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									Tenth Grade Curriculum Map

           August                     September               October                 November                December            January               February                  March            April                          May
GRADE 10   Summer Reading –The        American Literature     Capitalization Rules    Capitalization Rules    Arthur’s Miller’s   Vocabulary            Vocabulary lessons        To Kill a        The finale of To Kill a        Research
ENGLISH    Testament                  – Beginnings-1750       Subject/Verb and        Subject/Verb and        The Crucible Acts   Cartoon II            Writing Complete          Mockingbird,     Mockingbird novel              Paper –
           Grammar I – Parts of           John Smith- ―The    Pronoun/Antecedent      Pronoun/Antecedent      III and IV          Phrases and           Sentences, Writing        vocabulary       Research Paper: included       Conclusion
           Speech and Parts of a      General History         Agreement               Agreement               Vocabulary          Clauses               Effective Sentences,                       how to write a thesis          A Growing
           Sentence                          of Virginia‖     Arthur Miller’s The     Arthur Miller’s The     Honors: (Honors:    grammar unit          Understanding                              statement, introduction,       Nation
                   Chapter 12 - 8         William Bradford    Crucible Act I and II   Crucible Act I and II   Cyrano de           Define Effective      Paragraphs and                             background information,        Literature
                   parts of speech:   – ―Of Plymouth          (Honors: Cyrano de      (Honors: Cyrano de      Bergerac)           Sentences             Compositions                               contributions and effects,     Unit (includes
                   noun, pronoun,            Plantation‖      Bergerac                Bergerac                Review for the      Understanding         Introduction of To Kill                    and a conclusion, work         historical
                   adjective, verb,       Jonathan            Vocabulary Cartoons     Vocabulary Cartoons     midterm             Paragraphs and        A Mockingbird                              cited page, using MLA style.   background,
                   adverb,            Edwards – ―Sinners      II                      II                                          Composition           Honors – Short Story                       Vocabulary Cartoon – SAT       Irving,
                   conjunction,       in the                                                                                      Multiple Skills)      Analysis and Critical                      Word Power application of      Longfellow,
                   preposition,              Hands of an                                                                                                Thinking Assignments                       words in writing.              Holmes,
                   interjection       Angry God‖                                                                                                                                                                                  Emerson,
                   Chapter 13 - 3         Anne Bradstreet                                                                                                                                                                         Dickinson)
                   parts of a         – ―To My Dear and
                   sentence:                 Loving
                   subject,           Husband‖ and also
                   predicate,         ―Upon
                   complement                the Burning of
           Vocabulary Cartoons II     Our House‖
           Multiple Skills                Edward Taylor –
                                      Vocabulary Cartoons
                                      Glossary of Usage
                                      Capitalization Rules
                                      Subject/Verb and
GRADE 10   Patterns and Inductive     Triangles               Two-column proofs       Special Right           Lateral area and    Volumes of Solids     Proving Triangles         Similarity       Right Triangle                 Chords,
GEOMETRY   Reasoning                  Polygons                Midsegments of          Triangles               Surface Area        Surface Areas of      Congruent                 Right Triangle   Trigonometry                   Secants, and
           Basic Terms of             Parallel and            Triangles               Area of Trapezoids      Volume (Honors      Spheres               Quadrilaterals            Trigonometry     Right Triangle                 Tangents of
           Geometry                   Perpendicular Lines     Indirect                Area of Regular         only-Regular will   Geometric             SAT Practice                               Trigonometry                   Circles
           Basic Postulates and       Writing Linear          Reasoning(Honors        Polygons                do these lessons    Probability                                                      Circles: Chords, Secants,      Algebra
           Theorems of Geometry       Equations               only)                   Circles                 in January)         Reasoning and                                                    and                            Review
           Measurement of Angles      Classifying             Triangle Inequalities   Lateral and Surface     Surface Areas       Parallel Lines                                                   Tangents
           and Segments               Quadrilaterals          Angle bisectors         Area                    and Volumes of      Solving Systems
           Congruence                 Solve Quadrilaterals    Perpendicular           Volume (Honors          Composite Space     of Equations (Alg.
           Midpoint                   Circles                 bisectors               only-Regular will do    Figures(Honors      I review)
           Perpendicular Lines        Congruent and           Concurrent Lines        these lessons in        only)               Proving Triangles
           Segment Bisector &         Similar Figures         (Honors only)           January)                Reasoning and       Congruent
           Perpendicular Bisector     Matrices                Median, Altitude,                               Parallel Lines      (Honors begins
           Angle Bisector             Logical Reasoning       Angle Bisector, and                             (Honors only-       this chapter and
           Basic Constructions        Isosceles Triangles     Perpendicular                                   Regular will do     will complete it in
Tenth Grade Curriculum Map

