Active Learning in the Learning Studio

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					                     Active Learning through a Strengths Lens in the Learning Studio

60 in 60! Creating Moments that Matter for Students through Strengths and Active Learning in the Learning

This session will be devoted to engaging in and exploring the role of strengths and active learning in the
Learning Studio. A focus will be put on understanding and effectively utilizing the unique learning spaces
within the Learning Studio and developing teaching and learning resources for using strengths and active
learning strategies for keeping learning engaging, active, and meaningful for achievement of learning outcomes.

Three broad goals for teaching and learning within the Learning Studio will be explored with very specific
strategies and applications for using strengths conversations and experiences for student success.

We need you to complete the Clifton StrengthsFinder prior to attending this session. We also ask that you bring
all course materials related to the class you hope to teach in the Learning Studio. Bring your textbook,
handouts, syllabus, and any other resources you use in your class so that our time together can be personalized

   1. Engaging students through an understanding of their strengths in their learning, the learning
      environment, and the social network of their learning. A focus will be placed on using strengths
      conversations/activities and active learning strategies to engage students in meaningful interactions with
      each other as well as the content and experiences of your class to maximize student learning outcomes
      through engagement in strengths and active learning.

   2. Assessing key learning outcomes, content, and applications of your course within the context of the
      Learning Studio and skillfully adapting those key components of teaching and learning through
      understanding strengths and active learning strategies for the successful achievement of learning
      outcomes within the Learning Studio environment.

   3. Exploring cognitive rehearsal and outcomes assessment measures to enhance student learning and
      success. A special focus will be put on “assessment as learning” strategies so that students continue to
      learn as they “test,” “perform,” and demonstrate their strengths in context of their learning. Ways to
      develop individualized performance models, strengths based assessments and active learning
      “tests” will be experienced and modeled.

You will engage with colleagues, deepen your understanding of strengths, develop ideas for your own classes,
and experience the energy of learning in the Studio. Materials and resources will be provided. Maximizing the
Learning Studio environment for student learning outcomes through strengths and active learning will be

DATE: Friday, January 8, 2010               TIME: 1:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.           LOCATION: P111