Annual NIH SBIRSTTR Conference by nye15450


									                                                  SUMMER 2008

Georgia Tech’s 5th Annual CAREER Panel                                          10th Annual
Garrett Steed, Office of Sponsored Programs
                                                                                NIH SBIR/STTR
O n May 27, OSP hosted 19 new faculty members for the 5th Annual NSF
CAREER Panel. Faculty panelists include CAREER awardees Robert                  Conference
Butera, Julia Kubanek, Andrew Lyon and Todd Streelman. Marion
Usselman and Bonnie Harris from CEISMC were in attendance as well as
Donna Llewellyn from CETL.
                                                                                T ransforming Medicine Through
                                                                                Innovation; will be held on July 22
                                                                                and 23 at the Omni Hotel & CNN
                                                                                Center in Atlanta, GA. Attendees
                                                                                will learn how to tap into NIH’s
                                                                                R&D funding resources for small
                                                                                businesses interested in biomedical
                                                                                and       behavioral      research.
                                                                                Networking with researchers, entre-
                                                                                preneurs and biotech business own-
                                                                                ers. For more information go to

                                                                                • Education vs. Research: The
                                                                                education part of the proposal is
                                                                                important but will not carry it alone.
                                                                                It can hurt the proposal if the educa-
                                                                                tion portion doesn’t tie into the
                                                                                theme and research. In prior years
                                                                                the education section could be more
                                                                                general. Now the bar has been
Among the variety of tips and suggestions were these:                           raised, that’s where groups like
                                                                                CETIL and CISMIC come in. Use
• Contacting your NSF Program Officer directly: Every panelist reit-            them to review and add features
erated the importance of contacting the NSF Program Officer (PO) directly.      such as an assessment portion and
By going directly to the PO the investigator confirms a match between the       pedagogical review. Remember that
NSF department and the proposal. The investigator is then able to judge the     panelists know the science, not nec-
level of interest in the proposal.                                              essarily the teaching aspect so pro-
• Buzzwords: They should be known and understood in context. It’s impor-        vide reference for pedagogy. Work
tant to use these words as a means to an end. There’s a very thin layer of      with CISMIC and CETL to get spe-
proposals at the top, the one that differentiates itself will get noticed and   cific teachers involved. CEISMIC
funded.                                                                         can aid in setting up an action plan

