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									                         LETTER OF UNDERTAKING

1. In consideration of Jetco Technology Limited accepting the order(s) vide
   our purchase order,

   Code No.                         Title                            Qty

We hereby WARRANT AND UNDERTAKE as follows: -
    (a) that we are the authorized manufacturer of the CD/DVD titles
       described in the purchase order(s) above.

    (b) that we grant you the non-exclusive right to use all information on
       the CD/DVD titles in connection thereto for the purpose of enabling
       you to carry out the above-captioned order(s)

2. We further warrant that all clearance/authorizations/permissions in
   respect of the said copyright/trademark/patent/license have been validly
   obtained by us from the legal owners/ and or licensers or their authorized
   representatives. In the event of the occurrence of any
   copyright/trademark/patent/license dispute or legal claim in respect of
   such optical disc, Jetco Technology Ltd shall not be answerable to such
   dispute or claim and we shall take full responsibility thereof.

For and On Behalf of

Authorized Signature

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