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					                        Curriculum Map: Year 2 Term Summer
 Week        1   2  3 4 5 6 7                                       8   9   10   11   12    13   14
Geograph          Tocuaro a study of a village in Mexico
    y                    Use of globes and maps
 History      Comparing and contrasting way of life of Mexico
                           child with our own
               Learning about the climate and culture of the
                            Mexican people.

  Design                    Design and Technology
    and       Winding up machines. Using a themed approach
technolog        such as nursery rhythms design and make a
     y              winding up maching that will tell a story
  PSHE                               P.S.E.
Citizenshi                  Relationships.-‘respect’
     p                       Views and opinions
 English     Word Level use       Sentence          Text Level          Word Level           Sentence     Text Level write
              synonyms and           level                           Investigate words          level          sustained
                alternative         Match       Compare books       with same spelling        Write in    stories using the
                words and          verbs to       by the same       pattern but different       clear        elements of
               phrases spell     nouns and      author, settings,         sounds            sentences      story to include
                words with        pronouns         characters,       Use the four basic          with           narrative,
                  common                in          themes, to      handwriting joins to       capital          settings,
             suffixes such as agreement evaluate and form             develop cursive        letter and   characterisation,
                –ful and –ly          Use      preferences giving       style writing        full stops     dialogue, and
                 Read text        standard            reasons                                   Turn      the language of
             clearly out loud      forms of          Read and                               statements             story
                                    verbs..           respond                                    into      Use humour to
                                      Use       imaginatively to                             questions     write their own
                                  comas in      texts and collect                              using a           poetry
                                      lists        examples of                                range of     Understand the
                                               humorous stories                             wh- words          difference
                                                    and poetry                                               between fact
                                               Discuss meanings                                                and fiction
                                                  of words that                                            Use a contents
                                                 create humour                                             page and index
                                               and sound effects                                          Scan to look for
                                               in poetry to make                                          key phrases and
                                               a class anthology                                                  words
                                                                                                             Evaluate the
                                                                                                            value of a text
                                                                                                             Make simple
                                                                                                            notes from txt
                                                                                                               Write non-
                                                                                                              fiction texts
                                                                                                           Write in a non-
                           FICTION AND POETRY                                           Non-Fiction
               Extended story.stories by significant children’s     Information books including non-chronological texts
             authors.different stories by the same author. Texts
              with language play e.g. riddles, tongue twisters,
                         humorous verse and stories
Science                   Life and living processes                                         Variation
               What is alive what the characteristics of life is    How all living things have certain requirements and
                           The variety of mammals                    needs and that they also function in similar ways
                         Needs of plants and animals                How humans are all the same in ceratin ways and
                                                                                      all unique in others
                                                                       How humans display characteristics that are
Mathemati                                          Counting and properties of number
   cs                                             Place value up to four digit numbers
                                               Mental calculation strategies using =and –
                                                      Money and change from £1.00
                                             Measures in centimetres, litres and kilograms
                                                         3d and 2d shape regular
                                                     reasoning about number algebra
                         making decisions and checking results also stating which strategy they are using
                                                   fractions half, quarter, third, eighth,
                                                  time problems mental calculations…
                                                    handling data tally and bar charts
Religious    Easter the resurrection and stories about the risen Jesus                           Our Church
Education     Pentecost the story of the Pentecost and the role of the                 The church is the family of God
                     Holy Spirit the the lives of Christians today                 Recognising roles and responsibilities of
                                                                                       people in the Parish community
                                                                                    The Mass sequence of the Mass and
                                                                                 reasons why it is important as a celebration
                                                                                                of the Church.
 Art and                         Cock and bull stories
 Design      Looking at how artist have portrayed animals and using
              lines and tone to produce their own interpretation of an
                      animal using and exploring printmaking

Informatio                               Routes                               Questions and answers develop awareness
     n         Controlling a floor turtle including how to create, test,        of different types of questions and how
Communic     modify and store instructions to control the movements of         I.C.T. can be used in different formats to
  ations                             a floor turtle                             answer these. Learn how to ask yes no
Technolog                                                                         answers using a prepared program
     y                                                                             Find out how to store information
  Music                    To follow… apologies for this!

 Physical     Games rule making learning how to make simple team                       Practising for sports day
Education              games and the need to use rules                            Developing ideas for a novelty race