ICEE 2007 List of Accepted Papers1

					                                                                                                                                       ICEE 2007 List of Accepted Papers
AbsID      Title_Of_Paper                                                                                     Mode     Author1                      Author2                   Author3                Author4             Author5             Author6

           Fatigue Life Expenditure of Turbine-Generator Shafts Excited by Harmonics of Slip Energy Recovery
ICEE-002                                                                                                     Poster    TSAI, Jong-Ian               KANG, Meei-Song           WU, Rong-Ching         WU, Jiun-De
           Induction Motor Drivers
           Multi-Agent Based Cooperative Control of Energy Storage Devices for Voltage Profile Management
ICEE-009                                                                                                     Oral      SAITOH, Hiroumi              SASAKI, Naoki             TOYODA, Junichi
           in Distribution Networks
ICEE-013   Transmission Expansion Planning With Genetic Algorithm                                             Oral                                  WICKRAMAARACHCHI, Nalin
ICEE-014   Application of Neural Network for Short Term Electric Power Load Forecasting (IN THAILAND)         Poster   AREEKUL, phatchakorn         LIMSAKUL, chusak

ICEE-020   The Development of a standard based watt-hour data metering system                                 Poster   CHOI, Chul-Hwan              KIM, Byung-Seop           LEE, IL-Hwa            CHUN, Tae-Young     SHIN, Yong-Hark     JUNG, Nam-Joon

           RLS-Based Self Tuning Regulator for WTG Dynamic Performance Enhancement Under Stochastic
ICEE-021                                                                                                      Oral     MUHANDO, Endusa Billy        URASAKI, Naomitsu         KINJO, Hiroshi         YONA, Atsushi
ICEE-023   IP Network for Substation Control and Monitoring                                                   Oral     CHU, WY                      LIN, Dennis
           Neural Network Models and Design of Virtual Instrument Based on Joint Programming of LabVIEW
ICEE-024                                                                                                      Poster   XIA, Changhao                LIU, Yong                 LI, Xian Shan
           and MATLAB for Short-term Load Forecasting of Electric Power System
           The Study on the Improvement of Transient Stability Using Early Valve Actuation (EVA) in Korea
ICEE-025                                                                                                      Poster   HWANG, Bong Hwan             LEE, Joo Ho
           Power System
           Accelerated Life Test of Voltage and Temperature stresses for Magnetic Contactors in Power
ICEE-026                                                                                                      Poster   RYU, Haeng-Soo               HAN, Gyu-Hwan             YOON, Nam-Sik
ICEE-027   Degradation Test through measuring vibration for Magnetic Contactors in Power Distribution         Poster   RYU, Haeng-Soo               HAN, Gyu-Hwan             YOON, Nam-Sik

ICEE-028   Design of 2-D half-band filters and fan filters using 1-D one-band filters by GA approach          Oral     TZENG, Shian-Tang

ICEE-029                                                                                                      Oral     WONGSUTTITUM, Wisit          TITIROONGRUANG, Wisut     IIDA, Masamori

ICEE-030   Induced Voltages on a Pipeline due to Electro-Magnetic and Static Coupling with a Power Line       Oral     BABA, Rina                   AMETANI, Akihiro          UMEMURA, Teturo        HOSOKAWA, Yuji

ICEE-031   Identifying Appliances Using Load Signatures and Genetic Algorithms                                Oral     CHENG, John W M              LEUNG, Joseph S K         NG, Kenneth S H

ICEE-032   Simulation of Anode Side of Direct Methanol Fuel Cell by Lattice Boltzmann Method                  Oral     KATAYAMA, Noboru             KOGOSHI, Sumio
           Replacement of Existing 11kV Leakage-To-frame Busbar Protection with Interlock Overcurrent
ICEE-033                                                                                                      Poster   LAI, King Tong               WONG, Wai Kay             POON, Kin Yan
           Busbar Protection
ICEE-034   Numerical Simulation of a Highly Efficient Disk MHD Electrical Power Generator                     Oral     LIBERATI, Alessandro         OKUNO, Yoshihiro

ICEE-035   Phase Balancing of Distribution Systems Using a Heuristic Search Approach                          Poster   LIN, CHIA-HUNG               KANG, MEEI-SONG           CHUANG, HUI-JEN        HO, CHIN-YING

           Study on the Hybrid Simulation System Based on Dynamic Simulation and Real Time Digital
ICEE-037                                                                                                      Poster   ZHANG, Yu Jiao               HUANG, Xiong Feng
ICEE-041   Performance Evaluation of a Large Building Integrated Photovoltaic System                          Oral     CHAN, Joseph                 HO, Sai King              LAU, Iris

ICEE-043   Power Leveling of Windfarm Power Generation through DC Link                                        Oral     ARAI, Junichi                TAKAGI, Kikuo

ICEE-047   A Study of Electromechanical Nanotube Memory by MD Simulation                                      Poster   LEE, Jun-Ha                  JOO, A-Young              KIM, Hyung-Jin

ICEE-050   Study on radiation damages of GaAlAs LEDs                                                          Poster   OHYAMA, Hidenori             SIMOEN, Eddy              TAKAKURA, Kenichirou   HAYAMA, Kiyoteru    CLAEYS, Cor         KUBOYAMA, Satoshi

ICEE-052   A Novel Measurement Technique for Distribution Line Impedance by High Frequency Inverter           Poster   KAWASHIMA, Keisuke           ITOH, Takashi             MATSUI, Keiju          HASEGAWA, Masaru    UEDA, Fukashi       MORI, Hideki

ICEE-055   A study of Optimal Reconfiguration in Distribution Power System by using initial operating point   Oral     SEO, Gyu-Seok                BAEK, Young-Sik           KIM, Jung-Nyun

ICEE-056   Analysis of Direct Current Type Dispersed Power Source in Cooperation with AC Generator            Oral     ISHIKAWA, Shinji             ARAI, Junichi             FUJINO, Seiji

ICEE-057   New Control Proposal for Microgrid System Consisted of Inverter Type Generation                    Oral     FUJINO, Seiji                ARAI, Junichi             ISHIKAWA, Shinji

ICEE-058   LC Resonant Boost Converter having Regenerative Functions                                          Poster   SHIMADA, Hiroto              MATSUI, Keiju             WU, Zhehuan            TSUCHIYA, Manabu    HASEGAWA, Masaru    YAMAMOTO, Isamu

ICEE-059   A Novel Concept for Starting BLDC-Drives                                                           Oral     KERN, Ansgar                 KLOTZ, Marcus

ICEE-061   A Study of De-Excitation after Abrupt 3-phase Short Circuit of a Hydraulic Generator               Oral     CHEN, Xianming               ZHU, Xiaodong             WANG, Wei

ICEE-062   Degradation and recovery of irradiated SiC-MESFETs                                                 Poster   OHYAMA, Hidenori             TAKAKURA, Kenichiro       CLAEYS, Cor            SIMOEN, Eddy        UEMUA, Koushi       KUBOYAMA, Satoshi

ICEE-063   Application of IGA for the Operation Dispatch of Cogeneration Plants under Deregulation            Poster   TSAY, Ming-Tong              CHENG, Fu-Sheng

ICEE-064   Study on Advanced Wind Power System by Application of EDLC Energy Storage System                   Oral     WU, Guohong                  FUKUSHI, Natsuro          TOUBAI, Yuya           MINAKAWA, Tamotsu   HUANG, ChungNeng    KANG, Longyun

ICEE-065   Performance Simulation of Intermediate-Temperature Disk Type SOFC Using Pure Hydrogen              Oral     TANAKA, Tadashi              KANNO, Tomoyoshi          INUI, Yoshitaka        CHITOSE, Norihisa   MIYAZAWA, Takashi   AKBAY, Taner

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                                                                                                                                      ICEE 2007 List of Accepted Papers
AbsID      Title_Of_Paper                                                                                    Mode     Author1                      Author2                Author3             Author4                Author5                Author6

           Scrutinizing the 4 Key Dimensions in CLP Power’s Knowledge Management – the Knowledge Space,
ICEE-067                                                                                                Oral          CHAN, John Kwan Wing
           Process Space, Technology Space and Human Touch
           Application of Analytical Hierarchy Process in Environmental Impact Assessment Combined with
ICEE-072                                                                                                Poster        WANG, Yanling                TONG, Fang             ZHANG, Li-zi
           Comprehensive Index Method
ICEE-074   Motion Classification with Accelerometer Signal Using Reduced Model Analysis                 Poster        SHIN, Hangsik                LEE, Young Bum         LEE, Myoungho

ICEE-075   Activity of Daily Living Classification with Acceleration Signal Using Extreme Learning Machine   Poster   SHIN, Hang Sik               LEE, Young Bum         LEE, Myoungho

ICEE-080   Epitaxial Growth of InN on (111) Silicon Substrates                                               Poster   GUO, Qixin                   TANAKA, Tooru          NISHIO, Mitsuhiro   OGAWA, Hiroshi         TAIRA, Keisukei

ICEE-081   Review of 11kV Capacitor Bank Switching Transients                                                Oral     CHEN, Shihe                  WONG, H K

ICEE-083   The research of a new type protection for two points Ground fault of rotor                        Oral     XU, Jian                     WANG, Xiang

ICEE-084   Reason Analysis on the Accident of 220kV XLPE Cable                                               Oral     WEIPING, Ma                  FANGXIAO, Cheng        MING, Ao            SUO, Wang              MING, Cui              XI, Song

ICEE-085   The Design of General Purpose Logic Circuits using a Modular Expert Network                       Poster   KIM, Jong-Won                CHO, Hyun-Chan         GOEL, Ashok K.

