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									                 Attendee List: FIF Industry Consolidation Event, Hosted by Thomson Financial

First Name   Last Name         Title                                                 Company
Peter        Alfano            Market Data Analyst                                   Credit Suisse
Rick         Alm               Director - Market Data Architecture                   Credit Suisse
David        Arnold                                                                  Mantara
Kerry        Baker-Relf        Vice President                                        AMEX
Sudhakar     Bandu             Vice President                                        Lehman Brothers
Sara         Banerjee          VP Data Operations & Procurement                      Telekurs
Jeffrey      Banker            VP Market Development                                 Interactive Data Pricing & Reference Data
Donald       Barber            Market Data Specialist                                Deutsche Bank
Elaine       Barranco          Exchange Specialist                                   Citigroup Global Markets
Jim          Barrett           Director                                              Fidelity Investments
Bob          Barton            Vice President                                        Infodyne
Michael      Bischof           Program Manager                                       Bear Stearns
George       Blancke           Director                                              Merrill Lynch
Jim          Boland            First Vice President                                  Citigroup Global Markets
Bob          Books                                                                   ISE
Joe          Bracco            AM                                                    BATS Trading
Bruce        Bramhall          Director of Market Data                               RGM Advisors
Lauren       Breheny           Associate Director                                    Bear Stearns
Charles      Chan              Vice President                                        JP Morgan Chase
Celia        Chao                                                                    Deutsche Bank
Rick         Chavez                                                                  Lehman Brothers
Vadim        Cherkasov         Ticker Plant                                          Thomson Market Data
Cas          Chlodnicki        Data Supplier Manager                                 FactSet Research Systems
Bohdan       Chomut            Senior Market Manager                                 SWIFT
Alice        Chou              Associate                                             Fidelity Investments
Colin        Clark             Vice President, Strategic Initiatives                 NYSE Euronext
Peter        Cohen             Manager, Global Market Data Analysis                  Thomson Financial
Ann Marie    Collins                                                                 Pershing
Donna        Converse          Managing Director                                     Bear Stearns
Joe          Corrigan          Executive Director                                    CBOE
Frederic     Couperier         SVP Business Development                              GL Trade Americas
Bob          Curtis                                                                  CSS Software
Roman        Daniels           VP Market Data Systems                                BNP Paribas
Joe          DeMartino         Managing Director                                     IXPartners
John         Denza             Account Manager                                       BATS Trading
Janice       DiTore            Director, Product Management/ Marketing               DTCC
Joe          Doria             Senior Outbound Feed Analyst                          Bloomberg
Courtney     Doyle             Operations Director                                   FIX Protocol Ltd.
Timothy      Dudgeon           Datafeeds                                             Thomson Financial
Frances      Dunphy                                                                  Independent
Jason        England                                                                 Thomson Market Data
Alex         Englese           CEO                                                   ESN North America
Ayo          Eshun             Associate Director                                    AMEX
Peter        Esler                                                                   Independent
Tom          Etheridge         Director                                              Jordan & Jordan
Ana          Eufemio-Yu        Technical Director                                    SIAC
George       Farago            Vice President                                        JP Morgan Chase
Brian        Faughnan          Managing Director, NMS Product Planning, Management   SIAC
Lisa         Fittanto          Product Manager, Market Data                          Thomson Financial
Cheri        Flaherty                                                                Sungard BRASS
Kathleen     Flynn             Product Manager                                       Merrill Lynch
Thomas       Fogel             Director - Ultra Product Line                         BT Radianz
Kevin        Fong              Co-Head of Information Technology                     Bernard L Madoff Investment Securities
Murthy       Ganti             Technical Director                                    NYSE Euronext
Thomas       Garske            Director, Market Data Services                        UBS
Gadi         Goldress                                                                Bloomberg
Ted          Granberg          Manager, Global Market Data                           FactSet Research Systems
Mark         Grinbaum          Director, External Interfaces                         ISE
Jess         Haberman          Director of Compliance                                Fidessa
Irene        Halpin            Assistant General Counsel                             JP Morgan Chase

