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									                                                                   Dear Valued Customer

                          BREAD MAKER                              Thank you for purchasing a CASCADE appliance.

                           Model CE102BM                           We understand the importance of your purchasing decision, and
                                                                   appreciate your final choice to introduce this CASCADE product into
                                                                   your home.

                                                                   Your CASCADE appliance is recognised as a quality product at an
                                                                   affordable price, and is proudly supported by our after sales service
                                                                   team. We encourage you and your friends to choose from the range
                                                                   of CASCADE appliances available exclusively to The Warehouse.

                                                                   TECHNICAL INFORMATION
                                                                   Please make sure that your house installation voltage corresponds to
                                                                   the voltage marked on the unit.

                                                                   Mains supply:       230-240V ~ 50 Hz – AC only
                                                                   Output:             700 Watts

                                                                   SERVICE HELPLINE

                                                                   In the unlikely event of failure or for product information please
                                                                   contact the below help lines during normal working hours.

                     INSTRUCTION MANUAL                                              New Zealand call 0800 89 85 80

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                                                                                15.      If appliance is to be used by a third party, please supply the
     IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS                                                                instruction manual with it.
                                                                                16.      No liability can be accepted for any damage caused by non-
     When using electrical appliances, basic safety precautions should                   compliance with these instructions or any other improper use
     always be followed, including the following:                                        or mishandling.

     1.    Carefully read these instructions before using your appliance.
     2.    Keep out of reach of children. This appliance is not intended for    Do not attempt to service this appliance yourself. Refer servicing to
           use by young children or infirm persons without supervision.         qualified service personnel.
           Young children must be supervised to ensure that they do not
           play with the appliance
     3.    VERY IMPORTANT: Do not immerse in water or other liquids or          FEATURES
           use near washbasins or sinks. Ensure that the appliance does
           not get wet (water splashes etc.) and do not use it with wet         •     750g – 1Kg loaf size.
           hands.                                                               •     8 digital programs.
     4.    Do not touch hot surfaces. Use handle to remove bread bin.           •     13 hour programmable timer.
     5.    Unplug from mains outlet when appliance is not in use and            •     60 minute keep warm function.
           before cleaning.                                                     •     Adjustable crust control.
     6.    Always ensure that the bread maker has completely cooled down        •     Dishwasher safe, non-stick bread bin and kneading blade.
           before storing and before cleaning.                                  •     Removable bread bin and lid for easy cleaning.
     7.    An appliance dropped or damaged should not be used until
           examined by a service engineer.
     8.    Do not permit the mains lead to come in contact with hot
           objects. If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by       BEFORE INITIAL USE
           the manufacturer or its service agent or a similarly qualified
           person in order to avoid a hazard.                                   After unpacking the bread maker, wipe exterior surfaces with a damp
     9.    Use this appliance only for its intended use.                        cloth or towel and dry with a dry towel. Wash the bread bin and
     10.   The appliance should not be used outdoors, placed near a hot         kneading blade, cup and spoon with hot soapy water and dry with a
           gas or electrical burner or placed in a heated oven. Keep at least   dry towel.
           10 cm from any other object.
     11.   Do not let the cord hang over edge of table or counter.
     12.   An appliance should never be left unattended when plugged into
           the power supply.
     13.   This appliance must be earthed.
     14.   This appliance is intended for household use only and not for
           commercial or industrial use.

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     OPERATION                                                                BAKING GUIDE