           Deductive Reasoning                              bisector of a                                  these lessons in   the first week of
           Vertical Angles,                                 triangle                                       January)           February;
           Adjacent Angles                                  Perimeter and Area                                                Regular will begin
           Complementary and                                Radicals (Algebra                                                 this chapter in
           Supplementary Angles                             review)                                                           February)
           Coordinate Plane                                 Pythagorean
GRADE 10   French and Indian War    Development of          Monroe Doctrine         Market Revolution      Middle Class       Divisions            Civil War               Reconstruction   Industrial Revolution         Movement
US         War for Independence     state constitutions     Market Revolution       Rise of Northern       Reform             between North        Reconstruction          Industrial       Gilded Age –Politics and      west
HISTORY                             Articles of             McCulloch v.            Industry               Protestant         and South—                                   Revolution       economy                       Immigration
                                    Confederation           Maryland                Slave rebellions in    Revivals of the    Economic,                                                     Turn of the Century 1900
                                    Constitutional          Dartmouth v.            the South              1800’s             Political, and
                                    Convention              Woodward                Growth of              Educational        Social
                                    Virginia/New Jersey     Gibbons v. Ogden        nationalism in the     Reform of the      Stephen
                                    Plan                    Age of Jackson          US                     1800’s             Douglass and
                                    Bill of Rights                                  Effects of Jackson’s   Temperance         Popular
                                    Hamilton’s Economic                             Presidency             Movement           Sovereignty
                                    plan                                            Trail of Tears         The Abolitionist   Compromise of
                                    Jay’s Treaty                                    Reform movements       Movement           1850
                                    Election of 1800                                of 1800’s              The Underground    Kansas-Nebraska
                                    Jefferson                                       Utopian communities    Railroad           Act
                                    presidency                                      Abolitionism           Women’s Rights     Dred Scott Case
                                    Louisiana Purchase                              Underground            Movement           The
                                    War of 1812                                     railroad                                  Lincoln/Douglass
                                                                                    Women’s rights                            debates
                                                                                    movement                                  John Brown’s
                                                                                    Immigration during                        raid
                                                                                    the 1800’s                                Southern
                                                                                                                              Civil War Battles
                                                                                                                              from Bull Run to
GRADES           The rise of              Classical               Contributions     Ch 11 The Americas     Ch 14 The Last     CH 17 THE            PART V:                 CH 27 Russia     CH 32 Cold War                REVIEW of
10/11            agriculture and          India                   of the            on the Eve of          Great Nomadic      TRANSFORMATION       INDUSTRIALIZATION       and Japan        CH 33 Latin America:          entire
AP WORLD         agricultural             Classical               Mediterranea      Invasion               Challenges         OF THE WEST          AND WESTERN             PART VI:         Revolution & Reaction         course
HISTORY          civilization             Civilization in         n civilizations   Ch 12 Tang and Song    Ch 15 The West     CH 18 THE RISE       GLOBAL HEGEMONY         THE 20TH         CH 34 Africa, Middle East &   content
                 Classical China          the                     to modern         Dynasties              and the Changing   OF RUSSIA            1750-1914               CENTURY          Asia
                 The need for             Mediterranea            society           Ch 13 Spread of        World Balance      CH 19 EARLY          CH 23 The               CH 28 WW1        CH 35 Rebirth and
                 water in ancient         n: Greece and           Significance      Chinese Civilization   Ch 16 The World    LATIN AMERICA        Emergence of            CH 29 1920S      Revolution
                 societies                Rome                    of the                                   Economy            CH 20 AFRICA         Industrial Society in   CH 30 Great      CH 36 Globalization &
                 Concept of               Writing &               Hellenistic                                                 CH 21 MUSLIM         the West 1750-1914      Depression       Resistance
                 civilization             Power:                  period in                                                   EMPIRES              CH 24                   CH 31 WW2
                 What enabled             Defining                Asian and                                                   CH 22 ASIAN          Industrialization and
                 civilizations to         World-views             African                                                     TRANSITIONS IN       Imperialism             (Spring break)
                 develop?                 Representing            history                                                     AN AGE OF            CH 25 Consolidation
Tenth Grade Curriculum Map

