Hong Kong Inter-City Bridge Championships Teramoto holds a narrow

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					   Hong Kong Inter-City
   Bridge Championships
   Hotel Miramar, Aug 10-15, 2004

                                                                                    Can you turn 8 into 9?

  Takayama Masaaki, Takano Hideki,
  Shoko Fukuda, Tadashi Teramoto            Two places at once                               [K865

  Teramoto holds a                                                                           ]Q93
  narrow lead over                                                                           }AQJ

   AIA at half way                                                              On your right, it is opened 1{. You
                                                                                bid 1NT, partner uses Stayman then
                                                                                invites with 2NT and you carry on
The final is between:                                                           to 3NT.
Teramoto: Tadashi Teramoto, Hideki                                              West leads ]J. You cover with ]K,
Takano, Masaaki Takayama and                                                    East wins ]A and continues spades.
Shoko Fukuda (pictured above)                                                   You play ]9, East wins ]10 and
                                                                                shifts to {9. This runs around to
AIA: Edmund Tse, Patrick Huang, C.                                              your {10.
H. Kuo, Derek Zen and Samuel Wan
                                                                                How do you continue?
After winning their respective semi fi-
nal matches AIA and Teramoto have                                                           See board 30 on page four
advanced to the 64 board final. After
                                          It is not often a man can be in two
32 boards, Teramoto have clawed their
                                          places at once but Englishman Ja-
way to the front and are leading by 76
                                          son Hackett , here on holidays,
- 71.5 imps.
                                          has managed to spread himself
After the first 16 boards AIA were        between two teams. In the Swiss
                                                                                  In this issue
leading 46.5 - 16. AIA are desperately    teams Jason is playing on the Am-
trying to win back to back titles some-   bassador team but also - because        • Match report - semi
thing they have never accomplished        Shoko Fukuda has to return to Ja-         final
even though they are the most suc-        pan and they are only a five man
cessful team ever to play in the Inter    team - Jason is also playing in the     • Big deal
Cities.                                   finals on the Teramoto team.
But with 32 boards to play the champi-                                            • NEC bridge festival
                                          In between, he is playing in poker
onship is still up for grabs.             tournaments on the net, plus he         • Youth team winners
                                          turns 34 today!!

                                                                                       HONG KONG INTER-CITY 2004        1
              Hong Kong youth comes from behind in amazing finish

                  Leung Chenk Hin, Baron Ng, L H Chin, Eric Tang, Tony Lau Absent YC Lai
                   They won the last 16 boards by 72 - 2 to win the Youth final by 175 to 140

Open teams

    Youth teams

Match report - semi final

Defending Champions AIA
beat Kaohsiung Yeh
D    Edmund Tse, Patrick Huang, C.
     H. Kuo, Derek Zen and Samuel
                                         with ]A and cleared the diamonds.
                                         In with the }A, South, Yi Wen Lai,
                                         switched to a low club. North, Chi
                                                                                   Yi Wen Lai from the Yeh team says
                                                                                   farewell after losing a tough semi fi-
                                                                                        nal battle with Teramoto
Wan took on Kaohsiung Yeh: Yeh           Hua Chen, won the king and re-
Chan, Chen Chi Hua, Wu Ching             turned the ]10, ]J and ]Q. South
Hsiang, Wu Chia Hsing, Shen Chi          then cashed the ]9 setting up the ]8     It has taken many years for bridge to
Kuo and Yang Hsin Lung in the semi       for declarer's ninth trick.              evolve, tactics change but certain
finals, having a fairly easy win 162 -                                            things remain the same. It is the dis-
                                         On board 27, Patrick Huang found a
103 imps. He are some of the deals.                                               ciplined player that gets the good
                                         nice line to make 4] which was not
                                                                                  consistent results. Occasionally an
 Board 23    ]KT2                        found at the other table. He simply
                                                                                  undisciplined action will be re-
 S/all       [J732                       followed the card play principle of
                                                                                  warded but not in the long run.
             }T95                        setting up the side suit before touch-
                                         ing trumps.                              On the following deal, East-West ran
             {K63                                                                 into problems of style. West pre-
 ]65        ]AJ84                                                                 empted on a six card suit and East
                                           Board 27
 [KT984     [A5                                                                   went wrong because he thought it
                                           S/nil [QJ982
 }KJ2       }Q743                                                                 was seven.
 {AQ7       {J92
                                                 {J7                                    ]J7
                                                                                   Board 28
                                           ]K953      ]6                                [QT8
                                           [75        [AK43                             }KQ5
                                           }QJ8       }T9632                            {AJT96
                                           {Q642      {983                         ]KQT865    ]A42
 Shen       Kuo     Wu       Huang               ]QT872                            [972       [A3
 West       North   East     South
                                                 [T6                               }J         }AT743
                             pass                }K5                               {742       {Q85
 1[         pass    1]       pass                {AKT5                                  ]93
 1NT        pass    3NT      all pass
                                           West       North   East     South            [KJ654
Against West’s 3NT, C. H. Kuo,                                         1]               }9862
North in the closed room for AIA, led      pass       2[      pass     2]               {K3
the }10, won by West’s }K. Declarer        pass       4]      all pass             West       North   East      South
thinking the diamonds to be 4-2 led a                                              3]         pass    3NT       all pass
heart to the ace and played a dia-       Patrick as South won the }Q opening
                                         lead in hand with the king then          Declarer could only muster up eight
mond off dummy.                                                                   tricks.
                                         placed the [10 on the table. East won
Huang rose with the ace and shifted                                               In the open room Samuel Wen (AIA)
                                         the [K and returned the {8. South
to the ]3 - ]5, ]K, ]A. Shen played                                               West opened 2], North doubled and
                                         won the {A and played another
three rounds of hearts, C. H. winning                                             East raised to 4]. On the lead of the
                                         heart. East took the ace and switched
with the [J and exiting with the ]10.                                             }K, declarer was able to win }A, ruff
                                         back to diamonds but Patrick was in
Shen covered with ]J taken by                                                     a diamond, draw trumps ending in
                                         control. He won the }A in dummy,
Huang’s ]Q.                                                                       dummy and ruff another diamond.
                                         ruffed a diamond back to hand and
Huang switched to the {4. Shen, still    led the ]Q, ]K and ]A. Next came         With the queen dropping declarer
thinking the diamonds to be 4-2,         the ]J followed by {K, a club ruffed     had ten tricks.
played low club. Kuo won the {K          in dummy then a top heart for a club     It is not often Patrick Huang goes
and returned a spade allowing South      discard. West could ruff but that was    down in a makable contract but he
to cash two spade tricks for one         the last trick for the defence. In the   did here.
down.                                    other room declarer started on
In the open room East was declarer in    trumps straight away and was even-
3NT after West opened 1[ and East        tually forced to take a losing club
responded with a forcing 1NT. South      finesse for one down.
led the ]3. Declarer beat North's ]K

