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									Subject: Language Arts                                                              Greeneville City Schools Curriculum Map                                                    Grade Level:

                                Aug.                  Sept.                  Oct.                 Nov.             Dec.                 Jan.              Feb.                Mar.                   Apr.                May

                             Predicting             Author’s           Compare and            Summarizing       Character           Classifying           Plot         Making Judgments          Main Idea
                             Character              Purpose              Contrast             Context Clues    Summarizing           Theme –                               Main Idea          Graphic Sources
                              Realistic             Setting             Steps in a            Cause/Effect                        Realism/Fantasy                          Character
                               Fiction              Drawing              Process                                                                                         Fact/Opinion
                              Narration           Conclusions            Graphic                                                                                       Dictionary Skills –
                             Determine             Predicting            Sources                                                                                       ABC order, Guide
                          Author’s Purpose                              Sequence                                                                                       Words, Definitions

                           Short Vowels           Long Vowels          igh, y = I, ind,      ou, ow, double   or, ore, oor, our       ear, eer       Review all, al,     Patterns - aw,           ex pattern        Vowel Patterns
Reading Development           a, I, u, e,            Final e,         ie, ild, er, ir, ur,      the final      change y to I         suffix “ly”          au             ough, gn, wh,        Prefixes – un, dis,   Long e = ie, ey
                         g, th, r, d, n, s, k,    sh, ch, ph, v,        change y to I         consonant –          add es              oi, oy,          Silent          “ou” as in touch                re            Consonant
                         m, w, o, x, k, ck,      wh, ee, ng, ea,      add es, change           add suffix          oo, ou,           suffix “ful”    consonant –        “gh” as in laugh      Vowel patterns –      patterns for f
                              qu, j, y, z             kn, -e,           f to v add es,                        comparative er,      ea as short e          mb                syllables               ei, eigh           gh, ph, lf
                                                 y = long e, tch,      wor = er, ear,                                est              suffix er                          schwa sound             Suffix - less        Long e = ei
                                                 nk, ai, ay, suffix   oa, ow, old, oe,                                                                                   consonant –le                               Change f to v
C.A.R.E. (Phonics)                                     (ing)                -o, ost,                                                                                      suffix – s, es                              and add es
                                                                       ce, ci, cy = s                                                                                         ue, ui                                Vowel patterns
                                                                        ge, gi, gy = j                                                                                 vowel pattern – er                               air, are
                         2.1.04 Phonemic         2.1.06               2.1.09                                                                                                 decode                                   Consonant
                         Awareness**             Fluency**            Comprehension                                                                                    multisyllabic words                           pattern – dge
                         2.1.05 Decoding         2.1.07 Reading       Strategies**
                         Strategies**              Vocabulary**
                         2.3.02 (e)              2.1.08
                         Handwriting **          Prereading

                             Complete              Predicates            Pumpkins                Owls            Personal             Penguins        “A Place You      Narrative Writing
                             Sentences            Statements              Snakes              “My Favorite       Narrative          “I Wonder…”        Wore Your         Using Pronouns
                              Subjects             Questions               Ducks                 Sport”         Nutcracker           New Year’s      Nicest Clothes”   “A Time When You
                           Begin Personal          Commands               Spiders             “My Friends”                            Resolution          “When          Took A Trip To
                             Narratives          Exclamations             Autumn                                                     A Narrative     Someone Gave            Town”
                                                 Journal Writing          Acrostic                                                  Writing Using    You Something
                                                  “Our Trip To                                                                        Adjectives         Special”
                                                  Greeneville”                                                                      “A Time You
                                                                                                                                    Played a Ball
                                                                                                                                    “A Time You
                         2.2.01 Prewriting**     2.2.02 Variety       2.2.05 Evaluate        2.2.06                               2.2.11
                         2.2.07 Narrative**      of Purposes**           Writing**           Publishing**                         Write/Variety of
                                  2.2.03             2.2.09 Original     2.2.10                             Genres**
                                  Draft/Revise**         Ideas**         Response to
                                  2.2.04 Editing**                       Literature**
                                  2.2.08 Writing

