May meeting will feature ductless HVAC systems by rtu18834


									                                    Remodeler Miami Valley                                        May 2008

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May meeting will feature ductless HVAC systems
    In today’s world temperature          ents don’t think about beyond the       and a college professor.
control in buildings isn’t a luxury. A    critical: How much will it affect my        At the NARI meeting Tod will
key component of any home or busi-        utility bills? They include: How will   provide a basic look at the technol-
ness is the heating and air condition-    it look? Is it noisy? How reliable is   ogy of ductless split systems, with
ing system, and that will be the sub-     it? What are the maintenance costs      a focus on energy efficiency. His
ject of the educational presentation      and issues?                             presentation will examine the prop-
at the May lunch meeting of Miami              At the meeting NARI members        er application of these systems in
Valley NARI on Tuesday, May 27, at        will get answers to these and other     the remodeling industry. Common
the Holiday Inn Dayton South.             questions as they apply to ductless     concerns of aesthetics, sound levels,
    In selecting an HVAC system           split systems.                          comfort, and economy will all be
there are a few questions most cli-            The featured speaker will be Tod   covered.
                                          Heath, Miller Component Sales,              The meeting will start with net-
                                          Westerville. Tod, who has been with     working at 11:00 am on May 27.
  Coming Events                           the company for more than 20 years,     To make lunch reservations call the
                                          has provided training in heating and    NARI office at 937-222-6274 or
     May CEU Breakfast                    air conditioning for groups and com-    send e-mail to
            Date & Time                   panies all over the Midwest. His            Register for this event and learn
      7:30 am, Tuesday, May 13            educational expertise comes from        how this exciting technology could
               Location                   years spent as a high school teacher    be a part of your next project!
      Holiday Inn Dayton South
    Dryden Road at I-75 exit 50A
      Concrete Staining, Sealing
             & Stamping
            Guest Speaker
              Gene Dean
        Elite Crete of Indiana
   $10 for certified NARI members
     $20 for other NARI member
     May Lunch Meeting
            Date & Time
     11:00 am, Tuesday, May 27
      Holiday Inn Dayton South
    Dryden Road at I-75 exit 50A
    Ductless Split HVAC Systems
           Guest Speaker
              Tod Heath
       Miller Component Sales
                                          CEO series launched with legal presentation
                Cost                      Miami Valley NARI’s first event in the CEO Breakfast Series was held in
  $25 per person for NARI members         April. Shawn Blatt, Freund, Freeze & Arnold, spoke about such legal issues
                                          as insurance, notarized contracts, medical coverage, permit issues, and more.
Call MVNARI at 937-222-NARI, send         The CEO Breakfast series continues on June 19. Heather Craaybeek, RSVP
e-mail to, or reg-    Postcard Advertising, and Lori Klens, Market Smart Strategies will discuss
 ister on line at     advertising and lead tracking systems.
MVNARI continues to grow in 2008                                                               Rise in FLSA actions
    Miami Valley NARI contin-                           Weyrauch & Company, and The            may hit small busines
ues to show strong growth with 16                       Kohler Company.                             NARI’s national legal counsel,
new members added to the mem-                               The “8 in 2008” membership         Barnes & Thornberg, has issued a
ber role in the last six months,                        development campaign is still un-      bulletin warning members of a recent
bringing total membership to 159                        derway and will continue through       increase in legal actions under the
on May 1.                                               September. There’s still time for      Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).
    The chapter’s newest mem-                           everyone to earn cash--up to $1,200         The FLSA mandates that non-ex-
bers are Floorco of Southwest                           with a chance of winning $1,000        empt employees get paid:
Ohio, RiverValley Credit Union,                         more--by bringing new members          1) at least the federal minimum wage
Market Smart Strategies, Dimen-                         into NARI. Can membership reach        for all hours worked, and
sions Home Design Center, All                           175 by the end of the year? All        2) overtime pay at time and one-
Skill Services, Carr Supply Com-                        it would take is another 16 new        half the regular rate of pay for hours
                                                                                               worked over 40 in a workweek.
pany, Dayton Door Sales, DPS                            members in the next six months.
                                                                                                    FLSA claims usually allege mis-
Construction Technology Pro-                                You certainly deal with some
                                                                                               classifications of employees as exempt,
gram, Appliance Gallery, Hamil-                         suppliers or specialty contractors
                                                                                               failure to properly calculate overtime
ton Parker Company, Heatseek-                           who are not currently NARI mem-        pay, or failure to include compensable
ers, Marble & Granite Works, Mr.                        bers—but should be. Tell them          time in an employee’s hours.
