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									Flowchart: Simplified Planning Process, Water Management Plans
 Stage 1. Planning, Organization,   Stage 2. Option Development            Stage 3. Draft WMP                  Stage 4. Final Plan
Commencement and Scoping Stage

       Formation of the                 Does the proponent                 Draft plan development                  Finalize Plan
      Steering Committee                  have options for                                                        (Proponent(s))
             (SC)                       mangaging flows and                    (Proponent(s))
                                                                          Evaluation and approval              Finalize consultation
       Terms of reference
                                                                               of draft plan                           report
          development                                                                                          (Proponent(s)+MNR)
             (SC)                         YES         NO
                                                                                                             Submission of final plan to
                                                   with stage             Consultation on draft plan
            LRIA Order                                                                                            MNR District
                                                        3                   - MNR post to EBR

                                           Refer to Water
                                           Management                      Record of consultation
        Determine Current               Planning Guidelines
         Operational Plan                                                  (MNR and Proponents)
                                          for Waterpower
           (Proponent)                     (Section 8.3)

       Determine Range of
        control over flows
        and levels (if any)
        NO control   control
       Identify issues that
         can be resolved                          Notes: A) Maximum estimated time for completion of a Simplified WMP is 6 Months
           through the                                   B) The Simplified WMP depicted above is a representation of the most simplistic
       management of the                                    form of this planning process. In cases where structures have a range of control
        structure (if any)                                  over the flows and levels, a greater level of detail will be required to identify
                                                            issues that can be mitigated through management of the structure and
         Issues exist (as                                   identification of the preferred option for operation of the structure. For more
          defned above)                                     information, please refer to the Water Management Planning Guidelines for
              N Y                                           Waterpower.

                                                                                                                      April 2003
      Determine scope of

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