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                             STUDENT ATTENDANCE ACCOUNTING
                              (MISSING AND ABSENT CHILDREN).

The Huber Heights City School District Board of Education believes in the importance of trying to
decrease the number of missing children. Therefore, efforts will be made to identify possible
missing children and notify the proper adults or agencies.

The parent(s) or guardian(s) of a student, at the time of his/her initial entry to school, shall present
to the person in charge of admission one (1) of the following:

    1 An official copy of the student's certificate of birth;
     2. Passport or attested passport transcript showing the date and place of the child's birth;
     3. An attested transcript of the student's birth certificate;
    4. An attested transcript of a hospital record showing date and place of child's birth;
    5. Birth affidavit.                                            .

In addition, a copy of those records pertaining to the student and maintained by the school most
recently attended and proof of immunizations shall be presented to the person in charge of

If the student does not present copies of the required documents, the principal shall call the
school from which the student transferred and request the information. If that district has no
record on file of the student or if that district does not send the records in fourteen (14) days, then
the principal shall notify the police department which has jurisdiction in the area where the
student resides that there is a possibility the student may be a missing child.

The primary responsibility for supervision of a student rests with his/her parent(s) or guardian(s).
The school district staff will provide the assistance it can to parents and guardians with this

Parent(s)/guardian(s) must notify the school on the day a student is absent unless previous
notification has been given in accordance with school, procedure for excused absences. The
principal or designee is also required to notify a student's parents, custodial parent, guardian,
legal custodian, or other person responsible for him/her when the student is absent from school.
The parent or other responsible person shall be notified by telephone or written notice shall be
mailed on the same day that the student is absent. Parents or other responsible persons shall
provide the school with their current home and/or work telephone numbers and home addresses,
as well as emergency telephone numbers.
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                         STUDENT ATTENDANCE ACCOUNTING
                          (MISSING AND ABSENT CHILDREN)

The Board shall designate the Superintendent to develop informational programs for students,
parents, and community members relative to missing children issues and matters.

LEGAL REFS.: ORC 2901.30; 3301.25; 3313.205; 3313.672; 3313.96; 3319.321; 3319.322;

CROSS REF.: JEC, School Admissions

Adopted by Board: July 25, 1996

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