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									      Carroll County Schools                         Kindergarten Social Studies Curriculum Map FY09 July 1, 2008                                 1 of 1
                     First Nine Weeks                                 Second Nine Weeks                 Third Nine Weeks           Fourth Nine Weeks
Unit One: Connecting Themes in Kindergarten               Unit Three: Where in the World Are         Unit Five:                  Unit Six:
Social Studies I                                          We?                                        Being a Good American You’re a Grand Old
In this unit students will be introduced to the unit      October-Columbus Day                       January-MLK Day             Flag & Other US
connecting themes of:                                     Standards: H1b; H3a,b,g; G2a,b,c; G3       February-President’s        Symbols
•Culture                                                  Map Skills: 1 Info Skills: 2               Day                         May-Memorial Day
•Individuals, Groups, Institutions                        Location                                   Standards: H1e,f; H2d,e, June-Flag Day
•Location                                                 • Columbus Day (H1b)                       f; CG1a,b; CG2; E1; E2; July-Independence
•Scarcity                                                 • Differentiates land/water features(G2a)  E3a,b; E4                   Day
•Time, change, and continuity                             • Understands maps/globes (G2b,c)          Map Skills: none Info       Standards: H1h,i;
These themes will provide the scaffolding needed for      • Finds continent where student lives (G3) skills: 1,2,3               H2a,b,c,g,h
the study of Social Studies for the first half of the     Time, change, continuity                   Individuals, groups,        Map Skills: none; Info
school year.                                              • Now, long ago (H3a)                      institutions                skills: 1,3
Unit Two: The People in Our Neighborhood                  • Before, after (H3b)                      • Martin Luther King, Jr.
September – Labor Day                                     • Past, present, future (H3g)              (H1e)                       Culture
Standards: H1a; H3c,d,e,f; E1; E2; E3a,b; E4              Unit Four:                                 • George Washington,        • Memorial Day (H1g)
Map Skills: none; Info Skills: 1,3                        Celebrating Our Differences                Abraham Lincoln (H1f;       • National/state flag
Culture                                                   November-Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving       H2d,e,f)                    (H1h; H2a)
•Pledge of Allegiance & Star Spangled Banner (H2g,h) Standards: H1c,d; G1; E1; E2; E3a,b; E4         • The current president     • Pledge of Allegiance
Individuals, Groups, Institutions                         Map Skills: 1; Info skills: 1,2,3          (H1f)                       & Star Spangled
•How rules are made & why (CG1a)                          Culture                                    • How rules are made &      Banner (H2g,h)
•Why we follow rules (CG1b)                               • Thanksgiving Day (H1d)                   why (CG1a)                  • Bald eagle (H2b)
•Positive character traits (CG2)                          • Diverse community & family celebrations • Why we follow rules        • Statue of Liberty
Scarcity                                                  & customs (G1)                             (CG1b)                      (H2c)
•Labor Day (H1a)                                          Scarcity                                   • Positive character traits
•Describes the work people do (E1)                        • Veteran’s Day (H1c)                      (CG2)
•Earning income (E2) Purchasing power (E3a, b)            • Describes work people do (E1)            Scarcity
•Scarcity (E4)                                            • Earning income (E2) Purchasing power     • Describes work people
Time, change, continuity                                     (E3a, b)                                do (E1)
•Morning, afternoon, night (H3c)                          • Scarcity (E4)                            • Earning income (E2)
•Today, tomorrow, yesterday (H3d)                                                                    Purchasing power (E3a,
•First, last, next (H3e)                                                                             b)
•Day, week, month, year (H3f)                                                                        • Scarcity (E4)

                                                           Teaching, Learning, Caring
                                    Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum will be implemented in all classes.

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