ICEE-086   Balancing Control for Dispersed Generator Considering Torsional Torque Suppression                Oral     OMINE, Eitaro                SENJYU, Tomonobu       YONA, Atsushi       FUNABASHI, Toshihisa

ICEE-088   Compact AIS Substations with Disconnecting Circuit Breakers                                       Oral     SOLVER, Carl E

ICEE-092   A New Evaluation Method of Reliability Margins in ATC Calculation of Transmission Network         Oral     SEKITA, Ko                   YOKOYAMA, Akihiko

ICEE-093   Optimal VAR Sources Planning Using ACS-Based Algorithm                                            Poster   LIN, Ch

ICEE-094   Study on Optimum Capacity of Battery Energy Storage System for Wind Power Generator               Oral     KIKUNAGA, Yasuaki            SENJYU, Tomonobu       YONA, Atsushi       KANEKO, Toshiaki       FUNABASHI, Toshihisa

ICEE-100   Application Prospects of HTS Cable for Generator and Electrobath                                  Poster   REN, An Lin                  XI, Hai Xia            LI, Huan Huan       XIN, Ying
           Simulation and Analyses of the Performance of a Saturated Iron Core Superconducting Fault Current
ICEE-101                                                                                                     Poster   CAO, Zhengjian               GONG, Weizhi           XIN, Ying
ICEE-103   A New Algorithm Based on ARTNN for Recognition of Insulation Defect in GIS                        Oral     YAN, Xiao

ICEE-104   Short-Term Electricity Price Forecasting Using Data Mining                                        Oral     TOYAMA, Hirofumi             SENJYU, Tomonobu       YONA, Atsushi       FUNABASHI, Toshihisa

ICEE-106   Contribution of Distributed Generations in Microgrid to LFC Ability in Power System               Oral     OOYA, Shinji                 YOKOYAMA, Akihiko

ICEE-107   A Novel Current Source-Substitute of CT Powering                                                  Oral     GAO, Fei                     LI, Guofu              LIU, Zhifang        YU, Hui

ICEE-108   Applying Modified Particle Swarm Optimize Method For Unit Commitment                              Poster   SHUJUN, Liu                  XIANSHAN, Li           XIANGYONG, Hu

ICEE-112   A mixed recurrence DFT algorithm for phasor measurements                                          Poster   YANG, Li sen                 WANG, Fang zong        SUN, Shui fa

ICEE-113   A Generalized Regression Neural Network for Solving Economic Dispatch Problem                     Poster   CHENG, Fu-Sheng              TU, Chia-Sheng         LV, Chang-Hong      TSAY, Ming-Tong

ICEE-115   Automation of Fault Analysis: Implementation Approaches and Related Benefits                      Oral     KEZUNOVIC, Mladen

ICEE-116   Distribution Network Planning Based On Improved Immune Genetic Algorithm                          Poster   ZHANG, Jianghua              LIU, Jun               ZHANG, Li feng

ICEE-125   Development of KEPCO Training System for the restoration of a wide area blackout                  Poster   LEE, NAM HO                  SONG, In Jun           JANG, Byung Tae

ICEE-126   An Improved Direct Torque Control of Induction Motor with Current Hysteresis Band                 Oral     LIU, Shu Xi                  WANG, Ming Yu

           Application of Remote Monitoring of Fiber-Optic Distributed Temperature System for Power Cable
ICEE-127                                                                                                     Oral     CHOY, Kwok Hung              KOJI, Urano            CHEN, Min
           Lines in China

ICEE-128   Design of a High Performance UPS with Capacitor Current Feedback for Non-linear Loads             Oral     LEE, Yong-Duk                LEE, Woo-Cheol         LEE, Taeck-Ki

ICEE-130   A study on Reactor Parameter of Atmosphere Plasma Power Supply                                    Poster   LEE, Taeck-Ki                LEE, Yong-Duk          LEE, Woo-Cheol

ICEE-131   Nature and Operation Schemes of a Normally Closed-Loop                                            Oral     HUANG, Wei-Tzer

ICEE-135   Modified Swing Equations for Synchronous Generators                                               Oral     ZHOU, Jun                    OHSAWA, Yasuharu
           Determination of Short-term Operating Strategy with Consideration System Uncertainty using
ICEE-136                                                                                                     Oral     -, Sarjiya                   EUA-ARPORN, Bundhit    YOKOYAMA, Akihiko
           Decision Analysis Model
ICEE-141   Research on the Operation Stimulation and Optimization Method of Pumped Storage Power Station     Poster   QIU, Wenqian

ICEE-143   Experimental Research of Acoustics Emission of Contaminant Discharge from Insulator               Poster   CHENGJIANG, Wang             XIUJIE, Jiang          ZHIBIN, Jia

ICEE-145   Thermal Barrier Coatings for Diesel Engine Generation                                             Poster   HIEN, Le Thuong              CHAU, Hoang Van        BAC, Vu Duc

ICEE-146   DSP-based Power Quality Analysis Using Discrete Wavelet Transform                                 Poster   WANG, Chau-Shing             YANG, Xi-Long
           Reduction Effect of Weather and Load Prediction on Primary Energy Consumption and Running Cost
ICEE-150                                                                                                  Oral        MORIMOTO, Jun                OKE, Shinichiro        INUI, Yoshitaka     SAKAKIBARA, Tateki
           of PV/Solar Heat System

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                                                                                                                                         ICEE 2007 List of Accepted Papers
AbsID      Title_Of_Paper                                                                                      Mode     Author1                       Author2                 Author3               Author4               Author5               Author6

ICEE-151   Transformer Diagnostics in the Practical Field                                                      Oral
                                                                                                                        MANABENDRA NATH

ICEE-153   Anti-Slip Control for VVVF Inverter Drive Railway Vehicle                                           Poster   KIM, Gildong                  LEE, Hanmin             LEE, Changmu          OH, Sehchan

ICEE-155   Study of Fault Location on Railway Continuous Power Lines                                           Poster   HE, Renwang                   YIN, Xianggen           ZHANG, Zhe

ICEE-157   Regression Analysis of Electric Power Market Price with New Meteorological Explanatory Variable     Poster   ITO, Toshihiro                MIYAUCHI, Hajime        MISAWA, Tetsuya

ICEE-158   An Asynchronous Distributed Algorithm on Transient Stability Simulation Based on WAN                Oral     WANG, Gang                    ZHANG, Boming

ICEE-159   Mixed p-z Approach for Analytical Modelling of Periodical PWM Converter Fed R-L Load                Oral     KLIMA, Jiri

ICEE-162   Preparation of Cu(In,Ga)Se2 Thin Film Solar Cells by Improved Sequential Evaporation Process        Poster   YAMAGUCHI, Toshiyuki          MUMATA, Kazuya          NIIYAMA, Shigetoshi   IMANISHI, Toshihito   YAMASHITA, Munenori

ICEE-163   Electrical and Magnetic Properties of Mn-Zn Ferrites for High-Frequency Power Supplies              Poster   NIEN, Hsiau Hsian

ICEE-165   Fuzzy Profitability of Renewable Electricity Generation                                             Poster   SHEEN, Jen Nan
           Crystal Structure and Electrical Characteristics of δ-phase Sb-Te Binary Alloy for Low Power
ICEE-167                                                                                                       Oral     KIM, Yong Tae                 YOUM, Minsoo            SUNG, Man Young
           Consumption Phase Change Memory
ICEE-168   Preparation of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell using Umeboshi Flavoring Liquids                           Poster   YAMAGUCHI, Toshiyuki          TERADA, Yasuyuki        TAKAGI, Koichi        KISHIMOTO, Noboru     NIIYAMA, Shigetoshi   IMANISHI, Toshihito

ICEE-169   Plasma Accelerated Etching Processes for Nano Devices                                               Poster   LEE, Chang Woo                KIM, Yong Tae

ICEE-170   W-N Diffusion Barrier for 3-D Cu Interconnection for System in Package (SiP)                        Poster   LEE, Chang Woo                KIM, Yong Tae

ICEE-171   Framework of Technical and Economical Integration Evaluation for Transmission Planning              Oral     YU, Qiuxia                    GUO, Jianbo             BU, Guangquan         ZHANG, Dongxia        DUAN, Xianzhong
           Implementation of Sensing System using SEMI Equipment Communication Standard and TinyOS
ICEE-174                                                                                                       Poster   KIM, Doo Yong                 BAN, Woong              ROH, Wan Ho           KIM, Sang Gyun        CHO, Hyun Chan
           Sensor Network Platform
ICEE-178   Hybrid Automatic Voltage Control Strategy for Power System Substations                              Poster   MEI, Shengwei                 CHE, Wenyan             XIE, Bangpeng         WANG, Zhitao

ICEE-180   A Study on Current Imbalance in Excitation System of Generators                                     Poster   QIPIN, xu                     XIANMING, chen          QIZHI, xu             XIAODONG, zhu         WEIGUO, he

           Effectiveness of Genetic Algorithm for Arrangement Problem of Multiple Micro-Windmills to Square
ICEE-181                                                                                                       Poster   NISHIMURA, Ryo                NAKASHIMA, Masanori     NISHIMORI, Katsumi    ISHIHARA, Naganori
ICEE-182   Optimal Reactive Power Control in the Shaanxi Power System Dispatching Network                      Oral     NGAN, HW                      WANG, Weichao           NI, Jianli

ICEE-183   Research on GOOSE Configuration                                                                     Oral     WANG, Zhao                    JING, Lei

ICEE-184   Experimental Study on Superconducting Fault Current Limiter with Adjustable Trigger Current Level   Oral     SUZUKI, Kozo                  NITTA, Tanzo            BABA, Jumpei

           A Theoretical Analysis of the DC-link current for Eliminating Lower Order Harmonics in the PWM
ICEE-185                                                                                                       Oral     NAKAE, Tomohisa               KANAMARU, Yasunori

ICEE-187   Generator maintenance right and the corresponding transaction mechanism in electricity market       Poster   TAO, Wen Bin                  ZHANG, Li Zi            HUANG, Xian Chao
           A comparison of the characteristics of three-types of micro PCR chambers using photoresist spray
ICEE-188                                                                                                       Poster   EUN, DUK-SOO                  KONG, DAE-YOUNG         LEE, JONG-HYUN
           Using Induction Motor Drive as an Active Filter for Current Harmonics and Reactive Power
ICEE-189                                                                                                       Poster   HOSSEINI, Seyed Hossein       B SHARIFIAN, Mohammad B. RAHNAVARD, Reza      EBRAHIMI, Yousef
           Dynamic Hysteresis Band Controlling in Active Power Filter with Fuzzy Logic Application under
ICEE-190                                                                                                       Oral     HOSSEINI, Seyed Hossein       B. SHARIFIAN, Mohammad B. RAHNAVARD, Reza     EBRAHIMI, Yousef
           Constant Switching Frequency
ICEE-192   Design and Evaluation of a Novel Synthetic Current Differential Protection Scheme                   Oral     ZHANG, Ning                   DONG, Xinzhou           RICHARDS, Simon       BO, Zhiqian           KLIMEK, Andrw
           A Multi Channel Transient Polarity Comparison Technique for Integrated Protection of Transmission
ICEE-194                                                                                                       Oral     BO, Zhiqian                   HE, Jinhan              DONG, Xinzhou         ZHANG, Baohui         CAUNCE, Ben           KLIMEK, Andrew
ICEE-195   GOOSE and Its Application Study                                                                     Oral     FAN, Jianzhong                MA, Qianli

ICEE-197   Study of Effects of STATCOM on Ultra Long Distance HVDC Power Transmission to Japan                 Oral     HONDA, Souichiro              HANO, Teruyuki          ISHIKAWA, Motoo       GIBO, Naoki           TAKENAKA, Kiyoshi

ICEE-206   Optimal Power System Planning for Interests of Market Participants                                  Poster   KIM, Jin O                    SON, Min Kyun           JUNG, Hyun Soo

