KGH Congress held in Belgrade, Serbia gathering plenty of by rtu18834


     January 2007                                                                    Issue No.4

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• “KGH” Congress is held in in          for HVAC professionals, contractors, engineers and specifiers.
Belgrade gathering professionals
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• Carrier Hellas Product Launch
hi-wall system from Carrier
                                    “KGH” Congress held in Belgrade, Serbia gathering plenty
                                   of professionals and HVAC Systems specialists
• New Training Centre Launched
                                   Every December “KGH” Congress is held in Sava Center in Belgrade,
                                   Serbia. This year’s, 37th congress on the 6th - 8th December continued
                                   with the tradition of gathering domestic professionals and specialists
                                   from many foreign countries. Among the programme sponsors were the
                                   International Institute of Refrigeration and the American Society of
                                   Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).
                                   The Congress thematic fields reflected the problems that energy
                                   engineers, producers and experts deal with, such as energy efficiency,
                                   district heating, refrigerating equipment and renewable sources.
                                   Being the biggest event for HVAC&R in the region with more then 150
Useful Internet Links              exhibitors, it was a great opportunity for Carrier Hellas to introduce a
                                   new representative for Serbia.

Carrier Hellas Web Site


Carrier Worldwide Web Site

                                   The whole congress was opened by Mr. Predrag Filipovic from Grappa-
                                   Carrier company from Belgrade. Mr. Atallah Musleh had the greeting
                                   address underlining the significance of the Carrier presence in Serbia
                                   expressing hopes Grappa -Carrier will greatly contribute in the expansion
                                   of the market share of this company.
                                   On a first day there was a introductory sessions about energy efficiency
                                   and heat energy production and cogeneration. On day two,the sessions
Contact us at                      addressed the air and heating systems issues and district heating             systems.
for any technical information
The welcome party was also organized by the firm Grappa for all the
congress participants.
Grappa's desk drew a lot of attention and was visited by more than 500
potential clients during the 3 days event.

Green apples were given out with a quiz questions to all customers passing by.
QUESTION : What is the relation between the Carrier Blue Logo and the Green apples?
Reply: Ecological, Clean Environment, Freshness.

Carrier Bulgaria _ Service Training in Sofia

Two Service Training were held in Sofia, by Carrier Bulgaria, during last
year as follows:
Carrier Service Training took place in October and covered:
       * Water Hydronic Systems
       * 30RA/RH/ RB service training
       * Controls simulation
       * Visit to an operating system for on hands training
Toshiba Service Training took place in November and covered:
                                       * Introduction of SMMS & Mini SMMS
                                       * Piping design
                                       * PMV Kit and SW08
                                       * Controls
                                       * Visit to an operating system for on hands training
                                The participants were service and sales engineers, from 10 different
                                companies from all over the country. Certificates were issued from
                                those who successfully participated on the training sessions.

                                X-POWER DIAMOND_ New Carrier Hi-Wall System

Contact us at
                                Innovative and unique concept of DFS indoor unit. Vertical orientation,
for any technical information
                                it can be mounted on the wall or in a corner. It has been developed
                                following extensive research on end users, both Residential and Light
                                Commercial, that have indicated desire for attractive units or hidden
                                units. Diamond can satisfy both needs. No other unit in the market can
                                be compared.

                                It comes in a soft Ivory color, but it has colored panels available as
                                accessories. They can be easily fitted and are all in very modern and
                                stylish nuances.
                                The indoor unit can be matched with both mono CDU and Multi. The
                                System is an XPower Inverter, delivering A class in cooling and heating.
                                Exclusively developed by Carrier design centers to address the need of
                                attractive aesthetics, combined with state-of-the-art Inverter
                                       • New, unique and advanced design indoor unit: vertically
                                       mountable on wall and in the corner.
                                       • Different front panel color options available as accessories
                                       • Standard unit color: ivory
                                       • Color panel options: aluminum, coral, artic blue
                                       • Size 9k and 12k, Hp
                                       • XPower Dc Inverter, A/A class
                                       • 2 fan motors for optimal air distribution
                                       • Active carbon filter and Electro-static filter
                                       • Mono and Multi application
                                       • Very easy to install
                                       • All data are Eurovent certified
                                       • All models are UL Demko certified for safety and CE
                                 Except than its innovative design the installation is simplified. The unit
                                 can be mounted in a single or two walls and the refrigerant piping can
                                 be connected as indicated below:

                                The new product codes are listed below with outdoor unit matching:

                                TECHNICAL DATA SHEET
                                The tables below show detailed data and performances:

                                More information about indoor and outdoor units data are listed below:

Contact us at
for any technical information
                                   Carrier BSS EMEA Training Centre

                                   Carrier has founded a new training centre fully to support knowledge to
                                   engineers, technicians and HVAC Designers. The Carrier BSS EMEA
                                   Training Centre is located to: I.U.T Bourg – 71 rue Peter Fink – 01000
                                   Bourg en Bresse – France.
                                   Building professional and HVAC engineers are being challenged to
                                   provide more sustainable energy efficient buildings. Global warming and
                                   escalating energy price impacts HVAC system design. To choose the
                                   right product for the right application it may be tricky.
                                   The need for knowledge update on new applications and new
Contact us at                      technologies on commercial products such as Packaged Chillers,
                                   Terminals, Air Handling Units is increasing. Training courses are being             held to facilitate the everyday job for building designers, application and
for any technical information      sales engineers .
                                   Selection Software like Hourly Anallysis Program, Chiller System
                                   Optimizer are the tools for analyzing the performance and economics of
                                   buildings and plant application systems.
                                   To learn more information about Training Course Agenda for 2007
                                   period, please contact

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