• Preliminary Data: Opinions about preliminary data vary by NSF depart-
ment. This is another reason to contact the PO directly, find out what is
expected from a proposal in that department.                                                         continued on page 3
PubMed Central New Policy: Assignment and/or Change of
                                          Project Director or Principal Investigator
O  n Friday, July 11, 2008 from
11:00-12:30, the Library and the          Ordinarily, no proposal will be for-      research and scholarship, and for the
Office of Sponsored Programs are co-      warded to a potential sponsoring          training of graduate students. In
sponsoring an informational and           agency by the OSP unless one of the       addition, the PD/PI is responsible for
hands-on training session on the          Project           Directors/Principal     the design, conduct, and reporting –
National Institutes of Health Public      Investigators (PD/PIs) is a member        both scientific or technical and fiscal
Access      Policy     for     faculty,   of the General Faculty of the             – of the research. Because of these
                                          Institute (current faculty member or      obligations, only employees with
researchers, staff, and graduate stu-
                                          retired but working on a hourly-as-       General Faculty Status are author-
dents submitting manuscripts to
                                          needed basis) and there is at least       ized to be PD/PIs or Co-PD/PIs for
PubMed Central (PMC). Instructors         one School/Laboratory/Department          sponsored projects.
will describe the policy, walk partici-   willing to provide the necessary            In rare instances others such as
pants through the required steps for      administrative commitment to per-         Academic Professionals may be
compliance, and provide hands-on          mit the program to be carried out.        authorized to serve as a PD/PI for a
training for submitting manuscripts         When Georgia Tech accepts a grant       specific project and then only with
to PMC, locating PMCID’s in PMC,          or contract from an external sponsor,     the prior written approval of the
and using EndNote to format NIH           the Institute assumes responsibility      School Chair, Lab Director, or
Policy compliant citations. Julie         for the proper performance of the         Department Head and the Office of
Speer from the Library will be host-      stated project, for the fiscal manage-    the Vice President for Research. At
ing this event see the Office of          ment of the funds received, and for       the recommendation of the appropri-
                                          accountability to the sponsor. The        ate School Chair/Department Head,
Organizational Development (OOD)
                                          PD/PI is responsible for determining      a Post-doc employee may be desig-
website to register.
                                          the intellectual direction of the         nated as a Co-PD/Co-PI.
If unable to make this session, the
library has developed a web page
that contains helpful information on      Change of PD/PI
this new requirement. The URL is
                                          F  ederal     sponsoring     agencies     a change in PD/PI status on a proj-
                                          require, at a minimum, advance            ect. The PD/PI’s School or Lab must
                                          notification if the PD/PI is absent or    concur in the recommendation of a
Workshops Offered by                      relinquishes active direction of a        new PD/PI. OSP will submit the
                                          project for a period of three continu-    request to the sponsor, if required,
Office of Sponsored                       ous months or longer, plans a signif-     and will update the contract file after
Programs                                  icant change in effort, or plans to       approval has been obtained. The
                                          transfer to another institution.          curriculum vitae of the replacement
Numerous opportunities to learn are       Repeated absences of less than 90         PD/PI should accompany the
available through the Office of           continuous days during a year repre-      request. In the event a sponsor
Sponsored Programs. Workshops are         sent a significant change in effort.      objects to the nominated replace-
free of charge and are available to all     The awarding agency must                ment, OSP will contact the request-
faculty, administrators and students.     approve a replacement PD/PI who is        ing campus department.
Classes are structured for those work-    requested by the awardee institu-           Non-employees are not generally
ing in the research arena. A few class-   tion; departing PD/PIs often suggest      eligible to serve as a PD/PI on spon-
es are “hands-on computer training.”      or recommend such replacements.           sored projects. Requests for excep-
OSP is offering some new classes          Agencies reserve the right to termi-      tions for a non-employee to serve as
including one on sub-recipient moni-      nate a grant if approval for a leave of   PD/PI on a specific project for a lim-
toring. Individual training for faculty   absence has not been sought or if the     ited time may be directed to the
and staff may be arranged, and class-     replacement PD/PI is not acceptable.      Senior Vice Provost for Research and
es can be tailored for specialized          Schools, Labs and Departments           Innovation. A without-compensa-
groups or time frames (i.e.,              must notify OSP when PD/PIs               tion appointment and associated
faculty/staff meetings). Check the        arrange to terminate their employ-        agreements regarding intellectual
OSP website for current information       ment, take a leave of absence, or are     property, liability insurance, compli-
at       absent for medical or family leave.       ance with Institute polices and pro-
ing/indexworkshops.php, or contact        To initiate a change, the PD/PI or, if    cedures, and related matters will be
Garrett             Steed            at   unavailable, the School or Lab            required.             should inform OSP of the request for

