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					                                            March 2009

Officers                                                   MARCH LUNCHEON
                                                           Wednesday, March 25, 2009
Marge Hutton           269-3642                                11:30-Networking
                                                          Noon-1:00 Lunch and meeting
1st Vice President*
Janice Kerekes        269-3656                              HOWARD JOHNSON’S
                                                      Reservations to Pam Bennett 272-5530
2nd Vice President*                              
Christine Bellwood    716-4376                             By Sunday, March 22, 2009
                                                                Cost: $15 to eat
3rd Vice President*                                          Reservations required
Leslie Dougher         282-7720
                                            MEMBERS MUST MAKE RESERVATION EVEN IF NOT
Pam Bennett            272-5530                      EATING. Non-eating price is $3.00
                                            We are charged by Howard Johnson’s for this service.
Treasurer*                                           Thank you for your understanding.
Nora McLanahan        529-7980
                                                    AN IMPORTANT REMINDER
Judy Fields           534-5839             If you make a reservation, please honor your
                                           commitment. We will have to charge you if
Chaplain*                                  you make a reservation and are a “no show ”
Dee Lansford          272-7528
                                           or cancel after Sun. before the meeting.
Sherry Behning         264-1520                             LUNCHEON SPEAKER
                                                             MARCH MEETING
                                                         CARING FOR AMERICA PROGRAM
Chance Irvine          269-1777
                                           Wounded Warriors will present a program on honoring and
Past President*                            empowering wounded warriors. Today more than 30,000 men
Naomi Roberts          264-3482            and women are returning home wounded from Iraq and
                                           Afghanistan. You can also sign up for a tour of the Sacrifice
 April 22nd Speaker: Dan McCarthy, Chief   Center April 23rd.
         Assistant to State Attorney
   May 27th Speaker: Sandra Mortham,                   THE NEXT BOARD MEETING
         Former Secretary of State
       June and July Summer Break
                                                           Monday, April 6, 2009
Behind the scenes tour of Supervisor of                           11:30 AM
 Elections office March 19th 10:00am                      Blu Grotto Restaurant
      RSVP to Marge 269-3642                            1811 Town Center 278-7250
 Wounded Warrior Tour April 23rd                           In the O2B Kids Plaza
      RSVP to Marge 269-3642
                                                                MARK YOUR CALENDAR NOW
Committees                                                  THERE ARE MANY IMPORTANT EVENTS
Americanism*                                                   HAPPENING IN CLAY COUNTY.
Cathy Lowry             276-0316                           Looking forward to sharing with you a GREAT 2009!
Awards*                                                    3/18/09-Republican Men 7:00 272-4323
Debby Terry             298-1025                           3/19/09- We will have another “Road Trip” planned for
Budget & Finance*                                          March 19th. Chris Chambless, Supervisor of Elections is
Nora McLanahan          529-7980                           going to give us a behind the scenes tour of the Elections
By-Laws*                                                   office and procedures. March 19th at 10:00am meet in
Chance Irvine           269-1777                           Green Cove Springs at the Supervisor’s office. RSVP:
Campaign Award*                                            269-3642 or by March 18th.
                                                           3/21/09 Carrie Clark Day- FRWC booth 282-7720
Debby Terry             298-1025
                                                           3/23/09 REC Meeting- 7:30 Town Hall 264-3482
Federation Information*                                    4/11/09- Fair Tax Rally April 11, 2009 -291-0871
Judith Chapple          264-0295
Leslie Dougher          282-7720                                        PICTURE DIRECTORY
Hospitality*                                               Please submit a digital picture by email to Marge
Sharlene Miers          282-6520                           
Legislative Issues*
Sherrie Porter          269-1230                             Financial information is available at the
Literacy                                                   meeting or you may call/email Nora 529-7980
Joanne Dotson           272-4538                            
Dianne Lyons            291-0899                           MARCH VOTE FOR BY LAWS CHANGE
Membership*                                                By-Law Committee, Chance Irvine, Chair, Members
Judy Fields             534-5839                           concurring:
Newsletter                                                 Janice Kerekes, Judy Fields, Leslie Dougher, Nora
Sherrie Porter          269-1230                           McLanahan, and Pam Bennett, March 9, 2009
Phone Tree                                                 ARTICLE VIII, Committees, Section 1. c) After
Kitty Minor             269-0877                           than delete $100.00 and insert $250.00.
