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					            Transitional Words and Phrases
1. Comparing Ideas:
all    another       both                          in comparison          moreover
also   as/as well as by the same token             just                   similarly

2. Contrasting Ideas:

although            even though           instead               whereas
but                 however               nevertheless          rather
conversely          in contrast           nonetheless           still
despite/in spite of                       notwithstanding       unlike
with that in mind…                        though        on the contrary/other hand

3. Cause and Effect
accordingly         consequently                   resulting              then
as a result         for (this reason)              since                  therefore
because             hence                          so (that)              thus

4. Conclusions
as already stated         in conclusion            therefore
finally                   in summary               thus
in brief                  in the end               to reiterate

5. Showing Time
after   early             formerly        meanwhile        previously     ultimately
at last eventually        immediately     next             subsequently   until
at once finally           initially       now              then           when
before  first             last/later      presently        thereafter     while

6. Showing Place
above   behind            beyond          inside           there
across  below             down            into             under
around  beside            here            next
before  between           in              over

7. Showing Importance
first   more important(ly)
last    then
mainly  to begin with