                                                                                           HONG KONG INTER-CITY 2004        3
    Board 30
    E/nil [K865
    ]JT876      ]A52
    [JT72       [94
    }T          }K976
    {983        {AJ54
    West       North   East   South
                       1{     1NT
    pass       2{      pass   2}                                                   eliminated), pairs events on
    pass       2NT     pass   3NT                                                  Sunday and Closing Ceremony
    pass       pass    pass
West led ]J to ]K, ]A, ]3. A spade
                                          The 10th NEC                             Cash Prizes: 1st US$ 12,000, 2nd
                                                                                   US$ 6,000, 3rd US$ 3,000, 4th
was ducked to West’s ]10. West then
switched to {9, ducked round to
                                          BRIDGE                                   US$ 2,000 per team

Huang's {10. Huang played ace and
queen of diamonds without luck.           FESTIVAL                                 Ouchi Cup:
                                                                                   Open combination of RR &
The winning line is, play three rounds    Hosted by Japan Contract                 Swiss teams
of hearts ending in dummy. Play a di-     Bridge League                            Fees: 40,000 yen per team (for
amond to }J and exit with a club to                                                non-NED Cup participants)
{Q and East's ace. East exits with a      February 8 - 13, 2005                    Cash Prizes: 1st US$ 1,000, 2nd
club to South’s {K. But South cashes      At Pacifico Yokohama,                    US$ 500, 3rd US$ 300 per team
]Q and exits with a club to East who
has nothing left but diamonds, allow-     Yokohama City, Japan
ing declarer to take a second finesse.                                             Asuka Cup: Open pairs
                                          Tournament Schedule                      Fees: 10,000 yen per pair (for
When luck is with you it seems that                                                non-NEC Cup participants)
                                           Tuesday, February 7
nothing can go wrong.
                                           Welcome Reception.         6:30 p.m.
    Board 31    ]AQ75                                                              Subsidy
                                           Wednesday, February 8                   JCBL will subsidize certain
    S/NS        [7654
                                           NEC Cup qualifying rounds 10:00 a.m.    number of national-level teams.
                {J965                                                              For details and negotiation,
                                           Thursday, February 9
    ]86        ]T43                        NEC Cup qualifying rounds 10:00 a.m.    contact JCBL at the address
    [3         [AKQJ982                                                            below.
    }987643    }52                         Friday, February 10                     Yokohama Grand Inter-continental
    {AQT7      {4                          NEC Cup qualifying rounds 10:00 a.m.
                                                                                   Located within the same com-
         ]KJ92                                                                     plex with Pacifico Yokohama,
         [T                                Saturday, February 11
                                           NEC Cup Semi-finals        10:00 a.m.   the venue.
                                           Consolation Teams          10:00 a.m.   Special bridge rates (tentative):
                                                                                   Twin 18,900 yen, Single 15,225
    West       North   East   South        Sunday, February 12                     yen, breakfast and all charges
                              1}           NEC Cup Final              10:00 a.m.   included.
    pass     1[        pass   1]           Consolation Teams          10:00 a.m.
    pass     2]        3[     4]
    all pass                               Monday, February 13                     For details, please contact:
                                           Asuka Cup                  10:00 a.m.   Japan Contract Bridge League, Inc.
As can be seem 4] has no play. West        Closing Ceremony           6:00 p.m.    4th Floor, TJK Yotsuya Bldg.,
lead the [3, East wins and shifts to {4
and that’s that.                                                                   1-13 Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, To-
                                          Tournament Details
                                                                                   kyo 160-0004 Japan
Patrick Huang was South but East
                                          NEC Cup: Open Teams                      Tel. + 81 3 3357 3741
carelessly led a heart out of turn.
                                          Fees: US$ 600 per team including par-
Huang forbid a heart lead so West led                                              Fax + 81 3 3357 7444
                                          ticipation in Ouchi Cup (when
}9. Huang won and quickly drew                                                     e-mail:
trumps and set up a club trick for ten