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									Job description
and person specification
 Part A: details of post

Division    FSANI                                       Branch / unit   Food Hygiene, Standards and Incidents

Job title   Senior Executive Officer - Food Hygiene, Standards             Grade    SEO
            and Incidents

Salary range    £ 29,867 to £ 39,046 p.a.                                Location   Belfast

Reports to: Job title      Head of Food Hygiene, Incidents and             Grade    G7

Reports on: (number of staff by grade)      0

Conditions (e.g. full time, secondment)     Full time

Reference number (to be completed by HR Recruitment)       SEO/940

 Part B: job description
Organisational position:


HR 29 (Rev. 5/09)
 Provide an overview of current challenges impacting on the role, upcoming issues / events that the branch is
 likely to experience, divisional objectives

 The post will have specific responsibility for supporting food, feed and environmental incidents and emergencies. The
 post holder will be required to lead on incidents in line with agreed protocols and procedures and participate in the
 achievement of FSA strategic targets in relation to incidents and incident prevention. The post holder will be required to
 establish effective relationships with a wide range of key stakeholders both within the Agency and externally with
 enforcement authorities and with other Government Departments including the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI)
 in the Republic of Ireland.

 The post holder will also support the development and delivery of policy initiatives across a range of work areas
 relating to food hygiene and standards. This will include contributing to relevant areas of a major review of the Food
 Law Code of Practice and to relevant projects within the Food Hygiene Delivery Programme, set up to implement the
 recommendations of the Welsh E.coli public enquiry.

Job purpose:
 Provide a brief overview of the main purpose of the post
        To lead on handling specific food, feed and environmental incidents and emergencies, providing advice and
         suggested actions from lead divisions to local enforcement authorities and other stakeholders.
        To work effectively with local authorities, other government departments and industry to promote the
         effective delivery of food safety enforcement in relevant areas. The postholder will therefore be required
         to establish effective relationships with a wide range of key stakeholders both within the Agency and
         externally, with enforcement authorities and other Government Departments including FSAI in the Republic of
        To work effectively with team members to deliver the work of the Unit Business Plan
        To work with others in the Food Safety and Enforcement Division, and the wider Agency, to ensure that
         guidance, training and advice to key stakeholders is consistent and coordinated.
        Be flexible to meet business needs, and input into the business planning process and prioritisation and
         delivery of the work of the Unit.

Key responsibilities:
 List duties and responsibilities
 The post holder will be required, with the support of the Head of Unit, to:
      Take responsibility for dealing with the practical day-to-day handling of food incidents, involving
          considerable liasion with other Government Departments, Local Authorities, Industry, scientific
          colleagues in FSA London and the public. You will be expected to participate in the Agency’s out-of-
          hours rota for incidents.
      Responding to both UK and European notifications of food incidents.
      Contributing to the development of policy on handling food incidents.
      Participating in Incident Reviews.
      Liaison with other Agency divisions and other Government Departments regarding matters relating to
          food safety, including the provision of advice and guidance as necessary.
      Keeping abreast of legislative, technical and professional developments in food safety.
      Exercising good professional judgement, determining courses of action and making sound decisions.
      Maintaining accurate records of individual food incidents and on other food related matters.
      Representing the Agency at meetings as required.
      Contributing to the review of the Code of Practice and the Food Hygiene Delivery Programme, set up to
          implement the recommendations of the Welsh E.coli public enquiry.
      As necessary - contribute to the preparation of submissions and provision of advice to Ministers and
          relevant committees of the NI Assembly, respond to Ministerial correspondence and draft Ministerial
          responses to Assembly Questions.

HR 29 (Rev. 5/09)
 Part C: person specification
    For posts from AA to Grade 6 level, the Agency’s Core Competency Framework applies. This can be viewed at

    For posts at Grade 7 and above, the Professional Skills for Government also apply. These can be viewed at:

Essential criteria
 Highlight any aspects of these competency frameworks that are particularly important to the post
 1. Analysis and Use of Evidence:
     Proven experience of producing timely information and evidence that is fit for purpose, and proposing
      solutions and recommendations based on sound evidence and analysis.
     Demonstrable evidence of an understanding of the validity, relevance and limitations of different sources of
     Proven experience of engaging with relevant experts to gather and evaluate evidence.

 2. Communication
     Proven written and oral communication skills demonstrating the ability to communicate clearly and concisely
      with individuals or groups, listening, understanding and adapting to different audiences.
     Demonstrable experience of influencing partners/stakeholders and working to reconcile diverse views.
     Proven experience of producing logical and concise reports with clear conclusions or recommendations.

 3. Collaborative Working:
     Proven interpersonal and negotiation skills.
     Proven experience of working collaboratively and operating as an effective team member.
     Demonstrable experience of developing and encouraging business relationships between individuals, teams
      and business units inside, and outwith, the organisation.

 4. Delivering Results:
     Proven experience of producing effective results under pressure.
     Demonstrable experience of displaying initiative in managing work outcomes, opportunities and dialogues.
     Demonstrable evidence of measuring results objectively.

 5. Know How:
     Demonstrable evidence of an understanding of delivery mechanisms and knowledge of how to deliver policy
      outcomes on the ground.
     Proven experience of building and maintaining networks with own and other disciplines to keep up to date
      and to improve how consumers and stakeholders requirements are met.
     A relevant qualification / certification or signifiant equivalent experience in a similar role in a complex

Desirable criteria

      1. Knowledge of food law and its implementation.
      2. Understanding of the political structures in NI and experience of working in an all island context.

HR 29 (Rev. 5/09)
 Please provide any notes or conditions relating to the post
 Ability to undertake travel across the UK and the Republic of Ireland

For further information on the role and the work of the branch, please contact:

Line manager:       Susanne Boyd                                                  on   020 7276

HR 29 (Rev. 5/09)

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