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          Leading Wireless Service Provider Tomizone Deploys
                           Altai Super Wi-Fi

Hong Kong, May 27, 2009 – Altai Technologies Limited, a leading outdoor Super Wi-Fi
solution provider announced today that Tomizone, the largest Wi-Fi service provider in
Australasia chose Altai Technologies as its preferred Metro Wi-Fi solution partner.
Tomizone’s first installation was at the Viaduct in Auckland, New Zealand which is a
popular marina area with bars, restaurants, hotel and other tourist attractions.

The Altai A8 was deployed by Tomizone and outperformed another network installed for
similar coverage purposes. Not only did the coverage stretch far beyond the other
network, the ultimate test was "usability" whereby an iPhone could be easily used to
access Internet services at a great distance away from the Altai Super WiFi base station
installed in the Auckland CBD.

"We're very impressed with the results of how the Altai A8 performed in our ‘Wi-Fi noisy’
CBD environment to provide a viable Metro Wi-Fi node that our customers can use,"
said Steve Simms, CEO of Tomizone. "Our Tomizone Service Platform integrated into
the Altai infrastructure seamlessly which is good news for anyone that wants to run a
sustainable and profitable Metro Wi-Fi service."

Altai’s innovative Super Wi-Fi solution vastly improves the non-line-of-sight Wi-Fi signal
coverage, providing a reliable and cost-effective wireless solution to operators and
service providers. “We are pleased to partner with Tomizone and expand our market
reach to Australasia,” said Chi-hung Lin, President & CEO of Altai Technologies. “We
are committed to bringing the latest wireless technologies to our customers. The Altai
Super Wi-Fi Solution integrates perfectly with Tomizone to bring high speed, reliable Wi-
Fi services to people in Auckland.”

The Altai A8 has adopted the beam-forming as well as smart antenna signal processing
technologies to increase the average signal-to-noise ratio to improve the signal coverage
and data throughput performance. Steve adds, "The Altai A8 combined with Tomizone
offers a superior service to customers which provides better coverage, drives repeat
business and requires minimal end user support – all factors that make Metro Wi-Fi

About Tomizone

Tomizone is a global company headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand with offices in
Sydney and Bangalore and is the largest provider of Wi-Fi Hotspots in Australasia with
over 12,000 Hotspots and Wi-Fi Zones in the region along with connectivity to over 2,000
Hotspots in China.

Tomizone provides turnkey Wi-Fi Hotspot and Metro Wi-Fi Zone solutions in the
consumer, small business, enterprise and service provider sectors utilising the Tomizone
Proprietary Billing Service Platform, which governs Internet usage and payments.
Tomizone enabled Wi-Fi hardware is ISP agnostic and lets anyone share a broadband
connection securely and make money from it by becoming a Tomizone Wi-Fi Hotspot or
Wi-Fi Zone. Tomizone is providing sustainable Metro Wi-Fi solutions for any service
provider, company or community that want the easiest interconnected billing system with
robust Wi-Fi access provided by Altai.

For more information, please visit www.tomizone.com

About Altai Technologies

Altai Technologies is a high technology company focused on the design, development
and marketing of innovative outdoor wireless broadband solutions. Its flagship product,
the A8 Super WiFi base station, is being deployed throughout the world in outdoor
environments. Altai’s award-winning base station dramatically improves the Wi-Fi signal
coverage while minimizing interference from other signals broadcasting within the
2.4GHz unlicensed frequency spectrum.

The A8 Super WiFi base station has been proven in both urban and remote application
in various regions and countries, including cities in the US, China, Malaysia, Cambodia,
Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asian-Pacific countries.

For more information, please visit www.altaitechnologies.com

For media enquiries, please contact

Steve Simms
Tel    : +64 21 558 485
Email : steve@tomizone.com

Altai Technologies
Annie Loi
Tel    : +852 2116 8087
Email : annieloi@altaitechnologies.com

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