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									                                           Volume 4 , Issue 4
                                                                     Workday at the Sanctuary
                                             March 2009
                                                                     Spring Clean-up              hills spring up. Small           and accomplish some-
                                                                                                  animals dig new bur-             thing worthwhile while
                                                                             This is a call       rows. There’s a lot go-          having a good time with
                                                                     to service:                  ing on in the woods in           each other and with na-
                                                                     Members and friends          every season.                    ture. It’s also a good time
                                                                     of the Conservancy,                                           to introduce others to the
                                                                                                           Our task will be
                                                                     on May 2, at 9:00 a.m.                                        Conservancy and its mis-
                                                                                                  to restore order to the
                                                                     everyone is encour-                                           sion. So bring along a
                                                                                                  trails and sites. We
                                                                     aged to report to the                                         friend (or a bunch of
                                                                                                  want to make them ac-
                                                                     Sutherland Nature                                             friends).
                                                                                                  cessible and welcoming
                                                                     Sanctuary for a day of       to visitors without dis-                  Please mark your
                                                                     hands-on work and ex-        tressing the animals and         calendar and join us May
                                                                     ploration. Yes, as we        plants that call the             2 at the Sutherland Na-
                                                                     work, we will discover       woods their home.                ture Sanctuary. We plan
                                                                     things we have not seen                                       to be there from 9:00
                                                                     before. Even those                    “Many hands

                                                                                                                                   a.m. until 1:00 p.m.
                                                                     who walk the trails          make light work.” (The
                                                                                                                                   Lunch will be provided.
                                                                                                  earliest known written
                                                 Nature’s Observer

                                                                     regularly are often sur-
                                                                     prised to see that nature    use of that statement            Please call Mary at
                                                                     is at work even when         was in John Heywood’s            810.664.3941 -ext. 3 to
                                                                     we are not there. Ani-       book, Proverbs, pub-             help us plan for food
                                                                     mals have their own          lished in 1546, in case          and tools.
                                                                     sense of landscaping.        you were wondering.)
                                                                                                                                   Look for more informa-
                                                                     Trees grow and some-         This is a great opportu-
                                                                                                                                   tion elsewhere in this
                                                                     times fall. Limbs come       nity for families and
                                                                     crashing down. Ant           friends to join hands

                                                                                                  of all descriptions all over
                                                                                                  the area. The American             Wild Lapeer
                                                                                                  Farmland Trust has made
                                                                                                  them available to us for           Saturday April 25
                                                                                                  distribution free of charge      Volunteer and/or visit
                                                                                                  to anyone who asks. The          GLBLC booth at Wild
                                                                      BUMPER STICKER              County Press and the L A         Lapeer on the lawn of the
                                                                      CAMPAIGN COMES              View have run a number           Lapeer County Historic
                                                                       TO LAPEER AND              of articles and notices that     Courthouse, Call Peter
                                                                       SURROUNDING                the bumper stickers are          McCreedy for details 810-
                                                                         COUNTIES                 available by calling Leo         614-7594 or e-mail him at:
                                                                                                  Dorr at 810.664.5647.  
                                                                     Have you seen these          The response has been
                                                                     bumper stickers? They                                         It’s a great educational ex-
                                                                                                  good; however, we think
                                                                                                                                   perience for young and old.
                                                                     are appearing on vehicles    that we can do better.

                                                                     FARMS FEED AMERICA—America loses over one million acres of farmland to sprawling
                                                                     development every year. We can help save our nations farmland for future generations.

                                                                     • Board of Directors                         Candace Caveny-Collins
                                                                     • Mary Brown, President                      Mike Delling
                                                                     • Peter McCreedy, Vice President             Peggy Garrigues-Cortelyou
                                                                     • Leo Dorr, Treasurer                        Steve Steffler
                                                                     • Joe Stock, Secretary                       Fred Townsend
The Sanctuary reflects the
dedication of volunteers like you..
        Among the features visi-              The sanctu-
tors will find at the Sutherland      ary features a hard-
Nature Sanctuary are rock piles       wood forest, a pine
that remind us that this was once     forest and many
farmland. Nature has been given       other familiar and
a free hand here to reclaim the       not so familiar trees
property after an initial planting    as well as a
of trees to get things started.       meadow, two ponds
Lightning strikes however re-         and a stream. (Oh,
mind us that while nature takes       my!) All of which
its time in growing trees and fill-   provide habitat for
ing in the spaces between, some-      an abundance of
times it acts quickly in rearrang-    wildlife.
ing things.

