraps".
Congratulations to the Lichtenberger family for their
truly remarkable boat which was named Red Mill Best
in Show, junior division.
Two other families were unable to show their boat
Saturday. They were winners of the Red Mill Best in
Show, for seniors. The Torra family and the DiSalvo
families combined their building materials and built a
spectacular large boat which we hope to see on the lake
Red Mill Lumber Company provided the building
materials. Bob DesFosses was the photographer.
RuthAnn Bourque and Mary Deming organized the
project this year.

                                                                The Recreation Commission needs
                                                                your help!
                                                                The Recreation Commission needs your help! Can you
                                                                believe our 10th anniversary as a town is NEXT
                                                                YEAR?! Wow - we need to celebrate and the planning
                                                                has begun. If you'd like to help or have any ideas for our
                                                                birthday bash please plan to attend a
                                                                brainstorming/planning meeting at the Community
                                                                Center 1 PM on the Saturday of Labor Day Weekend. If
                                                                you cannot attend but would like to help or need more
                                                                information, please call Andrea Sansonetti 655-7832 or
                                                                Pat Karpacz 655-3339. The following are some possible
                                                                ideas to make the Fourth of July, 2008, extraordinary.
                                                                IT'S A PARTY!
Thanks Bob Desfosses for the great pictures!!
                                                                Friday, July 4
                                                                Boat parade
Community Center Hours                                          Trail Tours
Recreation Director: Candace Coville                            Ice Cream Social
Friday Aug. 31st:      11:00 AM – 3:00 PM                       Sing-a-long or Musical
                       9PM-MIDNIGHT (Teen Night)                Saturday, July 5
Saturday Sep. 1  st:
                       10:00 AM – 4:00 PM                       Island parade led by a fire truck carrying a lucky child
                       Labor Day Barbecue (see below)           who has won the priviledge in a raffle
                                                                Town Ceremony
Saturday, September 1st is the last day that REC Center
                                                                Traditional hot dogs at the Fire Barn
will be open. Thank you to all who have donated
                                                                Scavenger hunt
equipment, toys, art supplies, games and most
importantly, their time. You have helped to make the
Recreation Center a successful and enjoyable activity on        Sunday, July 6
Frye Island. It has been a pleasurable experience               Annual Road Race
working for you.                                                Beach Activities
Candace Coville, Recreation Director                            Softball Game, teams TBA (Boaters, Golfers, Old
                                                                Timers, Thirty-somethings?)
Labor Day Barbecue                                              Thanks so much! - Andrea and Pat
Saturday, September 1st
12-2 PM @ The Community Center!                                 Thank you
                                                                Thank you to whoever found my granddaughter’s
Open Water Swimming                                             sweatshirt at the Community Center and folded it and
                                                                put it on the bench. She was so happy to have it back.
A group from greater Portland Swimmers enjoyed a
2 mile swim from our camp on Leisure Lane to Beach              Roxy Olmsted
#5 on Sunday, August 19th. This group also swam a 3.1
mile ocean swim on Sunday August 25th at the Rockland           Lost
Getty.                                                          Lost Nokia cell phone last week between store and
I usually swim mornings and if you would like to join           31 Leisure Lane. If found, please call 655-3621.
me call 655-2792.
Roxy Olmsted

                                   Frye Island Golf Club
                655-3551                                   Open to the Public                              Fairway Lane

Hours                                              Greens Fees                                      Cart Rentals
Friday 8:00 AM - Dusk                              Weekday: $18.00                                  Gas Cart:
Saturday: 8:00 AM - Dusk                           Weekend and Holidays: $30.00                     9 Holes: $16.00
Sunday: 7:30 AM – Dusk                             Twilight (after 5 PM): $13.00                    18 Holes: $26.00
After Labor Day:                                   Weekday Youth (16 and under): $10.00             Pull Cart:
Monday – Thursday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM               Weekend Youth (16 and under): $20.00             9 or 18 Holes: $4.00
(Weather permitting)                               3-day weekday pass: $45.00                       Club Rentals: $12.00
Tee times are highly recommended,                  Week-long unlimited golf pass: $100.00
especially on the weekends.