Program                                                    Rationale: The original 1980 By-Laws allowed the
Janice Kerekes          269-3656                           Executive Committee to spend $50.00. Since then the
Parliamentarian*                                           limit was raised to $100.00. The By-Law and
Chance Irvine           269-1777                           Executive committees believe it is time to increase
Protocol                                                   the limit in order to keep up with inflation.
Mary Lou Kent           269-4955
Public Relations*                                                            SCHOLARSHIP
Lynn Swager             298-1348                           In addition to Happy Dollars and 50/50, you have
Barbara Elliot          264-7888
                                                           an opportunity to donate to the Scholarship Fund
Christine Bellwood      716-4376                                by sending donations to Nora with your
                                                                           membership dues.
*The Executive board shall consist of elected officers,      A special thank you to Marj Simpson, Phyllis
standing committee chairmen and the immediate past             Vancas and Fitzhugh Powell for their very
president. The appointed officers: parliamentarian,           generous donations to the Scholarship Fund.
chaplain and historian shall serve as ex-officio members
with voting privileges on the Executive Board.* Denotes
votes on Board.                                                           DUES
                                                           PLEASE PAY 2009 DUES NOW. They are
If we ever forget we are one nation under God,
     then we will be a nation gone under!                                 a bargain at $25.00.
           President’s Message                          presence. There are so many Americans that
Dear Members,                                           are resisting the Obama ideology; but before
  Well March has certainly shaped up to be a            they choose our Party again they want the
busy month! It started with the FFRW Spring             Republican Party to rebuild itself on the
Conference in Tallahassee, March 1-3. We had            principles we once held so dear. We’ve got to
great representation from our club with seven           be out there and make sure folks know there
members! Pam Bennett, Dee Lansford, Leigh               is a very clear choice between the left and us.
Ann Gaskins, Cathy Lowry, Naomi Roberts,                We have to get back to basics and we have got
Sherrie Porter and I learned a lot and fun. It          to get our message out, one event, one person
was well organized and very well attended.              at a time. We can do it. We must. Because
Our Legislator Reception had almost all of the          there is a 100% guarantee if we do nothing,
Clay and Duval delegates there.                         nothing will change.
Representative Jennifer Carroll was able to               I truly appreciate each and everyone and
help the FFRW get 25 passes to the Opening              thank you for your support of this
Session of the House. We had front row seats            organization.
and it was terrific.                                    Marge Hutton, President
  We have our Behind the Scenes tour of the
Supervisor of Elections office this Thursday,             WELCOME TO OUR NEW MEMBERS
March 19th. We meet at 10:00am at the office                              Nancy Martin
in Green Cove Springs. Hope you can make it.                        2850 Country Club Blvd.
The Elections is very excited to offer the tour                       Orange Park, FL 32073
                                                           904-272-2799 H, 904-237-2833 O 904-307-
to us.
                                                                             5318 C
  The FRWC and the REC are teaming up to                     
have a booth at the Carrie Clark Day March                                 Mary Pizzi
21st on Kingsley Avenue, Orange Park                     3363 Aspen Forest Drive, Middleburg, FL 32068
(parking is provided at the Baptist Church).                 904-477-7645,
Hours are 10:00 to 4:00 on Saturday.                                     Tammy Longley
The Historical Society of Orange Park has                 7366 Boysenberry CT, Jacksonville, FL 32244
tours of the Clark Home and there are hay               904-777-1071 H, 904-284-2894 O, 904-813-8234 C
rides and fun for children and adults. Lots of             
                                                                        Carla Wimberley
different clubs will be selling food. We will
                                                          7366 Boysenberry CT, Jacksonville, FL 32244
have balloons with the Republican Elephant to           904-777-1071 H, 904-284-2894 O, 904-813-2842 C
give away to the kids; American Flags, Bumper               
Stickers and Bill of Rights booklets to
distribute for everyone else. We still need help
during the 2:00 to 4:00 slot. Call me to                       HOW DOES CONGRESS VOTE?
volunteer.                                              Want to keep up with Congressional Votes?