Protecting the natural features while providing access at SNS
                                                Visitors to the Sutherland   way. Trails vary in length and
                                        Nature Sanctuary have access to      are marked with signs and ar-
                                        remote ridges and wetlands and       rows to assist hikers in choosing
                                        several other ecosystems in this     a suitable route and in finding
                                        75 acre natural wonderland be-       the way in and out.
                                        cause of volunteers who have                Volunteers continue to
                                        created trails, bridges, board-      maintain and improve the trails.
                                        walks and benches along the
                                                                             How about joining us on May 2?

Permaculture Education at the Tibbits Land Stewardship Center
  LEARNING A BETTER                   mate, annual and perennial             School in Lapeer and two local
WAY TO DIG IN THE DIRT                plants, animals, soils and water       organic farms, Three Roods in
AND CARE FOR THE LAND                 into sustainable communities.          Columbiaville and Marsh Haven
Twenty-five students from             Students will learn to design          in Davison. For details about the
around the Midwest will gather        ecological human habitats and          course, visit:
at the Tibbits Land Stewardship       food production systems in
Center in Columbiaville from          which wastes become resources,
                                      work is minimized and the envi-        Pursuing her interest in per-
August 8th to the 15th to partici-
                                      ronment is restored.                   maculture, GLBLC board mem-
pate in a certificate course in
                                                                             ber Peggy Garrigues-Cortelyou
Permaculture Design. The word         In addition to camping there and       worked with Midwest Permacul-
‘permaculture’ derives from both      learning about the Tibbits Land        ture to bring this course to the
permanent agriculture and per-        Stewardship Center, the class          Tibbits Nature Sanctuary and
manent culture. It strives to inte-   will visit the Willows Earth Edu-
                                                                             Land Stewardship Center.
grate human dwellings, microcli-      cation Center at Chatfield

Page 2                                                                                      NATURE’S OBSERVER
Letter from the President
Hello Everyone,                             energy use, while at various times serv-    and is looking forward to helping peo-
                                            ing as board member, board president        ple connect to, nurture and protect their
         Please welcome a new board
                                            and staff. In 2007, she was trained by      local land and ecosystems.
member, Peggy Garrigues-Cortelyou,
                                            Al Gore to give presentations on the
to the GLBLC Board. GLBLC is fortu-                                                              Welcome, Peggy, and thanks
                                            science of global warming and since
nate to add Peggy’s dedication and                                                      for your willingness to serve on the
                                            then has made about 20 free presenta-
experience to the mix of attributes that                                                GLBLC board!
                                            tions to churches, schools, and commu-
make up our board.
                                            nity groups.                                         In the next newsletter I will
          Over the years, Peggy has                                                     introduce the newest of our board
                                                      Currently, Peggy lives in Otis-
worked on a variety of environmental                                                    members, Steve Steffler.
                                            ville with her husband, two teenage
issues. She has a certificate in Educat-
                                            sons, and two cats. In the two years she             Meanwhile, I hope to see
ing and Counseling with Nature, and
                                            has lived there, Peggy has been volun-      many of you at the Spring Clean Up at
for several years led nature retreats for
                                            teering at the Tibbits Nature Sanctuary     the Sutherland Nature Sanctuary on
groups that involved increasing the
                                            and Land Stewardship Center and has         May 2. Until then, enjoy the change,
participants’ awareness of their physi-
                                            also been focusing on connecting peo-       however gradual, of winter into spring.
cal and emotional connections to the
                                            ple with local organic food and farms.
natural world. As the minister at the                                                            Sincerely,
                                            (Check out the article in this newsletter
First Unitarian Universalist Congrega-
                                            regarding the permaculture class Peggy               Mary Brown
tion of Ann Arbor, Peggy worked with
                                            is organizing!) Peggy does part-time
others to develop a site master plan for                                                         GLBLC President
                                            ministry with college students at the
their 45 acres of land. In addition,
                                            University of Michigan in Ann Arbor,
Peggy was involved with Michigan
                                            and also part-time youth ministry at the
Interfaith Power and Light, helping
                                            Davison United Methodist Church. She
religious congregations reduce their
                                            is excited to serve on the GLBLC board