ICEE-209   A Study on Transmission Pricing Including Locational Price Signal                                   Poster   KIM, Jin O                    PARK, Yeong Hyeon       KIM, Dong Min

ICEE-211   Optimization of Maintenance for Generating Unit Using Stepwise Markov State Model                   Poster   KIM, Jin O                    SHIN, Jun Seok          KIM, Hyung Jun        LEE, Seung Hyuk
ICEE-212   Optimal RCM Planning Based on Stochastic FMECA Assessment and Maintenance Cost                      Poster   KIM, Jin O                    BYUN, Yoong Tae         JOO, Jae Myung
           On-line Evaluation of the Stability of a Multi-machine Electric Power System by Use of SMES and
ICEE-214                                                                                                       Poster   ISHIKAWA, Hiroyuki            MORITA, Yusuke          SHIRAI, Yasuyuki      NITTA, Tanzo          SHIBATA, Katsuhiko
           System Identification
ICEE-215   water treatment by electrical discharge in bubbles                                                  Oral     YAMABE, Chobei                SAKAMOTO, Kenji         TAKEHARA, Tetsushi    IHARA, Satoshi

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                                                                                                                                          ICEE 2007 List of Accepted Papers
AbsID      Title_Of_Paper                                                                                       Mode      Author1                      Author2                      Author3               Author4              Author5             Author6

ICEE-216   Optimal Maintenance Strategies of Power Distribution System using RCM Method                         Poster    MOON, Jong-Fil               KIM, Jae-Chul                LEE, Hee-Tae          CHU, Chul-Min        YOON, Yong Tae      LEE, Sang-Seung

ICEE-218   Zone of Influence around Electrical Installations Subjected to Ground Faults                         Oral      LIU, Jie                     DAWALIBI, Farid P.
           Electromagnetic Interference of Transmission Lines on Nearby Railways Accounting for the Rail
ICEE-219                                                                                                        Oral      LIU, Jie                     DAWALIBI, Farid P.           MA, Jinxi
           Track Arresters
ICEE-220   Multi-Sensor System for Passenger Safety in Railway Applications                                     Poster    OH, Sehchan                  KIM, Gildong                 PARK, Sunghyuk        LEE, Changmu         LEE, Hanmin

           Design and Development of a High Temperature Superconducting Coil for a Wide Bore 18.8T NMR
ICEE-221                                                                                                        Poster    BAE, Joon Han                WANG, Bert

ICEE-222   The harmonic phenamena simulation using RTDS                                                         Poster    CHOI, Jun-ho                 CHA, Seung-tae               SHIN, Jeong-hoon      NAM, Soo-chul        KWAK, No-hong       LEE, Chul-kyun
           Operation Method of Photovoltaic/Wind/Diesel/Battery Hybrid Power System Based on Next Day
ICEE-223                                                                                                        Oral      YUSUF, Ismail                INUI, Yoshitaka              SAKAKIBARA, Tateki
           Weather Forecast
ICEE-224   Improvement of Thermal Detecting Property of Microbolometer by using Mesoporous TiO2                 Oral      PARK, Hyung-Ho               CHOI, Sun Gyu                HA, Tae-Jung
           Dynamic Security Monitoring and Forewarning System of Power Network Based on the Integration
ICEE-227                                                                                                        Poster    YU, Xi
           Information Platform
           Comparison between Measured and Calculated Potentials Caused by Energized Electrical Source
ICEE-228                                                                                                        Poster    JUNG, Jong-Wook              JUNG, Jin-Soo                KIM, Sun-Goo
           Inundated with Water
           Economic Evaluation of Wind Power Plants with Consideration of Environment by Using a Real
ICEE-230                                                                                                        Oral      ZHOU, Yicheng                KATO, Moritoshi              SUGIMOTO, Junjiro     YOKOYAMA, Ryuichi
           Option Approach
ICEE-236   Learning About Quasi-optimal Design of LC Snubber for DC/DC Converter by Taguchi Method              Poster    HUANG, Chuan-Kuei

ICEE-237   A Study on Reliability Prediction for Korea High Speed Train Control System                          Poster    LEE, Kang-Mi                 SHIN, Ducko                  LEE, Jae-Ho           KIM, Young-Kyu

ICEE-239   Research of operation reliability based on improved Weibull Distribution of power grid               Oral      LEE, zaihua                  BAI, Xiaomin                 YIN, Chengquan        WANG, Zhenyi         ZHOU, Ziguan        FANG, Zhu

           Performance of a flux flow resistance type high-Tc superconducting fault current limiter using Bi2223
ICEE-241                                                                                                         Poster   WANG, Chen                   ZHUANG, Jinwu                ZHANG, Xiaofeng       TANG, Yuejin         XU, Han             YANG, Feng

ICEE-242   Summary of energy saving technologies of motor                                                       Oral      ZHANG, Justin-jin
           Aluminum Nitride Film Formation Mechanism by Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition
ICEE-243                                                                                                        Oral      VELASCO, Angelito            KAWAMOTO, Tatsuya            KIM, Hee-Joon         LEE, Jeong Ik
           using Trimethylaluminum and Ammonia
           Determination of the Sticking Probability of Growth Species in the Metal-organic Chemical Vapor
ICEE-245                                                                                                        Poster    KIM, Hee-Joon                KAWAMOTO, Tatsuya            VELASCO, Angelito     LEE, Jeong Ik
           Deposition of Aluminum Nitride
ICEE-246   Design and Application of a CAN Bus Communication Adapter Based on PC Parallel Port                  Poster    ZEZHONG, Xia                 WENJUAN, Sheng               SHENGSHENG, Wang
           Effects of Distribution System and Metallic Infrastructure on the Electromagnetic Field Level
ICEE-249                                                                                                        Oral      LI, Yexu                     DAWALIBI, Farid P
           Surrounding Power Lines
           Fuzzy-Logic Controller of a Variable-Speed Variable-Pitch Wind-Turbine Double-Fed Induction                    GONZAGA, Diógenes     AMÊNDOLA, Cesar
ICEE-250                                                                                                        Oral
           Generator                                                                                                      Pereira                      Augusto Moreira
ICEE-251   A New Efficient Resistivity Measurement Technique Based on the Wenner Four-Electrode Method          Oral      TEE, Sharon                  SOUTHEY, Robert              RUAN, Winston
           Equivalent Inductive and Conductive Models of Rail Ballast Resistance in Electromagnetic
ICEE-253                                                                                                        Oral      DAWALIBI, Farid Paul         MA, Jinxi                    LIU, Jie
           Interference Studies
ICEE-254   Effects of Ground Plates Used in Power System Grounding                                              Oral      MA, Jinxi                    DAWALIBI, Farid
           A Study on Design and Reliability Assessment for embedded Hot-Standby Sparing FT System Using
ICEE-256                                                                                                 Poster           SHIN, Ducko                  LEE, Jae-Ho                  LEE, Kang-Mi          KIM, Young-Kyu
           Self-Checking Logic
ICEE-257   A Study on the Reliability Demonstration of ATC and IXL                                       Poster           LEE, Jae-Ho                  SHIN, Ducko                  LEE, Kang-Mi          KIM, Young-Kyu

ICEE-261   A Study on Mechanism of Surface Cleaning of Glass Substrates by Atmospheric Plasma                   Poster    SAITO, Yoji                  YOSHIKAWA, Takashi           SUZAKI, Mitsunori     TSUDA, Yoshinori

ICEE-262   A Study on the Dielectric Resonator Oscillator with Cation-deficient Perovskite Ceramics             Poster    KIM, Jae Sik                 BAE, Seon Gi                 LEE, Young Hie
           Thermal Stability and Moisture Absorption of Lanthanum Oxynitride Dielectrics Deposited onto
ICEE-265                                                                                                        Poster    ITO, Masahiko                KAWADA, Nobuhito             SAITO, Yoji
           Silicon Substrates
           Optical Properties of Groove- and Honeycomb-Textured Silicon Surfaces Using Chlorine Trifluoride
ICEE-266                                                                                                        Poster    NARITA, Shouhei              SANO, Hideyuki               MOMMA, Tadashi        SAITO, Yoji
ICEE-267   A Transmission System Reliability Database Scheme for KEPCO System                                   Poster    MOON, Seung-Pil              CHANG, Byung-Hoon            LEE, Won-Kyo
           Assessment for Performance and Susceptibility of Elevator Equipment Considering Magnitude and
ICEE-268                                                                                                        Poster    KIM, Gi Hyun                 BAE, Suk Myong               KIM, Jae Chul
           Duration of Voltage Sags
ICEE-273   The Basic Design of the First 500 kV Transmission System in Myanmar                                  Poster    CHOI, Young Sung             BAIK, Seung Do               KIM, Jong Hwa
           The Ageing States Assessment for Electrical Machines Insulation Systems by Absorption/
ICEE-275                                                                                                        Poster    NOTINGHER, Petru             DUMITRAN, Laurentiu Marius   TANASESCU, Gabriel
           Resorption Currents
           Estimation of Contribution to Power System Control and Stabilization of Tie Line Power Flow by
ICEE-277                                                                                                        Poster    ONO, Yasuhiro                MITANI, Yasunori             SATO, Daisaku
           Distributed Generators
           Analysis of Power System Stability Derived from PMU Data Using Demand Side Outlets In Thailand                                                                                                                      DECHANUPAPRITTHA,
ICEE-278                                                                                                        Poster    HIGUMA, Kenichiro            MITANI, Yasunori             NGAMROO, Issarachai   WATANABE, Masayuki
           Power System                                                                                                                                                                                                        Sanchai
           Performance Evaluation and Development of New Functions for the On-Line Transient Stability
ICEE-280                                                                                                        Oral      TAKAFUJI, Kouya              TAKEUCHI, Akira              NISHIIRI, Hideaki     TAKASAKI, Kotaro     KOKAI, Yutaka       TAKEISHI, Masaru
           Control System(On-line TSC System)
ICEE-281   Fabrication of a Gold Electroplated Coil and Micro Power Generator                                   Poster    KIM, Seong-Il                LEE, Dong Ho                 LEE, Yoon Pyo

                                                                                                                                                       Page 4
                                                                                                                                          ICEE 2007 List of Accepted Papers
AbsID      Title_Of_Paper                                                                                        Mode     Author1                      Author2                Author3                Author4             Author5          Author6

ICEE-282   Study on Novel Hybrid Fault Current Limiter Scheme Based on PTC Polymer Resistance                    Poster   XU, Guo-shun                 JIANG, Zhuang-xian

ICEE-283   Controlling the Different Size of Nanoscale Holes                                                     Poster   KIM, Seong-Il                KANG, Gil Bum          KIM, Yong Tae          LEE, Chang Woo