Pro Shop                                                          Sunday Morning Scramble
We have an assortment of golf balls, gloves, putters,             Every Sunday morning, tee off at 8:00am, sign up
hats, jackets, sweaters, and shirts. New jackets are due          starting at 7:30am.
on order and due to arrive soon. If there is something            Sunday, August 26th Scramble Results
you need and we don’t have it in stock, we will try and
                                                                  1st Place Team- (-5) $21.00 each:
order it.
                                                                  Greg Tedford
                                                                  Jim Hirsch
Tournament Schedule for 2007                                      Paul Osborn
September 1              President’s Cup                          Phil Lambrook
September 7-9            Sebago Lake Escape                       Paul Murphy
September 22             Shoot Out
October 7                October’s Best                           Closest to the Pin $21.00 each:
October 13               Cross Country
                                                                  Vic Solimini

Need Golf Lessons?                                                Club Championship – Men’s
Ron Vaillancourt, PGA Golf Professional, will be giving
                                                                  Congratulations to John Hodge and George Greenwich
golf lessons on Mondays and Tuesdays here at the Golf
                                                                  who have qualified for the final round. This must be
                                                                  completed on or before September 3rd. Good Luck!
Ron is a resident here on Frye Island and has been a Golf
Professional for over 39 years. His specialties are as a          Club Championship – Women’s
teaching pro.
                                                                  Theresa Hodge is the Club Champion in the Women’s
Lessons will be by appointment. Call 655-2313.                    Division.
Rates: ½ hr lesson $40.00
         1 hr lesson $60.00                                       Annual Meeting
                                                                  The annual meeting of the Golf Membership will be on
                                                                  Sunday September 2 right after the morning scramble.
                                                                  Come vote on your three committee members for the
                                                                  next three years, get caught up on what is going on and
                                                                  voice your opinions on what is going right and what is
                                                                  going wrong.

FRYE ISLAND PRESIDENT'S CUP-                                            ICE CREAM SOCIAL
Saturday, September 1st
Tee times starting at 1:00 pm (though we may have a
potential for a Shotgun start)
9 hole Club Net Championship
Entry fee $10.00
Sign up at the clubhouse or call proshop at 655-3551 by
noon, Friday, August 31.
The President's Cup, which is the members' net
championship, will be held on Saturday, September 1.                 SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 1st , 2007
This is your opportunity to get the best out of your                        6:00 pm –8:30 pm
handicaps as truly, everyone has a chance to win this             @ THE COMMUNITY CENTER (Teen Room)
event.                                                                  MAKE YOUR OWN SUNDAE
You may either choose your own foursome as you sign                        $3.00 PER PERSON
up on the sheet posted on the glass door, or if you don't
have a complete foursome, we'll hook you up with other
This is a full handicap tournament up to a maximum of
36 for men and 40 for women.
Men should play 9 Silver; ladies tee off from the Red.
There will be Closest to the Pin on 8. One prize for the
18 holes for the men and one also for the women. Not to
mention your name goes up on the Wall of Fame.
And don't forget that the ice cream social starts at 6:00.
Hope to see you there,
Vic and Laura

                                                September 2007
       Sunday                 Monday        Tuesday        Wednesday               Thursday           Friday                Saturday

                                                                                              31                      1
                                                                                              9:00p Teen Night        9:00a FII Annual Mtg.
                                                                                                                      10:00a Public Hearing
                                                                                                                      @ CC for Budget
                                                                                                                      President’s Cup
                                                                                                                      6:00p Ice Cream Social

2                        3             4              5                       6               7                       8
8:30a Yacht Club                                                                              Sebago Lake Escape      8:30a Planning Board
Annual Mtg @ CC                                                                               7:00p BOS/EC Mtg @      Mtg @ CC
9:00a Chapel @ CC                                                                             CC
1:00p Celebration of                                                                          7:00p Zoning Board of
Sue Nisula’s Life @ CC                                                                        Appeals @ CC
5:30p Labor Day Dinner

9                        10            11             12                      13              14                      15
9:00a Chapel @ CC                                     7:00p FII Board Mtg @

16                       17            18             19                      20              21                      22
Golf Work Day                                                                                                         9:00a BOS/EC Mtg @
9:00a Chapel @ CC                                                                                                     CC
                                                                                                                      Shoot Out

23                       24            25             26                      27              28                      29
9:00a Chapel @ CC

9:00a Chapel @ CC


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