Among the tasks we will be undertaking at Spring Clean-up
Directions to the Sutherland                See you there!                              Trail maintenance
Nature Sanctuary:
                                            We will be work-                            Fallen limbs and branches
Take Pratt Road (west from M-24             ing on:
or east of Hadley) to Diehl Road—
                                                                                        Pavilion clean-up
South on Diehl Road (Diehl only             Butterfly garden                            Picnic table maintenance
goes south from Pratt) Less than a
                                            Stone pile                                  Native plants gardens
mile to the Sanctuary.
                                            Bridge repair

GLBLC member Lois Robbins’ new book Lawn Wars subtitled
The struggle for a new Lawn Ethic is now available
Like it or not, we’re imbed-                              tion. Difficulties en-        tells her own story of heartache
ded in the natural world.                                 countered by aspiring         and delight.
We might as well learn to                                 natural landscapers           Available at Amazon. COM,
live more harmoniously                                    are explored with wit and major book-
with it. This, part memoir,                               and factual informa-
                                                                                        sellers websites and at
part how-to, part problem                                 tion. The rich re-
solving book gives histori-                               wards of making               Http://
cal context and resources                                 such a shift are de-          Lois is also the author of Waking
for a new movement that is                                scribed in sometimes          Up in the Age of Creativity.
showing up across the na-                                 lyrical prose as Lois
VOLUME 4 , ISSUE 4                                                                                                         Page 3
   G R E AT L A K E S
  C O N S E R VA N C Y
         P O BOX 303
    LAPEER MI 48446-0303
          Phone: 810-664-5647
           FAX: 810-664-5862

       On the web at:

       Sutherland Nature Sanctuary

Working to preserve farmland and
 open spaces through education
       and conservation

                 Spring clean-up at Sutherland May 2

Everyone has something to give: time—money—ideas..& more
GLBLC needs an abundance of each of                 Register for
those things to achieve its purpose of
Preserving farmland and open spaces!         Spring Clean-up to help us
                                                                                          Membership/donation form
          Please join in the Spring Clean-
                                               plan for tools & food:
up if you are able.
          Support GLBLC with dona-                  Call Mary at 810.664.3941          Address____________________
tions of money, goods, services.                            extension 3                City/Zip____________________
        Share ideas for improving or                         or e-mail
expanding programs.                                                                    Phone______________________
         Volunteer at events (i.e. Spring                                              e-mail______________________
Clean-up at SNS or Wild Lapeer).
                                             If you have any of the following tools,   Membership year is July 1 to June 30
         Talk to friends and neighbors       please bring them along:
about the conservancy.                                                                 Family dues- $25.00
                                             Hoe, shovel, rake, pruning shears, weed   Individual/Student/Reduced - $15.00
          Provide encouragement and          whip, chain saw.
inspiration to the Board.                                                              Donations of any amount are appreciated
                                             If you have other tools that you think    and will be used to advance the mission of
         Share your expertise.               would be useful, bring them along.        the conservancy.
Send your e-mail address to Leo Dorr         You will also need gloves, work shoes
at We hope to cut the                                                  Please mail your check along with this
                                             and/or boots and insect repellant.        form for your dues or donation to:
cost for newsletters and other correspon-
dence with members by going electronic       Hats, long sleeves and long pants are     GLBLC,P O Box 303, Lapeer MI 48446
as much as possible.                         recommended.

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