Mixed-Use Development Americana at Brand Glendale Redevelopment Agency by nye15450


									2009 Awards of Excellence

                                          Mixed-Use Development
                                           Americana at Brand
                                      Glendale Redevelopment Agency

     O      pened in May 2008, Americana at Brand is a town center that has created
            a “place of singular distinction” in downtown Glendale. Situated between
            the Central Library and the Glendale Galleria, this mixed-use center
     successfully integrates commercial, residential, and public uses.
     The 15.5-acre site is located in the southern portion of downtown within the
     Central Glendale project area. Prior to its redevelopment, the project site
     exhibited numerous conditions of physical and economic blight including general
     deterioration, defective and substandard design, inadequate parking, vacancies,
     and abnormally low lease rates.
     The project offers a variety of uses that activate and strengthen the urban vitality
     of downtown, including providing housing opportunities in close proximity to
     employment, public transportation, and goods and services. Americana at Brand
     has created a pedestrian-oriented open air mixed-use center with an emphasis on
     an open space network of landscaped streets, sidewalks, and promenades.
     It was designed to integrate with the existing downtown Glendale. It has over
     431,000 square feet of commercial uses with stores, restaurants and a cinema,
     occupying street level space; 238 rental units and 100 for-sale condominiums,
     located in the upper levels; and three acres of public open space featuring a
     children’s play area, an animated water feature, free concerts, and community
     programs. The project created approximately 2,500 construction jobs and 1,500
     permanent jobs and is expected to generate approximately $3.8 million from sales
     and property taxes annually.
     Americana at Brand has become a focal point of the community. With its high
     quality of design and meticulous attention to detail, it has created a “sense of
     place” as well as a regional retail destination.

     Key Officials
     Agency Board Members
     Ara Najarian, Agency Chair; Dave Weaver, Vice Chair; John Drayman; Frank
     Quintero; Bob Yousefian
     Key Agency Staff Members
     James Starbird, Executive Director; Philip Lanzafame, Director; Emil Tatevosian,
     Deputy Director; Mark Berry, Senior Project Manager; Gillian van Muyden,
     General Counsel-Redevelopment; Jeanne Armstrong, former Director
     Project Developer
     Caruso Affiliated
     Project Architect
     Caruso Affiliated

                                                                                            Gillian van Muyden, General Counsel – Redevelopment;
                                                                                            Philip Lanzafame, Director of Development Services;
                                                                                            Mark Berry, Senior Redevelopment Project Manager;
                                                                                            Jeanne Armstrong, former Director of Development
                                                                                            Services; James Starbird, Executive Director

12                                             APRIL 2009

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