Agenda of workshop on Efficiency and Load Shifting Opportunities

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					  Agenda of workshop on “Efficiency and Load Shifting Opportunities in Heating
              Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) Systems”
              Date: 18 December 2009 - Timing 9:30 AM to 6 PM

Venue: Exchange Plaza, NSE Auditorium, Ground Floor, National Stock Exchange,
        Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra (East), Mumbai - 400 051

Timing        Topic                                         Panel/speakers
09:30 AM to   Registration
10:00 AM
10:00 AM to   Inaugural session
10:30 AM
              Workshop background (HVAC systems in          Dr. Mahesh Patankar, MERC
              the context of demand-side management         DSM Consultant
              programs) and agenda
              Introductory remarks                          Mr. Banmali Agrawala, Executive
                                                            Director, Tata Power
              Keynote address                               Mr. V. P. Raja, Chairman, MERC
              Vote of thanks                                Mr. Ashok Sethi, Vice President,
                                                            Tata Power
10:30 AM to   Session I: Energy efficiency in Central       Session Chairman: Mr. Ashok
11:30 AM      ACs                                           Sethi, Tata Power
              Challenges and opportunities in HVAC          Mr. Shishir Athale, Sudnya Energy
              systems                                       Services Limited
              Case study: Efficiency optimization           Mr. Sri Chari, Online Energy
              through control systems                       Manager
              Case study: Retrofitting central HVAC         Mr. Joydeep Mukherjee, Voltas
              system                                        Limited
11:30 AM to   Refreshments break
11:45 AM
11:45 AM to   Session II: Thermal Storage in                Session Chairman: Mr. S. B.
01:00 PM      Commercial HVAC                               Kulkarni, Member, MERC
              Thermal storage technologies and brief        Ms. Arti Kemkar, Director,
              case studies                                  Kehems Systems
              Thermal storage technologies and brief        Mr. Girish Dandur, Greencon
              case studies
              Case study: Thermal storage installation at   Mr. Sunil Pote, Deputy City
              Gadkari Rangayatan, Thane                     Engineer, Thane Municipal
              Case study: Thermal storage installation at   Mr. Mahesh Haldipur and Mr.
              National Stock Exchange, BKC                  Kiran Dusane, National Stock
01:00 PM to   Lunch
02:00 PM

02:00 PM to   Session III: EE opportunities in home      Session Chairman: Mr. V. L.
03:00 PM      systems                                    Sonavane, Member, MERC
              BEE standards & labelling initiative       Mr. Manas Kundu, ICPCI
              EE opportunities in ceiling fans           Mr. Daljit Singh, Prayas Energy
              Case studies in energy efficiency HVAC     Mr. Shirish Deshpande, Energetic
              home applications                          Consulting
03:00 PM to   Session IV: Solar ACs and emerging         Session Chairman: Mr. Sanjay
04:00 PM      HVAC technologies                          Sethi, Secretary, MERC
              Heat exchanger coupled with air-           Prof. Milind Rane, IIT-Bombay
              conditioning systems
              Solar air-conditioning systems             Mr. Gunjan Rustagi, Thermax
              Variable Refrigerant Volume case study     Mr. Manas Kundu, ICPCI
04:00 PM to   Refreshments break
04:15 PM
04:15 PM to   Session V: Typologies of utility-driven    Session Chairman: Prof. Rangan
05:00 PM      DSM programs in HVAC sector                Banerjee, IIT-Bombay
              Presentation on possible programs in       Utility representative
              thermal storage and central HVAC systems
              Presentation on possible programs in the   Utility representative
              home systems
05:00 PM to   Panel discussion on EE and demand-
5:45 PM       shifting opportunities in HVAC sector:
              Proposed panel:
              Mr. V. P. Raja, Chairman, MERC;
              Mr. V. L. Sonavane, Member, MERC;
              Mr. Anup Mondal, Vice President,
              Reliance Infrastructure
              Mr. Ashok Sethi, Vice President (License
              Area Operation)
              Mr. Arvind Mulay, Deputy General
              Manager, BEST Undertaking
              Prof. Rangan Banerjee, IIT-Bombay; Mr.
              Daljit Singh, Prayas Energy Group;
              Summing up by Mr. Sanjay Sethi,
              Secretary, MERC
              Vote of thanks                             Utility representative