Summer 2008         n     Office of Sponsored Programs                         Page 2
continued from page 1...Career Panel...    especially if one can reference suc-       Sponsored Projects at
to demonstrate how research can be
                                           cesses in the past. The proposal           $445 million.
                                           could even go as far as listing num-
                                           bers.                                      F unded awards for FY08 have just
• Summary Sheet: The one page                                                         been released by the Office of
                                           • Figures and diagrams: Figures
proposal summary is extremely                                                         Sponsored Programs Director Duane
                                           and diagrams are a great way to
important; panelist leading the pro-                                                  Hutchison. This year’s awards total
                                           include panelist who don’t know the
posal discussion may read straight                                                    $445 million.
                                           science into your proposal. Include a
from it or paraphrase your words.
                                           diagram showing points of the              FY 09 Rates
Remember to specifically states
                                           research. Diagrams are also a great        As a result of having established
“This has broader impact because…”
                                           way to know if you have too many           Predetermined        Facilities      &
• Finding the Right Panel: The             points or if one is not worth exploring.   Administrative (overhead) rates
importance of this can not be over-                                                   with the Office of Naval Research
                                           • Restating your proposals
stated. Talk to the PO, find out if                                                   (ONR) last year covering FY08 and
                                           theme again and again: Through
they are excited about your proposal.                                                 FY09, the following F&A rates for
                                           out your proposal you should restate,
If they’re not, go to a different panel.                                              Resident Instruction and Other (all
                                           in different ways, how your proposal
The right panel can make a big dif-                                                   non-GTRI) units are still in effect for
                                           will work and meet the criteria.
ference in your review.                                                               the period July 1, 2008 through June
                                           Remember, people could get inter-
• Minority and Women: Should               rupted and miss something if it’s stat-    30, 2009:
work with and mentoring of, minori-        ed only once. The NSF Career Panel         RESIDENT INSTRUCTION AND
ties and women be mentioned? Yes,          occurs every year in the spring.           OTHER (all non-GTRI units)

Commercialization Roadmap                                                                 Capped              51.0%
Patrick E. Reed, Office of Technology Licensing                                           Uncapped            55.5%

                                                                                          -Instruction:       51.0%
T he     Office   of    Technology           The Action and Valuation Phase               -Other Sponsored
Licensing (OTL) strives to provide         consists of a more detailed evalua-            Activities:      35.0%
the highest quality of customer            tion of the technology, the intellec-
service in intellectual property           tual property landscape, the mar-              -Non-Federal/
protection and commercialization           ket potential, additional resources            Industrial:         55.7%
to the Georgia Institute of                that may be required, a concise
                                                                                      We have worked with ONR to estab-
Technology’s research community.           recommendation by our offices on
                                                                                      lish provisional Fringe Benefits
Toward this end, OTL, in collabo-          the overall merit of the opportuni-
                                                                                      rates for FY09, pending audit by the
ration with Commercialization              ty, and recommended terms of any
                                                                                      Defense Contract Audit Agency
Services, has implemented a new            resulting license. The results of
                                                                                      (DCAA), as follows:
process      tool    titled    the         this phase will be shared with the
Commercialization Roadmap; a               researchers no later than 90 days              -Fringe Benefits:
process for evaluating inventions          prior to any pending patent bar
                                           date.                                          Full Benefits       25.0%
and planning for effective commer-
cialization with clear communica-                                                         Partial Benefits    1.4%
tions of expectations and findings           Simply put, the Commercializa-
to and among all stakeholders.             tion Roadmap provides more                 A Tuition Remission rate of $624.00
                                           transparency to Georgia Tech’s             per month has been proposed to
  Two phases are built into the            research community of the fact-            ONR for FY09. Although we have
Roadmap-       “Evaluation”   and          based decision making process              not received final approval from
“Action and Valuation”.       The          OTL and CS have already been               ONR for this rate, we are confident
Evaluation phase is a preliminary          using with inventor communica-             that it will be approved and recom-
analysis of all incoming disclo-           tion at every step.                        mend that it now be used for spon-
sures not already encumbered                                                          sored proposal preparation purposes.
through sponsored research agree-                                                     These rates are under the Pre-Award
ments.     This analysis will be                                                      tab, Budget Information section of
shared with the inventors within                                                      OSP’s web site at http://www.osp.gat-
90 days from when the disclosure                                            
is filed with OTL.

Summer 2008            n      Office of Sponsored Programs                         Page 3
  Mark your calendars!
  NIH Regional Seminar: Program Funding & Grants Administration is coming to Atlanta next Spring.