ICEE-286   Equipment Protection Against Ground Potential Rise Due to Faults At Substations: A Case Study         Oral     RUAN, Winston                DAWALIBI, Farid P.     BELL, Kurt
           FDTD Analysis of Wind Turbine Earthing System - Combination of Ring Earth Electrode and Vertical
ICEE-287                                                                                                    Oral          TOSHIAKI, Fujii              YOH, Yasuda            TOSHIAKI, Ueda
           Rods -
ICEE-289   Characteristics of polycrystalline 3C-SiC thin films grown on AlN buffer layer.                  Poster        CHUNG, Gwiy-Sang             KIM, Kang-San

ICEE-290   Characterization of polycrystalline 3C-SiC thin film diodes                                           Poster   CHUNG, Gwiy-Sang             AHN, Jeong-Hak

ICEE-291   Properties of AlN thin films grown on 3C-SiC buffer layer                                             Poster   CHUNG, Gwiy-Sang             LEE, Tae-Won

ICEE-294   Auto-Tuning of PID Gains using Fuzzy Algorithms in Networked Control Systems with Time Delay          Poster   PARK, Tae Dong               JUNG, Joon Hong        LEE, Jea Ho            PARK, Ki Heon

ICEE-296   The Design and Analysis of the piezoelectric Inverter to The EEFL Driving of LCD Backlight            Poster   PARK, Hong-Sun               YANG, Seng-hak         LIM, Young-cheol       LEE, jung-woon      SUN, Han-geol    UM, Jun-Hyun

ICEE-297   Novel energy-efficient solid-state white light sources                                                Oral     HUI, K.N.                    NG, W.N.               LEUNG, C.H.            LAI, P.T.           CHOI, H.W.

ICEE-298   Etching of polycrystalline 3C-SiC thin films by magnetron reactive ion etching                        Poster   CHUNG, Gwiy Sang             OHN, Chang Min
           Non-Contact Detection of Micro ground faults Current in Distribution Lines using Magnetic Field
ICEE-301                                                                                                         Oral     TSUMORI, Akihiko             YAMAMOTO, Tstsuya      SONODA, Toshikatu
ICEE-302   Effective Values Measurement of Minute Noise Voltages and Low-noise Amplifier                         Oral     TODA, Keisuke                YAMAMOTO, Tetsuya      SONODA, Toshikatsu
ICEE-303   A Discussion for Controllability of AC Voltage Control Circuit with Transformer                       Oral     YAMAMOTO, Tetsuya            TANAKA, Kiyotaka       SONODA, Toshikatsu

ICEE-304   Catalytic Growth of Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes by ICP-CVD and their Field Emission Properties      Poster   KIM, Jong Pil                PARK, Chang Kyun       YUN, Sung Jun          UHM, Hyun Seok      PARK, Jin Seok

ICEE-308   Welding Power Control Using an Inverter Power Supply                                                  Oral     ASADA, Tomokiyo              SONODA, Toshikatsu     TAKASAKI, Yosiaki

           Decentralized Linear Optimal Coordinated Control of TCSC and Excitation for Transient Stability
ICEE-309                                                                                                         Poster   WANG, Yong                   GUO, Zhizhong          PENG, Maojun
           Leakage currents flowing through ZnO surge arrester of 18 kV, 2.5 kA under mixed direct and 60 Hz
ICEE-310                                                                                                         Poster   LEE, Su-bong                 LEE, Bok-hee           LEE, Seung-Ju          KIM, Dong-Sung
ICEE-311   Corrected TEF based strategy for probabilistic assessment of transient stability                      Poster   CHUNG, T.S.                  LI, Jing               FANG, D.Z.

ICEE-312   An Improved Heuristic Algorithm of Optimal Load Transfer Path for Distribution Maintenance            Poster   HUANG, Xian Chao             ZHANG, Li zi           TAO, Wen Bin           SHU, Jun
                                                                                                                          BANNAE SHARIFIAN,
ICEE-313   Improving of Power System Transient Stabilization Based on Fuzzy Gain Scheduling PID Controller       Oral
                                                                                                                          Mohammad Bagher
                                                                                                                          BANNAE SHARIFIAN,
ICEE-314   Application of Statcom for Voltage Sag Mitigation to Starting of High Power Induction Motor Load      Oral
                                                                                                                          Mohammad Bagher
           A Discretization Algorithm For A Novel Quadratic Formulation Of Reactive Power Optimization Based
ICEE-315                                                                                                     Poster       ZHANG, Jian                  ZHANG, Feng
           On Predictor-Corrector Primal Dual Interior Point Method
           A Series Single-Phase Converter with the Constant Switching Frequency         for Drive Application            BANAE SHARIFIAN,
ICEE-316                                                                                                         Oral
           and Power Factor Correction                                                                                    Mohammad Bagher

ICEE-318   Design of a Distributed Control System Based on Embedded RTOS                                         Poster   XIA, Zezhong                 WANG, Shengsheng

           Grid Connecting Photovoltaic System, by Using DC Current Boost Converter and Current Source
ICEE-320                                                                                                         Oral     HOSSEINI, Seyyed Hossein     DANYALI, Saeed

ICEE-323   The Comparisons of Urban Distribution Planning between China and UK                                   Oral     XU, Qun                      HE, Li Qin

ICEE-324   Influence of the REX10 System on Jeju-do Power System                                                 Poster   YOON, Dong-Hee               JANG, Gilsoo

ICEE-325   The Research of Power Supply Reliability in Urban Distribution Planning                               Oral     HE, Li Qin                   XU, Qun
           A Vector Control Method for Grid-connected Wind Power Generationwith Doubly Fed Induction
ICEE-326                                                                                                         Poster   KAI, Takaaki                 TANAKA, Yuji           KANEDA, Hirotoshi      KOBAYASHI, Daichi
ICEE-330   The Application of Adaptive Genetic Algorithm in HVDC Damping Controller                              Poster   ZHONGNENG, Ma                YAO, Zhang             LINXUE, Lin

ICEE-331   RESEARCH ON MOTOR-DRIVE MECHANISM OF HIGH-VOLTAGE CIRCUIT BREAKER                                     Oral     HUANG, Yulong                SHAO, Shengnan         WANG, Jingjun          XU, Guozheng        QIAN, Jiali

           Corona Inception Phenomena of Porcelain         Insulators and A Comparison with Polymeric
ICEE-332                                                                                                         Oral     CHAISAENGSUKKUL, Apisit      POTIVEJKUL, Siriwat    PATTANADEJ, Norasage
           Insulators under Salt Fog Pollution in Thailand
           Non-Intrusive Electric Appliances Load Monitoring System Using Harmonic Pattern Recognition -
ICEE-333                                                                                                         Oral     NAKANO, Yukio                MURATA, Hiroshi
           Trial Application to Commercial Building -
ICEE-334   Power Transmission Congestion Management Method Using the Power System Reduction                      Oral     NAGATA, Hiroaki              TERADA, Masao          MIYAUCHI, Hajime
           Challenges and Solutions of CLP Power Substation Project Implementation Adopting Brownfield
ICEE-336                                                                                                         Oral     LEUNG, K K                   CHENG, C P             IP, Anthony W L
           Correlation between Insulation Parameters and Aging Degree of XLPE Cable within CuSO4
ICEE-339                                                                                                         Poster   WANG, Hongxin                CHENG, Shukang         WEN, Xishan
ICEE-343   The Application of Generalized Predictive Control In The X-Y Table                                    Poster   XIA, Zezhong                 PENG, Min

                                                                                                                                                       Page 5
                                                                                                                                             ICEE 2007 List of Accepted Papers
AbsID      Title_Of_Paper                                                                                           Mode     Author1                      Author2                Author3              Author4                Author5           Author6

ICEE-344   The Relation between the delay times and the haptic sense                                                Poster   ISHIHARA, Manabu             NEGISHI, Nobuhiko      OHSHIMA, Kenji       SHUZUKI, Shin-nosuke   SHIRATAKI, Jun

ICEE-345   Compensation of an air-gapped current transformer using the hysteresis characteristic of the core        Oral     PARK, Ji -Youn               KANG, Yong-Cheol       JANG, Sung-Il        KIM, Yong-Gyun

ICEE-348   An Experimental Model of Flywheel Energy Storage System Using SMB and PMB                                Poster   KOMORI, Mochimitsu           HIRATSUKA, Daichi      MURAKAMI, Keigo      MITSUDA, Hisashi

ICEE-349   An Experimental Model of Magnetically Levitated Superconducting Conveyer                                 Poster   KOMORI, Mochimitsu           MARUO, Eijiro          MORI, Takashi

ICEE-351   Design of a digital Controlled Bi-directional Buck-Boost Constant Current Converter                      Poster   XIA, Ze-zhong                LI, Jun                YUAN, Yi

ICEE-355   Study on Probabilistic Voltage Security Assessment for a Load Center                                     Poster   ZHANG, Jian Hua              SHANG, Jing Fu         LIU, Jun             ZHAO, Wei Wei
ICEE-356                                                                                                            Oral     AJAMI, Ali                   HOSSEINI, s. hossein
           The Analysis on Power Retail Enterprises' Orientation and Regulation of Power Retail Market in
ICEE-362                                                                                                            Oral     LI, Canbing                  ZHAO, Hongjun          LI, Xiaohui          QU, Fang
           Adaptive PID Control using Evolutionary Strategy For Linear Motor-Based Container Transfer
ICEE-363                                                                                                            Poster   LEE, Young Jin               LEE, Jin Woo           CHO, Hyun Choel      LEE, Kwon Soon
           System With Varying Weight
ICEE-364   A New Sensorless Single-Phase Buck-Boost Converter with PFC Operation                                    Oral     HOSSEINI, Seyyed Hossein     HOOSHI, Zoheir         GASSEMZADEH, Saeid   SABAHI, Mehran
           Coordinated Control of Shunts Elements(shunt capacity & shunt reactor) and UPFC for the
ICEE-366                                                                                                            Poster   LEE, Sang-Deok               BAEK, Young-Sik
           Improvement of Voltage Stability and Supply Reliability.
ICEE-367   Real-Time Simulation Studies of KEPCO'S Largest Equivalent System                                        Poster   CHA, Seung-Tae               KWAK, No-Hong          LEE, Chul-Kyun       SHIN, Jeong-Hoon       CHOI, Joon-Ho     NAM, Soo-Chul

ICEE-368   Voltage / Reactive Power Control Optimization with Economy and Security using Tabu Search                Oral     KATO, Atsushi                NAKACHI, Yoshiki       UKAI, Hiroyuki

ICEE-369   Development of High-breaking Capacity VCB with Reliable Mechanism                                        Oral     YANG, Yong