Shower Door, RAVE-Reliable                              about the educational, network-             The upsurge in FLSA claims re-
Audio Video & Electronics, S.A.                         ing, and social benefits they will      sulted from what Barnes & Thorn-
                                                        receive and the status they will en-   berg characterized as “a perfect storm
      Miami Valley                                      joy as members.                        of related factors.”
 REMODELER                                                  The NARI office can provide              First, the Department of Labor
     The Miami Valley Remodeler is published by the     you with information and materi-       has recently strengthened enforce-
     Miami Valley Chapter of the National Association   als to help you tell the NARI story    ment efforts. According to the firm
     of the Remodeling Industry. Offices are located
     at 136 S. Keowee St., Dayton, OH 45402, (937)      to the good prospective members        the DOL concluded 31,987 compli-
     222-NARI (6274) or FAX: ( 937) 222-5794.           you know.                              ance actions and recovered more than
                  PRESIDENT                                                                    $171 million in back wages in fis-
            Tim Garrison, CR, CKD
          Home Towne Construction                                                              cal 2006. In 2007 the DOL collected
              VICE PRESIDENT                                    Our Mission                    $220,613,703 in back wages from
          John Bordenkircher, CKBR
                Kitchen Solvers                            As the authority in the             employers, the most it has ever col-
                 SECRETARY                                                                     lected, and a 67 percent increase over
            Peter Price, CR, CKBR                           remodeling industry,               its 2001 figure.
               Stillwater Builders                           Miami Valley NARI
                 TREASURER                                                                          In addition to more vigorous
                    John Field                              develops and sustains              federal enforcement there has also
                   The Islands                                                                 been a rash of private FLSA lawsuits
          CHAIRMAN of the BOARD                             programs that foster
                  Ray Bell, CR                                                                 filed over the last year by employees
     Greater Dayton Building & Remodeling                  ethical conduct, sound              seeking back pay, liquidated dam-
                  Debbie Fritz
                                                              business practices,              ages, attorney’s fees and court costs
           Main Street Construction                          and professionalism               under the FLSA. Such actions can
         Erich Eggers II, CKBR, CGR
                                                            by bringing together               be brought individually or by groups
           Remodeling Designs, Inc.                                                            of employees in collective or class
                 Richard Bush                                   contractors and
      Design Pro Construction & Hauling                                                        actions. Actions involving multiple
                   Teresa Hart                                  suppliers in the               plaintiffs can be devastating to an
          Grime Busters & Elite Crete
                    Mike Kline                            remodeling industry and              employer and regularly settle for mil-
                AccuClose, LLC                                                                 lions of dollars.
                                                          by serving as a resource
               Randy Light, CR                                                                      Finally, headlines touting sizeable
             Mad River Restoration                             for the home and                recoveries against larger employ-
                    Billy Brinck                                business owner.                ers have had a trickle-down effect to
           Ferguson Enterprises Inc.
                                                                                                               (Continued on page 3)
NARI opposes designer
certification legislation
     Representatives from NARI
were among those testifying against
HB 340, legislation that would have
Ohio certify interior designers in the
state. The report from those who at-
tended the hearing is quite positive.
     “It went well and we anticipate
the results we want” said Tim Garri-
son, CR, CKD, Miami Valley NARI
                   President who testi-
                   fied against the bill
                   on behalf of Miami     Dave Swearingen, The Site Group, was one of three speakers on outdoor
                   Valley NARI and        remodeling projects at the April Miami Valley NARI meeting.
                   Ohio Valley NARI,
                   and together with
                                          Panelists discuss outdoor projects at April meeting
                                                In previous years, Miami Val-       ture. Other aspects of the presenta-
                   MVNARI Govern-
                                          ley NARI has explored the trends of       tion included, infra-red saunas and
                   ment Affairs Com-
                                          remodeling in general. This year we       specialized units that included dif-
                   mittee Chair Randy
                                          went outside and explored the trends      ferent fountains, jets and even built
Light, CR led NARI members from           specific to outdoor remodeling. The        in stereo systems!
