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									Cordell Insurance Claims


Prepare a realistic insurance claim in less than 20 minutes

Are you involved in preparing insurance quotes? Yes...Then you need the Cordell Insurance
Claims database.

Using the Cordell Insurance Claims database you can quickly and easily prepare a quote
using information prepared specifically for insurance claims work.

There are 19 individual work categories catered for, taking you step-by-step through a job
from board up and cleaning through to replacement of provisional cost items and painting.

All you have to do is work your way through a claim, room by room, selecting the items
involved in the claim and determining whether they need to be removed, replaced, repaired
or reinstalled. The Cordell Insurance Claims database is a great tool that helps you easily
prepare your scope of works, and then prices the work including all the labour and materials
required to do the job.

There is even a recommended minimum charge to ensure you don’t get caught out
underpricing when there is only a small quantity of work to be done.

When you team the Cordell Insurance Claims database up with our Cordell Estimator systems
or for that matter your existing estimating system, you have a powerful tool that will enable you
to quickly and accurately prepare an insurance quote.

When you send the quote into the insurance company they know exactly what price
calculations have gone into the claim and can approve it on the spot.

This means you can start working faster, your client is happier and the insurance companies
know that your quotes are always bona fide.

The Cordell Insurance Claims database is fully backed by the service that you are used to
receiving, including full technical support by our Help Desk and ongoing training programs.

Cordell Insurance Claims Database Checklist
•   over 4,000 supply and fix prices
•   labour & material price break-up
•   price manipulation capability                                       Table of contents (part)
•   19 categories                                                       • Cleaning
•   annual subscription, updated quarterly                              • Temporary Works
•   FREE technical support                                              • Foundations & Underpinning
•   Estimating tips                                                     • Floors
•   web format                                                          • Walls
                                                                        • Ceilings
                                                                        • Cupboards
                                                                        • Appliances
                                                                        • Bathroom/Kitchen/Laundry fixtures
                                                                        • Stairs & Balustrades
                                                                        • Windows/Sliding Doors/Skylights
                                                                        • Door Assemblies
                                                                        • Roofing/Roof Plumbing/Roof Framing
                                                                        • Plumbing Systems
                                                                        • Electrical Installations
                                                                        • Cooling/Heating Equipment
                                                                        • Drainage
                                                                        • External Works
                                                                        • Awnings

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