ICEE-370   Microstructure, crystallization and melting temperatures of SexTe100-x thin films                        Poster   KIM, Yong Tae                KIM, Eun Tae

ICEE-373   Mechanical properties of 3C-SiC thin films according to the n-doping concentration                       Poster   CHUNG, Gwiy-Sang             HAN, Ki-Bong           HAN, Seung-Woo

ICEE-374   Development of On-line Diagnosis System for Generator Stator and Rotor Windings                          Poster   LEE, Youngjun                JU, Youngho

ICEE-375   Transient Phenomena Analysis of Electrical Shock using ATPDraw                                           Poster   JUNG, Jin-Soo                JUNG, Jong-Wook        KIM, Sun-Goo
ICEE-376                                                                                                            Oral     PHAM, Cong Duc
ICEE-377   Real-Time Voltage Stability Monitoring Emulator Using Hypersim                                           Poster   HAN, Sangwook                LEE, Byongjun          KIM, Sangtae

ICEE-378   Improving Regulation Model of Electricity Transmission and Distribution Price                            Poster   ZHANG, dan                   LU, xing-fa
ICEE-381                                                                                                            Poster   ZHOU, Xia
ICEE-383   A Swap-based Tool for Hedging Electricity Price Volatility Risk in Power Market                          Oral     XIAOJUN, Li                  H.W., Ngan             C.W., Yu             C.Y., Chung            K.P., Wong        ZHONGFU, Tan

ICEE-384   Strategy and Energy Technologies for Sustainable Development                                             Oral     POON, Otto L T

ICEE-385   Dispatching Algorithm of LMTT Shuttle Cars using Integrated Fuzzy-GA Approach                            Poster   SONG, Xianhui                KIM, Jeong-Tae         KIM, Kwang-Su        LEE, Kwon-Soon
ICEE-386   Derivation of the minimal time formula for actuating systems using BLDC motors                           Oral     LEE, Jea Ho                  OH, Dong Jin           PARK, Tae Dong       PARK, Ki Heon

ICEE-387   An Electrolytic Tank Modeling of Grounding Electrode Using Injection of Earth Leakage Current            Poster   GIL, Hyoung-Jun              CHOI, Chung-Seog       KIM, Hyang-Kon       KIM, Dong-Ook          MOON, Hyun-Wook

ICEE-388   Evaluation of Electric Market Design Using Agent Based Simulation                                        Poster   KIM, Sunkyo                  YOON, Yongtae          USMANOV, Sherzod
           Area Center of Inertia - A potential unified signal for synchronous and frequency stability control of
ICEE-390                                                                                                            Oral     NI, Yixin                    LAN, Zhou              ZHU, Lin             DU, Zhaobin            POON, Kenny K Y   ZHU, Haojun
           interconnected power systems under short and long time spans
ICEE-392   Design of a Pool-model Power Market Simulator with Web-based Architecture                                Oral     D., Hua                      H.W., Ngan             C.Y., Chung          C.W., Yu               K.P., Wong        F.S., Wen
           A Study on Development of New Dispatch Scheduling Algorithm by Regional Decomposition
ICEE-397                                                                                                            Poster   CHUNG, Koohyung              KANG, Dongjoo          KIM, Kwangmo         KIM, Balho
ICEE-398   A Study on the Development of Pre-Dispatch Scheduling Algorithm in Competitive Electricity Markets Poster         CHUNG, Koohyung              KANG, Dongjoo          LEE, Seunghyun       KIM, Balho

ICEE-399   Transmission Usage Allocation Method considering Transmission Impedance                                  Oral     KWAK, Jeong Won              KIM, Do Han            HAN, Choong Kyo      HAN, Tae Kyung         LEE, Sang Seung   PARK, Jong Keun

ICEE-400   An automatic insulation design method of GCB interrupter under a restricted stroke condition             Oral     YOSHIOKA, Yoshio             SIMIZU, Takeshi        NISHIGUCHI, Yuki     TANIGAKI, Shuichi

ICEE-401   Investigation on the Load Curtailment Contract for Promoting Installation of Distributed Generation      Oral     SASAKI, Yutaka               HARA, Ryoichi          KITA, Hiroyuki       HASEGAWA, Jun

ICEE-402   An Engineering Approach to Evaluating Economic Feasibility of Power System Interconnection               Poster   CHUNG, Koohyung              HAN, Seokman           KIM, Yangil          KIM, Balho

ICEE-403   An Analysis on Price Limits of Imported Power via Northeast Asian Power System Ties                      Poster   CHUNG, Koohyung              HAN, Seokman           PARK, Kyounghan      KIM, Balho

ICEE-405   Reactive Scheduling Algorithm using Alternative Resources                                                Oral     WOO, Kiyun                   TAKAMASU, Koichiro     CHO, Sungchul        FUJIMURA, Shigeru

                                                                                                                                                          Page 6
                                                                                                                                         ICEE 2007 List of Accepted Papers
AbsID      Title_Of_Paper                                                                                        Mode     Author1                     Author2                Author3                Author4              Author5              Author6

ICEE-406   Educational Simulator for Transmission Network use of System Charge                                   Poster   KIM, Hyun Houng             JEONG, Yun Won         LEE, Chan Joo          PARK, Jong Bae       SHIN, Joong Rin

ICEE-411   Multiobjective Optimal Pricing Dispatch using Particles Swarm Optimization Techniques                 Oral     MARUNGSRI, Boonruang        OONSIVILAI, Anant

ICEE-413   IEC61850 Process Bus Based Distributed Sampled Measured Values Applications in Merging Unit           Oral     KIM, Gwan Su                LEE, Hong Hee          KIM, Beung Jin
           A New Fault Location Scheme with Evaluation Function and Sorting Method based on Standard
ICEE-414                                                                                                         Poster   SUETSUGU, Yo                FUJITA, Toshikazu      YOSHIMURA, Kenji       IDE, Toshiro         KIHARA, Hidemi
ICEE-415   Development of Fluorescence Thermo-Sensor Composite with Cr Doped YAlO3 and Silicone                  Poster   KANO, Yumemi                KATSUMATA, Tooru       AIZAWA, Hiroaki        KOMURO, Syuji        MORIKAWA, Takitaro

ICEE-417   Estimation of a circulating component of a three-phase Y-∆ transformer                          Oral     LEE, Mi-Sun                 KANG, Yong-Cheol       LEE, Byung-Eun         JANG, Sung-Il        KIM, Young-Gyun

ICEE-418   Evaluation of Optimum Energy Utilization with A Flexible Combined Heat and Power System               Oral     SAITOU, Masaaki             KATO, Masakazu         SHINMURA, Tetsuya
           Islanding detection algorithm for distributed generation using the frequency, the change of the
ICEE-421                                                                                                         Oral     LEE, Ji Hoon                KANG, Yong Cheol       JANG, Sung Il          KIM, Yong Gyun
           voltage unbalance and output power
ICEE-422   Electrical Fire Hazards Analysis of Electric Home Appliances using Fault Tree Analysis                Poster   HONG, Sung Ho               LEE, Bock Young        PARK, Sang Tae

ICEE-423   High Efficiecy Half-bridge Converter by a Synchronous Rectification Technique                         Poster   JEONG, Gang-Youl

ICEE-424                                                                                                         Poster   KONG, Jae-Sung              KIM, Sang-Heon         SUNG, Dong-Kyu         HA, Sang-Min         HYUN, Hyo-Young      SHIN, Jang-Kyoo
ICEE-426   Raman spectroscopy of polycrystalline 3C-SiC thin films grown on SiO2/Si (100) substrates             Poster   CHUNG, Gwiy-Sang            JEONG, Junho
           To Construct the Taxonomy of Electrical Appliances Based on Voltage-Current Trajectory Load
ICEE-428                                                                                                         Poster   LAM, Hoi Yee                LEE, W K               FUNG, George S K
ICEE-429   Real-time Message Network System for a Humanoid Robot                                                 Poster   CHOI, Woo-Chang             AHN, Sang-Min          KIM, Jin-Geol

ICEE-430   Study on Performance of a Doubly Fed Induction Wind Generator Integrated with the Grid                Oral     ZHANG, Yan                  LIN, Li                YANG, Yihan

ICEE-432   Study on a sort of Subsidy of the Wind Generation cost                                                Oral     XU, li                      LIN, Li                YANG, YiHan

ICEE-436   Nonlinear Forecasting by Series of Fractal Function for Electric Power Demand                         Oral     TSUJIMOTO, Atsushi          KAWAMOTO, Shunji
           Enhancement of ATC by Nonlinear Generator Control for Power System Considering Voltage Dip
ICEE-437                                                                                                         Oral     INAGAKI, Daigo              GOTO, Yuta             ZHANG, Jian            KAWAMOTO, Shunji
           and Partial Loss of Load

ICEE-438   Fuzzy sliding mode based hydro turbine governor                                                       Poster   YU, Xiangyang               YANG, Feng             DU, Xiaoning           NAN, Haipeng         HUANG, Yongxuan

           Lightning Transient Study of a Hybrid Overhead and Underground High-Voltage System with
ICEE-439                                                                                                         Poster   CHANG, Gary                 CHEN, Yu-Jen
           Different Termination Grounding Schemes

ICEE-441   Efficiency Improvement of Compensators for Railway System in Parallel Operation                       Oral     NIWA, Taku                  NAGAOKA, Naoto         AMETANI, Akihiro       UMEDA, Shigeki       NAKAMURA, Yoshiaki

ICEE-446   Numerical Simulation of Feeding Line of DC Railway using EMTP                                         Oral     NAGAOKA, Naoto              AMETANI, Akihiro       UMEDA, Shigeki         NAKAMURA, Yoshiaki

ICEE-447   The Studying and Realizing of EMS System Based on Web Services                                        Poster   CHEN, Xiao Hui              DUAN, Bing

           Power Spectra of the Single Phase 6/6 SRM Drives by the Separately Randomized Pulse Position
ICEE-452                                                                                                         Oral     MINH-KHAI, Nguyen           DUCK-SHICK, Shin       YOUNG-GOOK, Jung       YOUNG-CHEOL, Lim
           (SRP) PWM Method

ICEE-454   Design of the Optimal ULTC Parameters in Distribution System with Distributed Generations             Oral     KIM, Miyoung                HARA, Ryoichi          KITA, Hiroyuki         HASEGAWA, Jun

ICEE-456   The Application of loop-system Technology in Distribution System                                      Oral     IZUHARA, Norihisa           TSUKAHARA, Kiyoshi     ISHIBASHI, Chihiro     KONTANI, Akira       YAMADA, Yasuji

