SENG 310 Human Computer Interaction by rtu18834


									   SENG 310: Human Computer
Instructors: Derek Jacoby and Sean Falconer
• Derek
  – Visualization lab with Melanie Tory
  – Master’s student, returning to school after a
    dozen years in industry at Compaq and Microsoft
• Sean
  – Chisel lab with Peggy Storey
  – New PhD, congrats!
Computer Interfaces
Human-Computer Interaction (HCI):
 A discipline concerning the design, evaluation and
 implementation & study of interactive computing systems
 for human use (Preece, Rogers, and Sharp 2002)

Interaction Design (ID):
  The design of spaces for human-computer interaction and
  communication (Winograd 1997)
                Intro to HCI
• The process of building software that is usable
  and useful
• Design according to many constraints,
  technical, social, and organizational
• Maximize user satisfaction and/or productivity
  as measured by repeatable testing
  methodologies derived from experimental
                   Class Project
• The goal of a project-based HCI course is to learn
  the craft of designing software by doing so
  – Need a project to collaborate on that we can
  – Why not classroom interactivity tools?
     • iclicker
     • Twitter
     • Recorded classroom audio
               Current status
• iclickers ready to hand out
  – Software engineering program is providing them
  – Form to sign saying that you’ll return it or buy
    another one
  – Or send me the number if you have one already
  – iclickers will count for classroom participation
    components of the grade starting next week
                Classroom Data
• Class participation is an important part of this
   – Clickers will help with feedback, but I want comments
     and questions online, students asking each other
     clicker questions, tweets to the class, etc.
   – We will collaboratively develop these interactions and
     I would like to consider the class participatory
   – No penalty will ensue if you opt out of sharing your
     database contributions
       Handing out the iclickers
• We need some good waiting music

• Please bring your form up and trade it for a

• Answer questions when you get a clicker!
               Lab sections
• Labs will be activities that extend the class
• Sometimes there will be guest speakers in lab
• Mostly, labs are a place to work on the
  project, though
• Grading is based on in-lab, group, and
  individual activity
• Since lab sections are a place to work on the
  project, project groups need to share the
  same lab section
              Project groups
• We need groups of 3 or 4 (5 at the outside)
• All sharing a lab section
• All ready to agree on a particular subtopic to
  work on together
• May be programming, design, user testing,
  and other activities so choose a team with
  varied strengths
                Group Activities
• Groups will take a subsection of classroom
  interactivity tools and do interviews,
  requirements analysis, design, user testing, and
  finally a usability report
• Topics are to be discussed by the group, but may
  –   Classroom chat window use
  –   Twitter connections
  –   Recording classes and navigating audio
  –   Questions and other database-derivable study tools
                Group Topic
• Topics can change up through the first lab
• Should be testable and realistic feature sets
• Realism in terms of eventual achievability –
  you need NOT plan to develop your topic ‘for
• Testing can be on a prototype of varied fidelity
Choosing groups

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