southwest Ohio in organizing oppo-        panel of presentaters included George            Joe Ryan’s presentation cov-
sition to the legislation.                Dalhamer, Hot Spring Spa of Day-          ered the extremely nuanced world
     Ten people spoke against the         ton; Joe Ryan, Reliable Electric, and     of landscape lighting. Just as light-
bill, including Garrison, NARI of         Dave Swearingen, The Site Group.          ing is key to the appearance of a set
Central Ohio Government Chair                 George kicked off the discus-         built in Hollywood, an outdoor re-
Mike Lange, NKBA members, an              sions with a presentation on the          models and landscape projects need
architect, and even an allied ASID        history of hot tubs and saunas, and       perfect lighting to show off their
member, who broke ranks with the          current installation possibilities for    depth and beauty. Joe discussed the
profession by opposing state cer-         these features in outdoor remodeling      many lighting techniques available,
tification. Another ten, including         projects. The technology of these         standards and practices for instal-
MVNARI member Erich Eggers II,            amenities has evolved to the point        lation of outdoor electrical wiring,
CKBR, CGR, attended the hearing           where hot tubs can be built directly      and the variety of outdoor electron-
and made it clear to the committee        into existing landscape features and      ics, such as waterproof flat screen
that they opposed the legislation.        look like they were put there by na-      TVs, electrical sockets, iPod dock-
After the hearing, a number of                                                      ing stations, and more, that can now
committee members expressed the           FLSA actions                              be incorporated in exterior projects.
hope that the bill would be voted         (Continued from page 2)                       Dave Swearingen wrapped up
down and indicated that there were        small businesses. Plaintiffs’ attorneys   the educational program by show-
a lot more people opposed to the          appear more prone to bring FLSA           ing examples of outdoor kitchens
bill than supporting it.                  cases and to investigate whether such     and living spaces. Dave, a regis-
     NARI members who don’t               matters could become collective or        tered landscape architect, shared
think Ohio needs to certify inte-         class actions given these headlines.      his knowledge of landscaping, i.e.
rior designers should communicate              Employers can minimize the risk      plants and the ground around them,
their opposition to HB 340 to their       of liability under the FLSA and com-      and hardscaping--pavers, garden
state representatives and the com-        parable state statutes by conducting      walls, decks, etc. He concluded with
mittee. Contact the Ohio Valley           FLSA audits and reviewing their pol-      a display of what outdoor kitchens
NARI office for a list of committee        icies, job descriptions, and employee     and living spaces can potentially
members.                                  handbooks for FLSA compliance.            look like.
         May CEU Breakfast
          “Concrete Staining &
         Sealing and Stamping”
       7:30 am-9:00 am, May 13
      Holiday Inn, Dryden Road
         May Lunch Meeting
    “Ductless Split HVAC Systems”
                Tod Heath
        Miller Component Sales
      11:00 am-1:00 pm, May 27
      Holiday Inn, Dryden Road
       CEO Breakfast Meeting
           Heather Craaybeek
           RSVP Advertising
               Lori Klens
        Market Smart Strategies
       7:30 am-9:00 am, June 19     Ferguson hosts NARI members at casino party
      Holiday Inn, Dryden Road      There was a big turnout when Ferguson Enterprises hosted NARI mem-
          July CEU Breakfast        bers and prospective members from Dayton and Cincinnati at a casino
           “Siding Materials”       night party at Ferguson’s Sharonville showroom to promote membership
               Gary Lytle           in Miami Valley NARI and Ohio Valley NARI. There was a NARI table
        Sibco Building Products     right inside the front door with membership packets for both chapters, and
             Alan Pippenger         OVNARI actually received a signed application on the spot. In addition
            Requarth Lumber         to promoting membership the casino night party offered NARI members
               John Puslat          from throughout southwest Ohio an opportunity to socialize and get ac-
       Marsh Building Products      quainted. In the photo April Cowan, CKBR, a director of OVNARI; Pat
        7:30 am-9:00 am, July 8
      Holiday Inn, Dryden Road      Cowan; Rhonda Beard; Scott Beard, an OVNARI director, and Teresa Hart,
                                    MVNARI director, enjoy hors d’oeuvres and conversation.
       CEO Breakfast Meeting
            “Crisis Planning”
     7:30 am-9:00 am, August 21       MIAMI VALLEY NARI
      Holiday Inn, Dryden Road        136 S KEOWEE ST
                                      DAYTON, OH 45402
     2008 MVNARI Golf Outing
       Thursday, September 18
          12:30 pm check-in
         1:00 pm shotgun start
        Beavercreek Golf Club
    2800 New Germany-Trebein Rd.

   Call Miami Valley NARI at
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