     DISPLAY                                                                  •   Make sure the bread maker is unplugged from the mains supply
                                                                              •   Insert the kneading blade into the bread bin.
     •   Basic. For the preparation of white, wheat and rye bread. Total      •   Add the ingredients to the bread bin in the specified order stated
         time 3.00hrs.                                                            in the recipe. This is particularly important when using ‘time delay’
     •   Quick. For the quick preparation of basic white, wheat and rye           function.
         bread. Total time 2hr 20min.                                         •   Insert the bread pan into the bread maker and lock securely into
     •   French. For the preparation of French light white bread. Total           position by turning clockwise.
         time 3hr 50 min.                                                     •   Plug the bread maker into a suitable mains supply. 230-240 V AC
     •   Rapid. For the preparation of sweet leavened dough. Total time           50 Hz. This appliance must be Earthed.
         1hr 50 min.                                                          •   Select the desired program by pressing the ‘setting’ button.
     •   Whole wheat. For the preparation of whole wheat breads. Total        •   Select the desired crust setting.
         time 3hrs 40 min.                                                    •   Press the start button. Baking will commence.
     •   Cake. For the preparation of cakes and baking powder. Total time
         2hrs 50 min.
     •   Dough. For the preparation of different types of dough. Total        BASIC RECIPES TO GET YOU STARTED
         time 1hr 30 min.
     •   Time delay. All programs can be started with the time delay          BASIC WHITE
         function. Select desired program and the press time delay button     Ingredients             Measure         750g Loaf      1kg Loaf
         to select the desired finishing time. The displayed time indicates   Water                   Cup             1              1.5
         the time the program will finish from current time and includes      Salt                    Teaspoon        1              1.5
         the initial program time length. For example if you wish to have a   Sugar                   Tablespoon      1              1.5
         cooked loaf of white bread ready at 6pm and it is now 11am,          High Grade Flour        Cup             3              4
         select basic setting, place ingredients into pan and insert into     Surebake Yeast          Teaspoon        3              4
         bread maker. Select time delay button and depress + button until
         7.00 appears in window. Press ‘start’ button, program will           WHOLE WHEAT
         commence. Bread will be ready in 7 hours time at 6pm. Note. If
                                                                              Ingredients               Measure         750g Loaf     1kg Loaf
         you wish to use the keep warm function, allow for this time in
                                                                              Water                     Cup             1             1.5
         your calculations.
                                                                              Vegetable Shortening      Tablespoon      ¾             1
     •   Start/Stop buttons. This button starts or stops the program.
                                                                              Salt                      Teaspoon        ¾             1
         Note that if you stop mid cycle the program will start from the
         beginning when restarted.                                            Brown Sugar               Tablespoon      1.5           2
     •   Crust Colour. This button selects which crust colour you desire.     Wholemeal Flour           Cup             3             4
         When pressed the indicator light will show light, medium or dark     Gluten Flour              Tablespoon      1.5           2
         as desired.                                                          Surebake Yeast            Teaspoon        3             4

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                                                                                                             Warranty Card
     •   After use and before cleaning, remove plug, wait for the bread
         maker to cool completely.                                             This product is guaranteed against faulty materials and workmanship for a period of
     •   Wash the bread bin, kneader, cup and spoon in hot soapy water,        two years from the date of purchase with proof of purchase. The obligation to the
                                                                               purchaser under this warranty is limited to servicing the unit and replacing defective
         rinse and dry.                                                        parts or refund when the product is returned freight prepaid to the retailer with proof of
     •   Wipe any spillover with a soft damp cloth and dry with a dry          purchase. This warranty becomes void if the product has been tampered with,
         towel. Do not immerse in water.                                       damaged by accident, damaged in any other way by improper use or has been
     •   Wipe the outside of the main body a slightly moistened cloth          purchased second hand. All production orders have quality inspections. In the unlikely
                                                                               event of a deficiency, please contact the retailer from which this product was
         ensuring that no moisture, oil or grease enters the appliance.
     •   Do not clean the inside or outside with any abrasive scouring pad
         or steel wool as this will damage the finish.
                                                                                 WARRANTY FOR APPLIANCES USED COMMERCIALLY LIMITED TO 90 DAYS
     TO STORE: Unplug bread maker and allow to cool. Store in its box
     or in a dry place. Store the cord loosely coiled. Do not put any stress   Type of Appliance: Cascade Breadmaker
     on cord where it enters the appliance as this may cause the cord to
     fray and possibly break.                                                  Model No.: CE102BM             Purchase Date: ________________________________

                                                                               Product Purchased From: _________________________________________________


                                                                               Your Name: ___________________________________________________________


                                                                               ______________________________________ Phone Number: __________________

                                                                               Please retain this warranty card along with your purchase receipt. Please do not post to
                                                                                the retailer. If service or a warranty claim is required, both of these documents are to
                                                                                  be returned with the appliance to your retailer, otherwise a fee may be charged or
                                                                                                warranty declined. For technical help contact the helpline.

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