ICT Applications for the Public Sector Global Perspectives and by tcu11291


									    ICT Applications for the Public Sector
    Global Perspectives and Lessons Learned

                                     Shabih Ali Mohib
                         Washington DC, April 23, 2008
    The Problem

       Government of Mongolia not able to:
        –   Assert central control over finances
        –   Execution of expenditures delayed
        –   Significant arrears in goods and services
        –   No consolidated reporting on government financial
            position to MoF
        –   Significant leakages – evidence of double payments
            to service providers
        –   No cross-check on revenue collections
        The Proposed Solution

       Implement a countrywide integrated Government Financial
        Management Information System and electronic payment
        settlement system

         –   Unified chart of accounts (planning reporting)
         –   Treasury Single Account (cash consolidation)
         –   Debt management

       Improve budget execution, have auditable and undeletable
        transaction information, reconcile in real-time checks issued and
        checks cleared, and provide tools for moving funds across country
        in real time
        Problems Encountered

       Legacy system push back

       Limited in-house expertise at MoF to manage systems

       Contractor changing core team members frequently causing
        delays on time-lines

       Higher than anticipated change management and training
        needs --- and post deployment support

        ….. BUT

       High level buy in from management of MoF – State Secretary
        Finance key champion

       GFMIS was thought as a Government initiative rather than a
        Bank “experiment”

       Mongolian staff highly skilled in mathematics and
        engineering and thus had ability to learn to operate

        Advise to Task Teams

       From the beginning, design the project together with Government –
        solution has to be client owned and driven with senior level buy-in,
        and mid-to-technical level support

       Effective implementation support is costly from the Bank side and
        ensure project BB budget is appropriately resourced

       System Go-Live time is VERY tricky and many problems
        encountered – need to ensure adequate support for 1-yr after go-

       It takes about 2 fiscal year cycles for government to appreciate the
        benefits of system so make sure post deployment support is
        provided – GOM calculated a 3 year pay back for project

       Need to continuous dialogue with technical staff from client

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