Using a Database to Track Student Attendance during a

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					Using a Database to Track Student Attendance during a School Day
Title: Attendance Recorder
Area: Administrative
Grade level: All
Nets: 5 & 6
Description: One of the daily tasks a teacher must perform is attendance. Most teachers
perform this task several times a day. As students progress through their education they
start having different teachers or going to other areas of the school. By creating this
database, teachers will be able to update their students’ travels throughout the day.
Consistent and conscientious use by teachers, administrators, and support staff, will allow
a student to be quickly located in the event of an emergency. It can provide the name of
the staff member a student is with, should they be absent at the start of a class. The
teacher will be able to access the students last known location or be quickly provided
with it by the database. Also the facility would be able to input if the student attended a
meeting or was at the nurse’s office. Thus, this database would be able to prevent a
teacher from having to track down the excused student. This database could also be
applied to guests and staff alike with the same benefits.
Assessment: This database would measure both daily and classroom attendance of
students. Also, it would be possible to use the data to correlate if attendance in class
affects grades, both on an individual basis or on a school wide basis.