  The Clay County Fair opens April 2nd and the
REC will be having a booth. Judith Chapple is                              ote/
signing up members to fill slots. Please help              Want to See the White House Budget?
out if you can. You get a ticket into the fair on  
the day you work.
Also our Club is covering the gates on Senior                        AMERICA
Day April 9th. We could use some help in the               Land of opportunity, Not entitlement
6:45pm to 9:30pm slot. Call me to volunteer.
  These and other events in the community
give Republicans an opportunity to have a
                FFRW CONVENTION                                             WOMEN’S HEALTH
   The Florida Federation of Republican Women held            Calcium May Lower Risk of Digestive Cancers
their annual Board of Director's Meeting and                 Jennifer Wider, M.D. Society for Women's Health
Conference in Tallahassee at the Double Tree Hotel                     Research March 12, 2009
from March 1- 3, 2009. The focus of the meeting                 It has long been established that calcium builds stronger
was on the new leadership roles for women in                 bones, but there’s another good reason to get your daily
Michael Steele's GOP. Bringing the message was               dose. A new study from the Archives of Internal Medicine
RNC Secretary, Sharon Day.                                   reveals that dairy and other food rich in calcium may lower
                                                             a person’s risk of digestive cancers. Researchers revealed
  "Sharon Day is a long standing FFRW member and
                                                             that a high calcium intake was linked to a lower risk of
former club president. We are so proud she will be           digestive tract cancers, including colon cancer.
taking a nationwide role in redefining leadership               Calcium is the most common mineral in the body and it
goals for women and that she has chosen our                  plays a vital role in many processes including blood
conference to debut those plans. We worked with              clotting, muscle contraction, bone and tooth formation and
Sharon to build the largest coalition in the country         nerve impulse transmission. This study is among several
during the last presidential election cycle and it all       other recent studies touting the benefits of calcium in the
started right here in Florida! We are expecting great        prevention of diseases including cancer. According to the
things from Sharon at the RNC," said Marijo Strauss,         National Cancer Institute (NCI), obesity is a major risk
Co-chair of the Conference and former Executive              factor for certain diseases, including digestive cancers. In
                                                             addition, data from the NCI also reveals that colon cancer
Director of Florida Women for McCain.
                                                             occurs more frequently in people who are obese.
  Additional conference speakers included: Majority          Aside from obesity, other risk factors for cancers of the
Whip, Senator Nancy Detert; Senator Don Gaetz;               digestive tract include: Age; Family history of disease;
State Attorney Angela Corey, of the 4th Judicial             Lifestyle choices (including smoking and moderate to
Circuit; Representatives Janet Adkins and Kelli              heavy alcohol consumption); Personal history of
Stargel; Former Speaker Marco Rubio; Mayor                   gastroesophageal reflux disease (for esophageal cancer);
Roseann Minnet; political pundit and Founder of 411          Personal history of colorectal polyps (for colorectal
Communications, Chris Ingram, renowned political             cancer); Inflammatory bowel disease (for colorectal
analyst, Nancy Watkins, Georgia McKeown and                  cancer); Certain occupations (Workers in the coal, metal,
many others.                                                 and rubber industries seem to have a higher risk of getting
                                                             stomach cancer)
"Combined with the talents of the presenters of our
                                                                Knowing your risk for a certain disease can make a
educational seminars, this will be the most powerful         significant difference in prevention. And although the
conference we have had to date. Energy is so high for        researchers in the study call for more studies to confirm
the Republican cause that our enrollment is up more          their findings, it seems likely that the benefits of calcium
than 20% over last year, even in this spiraling              extend deeper than our bones. It is always wise to check
economy," said Ana Gomez-Mallada, FFRW                       with your health care professional before making
Secretary and Co-chair of the event.                         significant changes to your dietary regimen.

    FROM FORIDA TIMES UNION ON                                              HEALTH SCREENING
    CONGRESSMAN CLIFF STEARNS                                Health Screening Program offered by the Chamber of
  U.S. Rep. Cliff Stearns voted against the stimulus         Commerce Through networking with several local
                                                             medical facilities, the Chamber has been able to keep
package, arguing that it was a spending spree.
