MHI was Awarded The Chairman's Special Prize in WASTEC by rar99983


									MHI was Awarded The Chairman’s Special Prize in WASTEC 2004 for
AWMT system*1)

From November 23rd to 26th 2004, WASTEC 2004 (Waste              through examining and introducing innovative technologies
Control and Recycling Technology Exhibition) was held at         and business practices in a variety of fields complementing
Makuhari Messe (Nippon Convention Center) International          the WASTEC exhibition itself. MHI was awarded the
Exhibition Hall located in Chiba prefecture Japan.               Chairman’s Special Prize for this AWMT system*1) and
It was held to promote better environment in collaboration       Deputy General manager of Kimura received
with those companies and organizations, which are engaged        commendation.
in supply, development and manufacturing of the systems
and equipment for waste treatment and recycling, through
exhibiting their results and trends from integrated
MHI also constructed the booth and did the exhibition
regarding environmental technology.
On 23rd of exhibition first day, WASTEC award is organized
to enhance the technological level of waste treatment and
recycling with an aim at realizing a society which recycles,
                                                                            (From PLAKOH NEWS December 2004)

The first commercial plant of AWMT system*1), which              scale saving in ammonia consumption and waste handling
has the feature of ammonia re-utilization from fly ash /         cost can be realized.
FGD wastewater mixture, waste sludge reduction and
zero liquid discharge has been in successful commercial              FEATURES
operation from July 2004 for heavy oil-fired thermal             (1) Reduction of industrial waste quantity : 40% reduction
power station in Yokkaichi-Kasumi Japan, Cosmo Oil               (2) Reduction of ammonia utilization due to recycling : 80%
Co., Ltd.                                                            reduction
*1) AWMT system: Ash and Wastewater Mixture Treatment            (3) Zero wastewater discharge from FGD
    system                                                       (Note) for above numerical value, boiler SO3 conversion
MHI and Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc. have developed                   ratio is assumed as 6%
jointly with 20MW demonstration plant form 1993 to 1997.

Due to high content of sulfur in heavy oils, large quantity of
ammonia needs to be injected into the flue gas treating
section and formed SO3 to ammonium sulfate to prevent
steel structure and ESP components from sulfuric acid
corrosion. As a result, most of ammonia gets discharged
getting contained in fly ash and FGD wastewater.
Since this fly ash contains heavy metals from fuel oil, it is
treating as industrial waste and it contains approx. 60wt% of
ammonium sulfate. If the ammonia content in fly ash is
recovered and reused in the flue gas treatment system, large

                                    Reduction of ammonia utilization
                                    due to recycling : 80%
                                                                                                                  Ammonia Super Heater

          Fresh ammonia                  Recycled ammonia                                         Stripper                             STM

                                                                           Stack                                        CW

 Boiler              A/H                  EP                FGD
                                                                                         CW                                                          STM
   Ash Bin                Fly ash

                             FGD Wastewater
                                                                                           STM                 Ammonia Sol’n Tank

                               Unburned Carbon      Slaked                                                                           Dryer
                                 Dehydrator                                                       Hydro
                                                     Lime                                                                         (Drum Type)
                                 (Belt Filter)                                                    Cyclone

                                                                                                                                              Zero wastewater
                                                                                                                                              discharge from FGD
       Ash Slurry Tank                             pH Adjustment
                                                       Tank                                             Gypsum Slurry
                                                                                                          (To FGD)
                                     Unburned Carbon cake                                                                 Dried Sludge
                                       (Industrial Waste)                                                               (Industrial Waste)
                                                                        Reduction of industrial
                                                                        waste quantity : 40%

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