English Language Arts A10

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					                                 English Language Arts A10

                                         Ms. D. Anderson

English Language Arts A10 (ELA A10) is organized around themes.
Thematic units suggested in this curriculum are:

Canadian Frontiers and Homeland – Journeys and Discoveries
Possible sub-themes include: Roots and Identity, Traditions and Celebrations, Beliefs
and Search for Meaning, Cultural Encounters.

Challenges—Opportunities and Obstacles
Possible sub-themes include: Quests and Adventures, Courage and Leadership, Struggle
and Achievement, Conflict and Search for Peace.

The Unknown—Hopes and Fears
Possible sub-themes include: Mystery and Suspense, The Unexplained, Fantasy, Science
Fiction, The Future.

English Language Arts A10 Evaluation:

Reading and Writing:                                 50%

Communication:                                       20%

Effort/Participation:                                10%
(Attendance, Engagement, Classroom
Learning Community)

Final Exam                                           20%

                                            =        100%