  Georgia Institute of Technology & Georgia State University are hosting the April 2009 Regional Seminar on
  Program Funding & Grants Administration on behalf of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Office of
  Extramural Research. The regional seminar is intended to help demystify the application and review process,
  clarify federal regulations and policies, and highlight current areas of special interest or concern.
  The seminar serves the NIH mission of providing education and training for the next generation of biomedical
  and behavioral scientists. NIH policy officials, grants management and program staff, as well as representatives
  from the Office for Human Research Protections and the Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare, will interact with
  the seminar participants and provide a broad array of expertise. The sessions are appropriate for grants admin-
  istrators, new and experienced researchers, and graduate students. Registration will open in the Fall of 2008.
  For further information, email us at

                                                   April 16-17, 2009
                                                Hyatt Regency - Atlanta
                                                      Atlanta, GA

                                                   April 15, 2009
                                         eRA Commons Computer Lab Workshop

  This seminar has not been funded in whole or in part with Federal funds from the National Institutes of Health.

PI Expense Confirmation System Pilot Scheduled for
First Quarter of Fiscal Year
Jim Fortner, Grants & Contracts Accounting

T  he     online      PI     Expense      information associated with the proj-   cation. Online, just-in-time training
Confirmation system, which is being       ects for which the PI is responsible.   resources will be available to pilot
developed as part of an overall effort    After reviewing the summary infor-      group participants. In addition,
to provide PIs with the tools and         mation, it is possible to click on a    short training workshops will be
support needed to effectively man-        specific project to retrieve more       scheduled to answer questions and
age projects, will soon be ready for a    details and analyze the specific        provide an opportunity for attendees
pilot test across several depart-         charges.                                to receive hands-on assistance in
ments. This system will enable the                                                using the system to review informa-
                                            After completing the review
PI for each project to review and con-                                            tion.    These resources will be
                                          process, the PI must simply click the
firm sponsored project expenditures                                               reviewed and updated, as needed,
                                          checkboxes for all projects that have
online, providing drill-down capabil-                                             before a general campus rollout is
                                          been reviewed and can be confirmed,
ity at the summary and detail level.                                              conducted. Additional training and
                                          and then click the “Confirm” button.
                                                                                  support information will be provided
  Financial managers will also be         If there are any expenses that are
                                                                                  to pilot group participants over the
able to access the system to view the     not appropriate for the individual      next few weeks.
charges which have been posted and        sponsored project(s), the PI should
generate reports. However, it is the      take action through their financial       The pilot period is intended to
responsibility of the PIs to actually     support personnel to ensure that        introduce the tool to a cross-section
confirm the appropriateness of            proper corrections are made or will     of PIs and financial managers before
charges within 30 days of the most        be made through the accounting sys-     the full rollout and serves as an
recently completed calendar quarter.      tem before confirming the charges       excellent opportunity to gather feed-
                                          for that project.                       back and input. If you have any
  The system will be accessible                                                   questions, comments or suggestions
through Web Grants Management               Although the system has a rela-       about the project, please send an
(Web PEB). In addition, PIs will          tively intuitive design, training       email to PIconfirm@business.gate-
receive reminder emails which             resources will be available to guide
include a link to the application.        PIs and financial managers through
The primary screen will display           the process of using this new appli-