              Short Vowels              Initial            Long A            Vowel         R- Controlled    R – controlled –   Vowel Patterns     Patterns – a, au,     Long a – ei, eigh     Consonant
                  A, I, U           Consonant             Inflected       Diphthongs –     Vowels – or,        ear, eer,         – a, al, au     al, gn, wh, wr, aw,      Pattern – ex       pattern – gh,
             Final Consonant      Diagraphs – ch,      Endings – s,          ou, ow         ore, oor, our      Suffix “ly”         Silent               ough,              Prefixes –            ph, lf
                  Blends                  sh               ing, es          Inflected         Inflected          Vowel          consonants –         Short u, ou              un, re          Plural – es
                                   Long vowels –            Long I          Endings        endings – ed,     diphthongs –        gh, kn, mb          Multisyllabic        Long ei, eigh     Vowel Pattern
                                       final e             Medial          Controlled             es             oi, oy                                 Words             Review vowel          air, are
                                      Long e            Consonants         Vowel – ar     Vowel Patterns       Suffix “ful”                         Schwa sound           digraph – ue,
                                     Inflected         R- controlled     Endings – ed,    – oo, ou as in      Short ae, e                            Plurals s, es     schwa sound, and
                                    ending – ed            vowels              ing              book           Suffix “er”                       Vowel diagraph –         consonant er
                                                      Plurals – s, es    Vowel Patterns    Comparative                                                    ue
                                                           Long O         – ew, oo, ou     endings – er,                                          Consonant – er
                                                         Compound         Contractions           est
                                                     Words with ce,
                                                            ge, se
                                                        Singular and
             2.3.03 Spelling**                         Possessives
                 Complete           Predicates             Nouns             Verbs         Verb – To Be        Adjectives       Comparative         Pronouns –            Contractions
                Sentences                              Proper Nouns       Subject/Verb      Verb Tense                         and Superlative   singular and plural       Complete
                 Subjects                               Singular and       Agreement                                             Adjectives           Adverbs              Sentences
                                                       Plural Nouns        Verb Tense                                                               Pronouns –             Pronouns
                                                      Irregular Plural                                                                           subject and object
Grammar                                                 Possessive
            2.1.03 Concepts of                       2.3.01 (a)          2.3.01 (b)                         2.3.01 (d)                           2.3.01 (c)            2.3.02 (d)
                   Print**                           Nouns**             Verbs**                            Adjectives**                         Pronouns**            Contractions**
            2.3.04 (b)                                                   2.3.04 (a)                                                              2.3.04 (a) Correct    2.3.04 (d)
            Complete                                                     Subject/Verb                                                            Pronoun Choice**      Compound
            Sentences**                                                  Agreement**                                                                                   Sentences**
                 Sentence           Statements          Same As              Same As        Same As           Review and           Using          Same As Above              Edit for
                  Structure         Questions            Above                Above          Above              practice         Supporting                              punctuation and
                  Kinds of          Commands                                                                 capitalization       Details                                     use of
Mechanics        Sentences                                                                                  and punctuation                                                apostrophes
             Capitalization and                                                                              of sentences,                                               Review endings
               Punctuation of                                                                                   kinds of                                                   and suffixes
                 Sentences                                                                                    sentences,
                                                                                                            agreement and
                                                                                                                  agreement and
                                                                                                                     verb tense
                        2.3.02 (a)           2.3.04 (c)                                                          2.3.02 (c)
                        Capitalization**     Identify/Use                                                        Commas**
                                             Kinds of

                                             2.3.02 (b)
                                                Life Cycle      Nocturnal                                                               Internet                           Animal Habitats     Animal Habitat
                                                                Animals                                                               Research –
Research/Presentation                                         2.1.10                                                                 animals, flag,
                                                              Informational                                                         presidents, and
                                                              Skills**                                                                  insects
                                                              2.1.11 Content
                                                              Area Reading**
                           Read with a         Read with a        Listening    Choral Reading    Read Aloud –     Martin Luther      Small group
                             Partner             Partner       Comprehension                    Junie B. Jones     King, Jr.             play
                                              Read Aloud –      Good Night,                         books                           presentation –
                                             Junie B. Jones          Owl                                                             “Carry, Go,
Speaking/Listening                               books          Owl At Home                                                         Bring, Come”
                        2.1.01 Oral                                 Give a                                                             V Is For
                        Lang.**                                  Description                                                          Volunteer
                        2.1.02 Listening**                                                                                          Count On Us