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                 Attendee List: FIF Industry Consolidation Event, Hosted by Thomson Financial

First Name   Last Name         Title                                                Company
Wendy        Hoffman           Director Product Management                          ISE
Randall      Hopkins           Vice President, Nasdaq Market Data Distribution      NASDAQ OMX Group
Fred         Horman            ColorBook Program Management                         Lava Trading
Dan          Hubscher          Product Marketing Manager                            BT Radianz
Brian        Hyndman           Senior Vice President, Nasdaq Transaction Services   NASDAQ OMX Group
Craig        Inglis            Associate Director                                   Bear Stearns
Richard      Jacobi            Vice President                                       Citigroup Global Markets
Francia      Jean-Louis        Account Manager                                      AMEX
Greg         Jones             Lead Design Analyst                                  NYSE Euronext
Tom          Jordan            Chairman - Advisory Committee                        Financial Information Forum
Ron          Jordan            Executive Vice President                             NYSE Euronext
Bala         Kacham            Manager                                              Thomson Market Data
Dave         Kagel             Vice President                                       Thomson Tradeweb
David        Kaszovitz         NY Sales Manager                                     Spryware
Eileen       Kelly             Account Manager                                      NYSE Euronext
Jocelyn      Killeen           Vice President                                       Thomson Market Data
Manisha      Kimmel            Executive Director                                   Financial Information Forum
Bill         Kimmel            Vice President                                       ThoughtWorks
Gary         Kotovets                                                               Bloomberg
Rajesh       Kuwar             Vice President                                       Citigroup Global Markets
Katherine    Lajoie Malik      Director                                             NYSE Euronext
Martha       Larkins           Partner                                              IXPartners
Bill         Lee               Vice President                                       Morgan Stanley
David        Leichner                                                               BluePhoenix
Opher        Lekach            Senior Vice President                                Citigroup Global Markets
William      Li                Market Data Consultant                               Jordan & Jordan
Karen        Lorentz           Managing Director, Operations Planning               NYSE Euronext
Kate         Lucas             Senior Real-Time Exchange Administrator              FactSet Research Systems
Michael      Lurie             Vice President                                       JP Morgan Securities
Mahesh       Madhyastha        Technical Director                                   SIAC
Srini        Masanam           Managing Director                                    NYSE Euronext
Greg         Maynard           International Securities Exchange                    ISE
Leo          McBlain           Chairman                                             Financial Information Forum
Paul         McCaffery         Senior Recruiter - Talent Acquisition                Thomson Market Data
Kathy        McGovern          Director                                             Jordan & Jordan
Patricia     McHale            Director                                             Fidelity Investments
Tom          McKenna           Senior Project Manager                               Thomson Market Data
Emilio       Mercado           VP Institutional DataFeed Products                   Thomson Market Data
Barbara      Miller            SVP, Global Head of Exchange Traded Data             Reuters
Debbie       Mittelman         Senior Product Manager                               Townsend Analytics
Richard      Murphy            General Manager                                      ASX
Matthew      Murray            Director of Operations                               Charles Schwab
Ron          Myers             Product Manager                                      Reuters
David        Newman            Market Data Specialist                               Reuters
Jon          Normile           Vice President                                       Goldman Sachs Execution & Clearing
Jim          Northey           Partner                                              The LaSalle Technology Group
Gerard       O' Hara           Enterprise Account Manager                           Intel Corporation
Michael      O'Conor           Director                                             Jordan & Jordan
Oscar        Onyema            SVP and Chief Administrative Officer                 AMEX
David        O'Shea            FSI Relationship Manager                             Intel Corporation
Bill         Panzarino         VP Global Wealth Management                          Reuters
Vincent      Patrizio          First Vice President                                 Merrill Lynch
Harold       Phillips          Technical Account Manager                            AMEX
Harshad      Pitkar            Project Manager                                      SIG
Valentina    Rabinovich        Managing Director                                    NYSE Euronext
Marilee      Radecki           Associate Director, Market Data Operations           CME Group
Paul         Radovanovich                                                           Lehman Brothers
Shlok        Rastogi           Business Analyst                                     Citigroup Global Markets
Greg         Reisert           Managing Director                                    NYSE Euronext
Kenneth      Richmond          Managing Director                                    Citigroup Global Markets