Summer 2008         n     Office of Sponsored Programs                      Page 4
Agency Updates                          National Science Foundation:             Working with other
                                        • New Mechanisms (Coming Soon!)
National Institutes of Health:
                                           – Grants for Rapid Response           Universities…
                                               Research (RAPID) will be          Vannessa Daniels,
• NIH Peer Reviewer Status :
                                               used for proposals having a       Office of Sponsored Programs
   Peer Reviewers no longer are
                                               severe urgency with regard
   required to register with D&B
                                               to availability of, or access
   and the CCR.
                                               to data, facilities or special-
                                                                                 T  he submission process for a pro-
• NIH is anticipating a transition                                               posal to another institute/university
                                               ized equipment, including
   to Adobe-based 424 R&R forms                                                  (a subaward) is the same as is
                                               quick response research on
   in December. Stay tuned for
                                               natural or anthropogenic          required for submitting any other
                                               disasters, or similar unan-       proposal to a particular sponsor. It
• NIH Policy on Data Sharing:
                                               ticipated events.                 is necessary to submit to OSP a com-
   Investigators submitting a
                                           – EArly-concept Grants for            pleted and signed routing form, a
   research application requesting
                                               Exploratory Research              budget and budget justification and
   $500,000 or more in direct costs,
                                               (EAGER) will be used for
   in any single budget period to                                                a statement a work. An institution-
                                               exploratory work in its early
   NIH, must include a plan for                                                  al letter of commitment will be gen-
                                               stages on untested, but
   sharing final research data for                                               erated after obtaining these materi-
                                               potentially transformative
   research purposes, or state why                                               als and will be sent to the appropri-
                                               research ideas or approaches.
   data sharing is not possible.
                                        • Conference or Group Travel             ate institutions/university.
• NIH is in the process of enhanc-
                                           Grant Special Conditions–FL 26:
   ing their peer review process –                                                 Please keep in mind that when
                                           New NSF conference or group
   see http://enhancing-peer-                                                    working         with          another
                                           travel grants, and funding for details.
                                           amendments to existing NSF            institution/university, their proposal
• NIH/CSR shortens review for
                                           conference or group travel            deadlines might be significantly ear-
   new investigators. New investi-
                                           grants , will begin referencing       lier than those at Georgia Tech.
   gators unsuccessful in a R01
                                           and are subject to the NSF            Georgia Tech’s OSP Office also has
   grant submission who are readi-
                                           Conference or Group Travel
   ly able to address the concerns                                               its own deadline of 24 hours prior to
                                           Grant Special Conditions. See
   and issues identified in the                                                  due date to prime university for elec-
                                           url for details:
   Summary Statement may shorten                                                 tronic submissions and 12 noon for
   the time to the next review.                                                  same day requests. If these dead-
                                        • Anticipating a new Proposal            lines are not adhered to, there is no
                                           and Award Policy and                  guarantee that the proposal will be
                                           Procedure Guide this fall!            submitted on time.

                                                                                 * You can easily un-submit a deliver-
New Deliverables System goes live in June                                        able if you attach an incorrect report
Trina Brennan, Office of Sponsored Programs                                      or simply want to un-satisfy the
On    Wednesday June 4th, a new         * PI’s can choose to submit the deliv-   * Submission of deliverable via a
deliverable system was rolled out       erable directly to the sponsor at the    sponsor system is easily captured
campus wide.        The Office of       same time they submit to OSP.            with an ability to accurately reflect
Sponsored Programs in coordination      Sponsor will receive an email via the    date submitted (via comments).
with GTRI made significant              system from the PI with all project      Documentation of submission may
enhancements to the online-deliver-     information and the deliverable          be uploaded as a separate item but
able system.     Benefits of these      attached.                                in the same manner as the deliver-
enhancements and the submission                                                  able itself.
via this system include:                                                                              continued on page 6
* Immediate update of OSP data-
base to show deliverable is satisfied     G&C Notice
* Deliverable takes less time to sub-
mit than sending an email                 Annual Statements of Reasonableness of Salary Charges (aka “ASR’s”)
* Deliverable submission will not         for FY2008 will be distributed to campus beginning July 11. The ASR
rely on email boxes for processing -      reports must be reviewed for accuracy, signed by the employee and the
which means none will get caught in       unit financial officer, and returned to the SPD Center (MC 0259) no
spam filters and cause delays for         later than September 1, 2008.

