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									PAGE 2 - Habitat for Humanity of Citrus County News/Summer 2008                                                                                    Web site: habitatcc.org

                                                              Sweat equity pays off
                                                              in more ways than one
                                                                 Buffie Littlefield is one of our newest additions to to see the people involved with Habitat regularly.
                                                              the Habitat for Humanity family of future Home- Now I can see that they have brought something
                                         Office:              owners. She is the single mom of a teenage son. As very special and amazing to our lives. They could-
                                      352-563-2744            soon as she began to work her “sweat equity” hours n’t possibly realize ALL the wonderful ways that
    hfhcc@earthlink.net               Home Store:             at our office, I knew that she was one in a million. they have touched so many people simply by being
    www.habitatcc.org                 352-341-1800            Buffie has agreed to share some of her personal themselves.
                                                              journal writings about her expe-                                               This opportunity for a hand
                                                              riences, as she works through                                               up and this experience, if em-
                                                              the Habitat process for her                                                 braced, can be a life changing
                         Officers                             house…B. Peterson                             The individuals               experience. I still have a long
            President: William Metzendorf                      Journal Notes from a Future
                                                                                                                                                      but am completely
                                                                                                       I have met in Habitat way to go,enjoyI all the people I
                                                                                                                                          content. I
             Vice President: Lori Corbin                                Homeowner                          are special and                am surrounded by everyday. I
                                                                 My son and I have been in                                                am continuing to get better
                 Treasurer: Ed Serra                          Citrus County for about a year
                                                                                                           bring something                since starting my journey to
             Secretary: Rosann Strawn                         and a half. It has been difficult            very unique and                home ownership. I am eternally
                                                              feeling at home here. It’s as if                                            grateful for all that Habitat for
                                                              this wasn’t the place in Florida             precious to this               Humanity of Citrus County has
                            Staff                             we were supposed to be. I                  organization. From blessed us with. We’re begin-
          Executive Director:Terry Steele                     signed the Letter of Intent with                                            ning to feel like part of their
                                                              Habitat to commit to the process         volunteers to partner beautiful family and that to me
           Office Manager: Pat Doddato                        for home ownership on April families to hired staff, is so valuable.
   Director of Public Relations: Bonnie Peterson              29, 2008. Once I received the                                                  My son and I just attended
                                                              approval letter, my life began to they all go above and our first sod laying, dedication,
       Construction Manager: Richard Price                    change. Just by starting, I feel a                                          and wall raising for other fami-
            Store Manager: Jerry Lamm                         transformation is taking place                                              lies partnering with Habitat for
                                                              inside me. I feel it, and my son                                            Humanity. It is so hard for me
        Warehouse Manager: Terri Ruttman                      does, as well. In this short time,                                          to put into words the experience
             Truck Driver: Ronnie Pope                        we have become acquainted with one of the most on those days when we arrive on site and watch
                                                              beautiful families we have ever known. That “fam- people of all ages and all walks of life work to-
            P/T Truck Driver: Bob Swain                       ily” is Habitat for Humanity of Citrus County. This gether. Seeing this made me stop for a moment and
                                                              process has allowed us to have a huge sense of think that if only the world could come together and
                    Board Members                             peace. Although we are not in our house yet, we are do what we do here, what a blessing it would be for
                                                              home now. The individuals I have met in Habitat everyone on this planet.
           Linda Powers, Norm Peterson,                       are special and bring something very unique and           I look forward to our future. We are very grateful
           John Thrumston, John Heindel,                      precious to this organization. From volunteers to to Habitat for Humanity. I only hope I can touch
                                                              partner families to hired staff, they all go above and the lives of people the way they have touched ours.
           Terry McMillan, Kevin Conway,                      beyond. It clearly shows.
          Bruce Marston, Donna DeSimone,                         Through putting in our sweat equity hours, I get Thank you, HFHCC.
            Linda Daly, John McCullough

               Standing Committees                                               Special thanks to
             Construction: Mike Crusco
           Family Services: Linda Deptola
                                                                               HFHCC House sponsors:
                  & Deidra Newton
   Site Selection: Roger Grisom, James Andrews                   Citrus County Rotaries for the Palmore house (#34)
        Church Relations: Lynda Kirkpatrick                      Black Diamond Residents and Foundation for the Kenyon house (#35)
     Executive Board at Large: Norm Peterson
                                                                 Publix for the Knoll house (#36)
                                                                 Citrus County Realtors Association for the Remenar house (#37)
     Our Mission - Habitat for Humanity of Citrus County,        Nick Nicholas Ford for the Waldman house (#38)
  Inc. is an ecumenical Christian ministry building simple,      Gulf Coast Ford for the Mayer house (#39)
     decent homes in partnership with people in need.

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