ICEE-457   Voltage Stability Analysis by P-V and Q-V Curves Considering Dynamic Load of Power Systems            Oral     MINAMI, Shouichi            ZHANG, Jian            KAWAMOTO, Shunji
           Analysis of electrical characteristics of the community energy system (CES) with combined-cycle gas
ICEE-459                                                                                                         Poster   BYEON, Gilsung              OH, Seaseung           JANG, Gilsoo
           An Economic Evaluation of Thermal Storage-Type Air-Conditioning Systems in Consideration of
ICEE-462                                                                                                         Poster   OMAGARI, Yuko               SUGIHARA, Hideharu     FURUSAWA, Ken          TSUJI, Kiichiro
           Electricity Market Price
ICEE-464   A Study on the Generating unit Maintenance Scheduling using Hybrid PSO Algorithm                      Poster   PARK, Young Soo             KIM, Jin Ho
           The Study of Ageing of Polymeric Insulator under Industrial Dust Pollution in Thailand and A
ICEE-465                                                                                                         Oral     CHAISAENGSUKKUL, Apisit     POTIWETKUL, Siriwat    PATTANADEJ, Norasage
           Comparison with Artificial Pollution

ICEE-466   Catenary System Model using MTL Structure with Distributed Parameter                                  Poster   KIM, Joorak                 SHIM, keon-Bo          LEE, Changmu           KIM, Jung-Hoon

ICEE-468   ANN Based IMC Controller for a CST Reactor                                                            Oral     SHEEL, Satya                VARSHNEY, Tarun
           Discrimination of Taste Solutions Based on a Spectrum of Transmitted Light through the Mixed Lipid
ICEE-469                                                                                                      Poster      MUKAI, Keiichi              MISAWA, Kenji          KITAMA, Masataka       YAMASHITA, Masaji    ARISAWA, Junji
           Membrane and Its Autocorrelation Functions
ICEE-470   A Parallel Power Flow Algorithm for Bulk Power Systems                                                Poster   CHUNG, T.S.                 LI, C.D.               FANG, D.Z.

                                                                                                                                                      Page 7
                                                                                                                                            ICEE 2007 List of Accepted Papers
AbsID      Title_Of_Paper                                                                                          Mode     Author1                      Author2                Author3             Author4             Author5            Author6

ICEE-472   Electromechanical modeling of piezoelectric actuator for control of nonlinear hysteretic behavior       Poster   SUNG, Baek Ju                LEE, Eun Woong         LEE, Jae Gyu
           Development of Computation Method to Determine Optimal Setting Value for LDC Voltage Controller
ICEE-473                                                                                                   Poster           HANAI, Yuji                  HAYASHI, Yasuhiro      MATSUKI, Junya      KOBAYASHI, Naoki    OISHI, Kohei
           Using Measured Information from Sectionalizing Switches with a Sensor

ICEE-474   The study on the Protection Circuit of the Inverter for LCD Backlight Using Digital control Method      Poster   LEE, JEONG WOON              YANG, SEUNG HAK        LIM, YOUNG CHEOL    PARK, HONG-SUN      KANG, GEON IL

ICEE-475   Thermo-sensor with phosphorescent Cr doped garnet crystals                                              Poster   KAMO, Yumemi                 KANEDA, Miki           ORIHARA, Kaoru      KATSUMATA, Tooru    AIZAWA, Hiroaki    KOMURO, Syuji
           A Comparative Study of Lagrange Relaxation and Mixed Integer Linear Programming Based
ICEE-476                                                                                                           Poster   CHANG, Gary
           Approaches for Unit Commitment
ICEE-477   Basic Study on Optimal Smoothing Time Constant of Wind Power Generation                                 Poster   NOMURA, Tomohiro             HAYASHI, Yasuhiro      KAWASAKI, Shoji     MATSUKI, Junya

ICEE-478   Online Optimization Method for Operation of Generators in Micro Grid                                    Poster   MIYAMOTO, Hideki             HAYASHI, Yasuhiro      MATSUKI, Junya      IIZUKA, Toshio      AZUMA, Hitoshi

ICEE-479   Study on Optimal Allocation and Gain of Active Filter Considering Distribution Network Configuration Poster      KIKUYA, Hirotaka             KAWASAKI, Shoji        HAYASI, Yasuhiro    MATSUKI, Junya      HOJO, Masahide

ICEE-480   Active coordinated operation of distribution network with distributed generators                        Poster   SAKAI, Shigekazu             HAYASHI, Yasuhiro      MATSUKI, Junya      BABA, Jumpei        WAKAO, Shinji      KOBAYASHI, Naoki
           Evaluation of Reduced CO2 Emissions by Distribution Loss Minimization in Japanese Distribution
ICEE-481                                                                                                           Poster   YOKOYAMA, Masao              HAYASHI, Yasuhiro      MATSUKI, Junya      TAKANO, Hirotaka
ICEE-482   Isolated Operation Tests of a Micro-grid by use of an Active Power Cascade Control System               Oral     KIKUCHI, Takurou             BABA, Jumpei           NITTA, Tanzou       SHIMODA, Eisuke     NUMATA, Shigeo     HIROHASHI, Shigeto
           Seasonal Change of Power Quality Based on Real Data at the Distribution System of Fukui
ICEE-484                                                                                                           Poster   ITO, Akitoshi                MATSUKI, Junya         HAYASI, Yasuhiro    KAWASAKI, Shoji
           University Campus
ICEE-486   Feedback Error Learning Neural Network for a Non-linear System                                          Poster   MORITA, Yuzuru

ICEE-489   Measurement of Recovery Time of an SFCL using YBCO Thin Film                                            Oral     AINSLIE, Mark                MORISUE, Susumu        BABA, Jumpei        KUMAGAI, Toshiya    NITTA, Tanzo

           I-V characteristics of a methanol sensor for direct methanol fuel cell(DMFC) as a function of
ICEE-490                                                                                                           Poster   KIM, SEONG-IL                YANG, JIN SEOK         KIM, SEO YOUNG      PARK, JUNG HO
           deposited platinum(pt) thickness
ICEE-491   A Dynamic Equivalent Method for On-line Security Assessment of Tianjin Power Grid                       Oral     YANG, J.G.                   CHAN, Kevin            FANG, D.Z.
           Application of Integrating IEC61850 for Substation Protection, Control and Supervision on the
ICEE-492                                                                                                           Poster   JANG, Sung-ik                KIM, Hee-Soo           KIM, Jeong-Soo      SHIN, Myong-Chul    MIN, Byeong-Wook
           KEPCO Power System
           Dose rate dependence of performance degradation in npn Si bipolar transistor by 2-MeV electron
ICEE-493                                                                                                           Poster   HAYAMA, Kiyoteru             TAKAKURA, Kenichiro    YONEOKA, Masashi    OHYAMA, Hidenori    SIMOEN, Eddy       CLAEYS, Cor
ICEE-494   Effects on FRA Measurements by External Parameters in Power Transformers                                Poster   SANO, Takahiro               MIYAGI, Katsunori

ICEE-496   Evaluation of Prony’s Method with Singular Value Decomposition for Power Quality Signal Analysis        Poster   CHANG, Gary

ICEE-497   Damping Power System Oscillations Over Tie-lines Using PSS                                              Oral     YUAN, S.Q.                   FANG, D.Z.             CHAN, Kevin

ICEE-500   Improvement of power system stability by TCSC                                                           Poster   SAITO, Yoshiyuki             MATSUKI, Jyunya        HAYASHI, Yasuhiro   HONG, Lan
ICEE-502   Online TCSC Parameter Tuning for Power System Stability                                                 Oral     HONG, Lan                    SAITO, Yoshiyuki       MATSUKI, Junya      HAYASHI, Yasuhiro   KAWASAKI, Shoji    NAKANISHI, Kiyotaka
ICEE-503   A Study of Transmission Path Optimization by Ant Colony Method                                          Oral     SUZUKI, Kouta                IBA, Kenji

ICEE-504   Two-Dimensional Numerical Analyses of Electrochemical Phenomena of Direct Methanol Fuel Cell            Oral     ZHOU, Xin                    FUJINO, Takayasu       ISHIKAWA, Motoo     XIE, Xiafeng

ICEE-506   Self-reconfigurable Modular Robot System Based on Learning Rule                                         Poster   CHEN, Hong                   UCHIDA, Masafumi

ICEE-507   Analysis of Switching Capacitors Optimal Switching Threshold for Reactive Power Compensation            Poster   YU, C.W.                     SUN, W                 FAN, Q.F.           FANG, D.Z.          CHUNG, T.S.

           Quench Characteristics of the Matrix-Type SFCL by the Variation of Shunt Coils and Shunt
ICEE-510                                                                                                           Poster   CHO, Yong-Sun                CHOI, Hyo-Sang         HAN, Tae-Hee        PARK, Hyoung-Min    NAM, Gueng-Hyun    LEE, Na-Young
           The determination of a voltage control area for installing the hierarchical voltage control system to
ICEE-512                                                                                                           Oral     NAM, Su-Chul                 CHOI, Joon-Ho          CHA, Seung-Tae      SHIN, Jeong-Hoon    KIM, Tae-Kyun      KWAK, No-Hong
           the KEPCO system.
ICEE-515   Detailed model for heavy-duty vehicle Power System                                                      Oral     NISHIMURA, Ryoma             OCHIAI, Ryuta          NAGASHIMA, Norio    FUJITA, Goro        FUKADA, Takafumi
           A new distribution power network restoration system based on the multi-agent under the limitation of
ICEE-516                                                                                                        Oral        KATO, Yoshifumi              HAMAGAMI, Tomoki
           computational resources
ICEE-519   Multiband Audio Dynamic Range Compression for FM Broadcasting using DSP TMS320C6713                     Oral     MAKYOU, Jutaporn             TONGTA, Rangsan

ICEE-523   Personal identification system based on tactile stimuli                                                 Poster   PARK, Young il               UCHIDA, Masafumi

ICEE-529   Data Process in Regional Electricity Market in China Southern Power Grid                                Poster   WANG, xiaoyan                YANG, zhenglin         LI, ping

ICEE-530   Economic evaluation regarding introduction of demand response program (DRP)                             Oral     MATSUSHIMA, Shigeyoshi       OYAMA, Tsutomu

ICEE-531   A Control Method of Photovoltaic Generation Systems for Voltage Rise Suppression                        Oral     HOJO, Masahide               IZUME, Akira           OHNISHI, Tokuo      TAKI, Shoji         OISHI, Kohei       FUJIWARA, Nobuyuki
           Evaluating the Effect of Installation of Reactive Power Supply Sources using Dynamic Optimal Power
ICEE-532                                                                                                      Oral          TOMURA, Kousuke              OYAMA, Tsutomu
ICEE-533   An analysis method for detailed evaluation of voltage dip influence                                     Oral     SAKASHITA, Tadashi           ABE, Toshimi           TANAKA, Kazuyuki