Summer 2008        n     Office of Sponsored Programs                        Page 5
continued from page 5...New Deliverables...    • This decision is made by each           The system was designed to be
                                                 unit/dept. individually and is all    simple to use; however there are
                                                 or    nothing      within    that     training modules available at
  The system does have specific                  unit/dept.                  
questions related to the project that          • Type I: (Default) All deliver-        tion/tutorials.shtml
will need to be addressed (i.e.,                 ables are approved by default no      The deliverable submission link can
restricted publication, classified               other approval is necessary           be found at https://webwise.gtri.gat-
deliverable).                                  • Type II: Only final project deliv- under the deliverable tab
System Features:                                 erables require approval other        within your project, click on “submit
Email reminders are sent 10 days                 deliverable are approved by           project deliverable”. You may also
and 3 days prior to the deliverable              default                               click on the “Submit project deliver-
being due. 5 days after the due date           • Type III: All deliverables            able to OSP and Sponsor” link in the
the PI will receive a late email                require approval                       Project Deliverables Management
notice. Individual deliverables can                                                    panel, which is found in the site
                                                 If type II or III are chosen, at
be assigned to a designee to handle.                                                   map for the OSP system.
                                                 least two people in the depart-
                                                                                         If you have any problems or ques-
Business Process Decisions                       ment will need to be listed as
                                                                                       tions regarding this system, feel free
• Each department can assign some-               approvers in the system. When
                                                                                       to contact Garrett Steed for assis-
  one to the role of Unit Level                  type II or III is utilized the sys-
                                                                                       tance with training issues. For busi-
  Access. This access provides visi-             tem will update with the deliver-
                                                                                       ness process concerns or questions
  bility for the entire unit/dept.               able satisfied date only after the
                                                                                       email Trina Brennan or Pat Head.
• The departments also have the                  approver has indicated that it is
  opportunity to decide their                    satisfied.
  approval process:

Our 2008 Graduates of the Office of Sponsored Programs’
Departmental Certification Program!
In January, Jilda D.
Garton, Associate Vice
Provost for Research and
General Manager of
GTRC        and    Duane
Hutchison, Director of
Sponsored       Programs
awarded six administra-
tors their certificates of
completion for the Office
of Sponsored Programs’
D e p a r t m e n t a l
Certification. Graduates
of the certification pro-
gram include Sharon
Lawrence (ECE), Sandy
Barber (G&C), Preethi
Reddy-Veluri        (CoC),
Rochelle Williams (ECE),
and Carol Maddox (CEE)
(Not pictured – Gail
Siegal (BME)).

  The     OSP      Certification   in         Preparation    &      Submission,        Funding, Philanthropy, Intellectual
Sponsored Programs was introduced             Budgeting, Budget Justification &        Property & Technology Transfer,
in the Fall of 2002. The program              Templates, Grants & Contracts            NIH Modular Budgets,
consists of five Core classes and two         Accounting, Public Responsibilities      class and the Federal Circulars &
Elective classes and requires the             & Research Commitments, and Post         the FAR. Since its inception we’ve
completion of an examination. The             Award Issues.     Elective classes
Core     classes     are     Proposal         include, NSF Fastlane, Find                                   continued on page 7

Summer 2008            n      Office of Sponsored Programs                         Page 6
continued from page 6...2008 Graduates...   New Transfer Certification System
had over 1075 attendees in our Core
Classes and Electives classes. The          GTRC   and OSP are proud to                       essary.      In    this  case    the
program’s first graduation was held         announce a new online Transfer                    Environmental Health & Safety
in July 2003. There are a total of 57       Agreement System.                                 (EH&S) will need to assist with the
graduates of the program and over                                                             shipping of the materials.      The
353 individuals enrolled in curricu-           The new transfer certification sys-            Transfer Certification System sends
lum.     The Office of Grants and           tem allows faculty (or others) to                 an email notification to their office
Contracts, Environmental Health &           answer standard questions and sub-                detailing the user’s request. EH&S
Safety, Legal Affairs, GTRC and the         mit the request to transfer materials             may need further information about
Office of Foundation Relations part-        to and from Georgia Tech. The user                the materials to be shipped. Each
ner with OSP to offer the certifica-        can track the approval status via                 individual shipment based on desti-
tion program.                               their integrated dashboard as it                  nation, shipment type and size
Of the 57 graduates of the program,         flows through the appropriate offices             requires a separate transfer agree-
the departments that are represent-         of Technology Licensing, Research                 ment document.
ed are: ARCH, DLPE, ICPA, BME,              Compliance, and Export Control.
                                                                                              The URL is
COC, CEE, Public Policy, ECE,                 Based upon the user’s answers to                and click on the Material Transfer
MATH,        G&C,       CHEMISTY,           the request for transfer of materials             Agreement button. We are looking
PHYSICS, GTRC, BIO, AE, MARC,               from Georgia Tech a full material                 into future enhancements.
EDI, GCATT, CETL, OSP, Student              transfer agreement may not be nec-
Health and College of Sciences.

