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Leadership Enhancement Programme


									                                                                           Appendix 2a

              Leadership Enhancement Programme

The Education Bureau (EDB) has launched the Support Measures for the
Exceptionally Gifted Students Scheme to help nurture and develop the potential and
talents of the exceptionally gifted students through enhancement programmes for
them and parallel support for their parents and teachers.

For the past six years, more than 6,000 secondary students with outstanding
performance/potential in leadership, mathematics, sciences or humanities have
joined the Scheme through seven territory-wide school nomination exercises to
participate in the various enhancement programmes under the Scheme. Over 50
multifarious enhancement programmes, exchanges, competitions, etc. are organised
annually for the exceptionally gifted students, their parents and teachers. These
activities were co-organised with tertiary institutions and associated organisations
while some of them were university-based credit-bearing courses or territory-wide
events and competitions. For details, please visit “Summary of Activities” and
“Activity Snapshot” at the website

Programme Description
The Leadership Enhancement Programme features a series of systematic training
activities, meeting the needs and attributes of students exhibiting exceptional
leadership talents. The Programme aims at fostering students’ whole person
development, strengthening their knowledge and skills in leadership, etc. The
Programme will also offer students the opportunities to serve other people and the
community at large, and enable them to enjoy learning, enhance their effectiveness in
communication and develop their creativity and sense of commitment.

     To   foster    students’   creativity,   thinking,   organisational   skills   and
     problem-solving skills;
     To enhance their leadership and communication competencies, cultivate
     positive values and an initiative learning attitude thereby promoting their
     personal and social development; and
     To facilitate their leadership development, deepen their social and cultural
     understanding of their motherland and strengthen their sense of commitment to
     serving the society.
A wide range of training programmes catered for students under the Leadership
Enhancement Programme includes (all training programmes will be conducted in

    Thematic Seminars and Sharing Sessions                Leadership Enhancement and Social
                                                          Services Project
    HKSAR Government and Leadership Training              Cultural Studies and Exchange
                                                          Leadership and Professional Endeavors
    New Generation Leadership Training
                                                          (University Course)

Once accepted by the Scheme, student members can apply for programmes
according to their own specialties and interests. Training programmes will
generally be scheduled on Saturdays or in school holidays and the details will be
released on the website of the Scheme around two to four weeks before the start of
the programmes. Interested student members should download the application
form and submit it to us on or before the deadline of each programme. Student
members should take the initiative to visit our website on the designated dates to
check the enrolment result.

Target Participants

Students at S3 or above who demonstrate:

    high potential or exceptional ability in leadership
    exemplary personal qualities
    a strong sense of responsibility and commitment to serving Hong Kong and the

Enrolment Procedure

1. School Nomination
      Based on the listed target criteria and checklists of the School Nomination
      Form for the Leadership Enhancement Programme, each school may
      nominate TWO most suitable students at S3 or above (especially S3 or S4
      students) for the Scheme. (For supernumerary nomination, schools may
      duplicate the relevant school nomination form and mark ‘Supernumerary
      Nomination’ in red on the cover of the form, and provide
      recommendations for Supernumerary Nomination by the Principal in
      Part B of the School Nomination Form.)
       Completed School Nomination Forms, together with necessary documents,
       should reach the Support Measures for the Exceptionally Gifted Students
       Scheme, Room E326, East Block, EDB Kowloon Tong Education Services
       Centre, 19 Suffolk Road, Kowloon Tong by MAIL or by HAND on or
       before Friday, 12 October 2007.

2. Screening Assessment
      Student nominees will be invited to attend the screening activities scheduled
      for 24 November, 1, 8, 15, or 22 December 2007 (Saturdays) and they
      should visit the aforementioned website on 17 November 2007 (Saturday)
      to check the screening activities scheduled for individual domains. (For
      students being absent from the screening activities without good reasons,
      their nomination would not be considered.)
       Students having passed the screening tests would be selected to join the
       Scheme as the beneficiaries of the Leadership Enhancement Programme and
       be eligible to participate in various training activities.
   Responsible Unit: Gifted Education Section, Curriculum Development Institute,
   Enquiry     : 3698 3494 / 3698 3499           Fax No.     : 2490 4730
   Website     :     Email       :
   Date        : September 2007

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