                                                             the cost reasonable. The test provides screening for
Now he has a bigger concern. He said the $787
                                                             diabetes, anemia, liver disease, blood disorders,
billion spending plan, which significantly boosts            electrolyte disorders, calcium abnormality, thyroid
the federal deficit, could provide jobs for as many          function, lipid profile and screening for prostate
as 300,000 illegal aliens. This is because the E-            cancer. The tests cost $40.00 with an additional
Verify database, was not part of the final                   charge of $18.00 for men for the PSA. This is open
version,signed into law. E-Verify enables                    to the public and anyone can register. Some
employers to search names against citizenship                employers are sharing the cost, but it truly is within
records. Stearns, who is among those in the House            reach of most folks. The end of registration is March
trying to get E-Verify back in the bill.                     20th. You can go to
                                                             and register or call (904) 264-2651.

JOHNSON’S FEBRUARY 25, 2009                                      Five tips to avoid forclosure scams
       Pam Bennett
Meeting was called to order at 12:00 pm by 3rd VP             Work only with HUD-approved counselor.
                                                              Be sure the counseling agency is on the Department of
Leslie Dougher. Dee Lansford gave the invocation
                                                              Housing and Urban Development's list of approved
and Cathy Lowry led the pledge. Rosemarie                     agencies. Visit     HUD's website for an easily searchable
Brenneman introduced elected officials. Nora                  list of HUD-approved housing counseling agencies, or call
McLanahan reported the financials. The report will be         877-HUD-1515 (877-483-1515) for more information.
submitted for audit. A motion was made to approve             Don't pay an arm and a leg. Most HUD-approved
the minutes and was seconded. Motion carried.                 housing counselors provide no-cost counseling services
Leslie Dougher welcomed new members, Carla                    and many more provide low-cost counseling. Do not agree
Wimberley and Tammy Longley.                                  to work with a counselor who collects a fee before
Dr. Majidi Ashchi – Cardiologist from Orange Park             providing you with any services or who accepts payment
Medical Center – gave a presentation about women's            only by cashier's check or wire transfer.
                                                              Be wary of "guarantees." Reputable counselor will not
heart health and also talked about the Heart Cath Lab
                                                              guarantee to stop the foreclosure process, no matter what
at OPMC.                                                      your circumstances. Working with a legitimate counselor
Awards – Debby Terry advised members need to tally            can certainly increase your chances of keeping your home-
their volunteer hours and report back to her via email        -but be wary of people who promise a sure thing.
or phone.                                                     Know what you are signing. Don't let a counselor pressure
By-Laws – Chance Irvine advised of proposed                   you to sign paperwork you haven't had a chance to read
changes approved by the board. Motion by Janice               through carefully or that you don't understand. Don't sign
Kerekes and seconded by Dee Lansford to approve               any blank forms or let "the counselor" fill out forms for
the bylaws as submitted. Motion carried.                      you. Be sure to talk with an attorney before signing
Caring for America – Elaine Luck advised                      anything that transfers the title of your home to another
representative from Wounded Warriors would speak
                                                              If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
at our next meeting. She is also looking into a tour of       If you feel you may be the target or victim of foreclosure
Wounded Warriors facilities. Elaine will announce             fraud, trust your instincts and seek help. For tips on
this at a later date.                                         spotting scam artists, visit the Federal Trade Commission's
Scholarship – Barbara Elliott reported the scholarship        webpage on foreclosure rescue scams. Report suspicious
winner would come to the May meeting. She is                  schemes to your state and local consumer protection
putting together a committee to select a candidate.           agencies, which you can find on the Federal Citizen
Barbara asked anyone willing to serve on the                  Information Center's Consumer Action Website.
committee to contact her.
Happy Dollars was a great success with funds going             FROM ATTORNEY GENERAL BILL MCCOLLUM
to scholarship fund.
                                                              Attorney General Bill McCollum and Agency for
Meeting adjourned at 1:12 pm.
                                                              Workforce Innovation (AWI) Interim Director
Behind the Scenes at the Supervisor of Elections
                                                              Cynthia R. Lorenzo issued a joint consumer advisory
March 19th 10:00am GCS
                                                              warning Floridians to be wary of companies offering
Next General Membership Meeting is March 25,
                                                              to file unemployment compensation claims for a fee.
2009 at Howard Johnson's at 11:30am.