A New Member of the                         Classes/Labs:                                     comprise of three research topical areas (1)
                                                                                              Updates from Washington; (2) Campus Policies
OSP Family                                                                                    & Procedures; and (3) Best Practices.
                                   in General —                  in General —
                                            07/09/2008                                        07/09/2008
                                            Class Time: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
                                                                                              Class Time: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
                                            Instructor: Garrett Steed
                                                                                              Instructor: Garrett Steed
                                            Location: Research Administration Building
                                                                                              Location: Research Administration Building
                                            Seminar Room
                                                                                              Seminar Room
                                            Class Size: Have you worked with the new
                                                                                              Class Size: Have you worked with the new
                                            Adobe Forms yet? In the training sessions, the
                                                                                              Adobe Forms yet? In the training sessions, the
                                            instructor will explain and demonstrate the
                                                                                              instructor will explain and demonstrate the
                                            new procedures and forms necessary for
                                                                                              new procedures and forms necessary for
                                   electronic submission including
                                                                                     electronic submission including the
                                            the Adobe Forms.
                                                                                              Adobe Forms.
                                            Working with NIH —                       in General —
                                            07/22/2008                                        08/07/2008
A  ngela Stelzer joined OSP in              Class Time: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
                                            Instructor: Garrett Steed
                                                                                              Class Time: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
November, 2007 and is a Contracting         Location: Research Administration Building
                                                                                              Instructor: Garrett Steed
Officer with the Industry Under                                                               Location: Research Administration Building
                                            Seminar Room
                                                                                              Seminar Room
Government Prime & International            Class Size: A comprehensive look at the work-
                                                                                              Class Size: Are you ready for In
Division. She joins OSP with four           ings of the National Institutes of Health and
                                                                                              the training sessions, the instructor will
years of grants administration expe-        how to submit a proposal, how the merit
                                                                                              explain and demonstrate the new procedures
                                            review process works, what a priority score is
rience at Emory University’s Dept.          and why you need to know it.
                                                                                              and forms necessary for electronic
of Medicine School within the School                                                          submission.
of Medicine as a Senior Research            Research Admin Buzz —                             Export Control — 08/13/2008
Administrator she was also with the         07/29/2008                                        Class Time: 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm
Office of Sponsored Programs at             Class Time: 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm                     Instructor: Sheila Cranman
                                            Instructor: Location: Research                    Location: Research Administration Building
Emory. She obtained her J.D. degree         Administration Building Seminar Room              Seminar Room
from Duquesne University in                 Class Size: Research Administration Buzz’s        Class Size: Learn more on the federal laws
Pittsburg, PA.      She lives in            primary functions are to provide advice, infor-   governing Export Control (EAR /ITAR) as they
Stockbridge along with her husband          mation, professional development and to foster    relates to Georgia Tech and our research pro-
and 2 year old daughter and 4 dogs          the Georgia Tech research administration          grams. Find out how to ensure that your
                                            community RAB helps to develop policies and       research    program     stays   within    the
and 4 cats.                                 practices that fairly reflect the mutual inter-   Fundamental Research Exemption (FRE)
                                            ests and separate obligations of both depart-     arena.
                                            mental and central research administration.
                                            This internal communication structure will

