Legacy Application Maintenance

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					Legacy Application Maintenance

Client Overview

The client is a premier designer, marketer and distributor of financial products and services in

Business Challenges

The client needed an outsourcing partner for their application maintenance with its varied legacy
systems across their individual and group business. This would reduce cost of ownership of their
legacy applications and increase operational efficiency. A Ready to Serve (RTS) model to
support their legacy systems was required to improve quality of service. Additionally an efficient
Knowledge Management Repository had to be implemented.

iGATE’s Solution

iGATE performed a portfolio analysis on the client’s legacy insurance application based on its
WinSourcing framework. A study was completed to see the feasibility of outsourcing various
applications and activities for offshore maintenance. Logical groups were created to facilitate
transition and support. The applications would be enhanced and moved into the steady state using
the RTS model. This would lead to a reduction in, cost of ownership, core dependency and core

Business Benefits

The main benefit of the engagement was transformation from a people dependent knowledge
centric model to system dependent process centric model. There was a reduction in total cost of
ownership and maintenance of the system. The implementation of an efficient knowledge
management repository reduced dependency on people for specific applications.