                                                                                                                                                         Page 8
                                                                                                                                          ICEE 2007 List of Accepted Papers
AbsID      Title_Of_Paper                                                                                        Mode     Author1                      Author2                Author3                 Author4                Author5                Author6

           Experiments of IPMSM Position Estimation Using Un-known Input Observer Based on Output Inter-
ICEE-535                                                                                                         Poster   YOSHIOKA, Satoshi            HASEGAWA, Masaru       MATSUI, Keiju
           sampling Approach

ICEE-536   An application of new mechanism for demand supply balance in a competitive local electricity market Oral       TRIVEDI, Indrajit            OYAMA, Tsutomu

ICEE-537   Robust Stability Evaluation of Current Control System for IPMSM Position Sensorless Drives            Poster   OHASHI, Yu                   HASEGAWA, Masaru       MIZUNO, Yasuhiro        MATSUI, Keiju

           Effect of Measurement and Information Transmission Delay on Real Power Cascade Control for
ICEE-539                                                                                                         Oral     HIROHASHI, Shigeto           BABA, Junpei           SHIMODA, Eisuke         HIROHASHI, Shigeto     KIKUCHI, Takuro        NITTA, Tanzo
           Feasibility study of power line removal considering cost effectiveness in case of decreasing demand
ICEE-543                                                                                                         Oral     KIMURA, Yusuke               OYAMA, Tsutomu
           simultaneously securing power supply reliability
ICEE-547   Development of a New Load Control Method for Air Conditioner considering Indoor Thermal Comfort Oral           KIM, Hyeong Jung             KIM, In Soo            SON, Hag Sig            LEE, Joo Won           PARK, Jong Bae         SHIN, Joong Rin

ICEE-550   Standard Specification and regulation for Urban Transit's Signaling System in Korea                   Poster   JOUNG, Eui-jin

ICEE-552   Safety Criteria and Approving Procedure for Railway Software in Korea                                 Poster   JOUNG, Eui-jin
           A study on initial and operating cost of multi quality power supply system for the most important
ICEE-553                                                                                                         Oral     UGA, Masahiko                MORI, Takako           OYAMA, Tsutomu
           locations in emergency time
ICEE-554   Proposal, Experimental Study and Verification of Rotary Frequency Converter                           Oral     TAKEMOTO, Yasutoshi          FUJITA, Goro           KOYANAGI, Kaoru         FUNABASHI, Toshihisa   YOKOYAMA, Ryuichi

ICEE-555   Study on Eliminating Electromagnetic Loop In a Bulk Power System                                      Poster   ZHAO, Wei Wei                ZHANG, Jian Hua        SHANG, Jing Fu          LI, Sheng              LIU, Jun

ICEE-556   Frequency and Tie-line Power Flow Control of Multi-Area System with AGC                               Poster   KO, Dong Wook                CHUN, Yeong Han        PARK, Min Su

ICEE-558   Overhead Tower Line Life Extension                                                                    Oral     VAN DER WAL, Andries         BOSMA, Theo

ICEE-559   The performance analysis of the train position detection algorithm based on GNSS and DR               Poster   SHIN, Kyung Ho               JOUNG, Eui Jin         LEE, Jun Ho
           Properties on electrical resistance change of Cu doped Ge-Se-Te thin film application for
ICEE-560                                                                                                         Poster   CHUNG, Hong-Bay              CHO, Won-Ju            KOO, Sang-Mo            CHOI, Hyuk             KIM, Hyun-Koo
           programmable metallization cell.
ICEE-563   A Study on The Effect of Power Quality to Electrical Equipment of Elevator System                     Poster   LEE, Hee Tae                 KIM, Jae Chul          KIM, Gye Hyun

                                                                                                                          BANAE SHARIFIAN,
ICEE-564   A Vector Control Scheme for Single Phase Induction Motor in Presence of Iron Loss                     Oral                                  HATAMI, Hojat          HABIBI MARKANI, Gasem
                                                                                                                          Mohammad Bagher

ICEE-565   The Energy Efficiency Calculation of a Process in the Plant                                           Poster   PARK, Hyung-joon             CHUNG, Chan-Soo

ICEE-568   A Real-time Dispatch Algorithm By Using Power-Flow-Tracing Method                                     Poster   BANG, Young-Seon             CHUN, Yeong-Han        LEE, Su-Mi

ICEE-569   Composite Thermo-sensor Developed by Long Afterglow Phosphors                                         Poster   KOMURO, Shuji                TOKUNO, Satoshi        AIZAWA, Hiroaki         KATSUMATA, Tooru       MORIKAWA, Takitaro

ICEE-571   Zone Clustering LMP with Location information using an Improved Fuzzy C-Mean                          Poster   JANG, Sehwan                 KIM, Jinho             LEE, Sanghyuk
           Development of Ni Nanoparticle for Ink Jet Printed Thin Film Using Low Temperature Synthetic
ICEE-572                                                                                                         Poster   HAN, Jeong-In                HONG, Sung-Jei
           PSCAD/EMTDC simulation of the directrional recloser and sectionalizer protective coordination at
ICEE-574                                                                                                         Poster   LEE, Yeon-Hwa                CHOI, Joon-Ho          PARK, Sung-Jun          NAM, Hae-Kon
           distribution system with distributed generation
           The Application of Modified LMS Algorithm Based on Wavelet Transform to the Induction Motor
ICEE-575                                                                                                         Oral     CHEN, Kai                    XU, Bo Qiang           LI, He Ming             DUAN, Xiang Ying
           Bearing Fault Diagnosis

ICEE-577   Fabrication and evaluation of the fiber-optic fluorescent oxygen sensor                               Poster   AIZAWA, Hiroaki              KATSUMATA, Tooru       KOMURO, Shuji           MORIKAWA, Takitaro
           A Revision Method By Nasal Skin Temperature Measured With Radiation Thermometer Of Moving
ICEE-578                                                                                                         Poster   MIZUNO, Tota                 NOZAWA, Akio           IDE, Hideto
           Image Analysis
ICEE-580   Grating formation of amorphous chalcogenide AsGeSeS thin film for holographic recording               Poster   CHUNG, Hong-Bay              CHO, Won-Ju            KOO, Sang-Mo            KOO, Yong-Woon         NAM, Ki-Hyun

           PSIM Models for Dynamic Analysis and Control Design of Off-Line Current-Mode-Controlled Flyback
ICEE-583                                                                                                   Oral           CHOI, Byungcho               CHOI, Jieyeon          JEONG, Kyeungsoo        HAHN, Manje
           Converters with Optocoupler Feedback

ICEE-584   Design and Fabrication of Microbridge Thermopile for NDIR gas sensor                                  Poster   YOO, Kum-Pyo                 PARK, Eun-Jin          MIN, Nam-Ki
ICEE-586   Outage Costs Analysis for Customer Oriented Maintenance                                               Oral     KETKAEW, Chaliew             YIMPRASERT, Yutthana   SONKLIN, Naiyana        NOOHAWM, Onurai        KHATSAENG, Thepkanya
ICEE-587   Quantitative Evaluation Method of Each Generation Margin for Power System  Planning                   Oral     SU, Su                       TANAKA, Kazuyuki

           Maximum Torque Control of IPM used in the Air-conditioner of Electric Automobil and Speed
ICEE-590                                                                                                         Oral     ZHANG, Lei                   JEONG, Kyeong-Soo      KIM, Dong-Ok            JUNG, Tae-Uk           CHOI, Joon-Ho          PARK, Sung-Jun
           Sensing using Virtual Encoder
ICEE-591   FMEA Based Vegetation Maintenance of Overhead Power Distribution Feeders                              Oral     KHATSAENG, Thepkanya         SRI-ON, Khajonsak      NOOHAWM, Onurai         KWANMUANG, Krisanai                           KAWTRAKUL, Asanee

ICEE-592   A New On-line Method for Determining Conducting Angles in a Multilevel Cascaded Inverter              Oral     PH, D                        SAITO, Yoshifuru       LE MINH, Phuong

ICEE-594   A New Critical Generator Clustering Algorithm for On-line Transient Security Assessment               Poster   KIM, Jung-Woo                CHANG, Dong-Hwan       CHUN, Yeong-Han

                                                                                                                                                       Page 9
                                                                                                                                         ICEE 2007 List of Accepted Papers
AbsID      Title_Of_Paper                                                                                        Mode     Author1                     Author2                  Author3                 Author4            Author5            Author6

ICEE-595   Fiber Thermometer System using Long Afterglow Phosphor Composite                                      Poster   OTSUBO, Koichi              KOMURO, Shuji            TOKUNO, Satoshi         AIZAWA, Hiroaki    KATSUMATA, Tooru   MORIKAWA, Takitaro

ICEE-596   A Gait Control of Biped Walking Robot using Intelligent Control Algorithm and Sensor Fusion System Poster      KHO, Jae Won                LIM, Dong-Cheol          KUC, Tae-Yong

ICEE-597   Theoretical analysis on the optical properties of composite sensor with mixed phosphors               Poster   HONDA, Mitsuo               SHIBASAKI, Masayuki      AIZAWA, Hiroaki         KATSUMATA, Tooru   KOMURO, Shuji      MORIKAWA, Takitaro

ICEE-599   Design of Ultrasonic welding system using DSP Control                                                 Oral     YU, Tao                     LEE, In-Hyuk             SONG, Sung-Geun         YUN, Cheol-Ho      KIM, Dong-Ok       PARK, Sung-Jun

ICEE-600   Theoretical study of fluorescence thermometry based on PL intensity and intensity ratio               Poster   SHIBASAKI, Masayuki         HONDA, Mitsuo            AIZAWA, Hiroaki         KATSUMATA, Tooru   KOMURO, Shuji      MORIKAWA, Takiataro
ICEE-602   Image processing of 2-dimensional photoluminescence for quality sensing of cereals                    Poster   OTSUBO, Koichi              HONDA, Mitsuo            AIZAWA, Hiroaki         KATSUMATA, Tooru   KOMURO, Shuji      MORIKAWA, Takitaro

ICEE-604   Improving Efficiency of Single-phase Z-Source Inverter by Novel Switching Mixture Method              Oral     KIM, Ki-Seon                CHOI, Hyung-Rae          PARK, Sung-Jun          MOON, Chae-joo     LIM, Young-Cheol   KIM, Cheul-U

ICEE-606   Novel Multi-Controller of Ultrasonic motor using FPGA and USB interface                               Oral     LEE, Hwa-Chun               KIM, Dong-Ok             PARK, Sung-Jun          RYU, Kyung-Woo     GU, Hal-Bon        LIM, Young-Cheol

ICEE-607   Performance Comparison of Single-Phase PLL Algorithms Using Virtual 2-Phase Strategy                  Poster   JI, Jun-Keun                LEE, Yong-Seok

