Google Reader setup by rtu18834


									Setting up an account with:                    Reader
1. Go to
  Note: This reader is the best for
  quick sharing, but you may want
  to check the privacy settings first.

 Anyone using Gmail has full access to
 Google Reader already set up
 with sharing options available
 through your contacs, especially
 anyone also using Google Reader

  To set up a separate account to keep
  Google Reader separate from Gmail,
  set up a Google Account here
  (you can use a kentlaw e-mail here)

 2. Fill in the Form:
    the e-mail you enter
    will be the username

  If you’re setting it up for
  faculty, unclick these options

 3. Check your e-mail
    to get validation link:

 4. All set - ready to start adding content!

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