                                                              Recent reports indicate consumers have signed up for
Next Executive Board Meeting is April 6th at Blu
                                                              such services, only to later discover unemployment
Grotto Restaurant
                                                              claims were never filed on their behalf. Of equal
                                                              concern is that consumers have also provided their
                                                              social security numbers. Consumers who believe they
 MEMBERS ONLY SECTIONS- PLEASE                                may have been victimized by potentially deceptive or
      USE THIS INFORMATION                                    unfair practices should contact the Attorney General’s
           ID- ffrwmember                                     Office by calling 1-866-966-7226 or by visiting the
         PASSWORD- 1950                                       Attorney General’s website at

 VETERANS NEWS                                                 FROM NFRW
 VBA is piloting a program at four regional offices              1) Remember the President stating his budget
that provides veterans and their families a                   "identified $2 trillion in savings over the next
comprehensive checklist that clearly lays out the             decade?" It actually increases spending by $1
information and evidence required to support their            trillion. But he classifies as "savings" $1.4
claims for disability compensation and pension
                                                              trillion in tax increases (apparently savings for
benefits. The checklists identify the information and
evidence that VA asks the veterans for in order to            the government, not for you) and $1.5 trillion
complete the processing of their claims. These lists          "saved" in Iraq relative to a fantasy baseline that
serve as a handy, easy-to-read reference that veterans        otherwise assumes current spending levels
can use to record their progress in supplying the             forever. The Iraq gimmick is the equivalent of a
information and evidence needed. The Veterans’                family deciding to "save" $10,000 by first
Benefits Improvement Act of 2008 directed VA to               assuming an expensive vacation and then not
assess whether providing such a checklist will result         taking it.
in faster and more frequent submission of evidence                2) Real federal spending per household -
by claimants. Information and evidence gathering              $24,000 before the recession - would reach
often makes up the largest percentage of time needed          $33,000 per household by 2019. Between 2008
to process a claim. Over 3.7 million veterans and
                                                              and 2013, the $5.7 trillion in new debt will come
beneficiaries receive compensation or pension
benefits from VA. In 2008, VA processed nearly                to $48,000 per household.
900,000 claims for disability benefits. The four                   3) It is easy to "cut the deficit in half" after
regional offices selected for the pilot are: Cleveland,       you've quadrupled it. Furthermore, three
Ohio; Boise, Idaho; Waco, Texas; and Louisville,              upcoming developments - the end of the
Kentucky.                                                     recession, troop pullout in Iraq, and phase-out of
 Paperless Benefits Delivery at Discharge                     the supposedly temporary "stimulus" spending -
VA’s Benefits Delivery at Discharge - "BDD" -                 would, by themselves, cut the 2013 budget
program has gone paperless. The program, which                deficit in half. President Bush was slammed for
allows service members to apply for disability                averaging $300 billion budget deficits while
compensation benefits from VA before retiring or              funding a war. President Obama will be praised
separating, has a goal of providing benefits within 60
                                                              for running $500 billion deficits in 2013 at a time
days after release or discharge from active duty. For
that to happen, it is important that service members          of (assumed) peace and prosperity.
apply at least 60 days before separation. Electronic             4) The President's budget proposes a new
images are made of medical records and other                  PAYGO law - and then violates it by $3.4
supporting information, allowing claims to be                 trillion.
decided in a paperless environment.                              5) The tax increases are staggering. The
                                                              President would raise taxes by $1 trillion on the
                                                              top 2.5 million tax filers. That comes to
                                                              $400,000 per tax filer over ten years. And despite
                                                              these harsh tax hikes (and a $646 billion cap-
                                                              and-trade tax hike), the President's rosy budget
                                                              assumes a much faster economic recovery than
                                                              CBO or the Blue Chip Consensus.
                                                              Source- Brian Riedl is Grover M. Hermann
                                                              Fellow in Federal Budgetary Affairs in the
                                                              Thomas A. Roe Institute for Economic Policy
                                                              Studies at the Heritage Foundation.