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                 Attendee List: FIF Industry Consolidation Event, Hosted by Thomson Financial

First Name   Last Name         Title                                                      Company
Thomas       Riley             Marketing & Product Management                             Fidessa
Ralston      Roberts           SVP, Equities Product Management                           Sungard BRASS
Dodo         Roberts           Corporate Center, IT Infrastructure (ITI), User Services   UBS
Jason        Rodner            Director, transaction Services                             AMEX
Taryn        Rosenthal         Industry Consultant                                        Jordan & Jordan
Bernice      Rothstein         Global Markets Equities Compliance, Director               Deutsche Bank
Chetan       Roy               Vice President                                             Citigroup Global Markets
Charles      Rupprecht         QA                                                         Bear Stearns
Janet        Santasieri        Partner                                                    IXPartners
Mark         Schaedel          Vice President                                             NYSE Euronext
Tracy        Scott             Associate Director                                         Bear Stearns
Akiba        Scroggins         Associate Director, Economic Research                      NASDAQ OMX Group
Antoine      Shagoury          Executive Vice President, Chief Information Officer        AMEX
Arsalan      Shahid            FIF Program Office                                         Financial Information Forum
Rich         Shriver           Director                                                   Jordan & Jordan
Maureen      Siles             VP - Global Head of IDN Capacity                           Reuters
Amit         Singh             Senior Business Analyst                                    Senior Business Analyst
Nikhil       Singhvi           Director                                                   Citigroup Global Markets
Mark         Sinner            VP - Production Management                                 Lehman Brothers
Jeff         Soule             Head of Market Data                                        ISE
Miriam       Soza              Direct - Market Data Architecture & Engineeri              Merrill Lynch
Ron          Sterbenz          Director of Financial Products                             SAVVIS
Chris        Stiriz            Product Manager, Data Feed Direct                          Reuters
Jim          Sudol             Industry Consultant                                        Jordan & Jordan
Lisa         Taikitsadaporn                                                               Brook Path Partners
Eliza        Tam               Vice President                                             Lehman Brothers
Ellen        Tam               Sr. Account Manager                                        NYSE Euronext
John         Tarleton          Compliance Officer                                         Lava Trading
Cynthia      Tazioli           Head of Sales, US Providers                                BT Radianz
Melanie      Tekirian          Vice President, Trading Solutions & Integrat               Fidelity Investments
Johan        Toll                                                                         NASDAQ OMX Group
Jeanne       Tomlinson         Product Manager                                            Thomson Market Data
Rich         Urian             Managing Director                                          TD Ameritrade
Alicia       VanDeVeer         Global Exchange Manager                                    SAVVIS
Bruce        VanMeter          Vice President                                             JP Morgan Chase
MaryLou      Von Kaenel        Director                                                   Jordan & Jordan
Leo          Vozel             Director                                                   Jordan & Jordan
Caroline     Wainaina          Program Manager / IE PMO                                   Thomson Financial
David        Warm              Vice President                                             Merrill Lynch
Sabrina      Whiteman          Associate Director                                         AMEX
George       Wolf              Equities Execution IT                                      UBS
Thomas       Wong              Consulting Engineer                                        JP Morgan Chase
Tina         Woo               Senior Counsel, Law Group                                  Royal Bank of Canada
Melissa      Woolley           VP - Product Management                                    Merrill Lynch
Steve        Wunsch                                                                       ISE
Hilal        Yurukcu           Manager                                                    Fidelity Investments

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