ICEE-609   Electrical Engineering Application in Wastewater Industry in Hong Kong                                Oral     LIU, George Hon Wa          HO, Chi Chung            LEUNG, Peter Man Woon

ICEE-610                                                                                                         Oral     LIU, Kenny K. P.            SIT, Kwok Leung          MAN, Ho Ming
ICEE-614   Frequency Behavior of Grounding Systems Buried in Horizontal Multilayer Soils                         Oral     YANG, Yixin                 FORTIN, Simon            ZHAO, Peter             DAWALIBI, Farid
           Energy-band Structures of Wurtzite and Rock-salt Wide-gap Oxide Semiconductor Alloys by First
ICEE-615                                                                                                         Oral     YOSHIDA, Akira              WAKAHARA, Akihiro        KIM, Hee-Joon
           Principles Calculations
ICEE-616   Surge Arresters in the view of Cigr?and IEC - state of the art and actual trends                      Oral     RICHTER, Bernhard

ICEE-617   Development of Solid Insulated Switchgear(SIS) for medium voltage class.                              Poster   MA, Ji-Hoon                 YOO, Ryun                LEE, Seog-Won           KIM, Young-Keun    OH, Il-Sung

ICEE-618   Contact Behavior under Short Circuit Currents for a Vacuum Circuit Breaker                            Poster   YOSHIDA, Tomokazu           TSUKIMA, Mitsuru         HARADA, Takakazu        OCHI, Satoshi      MIKI, Shinichi     ITO, Takefumi

ICEE-624   Transient Energy Function Shaping Nonlinear Robust Sliding Mode Excitation Control                    Poster   WAN, Li                     CHEN, Yunping
ICEE-625   Power System Reduction Method based on New Constraint Condition                                       Oral     YAMAGIWA, Haruki            FUJIWARA, Hiroaki        TANAKA, Kazuyuki
ICEE-626   Emergency Egress Lighting Design in Government Buildings                                              Oral     MAK, Joseph YS

           Study of the Effects of Unbalanced Sinusoidal Voltage Supply on Induction Motor Steady State
ICEE-627                                                                                                         Poster   DEKHANDJI, fatma zohra      REFOUFI, larbi
           Trajectory Sensitivity Analysis of Influences of Hydro-Turbines and Governors on the Dynamics of
ICEE-628                                                                                                         Oral     ZHU, Jian Guo               LI, Xian Shan            HU, Xiang Yong
           Hydro-Electric Systems
           Simulation study on the power system stability with the SCFCL in parallel with a resistor and a ZnO
ICEE-629                                                                                                         Oral     SHOUNO, Yumi                FURUSHIBA, Kunimitsu     SHIRAI, Yasuyuki        BABA, Jumpei       NITTA, Tanzo

           A Study on the Development of the Diffusion Model of High Efficient Motors Considering Rebate
ICEE-631                                                                                                         Oral     HWANG, Sung-Wook            WON, Jong-Ryul           LEE, Byung-Ha           KIM, Jung-Hoon
           Effects on the Innovation Coefficient and on the Estimation of Appropriate Rebate Amount

ICEE-633   Power Quality Improvement by Use of a New Topology of Fault Current Limiter                           Oral     HOSSEINI, Seyyed Hossein    TARAFDAR HAQE, Mehrdad   ABAPOUR, Mehdi

ICEE-634   Electromagnetic Environmental Evaluation of HVDC Transmission Lines                                Oral        ZHAO, Huiliang              FORTIN, Simon            MA, Jinxi               DAWALIBI, Farid
           Numerical Guide to Electrical Effects due to Lightning Current Discharging through Down Conductors
ICEE-635                                                                                                      Poster      YEUNG, Yiksing              LEE, W.K
           of a Building
ICEE-636   The application of the UPFC automatic and cooperative control system connection with SCADA            Poster   YOON, Jong-su               CHANG, Byung-hoon        LEE, Won-Kyo            AHN, Seon-ju       LEE, Dong-Woo      MOON, Seung-il

ICEE-640   Proposal of DC Electrical Distrbution Systems in Buldings                                             Oral     LO, Edward W C              PONG, Byran M H          PANG, Huey

ICEE-641   Application and Development of Fluorescent lamp and LED lamp                                          Oral     CHAN, Fuk Cheung            LAM, Peter T.C.          LUN, Shiu Hon

ICEE-642   Application of SCADA Technology for Process Control and Automation in Infrastructure Projects         Oral     CHAN, Fuk Cheung            LAM, Stanley Y.W.        YIU, Ben H.P.

ICEE-643   Enhancing Sustainability and Reliability of Small-Scale Solar Energy Applications in Hong Kong        Oral     WOO, Gordon M. S.           CHU, Thomas M.T.

ICEE-647   Test-Field Construction for Long-Term Reliability of EHV Underground Transmission Cable               Oral     YOON, Hyung-Hee             KANG, Ji-Won             JANG, Tae-In            SHIM, Jung-Taek    PARK, Hung-Sok     HONG, Dong-Suk
           Producting a Titanium Metal Member having Catalytic Activity and Evaluating the Activity by an
ICEE-648                                                                                                         Oral     USUDA, Shouji               SUMI, Kiichiro
           Electro-optic Method
           Multi-agent based Distributed Intelligent Implementation of Interlocking in Substation Automation
ICEE-649                                                                                                         Poster   DUAN, Bin                   ZHOU, JiangLong          LIN, SuYan

                                                                                                                                                     Page 10
                                                                                                                                          ICEE 2007 List of Accepted Papers
AbsID      Title_Of_Paper                                                                                         Mode     Author1                     Author2                Author3            Author4          Author5            Author6

ICEE-650   A New Approach for Short-Term Load Forecasting                                                         Poster   LIAO, Gwo-Ching

ICEE-651   Proactive Approach to the Power Quality Issue                                                          Oral     LAM, Yim Mou                SIN, Cheuk Hang

ICEE-652   Diagnosis of Skin disease Using Fuzzy Reasoning From Skin Colors                                       Oral     CHEN, Yu                    AKIMOTO, Makio         MIYAZAKI, Michio   LEE, Hee-Hyol

ICEE-654   Design, Operation and Maintenance of 22kV Closed Ring System                                           Oral     LEE, Brian, KK              WONG, KK
           Depressing torsional torques in turbine-generators using Petersen coil scheme subject to single-
ICEE-656                                                                                                          Poster   TSAI, Jong-Ian              TSAI, Jong-Ian
           phase-to-ground faults
ICEE-658   Ivestigation of using SCLP instead of ICLP in Evlauation of Customer Interruption Costs                Oral     JALILIAN, Alireza           PILAVAR, Hani

           Power Quality Disturbance Classifier Based on Distribution of Energy in Detailed Coefficients of the
ICEE-659                                                                                                          Oral     JALILIAN, Alireza           ZAREI, Vahid
           Wavelet Transform: Fundamental Frequency Elimination, A New Approach

ICEE-662   Visual Image Inspection System for Injection Molding Products                                          Oral     SHIN, Jae-heung             LEE, Sang-cheol        KIM, Hong-ryul

ICEE-664   Frequency Conversion at a Factory Complex in Saudi Arabia                                              Poster   HABIBALLAH, Ibrahim

ICEE-672   Disaggregate Loads by Particle Swarm Optimization Method for Non-intrusive Load Monitoring             Poster   LAI, Heung Wing             FUNG, George S K       LAM, Hoi Yee       LEE, W K

           A Study on The Hazards Identification And Analysis for Programmable Electronic Interlocking
ICEE-673                                                                                                          Poster   KANG, Shinju                LEE, Jongwoo
           System Using HAZOP

ICEE-678   The study of rail impedance calculation on the slab track                                              Poster   KO, Junseog                 JANG, Woojin
ICEE-679   A Study on a Optimal Speeds Decision Method for railway Block Sections                                 Poster   CHOI, Youngdeok             JANG, Woojin

ICEE-681   A study of the effect analysis of the Autonomous Decentralized Traffic System for the main line        Poster   LEE, Youngsoo               CHOI, Kyuhyoung        KIM, Yongkyu

ICEE-684   Bringing Competition in Distribution Business under Cost-based Pool Market in South Korea              Oral     KIM, Dong-Hyeon             NORBEKOV, Nodir        LEE, Sang-Seung    LEE, Song-Keun   YOON, Yong Tae

ICEE-685   Reactive Power Control at Electrical Railway Substation of Rolling Stock Depot                         Poster   YIM, Jaeil                  CHOI, Kyuhyoung
           A Coordinative Control of Shunt Capacitor and OLTC for Voltage Stability Improvement at
ICEE-686                                                                                                          Poster   PARK, Taekeun               SHIN, Myeongho
           Distribution Substation
           Effect on Power Quality in Distribution System by Introduction of Automatic Power Factor Controller
ICEE-689                                                                                                          Oral     KOBAYASHI, Hiroshi          AOKI, Mutsumi          UKAI, Hiroyuki     HARA, Hideki     SAKAI, Hiroshi     KAJIKAWA, Takuya
           in High Voltage Consumers
ICEE-690   Improvement of Power Factor and Harmonics by Static Capacitors in Distribution System                  Oral     AOKI, Mutsumi               KOBAYASHI, Hiroshi     UKAI, Hiroyuki     SAKAI, Hiroshi   KAJIKAWA, Takuya

ICEE-691   A Fault Location Method for HVDC Cable Lines Based on the Fault-generated Traveling Waves              Poster   LEE, Dong-Gyu               KANG, Sang-Hee         RYU, Ki-Chan

ICEE-693   Gas Insulated Transmission Lines – Bulk Power Transmission in urban Areas                              Oral     KUNZE, Dirk                 KNIERIM, Volker

ICEE-694   The development of Basking Neodymium Lamp                                                              Poster   EO, IK SOO                  YANG, HAE SOOL

           The Parameter Study of Permanent Magnet Wind Generator for the Low Cogging Torque and Power
ICEE-697                                                                                               Poster              KIM, Ki-Chan                RYU, Dae-Il            KO, Kwang-Cheol    LEE, Ju          KOO, Dae-Hyun      BAEK, Soo-Hyun

ICEE-698   Moving Surface Method to consider a motion in FEA program                                              Poster   BAE, Jaenam                 WON, Sung Hong         LEE, Sung Gu       LEE, Ju          CHO, Geum-Bae      LEE, Byong-Song

ICEE-699   Torque Ripple Reduction Control of Synchronous Reluctance Motor                                        Poster   KIM, Seung Joo              GO, Sung-Chul          JUNG, Dae-Sung     LEE, Ju          CHOI, Seung-Kil    KIM, Kyeong-Hwa

ICEE-700   History Study for Electro Engineering Literacy                                                         Oral     ARAKAWA, Fumio

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