STATES TO INVOKE THE 10TH AMENDMENT                                                 FFRW RESOLUTION
     Sixteen states, Washington, New Hampshire, Arizona,                   WHEREAS, The Congress of the United States of
Montana, Michigan, Missouri, Oklahoma, Minnesota,                   America passed the largest spending bill in the nation's
Georgia, South Carolina, and Texas, Tennessee, Kentucky,            history known commonly as the: "Stimulus Package",
Kansas, Indiana, and West Virginia have “all introduced             and
bills and resolutions” declaring their sovereignty over             WHEREAS, The members of the Florida Federation of
Obama’s actions in light of the 10th Amendment in a bid             Republican Women are dedicated to electing Republicans
to protect themselves from what they view as nothing less           who adhere to the core Republican values including fiscal
than an unconstitutional usurpation of power on the part of         conservatism, capitalism and smaller government;
the Obama administration.
    Our rights as citizens are under assault by an                  WHEREAS, No members of the Republican Party in the
administration of leftist ideologues with an insatiable             U.S. House of Representatives voted for the measure, and
appetite for power. There is little difference between them
and the appeasement-drunken, government-expanding                   WHEREAS, Three Republican Senators, Susan Collins,
leftists in Lyndon Baines Johnson’s administration of               Arlen Specter and Olympia Snowe supported the measure
whom Ronald Reagan said in 1964, “Inalienable rights are            when it came before the Senate for a vote, and
now considered to be a dispensation of government…and
freedom is close to slipping from our grip.”                         WHEREAS, House Minority Leader, John Boehner,
    Every state assembly and legislature that has joined “the       deserves much credit for his leadership in keeping the
10th Amendment movement” understands that Reagan’s                  Republicans in the House together in opposing the
words about freedom’s fragility in 1964 are no less true for        Stimulus Package, and
our day when not only freedom, but also the America ideal,
is “close to slipping from our grip.”                                WHEREAS, The members of the Florida Federation of
                                                                    Republican Women feel betrayed by any Republican
  Three Bills agreed upon by Florida Federated                      elected official who would be in support of such spending
Republican Women to support in the Florida State                    legislation; therefore, be it
                                                                           RESOLVED, That the Florida Federation of
                                                                    Republican Women in meeting on March 3, 2009
 1. Medicaid Fraud & Abuse Reform (Senator
                                                                    supported a motion to authorize adoption of this resolution
Gaetz)                                                              commending Representative Boehner, as well as other
SB 1986. We want to save $40 million by supporting                  Republican members of the U.S. House of Representatives,
the SB that ends Medicaid fraud and abuse. South                    including our own Representatives: Congressman Jeff
Florida has 80 times the Medicaid fraud and abuse of                Miller, Congressman Ander Crenshaw, Congresswoman
all the other counties combined and 22 time the fraud               Ginny Brown-Waite, Congressman Cliff Stearns,
and abuse of all other states. Senator Gaetz- Room                  Congressman John Mica, Congressman Gus Bilirakis,
320 SOB (850) 487-5009.                                             Congressman Bill Young, Congressman Adam Putnam,
                                                                    Congressman Vern Buchanan, Congressman Connie Mack
  2. Class Size Amendment-HJR 919 (Rep.                             IV, Congressman Bill Posey, Congressman Tom Rooney,
                                                                    Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Congresswoman
Weatherford) and SRJ 1828 (Senator Wise) and SRJ
                                                                    Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Congressman Lincoln Diaz-
2394 (Senator Gaetz) We want to save $1.4 billion                   Balart, Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart and Senator
annually by amending the Constitution to allow the                  Martinez and as well as members of our State Legislature
schools to change the Maximum classroom size to                     who also stand against the measure and for their support of
the average school classroom size. Senator Wise –                   the Republican policies of less spending, smaller
Room 220 SOB 850-487-5027, Representative                           government and adherence to the Conservative History of
Weatherboard- Room 222 850-488-5744                                 the Republican Party of the United State of America, and

  3. SB 1182 DROP Retirement (Co-Sponsors                                 BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That a copy of this
Senator Fasano & Senator Gaetz)-no House bill. We                   Resolution be furnished to, Congressman Boehner, all
                                                                    Florida Congressmen and women, all statewide Republican
want to save $100 million/year by not allowing state
                                                                    elected officials and other leaders of the Republican Party
employees to double dip into retirement and remain                  at the State and National level.
in a salaried position at the same time. Senator                    ADOPTED THIS 3rd day of March, 2009.
Fasano- Room 302 SOB 850-487-5062, Senator                           Submitted by: Florida Federation of Republican Women
Gaetz- Room 320 SOB 850-487-5009


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