Summer 2008            n     Office of Sponsored Programs                                      Page 7
Budgeting, Budget Justification & Templates —                                NSF FastLane Proposal Preparation & Project
08/20/2008                                                                   Planning — 09/11/2008
Class Time: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm                                               Class Time: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Instructor: Jim Childers, Garrett Steed                                      Instructor: Garrett Steed
Location: Research Administration Building Seminar Room                      Location: Research Administration Building Seminar Room
Class Size: Learn to develop a proposal budget and budget justifica-         Hands on Computer Training. Limited enrollment to 15 participants
tion, while complying with Georgia Tech and agency policies. Direct          NSF requires that all proposals be submitted via FastLane.
Costs Indirect Costs, F&A, and Overhead Cost Sharing Budget                  Participants will create a mock proposal and learn about preparing and
Justifications.                                                              submitting project reports.

Property Management — 08/27/2008                                             Philanthropy & Proposal Writing — 09/16/2008
Class Time: 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm                                               Class Time: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Instructor: Sandy Kirchoffer                                                 Instructor: Birgit Burton, Sheila Cranman
Location: Research Administration Building Seminar Room                      Location: Research Administration Building Seminar Room
Class Size: Sandy Kirchoffer, Property Control Manager, GTRI , will go       This class will include discussions on the role of philanthropy, the devel-
over the policies and procedures governing the life cycle of Research        opment office’s process and will include techniques on writing for
Property. The following questions will be addressed during the session:      Foundations.
Has your laboratory moved recently? If yes, have you updated your
research property (equipment) inventory? Do you know that we get             Proposal Preparation & Submission — 09/18/2008
audited on our research property inventory?                                  Class Time: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
                                                                             Instructor: Teri Hansen, Shelley Ziegler, & Garrett Steed
Finding Funding — 09/04/2008
                                                                             Location: Research Administration Building Seminar Room
Class Time: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
                                                                             This workshop will cover general purpose preparation guidelines and
Instructor: Garrett Steed
                                                                             processing procedures at GaTech from selecting potential funding
Location: Research Administration Building Seminar Room
                                                                             sources, working with a Contracting Officer, preparation steps for the
Hands on Computer Class. Enrollment limited to 15 participants.
                                                                             non-scientific portions of a proposal and institutional forms and
Learn how to match goals and expectations of funding agencies. Types
                                                                             endorsements. How to identify and categorize the different types of pro-
of funding will be addressed. Funding searches will be performed on
                                                                             posals Sponsor structure, protocol and practices Introduction to
Community of Science and on the WWW.
                                                                             Electronic forms Responsibilities for the PI Steps of proposal submis-
NCURA Broadcast - Good Customer Service for                                  sion and what constitutes an official proposal Authorized Official infor-
                                                                             mation Terminology.
Research Admins: How to Support the Research
Endeavor — 09/09/2008                                                        Subrecipient Monitoring — 09/25/2008
Class Time: 11:30 am - 3:30 pm                                               Class Time: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Location: Research Administration Building Seminar Room                      Instructor: Rob Roy, Garrett Steed
With new demands emerging from sponsors, faculty and institutional           Location: Research Administration Building Seminar Room
management on a daily basis, how do Research Administrators define           A look at the guidelines and procedures set out to assist responsible
Good Customer Service? Our panel of experts will examine who is the          facility and staff to ensure that subrecipients conduct their portion of
Customer and what constitutes Good Customer Service. They will look          research projects in compliance with regulations, laws, terms and con-
at the roles of the Central Sponsored Programs office and the role of the    ditions of wards and sub-awards and that cost incurred by subrecipi-
Departmental Administrator. The faculty will explore the elements of         ents are reasonable and allowable.
customer service that works both ways between central and departmen-
tal research administrators, and how this relationship is critical to good
service to the ultimate customer: the PI. They will discuss approaches
as to how to communicate to your customers in a way that lets them
know that you are both working toward a common goal.

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