               Characteristics            the Human        Proposition       CHANGE   of Latin America
               of civilizations           Form (1400       that the                   Ch 26 Civilizations in
               Religious history          BCE-1500 CE)     Mediterranea               Crisis: Ottomans,
               of early                   Patterns         n empires                  Qing
               civilizations(em           developed in     never
               phasis on                  early Indian     completely
               Judaism)                   history that     ―fell‖
               Development of             continued for    Main
               writing                    centuries        similarities
               Nature of                  Influence of     and
               Chinese                    Indian culture   differences
               culture’s                  on the world     between
               continuity                 Development      Greece and
               Bureaucracy                of caste         Rome’s
               Development &              system           political
               use of              Change of Ashoka’s      structures
               technology in       approach to             How and why
               classical China     leadership              the Indians
               Strengths /                                 developed
               weaknesses of                               long-lasting
               Classical                                   polytheistic
               Chinese society                             religions but
       Rise of Confucianism,                               the Greeks
       Daoism, Legalism &                                  did not
       influence of each on                                The common
       Chinese political                                   and disparate
       structure                                           themes of the
                                                           rise of
                                                           civilization in
                                                           the Americas
                                                           and Polynesia
                                                           Effect on
                                                           society of the
                                                           fall of the
                                                           Ways in
                                                           which the
                                                           Eastern &
                                                           portions of
                                                           the Roman
                                                           differed and
                                                           how they
Tenth Grade Curriculum Map

                                                                  were similar
                                                                  Did the
                                                                  Empire really
                                                                  ―fall‖ in 476
                                                                  The common
                                                                  factors in the
                                                                  decline of
                                                                  differences in
                                                                  how classical
                                                                  Role of
                                                                  any—in the
                                                                  fall of
                                                                  Main features
                                                                  of Axum,
                                                                  Kush, &
                                                          Examples—if any—in
                                                          the development of
                                                          Christianity and
GRADE 10   Introduction to Biology   Nature Cycles        Chemistry of the Cell    Mendel’s laws of       Origin of Life   Viruses      Plant Characteristics    Phylum Porifera   Phylum Arthropoda           Muscular
BIOLOGY    Describe the              Nature of Matter     Cell Theory              genetics               Fossils          Bacteria     Parts of plants          Cnidarians         Invertebrate Chordates     system
           characteristcis of        Chemistry of Cells   History of the Cell      Monohybrid and         Radiometric      Protists     Plant types and          Phylum             Vertebrate Chordates       Digestive
              organisms.             History/Cell Cycle   Prokaryotic Cells        dihybrid crosses       dating           Fungi      Adaptations                Platyhelminthes    Human body fetal           system
           Begin relating biology    Prokaryotic Cells    Eukaryotic Cells         Genetic                Taxonomy                      Uses for plants          Phylum            development/reproduction.   Nutrition and
           to current                Eukaryotic Cells     Sizes of Cells           recombinations                                      Plant responses           Nematoda           Integumentary system       health
              event issues.                               Mitosis                  Meiosis                                             Cell differentiation in   Phylum Mollusca    Skeletal system            Endocrine
           Limitations of Science                         Cell Cycle               Photosynthesis                                     animals                    Phylum Annelida                               system
           Creation vs Evolution                          Cancer                   Cellular respiration                               I Introduction to                                                        Nervous
           Scientific Method and                          Cellular Transport       Structure of DNA                                   animals                                                                  system
           Experimental                                   Cellular Organization    Mutations                                                                                                                   Excretory
              Design.                                     Photosynthesis                                                                                                                                       system
           Lab Safety Rules and                           Cellular Respiration                                                                                                                                 Immune
           Emergency                                      Introduction to                                                                                                                                      system
              Procedures.                                 Genetics
Tenth Grade Curriculum Map

           Ecology and the work of

GRADE 10          Christian                  Background      The             (Continuation          Christ’s      Christ Teaches   Christ attends the     The Day After       The Post- Resurrection    The Good
BIBLE             Doctrines                  Information     Geographical    from above)            Public        that He is the   feast of Tabernacles   the Feast           Fishing Trip              Shepherd
                  Biblical World             on the book     and             The                    Ministry      Bread of Life,   Christ Divides the     The Man Born        The Day After the Feast   The Fest of
                  View                       of John         Archeology of   Geographical           Begins        Part 1           People at the Feast    Blind               The Man Born Blind        Dedication
                  The Bridge to              Introduction    Israel          and                    with          Christ Teaches   of Tabernacles         The Good                                      The Ministry
                  Salvation                  to John’s       The             Archeology of          individuals   that He is the                          Shepherd                                      in Perea and
                  History of the             Gospel          Preexistence    Israel                 Changing      Bread of Life,                          The Fest of                                   Bethany
                  Bible                      The Purpose     of Christ       The                    Water to      Part 2                                  Dedication                                    Christ’s
           Other Sacred Writing              of John’s       The             Preexistence           Wine                                                  The Ministry in                               Ministry to is
                                             Gospel          Incarnation     of Christ              Christ                                                Perea and                                     Disciples
                                     The Geographical        of Christ       The                    Cleanses                                              Bethany
                                     and Political           John, The       Incarnation            the Temple                                            The Triumphal
                                     Situation at the Time   Forerunner      of Christ              Christ                                                Entry
                                     of Christ               of Christ       John, The              Meets with                                            Christ’s Ministry
                                                                             Forerunner             Nicodemus                                             to is Disciples
                                                                             of Christ       Christ Confronts
                                                                                             the woman at the

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