Label Matrix Setup Quick Guide

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					                        How to install “Label Matrix 7.0” Software

                                                                                         Sentinel Key
1. Insert the Sentinel Key to Printer Port..

2. Place ‘Label Matrix’ CD disk into CD ROM ,                 Connect to Printer Port
   Then select [Programs]-[Accessories]-[Windows Explorer].
3. Select CD Rom Drive (e.g.: D:\ , E:\ … )
4. Move the mouse cursor to the icon of CD Rom, then right click, Select “Open File ”.
5. Run ..\Products \LMW32 \Setup.exe                                    1                               2

6. Select a language.   (pic 1.)
   e.g : U.S.English

7. Enter the 25 Character product code, (pic 2)
  (The code can be found on the back of the CD Case ),
   Then press ‘Continue’ key.                                               3                           4

8. Select the installation path, then press ‘Next’.(pic 3)

9. Continue to press ‘Next’ key until the screen of the ‘Backup file’
   appeared, then select the path , press ‘Next.
    (pic 4)                                                                 5                               6

10.Enter the registered owner’s information ,
   press ‘Next’ (pic 5)

11.Test and install the Sentinel Key Driver to the computer.
   then press ‘Next’ .(pic 6)                                               7                               8

12.Press ‘Finish’ to complete the installation.
    (pic 7)

13.Select the ‘Label Matrix’ from the [Programs]-[Strand Ware] when use..(pic 8)

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