                        Franny and Ginny      The Workers        The Ugly      How I Beat the   Four Clues For     “Best Wishes,      “Carry, Go,       Yawning Dawn       Tex And The Big         *Why
                         *Daddy Could I           *Tools         Duckling          Giants            Chee                Ed”         Bring, Come”       *Missing: One         Bad T. Rex        Mosquitoes
                             Have An         The Green Leaf       *Duck          *Play Ball      *Young Cam      “Chin Chian And     Paul Goes to       Stuffed Rabbit    *Let’s Go Dinosaur      Buzz In
                            Elephant?           Club News        Eye Spy             The        Jansen and the      The Dragon’s        the Ball       Space Dreams            Tracking!          Peoples
Related Literature         The Wobbly          *The Bikers       *Seeing        Storykeeper     Dinosaur Game          Dance”        *The Rooster        *Man On The            Splash             Ears
                        People In Ellen’s    House Repairs     Furry Mouse        *People,      A Good Laugh          Hear The      Who Went To             Moon          *Down In The Sea:     *“The Great
   *Indicates Tested       Block House        *The Surprise     *Two Mice          People,        For Cookie           Cheers         His Uncle’s      Two Lunches At        The Jellyfish      Kapok Tree”
   Comprehension         *Poppleton and                          The Old        Everywhere!      *Moon Bear’s     *The Great Ball      Wedding             The Mill       “The Blue Lobster”    Rain Forest
   Story                  the Grapefruit                       Gollywampus       New Best             Pet               Game        “Coat of Many      *Going To Town       *Never Kiss An          Ride
                                                                 *Snakes           Friends                          Birthday Joy        Colors”        A True Boating           Alligator
                                                                Charlotte’s    *Wanted: Best                     *The Best Older          “On               Family
                                                                   Web              Friend                              Sister      Granddaddy’s      *Riding The Ferry
                        2.1.12                                 Good Night,        The First                         Treasure Pie         Farm”        With Captain Cruz
                         Independent                                  Owl           Thanksgiving                      *Bruno The
                         Reading**                                Spiders Up                                            Baker
                         2.1.13 Literary                             Close
                         Genres**                                *Anansi and
                         2.1.14 Motivation                        the Talking
                         To Read**                                  Melon
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Bay’s Mountain
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Nature Park
Field Studies
                                              Grammar Rock      V – Charlotte’s                       V – The                                Internet     MSB – Out Of This    Internet Research    Video Nature
Technology                     C.C.C.                                Web                             Nutcracker          C.C.C.             Research       World Asteroids      Animal Habitats       Series –
                          Phonics Express                                                                           Phonics Express        Tennessee                           Coral Reef/Ocean        African
****Ongoing                   Internet                                                                                  Internet              Topics                          Eye Witness Video       Animals
                                                                                                                                                                                    - Reptiles
                         Oral Observations          Oral              Oral              Oral             Oral              Oral                Oral       Oral Observations    Oral Observations         Oral
                          and Questioning      Observations      Observations       Observations    Observations     Observations         Observations     and Questioning      and Questioning     Observations
                         Vocabulary Picture         and               and               and              and        and Questioning            and        Reading/Language    Reading/Language           and
                             Flip Book         Questioning        Questioning       Questioning     Questioning        Hand – On          Questioning        Arts Games           Arts Games        Questioning
                           ____ ’s Vowel        “Jake Can         Spider Mini       Ou, Ow, Owl     End-of-Story    Activity Centers      Comparative        End-of-Story         End-of-Story        Reading/
                               House          Read” – Hi Lite         Book           Flip Book     Comprehension       Snowman              Adjective/     Comprehension        Comprehension      Language Arts
                         Reading/Language         Vowels        Common Noun/        End-of-Story        Tests       Project – all, au,      Types of             Tests                Tests            Games
                            Arts Games        Student Made        Proper Noun      Comprehension   Unit 3 Reading      alk, aw, ou       Sentences Flip    Pronoun/Proper        Unit 5 Reading     End-of-Story
                         C.A.R.E. Pretests      Mini Books         Flip Book           Tests             Test          Beginning,             Book         Noun Flip Book              Test        Comprehension
                          Write From The       End-of-Story         Singular/        Journaling         Unit 3        Middle, End          Dictionary       Unit 4 Reading     Unit 5 Vocabulary        Tests
Assessment               Beginning Pretest    Comprehension     Irregular Plural                     Vocabulary      Shutter Book        Picture Book –           Test                 Test        Animal Habitat
                            End-of-story           Tests        Noun Flip Book                           Test         End-of-Story         Definition,    Unit 4 Vocabulary      Ocean Habitat       Dioramas
                          Comprehension       Unit 1 Reading      End-of-Story                     Mid-Year Test    Comprehension         Guide Words,            Test                Project        End-of-The
                               Tests                Test        Comprehension                      Write From The         Tests            ABC order                                                Year Reading
                         Chapter/Unit Tests        Unit 1            Tests                         Beginning Test                         End-of-Story                                                   Test
                                                Vocabulary      Unit 2 Reading                                                           Comprehension                                                C.A.R.E.
                                                    Test              Test                                                                    Tests                                                   Posttest
                                                                     Unit 2                                                              My Book About                                             Write From The
                                                                  Vocabulary                                                               Tennessee                                               Beginning Test
                                                                      Test                                                                 Tennessee
                                                                                                                                         Wind Sock Test
**Numbers Name Ongoing State Performance Indicators

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