HOWTO Using Google Reader by rtu18834


									           HOWTO: Using Google Reader


This HOWTO helps new users to effectively use google reader - an
online RSS reader.

RSS stands for really simple syndication. It is like a customized
newspaper. You can subscribe to websites you like, and anytime
they are updated, you will see the changes on your RSS feed.


1) type in the following URL:


2) If you have not registered with google, please do so, and then
3) If you have registered with google, please login.

4) Note the Google Reader screen
The parts of Google Reader - your subscriptions

These are your subscriptions
They can be individual sites
or groups of sites.

It's probably a good idea to put
your RSS feeds into groups.
Notice below an example:

You can quickly see how many new
sites you've seen since your last visit.

 Clicking on a       expands the view on
a group.
The parts of Google Reader - main viewing area.

This is where you will actually
see your websites. You will only
see a snippet of the actual news item.

Here is an example.
On the website Educational
Technology and Life there
is an article about parental
internet safety.

To read the full story, simply
click on the title of the story.

Here's a list of stories from my
group of educational_technology!

You can see when the story was
posted, where it was posted, and a
small summary.

Note the top of the screen, where you can
adjust the viewing preferences.
The parts of Google Reader - help area.

You have a wide range
of keyboard shortcuts
available for your use
on Google Reader.

This makes moving
through Reader much

Here are some examples of the help section. Very handy.
Subscribing to websites

Click on the                                                            add subscription link.

There are a couple of ways to find a site. You can search for a
website or copy and paste a feed url (see below for feed url)

A range of websites will return, all having the                    button. Simply click the button to add the
site to your list of websites!

There are literally hundreds of thousands of different
websites...many of the more popular sites are listed in bundles.

Click the                  and check out the bundles....
Managing subscriptions

With 10 or 11 subscriptions, things will be relatively simple. But
with 100's of subscriptions, things get tricky.

On the lower left bottom note the                    link. Clicking
this will take you to your managing subscriptions page!

When you click on a website feed, you can do several things:

We can assign it a tag (category). We can unsubscribe to the feed. We can remove the feed.
Clicking on the Tags tab lets you manage your tags. A tag is the
same thing as a category.

You can grab groups of tags, which is helpful.

The big feature in the "tags" tab is sharing your sites with other people. This can get a little confusing, so
here goes...

Let's say you have a really good collection of web sites about the history of Pelicans. If you want to, you
can share your collection so other people can see your websites. Pretty nifty, huh?

The Goodies tab is a way to enhance your google reader.

To be honest, I don't see a ton of really
insanely good stuff here.
Importing and exporting your reader list.

This is advanced, but if you want to
 export your list (maybe to back it up?)
you can do it here.


This controls some behavior for reader
Pretty self-explainatory.

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